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Back to Mount Everest for my 75th

Back to Mount Everest for my 75th

Kathmandu, Nepal.  Welcome to the World Freedom Day HFR!  And to my 75th HFR!

Here is President Trump’s Presidential Proclamation on World Freedom Day. November 9 is a US federal government official observance celebrating the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent liberation of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Colonial Empire from Communist tyranny.  It is a special day for me, as I was privileged to play a substantive role in helping President Ronald Reagan achieve this.

Today is also a very special personal day for me as it is my birthday – my 75th birthday in fact.  I call it my Himalayan 75 that I told you about last September, as I embark once more on Wheeler Expeditions’ Himalaya Helicopter Expedition.

And best of all, both of my sons, Brandon and Jackson, are here in Kathmandu with me.  We’re operating two HHEs this fall season, and Brandon just finished leading the first, while Jackson is co-leading the second with me starting tomorrow.  What better birthday present could I have than my two sons joining me to make Wheeler Expeditions a family business?


Being in the Himalayas is isolated from the world.  So tell me – did anything important or interesting happen in the US or elsewhere this week?  Didn’t we have some kind of election?  How’d that turn out?

Okay, seriously, folks, here we go.  Obviously, the majority of voters failed their IQ test on Tuesday (11/06).  My initial reaction is: forget all the silver lining, Trump-really-won Pollyanna happy talk.  This turned out really badly.

It shouldn’t have been close, it shouldn’t have been remotely close.  The Left, the flat-out Fascism that has taken over the Democrat Party, needed to have the hell beaten out of it electorally.  Now a preponderance of voters – your fellow citizens – gave the green light for that fascism to flourish.

And of course, whenever it’s close, the Dems will use every filthy trick they know to cheat their way into victories they didn’t earn.  Already provisional ballot boxes are being discovered in the trunk of someone’s car, recounts are demanded, suddenly losers like Arizona’s Enema surge ahead, and in many other states as well.

While every attempt of the President to rectify the disaster will be massively protested and condemned by the Pelosicrats megaphoned by the Enemedia.

What do we do?  We fight.  There is no other choice, other than submission to being slaves of the Left.

So Tucker Carlson’s home is physically attacked by Antifa Fascists with him gone at work and his wife and kids inside hearing them trying to break in and yelling, “You are not safe”?

Come on, Tucker – tell Antifa on your national television broadcast they aren’t safe, that you have a 12 gauge shotgun and will blow their heads off if they attack your home and family.  Publicly declare war on Antifa and other Fascist thugs, demand the President declare Antifa is a Domestic Terrorist Organization and make covering your face in a public protest a federal felony, call on your audience to rip the bandanas off Antifa faces and photograph them in a citizen’s arrest.

Yes, that’s me on a rant – and you need a HFR on this week to be more than that.  Thus I asked three of the profoundest thinkers on the TTP Forum to share their thoughts with you:  Mike Ryan, Joe Katzman, and Yasuhiko Kimura.  These are condensed essays but together plus my contributions to follow make for a lengthy HFR – but very worth your while to read and reflect upon.


Mike Ryan:

A New Philosopher is in the House

The Progressive Era had its Karl Marx concentrating power in the government, and Saul Alinsky with his congregation-based community organizers concentrating power in local chieftains and syndicates.

Move over, Commies, today’s hot Postmodernist philosopher is George Lakoff. Remember his name. His PoMo philosophies cost the Republican Party the congressional majority.

PoMo has more in common with John Dewey’s Pragmatism than with Modernism-Progressivism. Woodrow Wilson would not recognize PoMo.

Postmodernism is not Progressivism, a point that bears repeating. It bases value on intangible social credibility. Anything contributing to social cred is valuable.

Conceptual metaphors are all there is in the PoMo world with nothing existing outside thoughts. Math does not even exist in PoMo land. Social cred determines who leads through a perpetual mean-girl, queen bee-like competition.

Thus the struggle for social dominance has become a fact of daily life for suburban moms. Many succumb and vote to the Left to avoid experience shaming on social media. Ironically, suburban white women vote Left to protect their children from social media bullying in a Lord of the Flies sort of way.


Why Republicans Lost the House

Many Conservatives campaigned against the Marxist roots of Progressivism instead of the Pragmatist roots of Postmodernism and lost.

