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I know that each of you will be a warrior for truth.”   That is what our president believes of us – and that is what every American patriot must now live up to.

Yes, as The Revolution Needs to Start Next Thursday says, we can tell the Lockdown Fascists to get lost and celebrate Thanksgiving exactly as normal.

Marvelously, that’s exactly what a number of County Sheriffs across the country are doing.  As of this morning (11/20), Fourteen County Sheriffs in New York have announced they will not be enforcing Gov. Cuomo’s lockdown fascism.  In California,  Every County Sheriff in L.A. Region Declines to Enforce Gavin Newsom’s Coronavirus Curfew, plus Sacramento and El Dorado, have done the same.

These numbers are sure to grow.  Regardless, enjoy your Thanksgiving as usual no matter what.



However, here’s the most important way for you to be one of President Trump’s Warriors for Truth. Especially if you live in reasonable proximity to these state capitals: Phoenix, Arizona; Atlanta, Georgia; Lansing, Michigan; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; or Madison, Wisconsin.

That’s where to go to support those states’ GOP legislators who, although in the majority in each, will be under enormous pressure – including death threats directed at them, their wives and children – to certify the massive Dem vote theft.

The “Safe Harbor” deadline for such certification of Electors is December 8.  If no certification is made by that date, the state’s governor will likely issue his own certification – with MI, PA, and WI having Dem Govs.  What happens then is murky, with no time for legal wrangling settled before the Electoral College meets on December 14 (State Electors meeting in their own capital).

Could SCOTUS invalidate a state’s election, say in Pennsylvania?  Maybe, but one would not be enough.  As the Theft Count has The Pedo at 306, the Trump lawsuits or the state legislatures must reverse the theft by at least 37. PA is 20, MI is 16 – reversing them gets The Pedo at an even 270.  One faithless elector sends the election to the House.  Arizona, or Georgia, or Wisconsin would put him over.

You can see what a ridiculous dog’s breakfast this is.  What chance to the lawsuits have?



Yesterday, the Trump Legal Team held a press conference.  Rudy Giuliani provided the overview:

Sidney Powell described the mechanisms of the Dems’ massive vote fraud:

While Senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis explained the state of affairs to an obnoxious press:

The most enjoyable moment came when a reporter asked Rudy:  “Is it your goal to pressure officials or lawmakers in these battleground states to block or delay certifications so the GOP can pick their own electors? Is that the end theme here?”  Watch Rudy laugh, then hoist her on her own petard:

All of these suits need a SCOTUS determination within the next 17 days (before Safe Harbor Day of Dec. 8).  POTUS makes it easy for them in both Michigan and Wisconsin with this double tweet last night (11/19):

And this is only a small fraction of the evidence to be presented.  Pennsylvania will be easier – as Alan Dershowitz acknowledges.

Thus the odds are high that SCOTUS (6-3 or 5-4 if Roberts dissents) will find the election in all three is either invalidated or side with the GOP legislatures’ Electoral decision over the Dem Governors.  We may see POTUS with his hand on the Inaugural Bible yet this January 20th.



Now let’s look closely at one must-read of the week, John Nolte yesterday (11/18): Top Pollster Finds 47% Say ‘Likely’ Democrats Stole Election.  The pollster is reliable, Rasmussen – who finds that even 30% of Dem voters think it stolen (problem is, Dems think election theft if fully moral for them – only immoral if not).

Nolte further notes that the election was stolen in four deep blue corrupt cities: Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Milwaukee – which all of a sudden on cue at the same time stopped counting on Election Night, then resumed counting in secret to reveal (see charts above) hours later The Pedo suddenly in the lead.

As the Trump legal team makes their case at the Supreme Court, the evidence will convince a lot more than 47% of voters of the blatant theft.  Such mass illegitimacy makes a Pedo Government ungovernable and mass resistance to its edicts inevitable.

Surely Alito, Barrett, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Thomas and even Roberts will be acutely aware of this.  Invalidating obviously stolen elections is not only the legal, constitutional, and moral decision – it is the only decision that will avoid a for-real armed civil war.



Another unbelievable election anomaly is how the GOP took so many House seats from the Dems, and those voters also voted for Pedo?  Yeah, right. The count is now 221D-209R, with 5 yet undecided.

