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“A lot will happen between now and January 20.”  You bet it will – and that two-bit CNN propagandist he dressed down had better know it.

Last night I gave a call to a friend who’s been in Congress for many years and asked for his assessment.  He was upbeat.  In his words:

“First, Jack, the President has assembled an absolute first rate legal team.  Sidney had to be officially off it only so she’s free to raise money for her huge expenses.  The evidence they are presenting is overwhelmingly massive and irrefutable in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia. 


There’s also no doubt of due process violations across the board – you can’t count votes differently from county to county in the same state.  That’s what won Bush a Supreme Court decision giving him the presidency in 2000.  That was in Florida back then, and all four swing states clearly did that now.


So the thinking of the Trump team – which I’m convinced of – is that a majority of Supremes have to rule the presidential elections in these states are invalid as there’s no way to determine who won.  That means the Electoral Votes of these states (PA 20, MI 16, WI 10, GA 16=62) are removed from the Electoral College vote, with neither the President nor Joe getting to 270.  This will be a Contested Election in the House (on January 6 after the new Congress is sworn in on January 3), which we will win for President Trump.”

I asked him about Roberts as he’s known him personally for years:

“Well, I don’t discuss decisions with John, that’s inappropriate.  Now that he’s been neutralized by Barrett you can’t tell which way he’ll go.  What I do know is how much John cares for the historical legacy of the Court.  I would think to uphold as constitutional an obviously fraudulent election, thus placing in perhaps mortal jeopardy the integrity of our democratic system, is a bridge too far for him.  That could do irreparable damage to the reputation of the Court.”

The favor I asked him was to check with Giuliani (whom he knows) to make sure this point is included in his case:

That it would be a prison sentence for the executives of any public company to operate their accounting system with Dominion-type software that doesn’t provide an audit trail, in which numbers can be changed with no record of the change. Election software that does this with votes with no audit trail invalidates the election.

He said he would.



Late Wednesday (11/25), Sidney Powell filed her vote fraud suit against Michigan in federal court – the link is to the full case filing.  After the massive compilation of voter fraud evidence and witness testimony, on page 72 we find what is requested as relief from the Court:

“Plaintiffs seek an emergency order instructing Defendants to de-certify the results of the General Election for the Office of President.


Alternatively, Plaintiffs seek an order instructing the Defendants to certify the results of the General Election for Office of the President in favor of President Donald Trump.”

Simultaneously, Powell filed a vote fraud lawsuit against Georgia in federal court, again providing a massive accumulation evidence and eyewitness testimony.  The Request for Relief begins on Page 99:

“Plaintiffs seek an emergency order instructing Defendants to de-certify the results of the General Election for the Office of President….


Plaintiff asks this Court to enter a judgment in their favor and provide the following emergency relief:


1.An order directing Governor Kemp, Secretary Raffensperger and the Georgia State Board of Elections to de-certify the election results;

2.An order enjoining Governor Kemp from transmitting the currently certified election results to the Electoral College;

3.An order requiring Governor Kemp to transmit certified election results that state that President Donald Trump is the winner of the election.”

If the Courts finds for the plaintiffs, Michigan and/or Georgia is/are off the electoral table immediately pending Dem appeal – and SCOTUS could just refuse to take the case and the decision stands.

If either Courts deny the plaintiffs, it will be appealed to SCOTUS for a decision by “Safe Harbor Day” of December 8. (Note that SCOTUS decided for Bush in Bush v Gore on Safe Harbor Day itself, which in 2000 was December 12.)

It’s critical to note that what’s required to prove these cases is not guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt” but merely a preponderance of evidence showing the election results are irredeemably tainted and compromised, thus negated.



Then there’s Pennsylvania, for which there is confirming evidence of Dem voter fraud on steroids.  It was presented by Rudy Giuliani to a hearing of state senators in Gettysburg on Wednesday (11/25).  President Trump spoke to the meeting from the White House:

Rudy had these profound and wise words for them:

Earlier in the day, they received a pleasant surprise: Judge Blocks Certification of Pennsylvania Election Results.  A number of lawsuits challenging the legality of PA’s election antics are headed to SCOTUS.  Should be a no-brainer for the five with brains and morals, will be interesting to see if Roberts joins them.

