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murder-of-kate-steinleEver hear the term “prison justice”?  It’s retribution – often lethal – meted out by prisoners in jail to those guilty of the most sickening crimes, such as child rapists and murderers of defenseless women.

Let’s hope that will be the fate of Jose Garcia Zarate.

As you know, he is the dirtbag illegal alien who murdered Kate Steinle in cold blood, and was found not guilty last night (11/30) by a dirtbag San Francisco jury.  ICE says he will now be taken into custody for deportation back to Mexico – for the sixth time.  He needs to never make it out of that custody jail cell.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to effect prison justice on the entire city government of San Francisco – as Hannity declared last night, “It Was San Francisco’s Sanctuary City Policies that Killed Kate Steinle.”

Nor, sadly, on the Zarate’s dirtbag defense lawyer Matt Gonzalez, who had the idiotic hubris to warn the President, Vice-President, and Attorney General of the United States not to criticize the verdict, as “they are under investigation themselves.”

So what’s really to be done?  Obviously, this evil farce has to prompt the Feds into getting serious about stopping illegal immigration.

All opposition to building The Wall and unleashing Border Patrol Police to fully enforce the law upon those caught has to be swept aside.  Mayors and City Councils of Sanctuary Cities have to be prosecuted for violating federal law.  All federal funding for such cities must be terminated.

Yet is just as obvious that “enforcing the laws we already have” is almost useless.  The Daily Caller has compiled the full arrest record of Zarate, or as they name him, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez.  Believe it or not, this piece of human garbage has used at least 30 aliases in a life of crime going back at least 25 years.

What should stun you more than anything is the fraction of time his convictions served, e.g., “Feb. 2, 1993: Lopez-Sanchez is convicted of felony heroin possession in Washington state criminal court and sentenced to 21 days in jail.”

Or no time at all.  “Illegal re-entry” into the US is a federal felony for which the maximum sentence is two years in prison.  Only a tiny percentage of those caught are prosecuted, and a tiny percentage of those prosecuted are found guilty, and a tiny percentage of them are imprisoned – they are simply deported so they can sneak back into the US once more.

Only after his third deportation and subsequent re-entry was Zarate/Lopez-Sanchez jailed for illegal re-entry.  After serving, he’s deported for the fourth time, re-enters within days, jailed again, deported for the fifth time, and sneaks back in again within days.  He’s caught and jailed again.  He’s not deported after serving but turned over to San Francisco Police who have a warrant.

SFPD releases him out into the streets without telling ICE, federal immigration.  2½ months later on July 1, 2015, he murders Kate Steinle on Pier 14 as she is walking with her father.

This whole system is fully insane.  This what Trump tweeted this morning (12/01):

Very good – but are we so angry that we will put up with no longer?


Jack Kelly’s answer is Yes.  He just sent me his predictions of what will now happen:

“Outrageous as is the verdict in the Kate Steinle murder trial, the reaction to it by the defense attorneys — and leftists generally — is even more vile. My heart breaks for Kate’s family. But out of this gross miscarriage of justice much good will come. Because this will be a milestone in the “wokeness” of the ordinary American. The consequences:

(1) DACA is dead.

(2) If Democrats are stupid enough to try to “shut down” the government over DACA, they’ll get creamed.

(3) Kate’s Law will pass.

(4) Kate’s Wall will be built.

(5) Sanctuary cities will be defunded (though probably not until President Trump gets another Supreme Court appointment).

(6) Reciprocal nationwide concealed carry will pass.”

All this and far more.  I am reminded of the scene in the greatest Western movie ever made – The Searchers – where John Wayne can’t handle any more of Ward Bond’s wanting to be caring to the Indians that butchered a settler family.  Watch Wayne at the 2:00 minute mark:

“Well, Reverend, that tears it!”  This vile evil verdict tears it for the majority of Americans regarding illegal aliens and their AINO – Americans In Name Only – protectors.


Now let’s talk about Mike Flynn.  Special Swamp Rat Robert Mueller announced this morning Flynn will plead guilty to lying to the FBI.  Every Trump-Hater in the country is all a-flutter that Flynn will plea bargain in order to implicate Trump in crimes.