And of those, David Valadao has pulled ahead of Dem TJ Cox by 2,000 votes in CA 21, while Mike Garcia has widened his lead over Dem Christy Smith in CA 25.  Lee Zeldin is far ahead of Dem Nancy Goroff in NY 1, while Claudia Tenney has just won this morning (11/20) by a whisker – 106 votes – in NY 22. The closest is IA 2, where Marjorie Miller-Meeks is ahead of Dem Rita Hart by a few dozen votes and is in recount.

Thus if GOPers win 4 out of the last 5 as looks likely, and maybe all 5, the House will be 222/221D to 213/214R.  Pubs will be just 4 or 5 votes from majority.  Queen Nancy’s reign will soon be over.



I could not encourage you more to take the time consulting the gold mine of Skye’s Links this week.  It starts with the Star Wars analogy, The Not So Phantom Menace:

“Act I was the Coronapocalypse setting the stage for vastly expanded government powers and the systemic undermining of the sitting President.


Act II was the summer of violence and fake polling data which created the illusion of a society at war with that same President for not addressing the needs of the people.


Act III is the election itself and the aftermath. The coup has begun. But the one thing happened they didn’t count on, Trump actually winning the election by margins in swing states that couldn’t be overcome without overt and blatant fraud.”

And the play better have a good ending, as we don’t want an Act IV of full-real armed civil war.

As usual, Skye and I have a long talk after sending his Links to me.  He’s very concerned about this:

An all too plausible and (almost) worst case scenario of the immediate future:

Get Ready For Chaos Regardless Of Who Ends Up In The White House

There really is a plague of zombies, their numbers are growing, and they will eat your assets if you don’t watch out:

COVID Unleashes The Undead Army: 20% Of All US Corporations Are Now Zombies

There’s no way Dems in the White House can prevent the economy’s wheels falling off when 20% of the S&P 500 are zombie stocks, including Boeing.  Pedo will of course blame the collapse on POTUS which will inflame Patriot Militias even more.  The real cause is massive malinvestment and debt after two decades of near-zero interest rates.

The resulting chaos may be inevitable because POTUS is against interest rates rising to normal levels to clear out the economic deadwood.  He understands that not doing that with real deadwood causes the massive forest fires we’ve seen in the West – maybe in a second term he’ll understand it applies to economies.

One object lesson will be in China, with debt to GDP and zombie companies vastly, vastly more than the US.  Just last week, one of China’s largest energy companies went belly up: Default by Henan Coal Mining Company Sends Tremors Across China.

The one man who can rescue our economy is our POTUS.  The last man who could is The Pedo.



I hope you’ve been enjoying TTP’s daily feature, Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World.  Two of them, The Land of Noah (#3) and Grandma and Grandpa Need Not Fight in the Caucasus (#71) became relevant in world news this week.

The latter explained how the current war between Armenia and Azerbaijan could be settled with a “land swap” of Armenia’s Mehgri Strip to Azerbaijan for a portion of Nagorno-Karabagh to Armenia.  Well, looks like that’s just what happened with the new 2020 Nagorno-Karabagh Armistice Agreement.

Part of the agreement specifies:

“All economic and transport links in the region shall be unblocked. The Republic of Armenia shall guarantee the safety of transport links between western regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic with a view to organizing the unimpeded movement of citizens, vehicles and cargo in both directions.”

This is de facto unification.  Now watch for both countries to petition for admission to NATO.



One last item.  Note the last of Skye’s Links is:

Did you know that the US Army had a horse cavalry at the start of WWII?  Yes, II not I.  They even had a two-way horsey-talkey radio built into the middle of a cavalry lance, the BC-745 / SCR-511. Really! The horsey-talkey was a big technological advance between cavalry unit battle communications over bugle signals.

SCR-511(*) – RadioNerds

When we talked about this, I had to ask him: “Do you know who was the last President serving as a US Army horse cavalry officer?”  He guessed Teddy Roosevelt.  The answer startled him as it may you.

Ronald Reagan.

Trooper Reagan joined the 322nd Cavalry Regiment in Des Moines, Iowa in 1937 at age 26.  The story is told in: Trooper Ronald Reagan: The Gipper’s US Cavalry Legacy.

It was in the Horse Cavalry that gave Reagan his love for horses and enabled him to become one of the best horsemen in Hollywood, who could ride the real cowboys as extras on location wherever in the West right into the ground.

Here he is, Trooper Reagan, dashing as ever.  If he were with us today, he would be praying as fervently as we are for his greatest successor.  No doubt, he would be a Warrior for Truth.