Bottom line so far.  All it takes is denying Pennsylvania and Michigan or Georgia to Cadaver and he’s down to 270, one faithless elector to losing.  If both flip to POTUS plus Georgia, he wins reelection outright.



But let’s not forget Wisconsin.  There’s a fellow who has an interesting podcast named Steve Turley.  Here is what he had to say today (11/27) on Wisconsin law requiring a voter to request a mail-in ballot in writing – meaning ballots received that don’t match any voter’s written request are invalid by law.

Which is why Wisconsin is included in Gateway’s 13 Paths President Trump Has To Win 2020 Election.



At this point, it’s time for a history story.

How do you suppose a small, emaciated man wearing only a white rag all by his lonesome defeated the mighty British Empire, forcing it to give independence to the crown jewel of their empire, India?  Mass civil disobedience, you might say?

Not quite.  More critically targeted passive resistance.  It wasn’t just railroad workers whom Gandhi focused on to shut down the British-built railroad system that kept British India functioning and intact.  It was the steam engine locomotive engineers in particular.

If you read closely the history of the last days of the British Raj, you’ll see a plethora of reports of locomotive boiler explosions. This was not sabotage.  British Army Sergeants did not know how a very complicated steam engine works.  Only the native Indian engineers did – and when they called in sick or went on strike, the boilers blew up.  No sabotage, no guns, no violence needed, no trains running resulting.

The boiler of a steam locomotive is night-and-day primitive technology compared to what it takes to run a modern Democrat-controlled big city.  Take water.  Only a water systems engineer has any real idea of how mind-boggling complicated it is to get water from a reservoir to the tap in the apartment of a city-dweller.

All he has to do is just go fishing for a while with a number of his workmates, and all the city’s bureaucrats. are helpless at getting a drop of running water to their constituents.

Much less hot water requiring electricity – think of electrical engineers and anything with a switch.  Think of truckers – what if they decided not to deliver food to Dem cities?

You can see where this is going.  Yes, at certain points, guns and ammo will be needed to Rittenhouse the Antifa/BLM looters, thugs, and okay, Dems whose pathological obnoxiousness becomes intolerable.

But the less of that the better.  There are close to 100 million Americans who know, are convinced beyond doubt, that the presidency of the United States is being stolen from them in plain sight by Fascist Communists who hate their country, want to destroy it, and enslave every last one of them.

AND… they are the ones who know how to get water and electricity and food to Democrat-run cities.

Enough of them are easily persuadable to stop providing all three until the election fraud of Cadaver & Whore is reversed.

All that is needed to prevent this Dystopian Future from occurring is to make sure five particular people in black robes know they are the ones to prevent it.



Meanwhile, today:


We all feel that this cannot be allowed to happenNot in AmericaThis is our country.  America does not belong to those who hate it, but to those who love it.  We feel like Glenn Beck does:

Yet I cannot see in my mind any future except Donald Trump with his hand on the Lincoln Bible held by Melania being sworn in again as President of the United States on the West Front of the Capitol this coming January 20.  I believe with all my heart he – and America – will triumph.



We close with a message from a TTper well-known to many of you, Yasuhiko Kimura.  Any visitor to the Forum may recall being enlightened by Yasuhiko’s insights.  Yasuhiko and his wife Mira have become dear friends of Rebel’s and mine.   When he told me of what he’d like to offer TTPers, I had to let you know about it. Arigato, Yasuhiko!

Fellow TTPers:

We face an unprecedented challenge of change in this extremely uncertain time. Today the nature of change itself is changing. What you already know is utterly inadequate for meeting this challenge. In order to succeed and thrive in this environment, a radical conceptual leap, a real paradigm shift, is required.

I am Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, a philosopher, Zen Buddhist priest, and corporate consultant, an expert in facilitating such a conceptual leap for individuals and companies through the innovative use of Zen-inspired Socratic method designed to produce breakthrough thinking and understanding.

If this intrigues you, check my website Feel free to message me at [email protected].  Your friend in freedom, Yasuhiko