ABC is reporting this morning that Flynn, to save his traitorous hide, will claim “Trump ordered him to make contact with the Russians.” That Flynn is “prepared to testify against Trump, his family, and the White House staff.”

Not likely – for Trump fired Flynn as NSC Director after a tenure of only 24 days (Jan 20-Feb 13, 2017) for lying to VP Pence about the same thing he lied to the FBI.  Further, as Flynn is a confessed liar to both the FBI and the Vice President, how’s he going to prove he isn’t lying now?

That said, designating Flynn to head the National Security Council was an impossibly bad decision by Trump.  He can’t say he wasn’t warned.  The week after his election, this is what the HFR of November 18, 2016 had to say.  We know it was circulated among his people in Trump Tower.

“Right now (11/18), we know nothing about most of Trump’s cabinet picks.  It’s all speculation so far, some of it terrific, some of it terrible.

The worst so far is this morning’s Fox headline: Trump Offers Flynn Post of National Security Advisor.  Pray this isn’t true, or that DJT will withdraw the offer when he realizes that retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is a paid lobbyist for the sponsor of ISIS, the Islamofascist Dictator of Turkey Recip Erdogan.

On election day, Nov 8, The Hill (newspaper of Capitol Hill) published an op-ed written by Flynn under his own byline: Our Ally Turkey Is in Crisis and Needs Our Support.  It is disgustingly dishonest, paid bootlicking of arguably the Number One Enemy of America among world leaders today.

Flynn actually writes that Erdogan ‘is really our strongest ally against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), as well as a source of stability in the region.’  It is impossible for anyone with access to intel like Flynn to believe this.  He’s not really bright but he’s not stupid either.  Therefore, he’s lying through his teeth and being paid to do so.

On Nov 11, the Daily Caller disclosed who Erdogan was using as a cutout to pay off  Flynn – a Turkish crony businessman named Ekim Alptekin via a Dutch shell company called Inovo BV.

Oh, by the way, in addition to providing ISIS a sanctuary via the Azaz Corridor in Syria, engineering the mass invasion of Moslem ‘refugees’ to Islamicize Europe, and destroying democracy in Turkey, Erdogan’s latest antic (11/10) is his support for fellow dictator Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela.

On Wednesday (11/16), Trump announced that lobbyists will not be allowed in his administration.  Flynn would be disqualified as NSC Director by that alone.  Let’s hope he is.”

Trump has no one to blame but himself for the Error of Flynn.


In any regard, the must-read of the moment (this story is a rapidly-moving target) is Andy McCarthy’s What the Flynn Plea Means at NRO.  He argues that it’s “small potatoes,” since Flynn has only pled to one count of lying to the FBI, a “process” charge, rather than an espionage conspiracy charge.

Further, this has nothing to do with Mueller’s assignment restricted to investigating Russian interference in the 2016 elections.  Flynn’s conversations with Russians took place in December, after the election, and in no way discussed, e.g., paybacks to them for helping to elect Trump – because there’s a total lack of evidence for that, there was never any collusion at all (although there certainly was with Hillary).

All of this so far is a gigantic So What?  Drudge is running scary red-type headlines about “Flynn Says Trump Directed Him to Make Contact with Russians!” Right, after the election, and to 12 other countries.  That’s what a NSC Director is supposed to do.  It has nothing whatever to do with alleged “collusion.”

So the question is what is Mueller trying to accomplish with this small beer attack on a proven liar?  He sure hasn’t accomplished much of anything so far.


Good grief – can we have some fun now?  How about:

This is yesterday’s (11/30) NY Post cover – note the strategically placed NBC, ah, peacock.  Matt Lauer is the latest libtard harasser in an amazingly long list of media and entertainment pervert celebs, almost everyone a leftie.  Trump gloated:

Andy Lack is the Chairman of NBC News.  On Wednesday (11/29) he issued a transparently dishonest statement on Lauer’s firing, claiming this “is the first complaint about his behavior in the over twenty years he’s been at NBC News.”

As Vanity Fair detailed that same day, “Everyone Knew” about Lauer’s perversions – most especially Andy “Liar” Lack.


Over at Capitol Hill, Pelosi Galore virtually guaranteed the election of Roy Moore by, on Sunday’s Meet the Press (11/26), defending Bill Clinton, John Conyers, and Al Franken on sexual abuse while calling Roy Moore “a child molester.”

Now that is some kind of stupid. There are very people on the planet most Alabamans hate more than her.  Moore has now shot ahead in all the latest polls and is headed for a runaway victory.

To make matters more laughable, yesterday (11/30), Pelosi flipped and publicly called for Conyers to resign – not Franken though.  This in response to the delightful Democrat Civil War over Conyers.

Leading the charge for Conyers is Black Racist Idiot James Clyburn (D-SC), who says all the women claiming Conyers abused them are lying because they are white.

FYI, if you’d like the rundown on what a corrupt phony Conyers is, read Roger Simon’s Far From an Icon.  Oh, just to show what a moral cesspool the Senate Democrat Caucus is, not one single Dem Senator has called for Senator Frankenslime to resign.


Here’s a Hat Trick for the week:

*Olbermann shuts up!  One of the most revoltingly rabid libtard Trump-Haters in the media, Keith Olbermann, announced on Monday he was quitting.  We’ll hold you to your promise, Keithey.

*Gutierrez quits!  The most unhinged Anti-American in Congress, Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) suddenly announced he was quitting.

*Grijalva exposed!  There’s another way Congresscritters can use taxpayer money to buy the silence of staffers they’ve abused.  In addition to the Congressional Office of Compliance, there’s the House Employment Counsel.  Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) used it to pay a staffer over $48,000 so she’d keep quiet over his drunkenness and abusiveness.


There are two examples of the Lunatic Left going Full Self-Parody this week.

*The homosexual community started acronymizing itself with LG (lesbian women-gay men).  They added B (bisexual), then T (trannie).  For some reason they began insisting on LGBTQ, with Q for Queer as if that’s a distinction from the first four.

Now believe it or not, they want to be known as LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP.  More unbelievably, in Canada they are holding LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP Inclusiveness Training Sessions for Elementary School Teachers.

This is not “inclusiveness training.”  This is training teachers of little children in how to engage in child abuse.

*The latest breakthrough in coddling college snowflakes has been made by Ivy League Brown University.  As of Wednesday (11/29), Brown will now allow any student to “self-identify as a person of color.”

All those white snowflakes can now assuage their guilt and self-hatred over being white by self-identifying as black or Chinese.  The Left’s descent into clinical insanity is quite a spectacle.


On Tuesday (11/28), Rush Limbaugh succinctly explained why the Dems and the Left are having a freak-out over Trump’s takeover of the CFPB.  The Orwellian-titled Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was a money-laundering operation for leftie causes, both illegal and unconstitutional.  Another must-read to grasp the depth of Dem corruption.

And must-watch is the 19-minute press conference held by Trump’s new Director of the CFPB, Mick Mulvaney (now wearing two hats as he’s still Director of the OMB, Office of Management & Budget) on Monday (11/27), his first day on the job.

Mulvaney’s razor-sharp mind is breath-taking.  His is the sort of brains and talent Trump has working for him.  This is a truly impressive performance:


And for a true mind-blow of a performance, try to absorb the totality of the Trump Accomplishment List compiled by Magapill.  This would be stunning if the President had the support of Congress and the media.  It’s far beyond stunning with both fighting him 24/7.


We close with this photo-essay in the London Daily Mail on Monday (11/27), entitled She Looks Like an Angel!

 That’s what a group of young kids, students at Joint Base Andrews near Washington DC, exclaimed when they saw the First Lady of the United States.  Little wonder:

It drove the Lying Swine and social media Trump-Haters crazy to see the White House decorated so gorgeously for Christmas – and to see the kids so joyous to be with her (and vice versa).

And the Lefties also were enraged that The President and First sent out their White House Christmas cards on Monday.  Again, the Daily Mail noted the change:  Merry Christmas is back at the White House: Trumps unveil their card with no repeat of the Obamas’ Happy Holidays.

Christmas is back, America is back.  It’s going to be a Happy New Year.