The MAGA movement directly challenges Postmodernism in ways that conventional Republican political concepts do not.

And why not? President Trump himself is a hybrid between John Dewey’s Pragmatism and John Locke’s Natural Law. He knows a thing or two about the Pragmatist battlespace.

Lack of a counter PoMo doctrine was evident in many Republican campaigns, with the absence due to hard-headedness. President Trump conducted forty-five political rallies before the 2018 midterm elections. Each was a lesson in anti-Postmodernist doctrine, strategy, and tactics.

Conservatism faces a waning Progressivism and a waxing Postmodernism. Right now, today, it is necessary to confront both worldviews to win elections. Lack of a coherent challenge to Postmodernism is a big problem. A very big problem.


Joe Katzman:

 [Note by JW:  Mike and Joe were unaware of what each other was writing.  Yet it’s uncanny how Joe seems to be directly responding to Mike, Bruce Lee’s quote in particular]

Jack, thanks for the invitation. We’re going to have battles and campaigns, and the 2018 midterms were kind of like the War of 1812: immensely divisive, unresolved, but leaving future opportunities open.

I’d like to focus on one graphic – and 3 takeaways. We begin with some words of wisdom from Bruce Lee:


1. This is the Beginning of the Beginning.

No, it’s not The End of America – but the next 2 years are when normal politics will be seen to end.

The Left got enough of what they wanted that their move into full frothing attack mode is a near-certainty. Just not enough that they can actually push forward, outside of rogue actions by the leftist Deep State and their corporatist allies. Expect lots of that, by the way, and not just at Tucker Carlson’s house.

On the flip side, 55 Senate seats (providing McSally ekes out over Sinema in Arizona and Hyde-Smith wins her Nov. 27 runoff over Espy in Mississippi) gives Trump a lot of scope with investigations, appointments, and other tools needed to attack the Deep State and its paramilitary auxiliaries. Will he seize it? The medium-term welfare of his children depends on it, but that’s no guarantee.

My guess is that It’s On, and the next 2 years will be a very educational 2-year struggle session. You need to make the most of it.


2. No Way Out.

You can virtue signal. You can pretend the Marxists will eat you last. It doesn’t matter. Appeasement not only will fail, it can only make things worse. As Prof. Angelo Codevilla correctly grasped in his recent landmark article “Our Revolution’s Logic“:

“The logic’s force comes not from the substance of the Progressives’ demands. If that were the case, acquiescing to or compromising with them could cut it short. Rather, it comes from that which moves, changes, and multiplies their demands without end. That is the Progressives’ affirmation of superior worth, to be pursued by exercising dominance: superior identity affirmed via the inferior’s humiliation. It is an inherently endless pursuit…. rooted in disdain, but not so much of any of the supposed inferiors’ features or habits. If it were, the deplored could change their status by improving. But the Progressives deplore the “deplorables” not to improve them, but to feel good about themselves.”

That kind of endless hatred can fuel genocide all by itself, as my people well know. That they also hate you for your skin color merely adds to their core sickness. What, then, is to be our war?


3. Who Controls You?

In Trump, we have an excellent strategic leader – with large numbers of atomized followers. If that continues, we will lose. We will lose everything.

Our critical task is to build and shape those atomized followers beyond the GOP into something that is worthy and capable of being led, with decentralized infrastructure attached and a combat mentality. As I’ve said before, Trump isn’t our Charles Martel. Trump is the providential guy standing in the gap, and buying us time to become something Martel can use when he shows up to win the decisive victory over the barbarians.

The triune elements of fighting are control of yourself, control of your environment, and control of your opponent.


Hard truth: Until now, you have faced an opponent with limited control of themselves, but full control over you. They define the limits of your discourse, enforce it with “right-wing” gatekeepers like the Kochs (‘libertarians’ who want to replace you with non-libertarians) and Ben Shapiro (notice that he defends Jim Accost-her but demanded Lewandowski’s head), enact vicious discrimination, and are ratcheting control of the environment to include modern communications and banking.

As such, we have lost so comprehensively that Western Civilization could conceivably disappear within 50 years of the Berlin Wall’s fall.  That’s 31 years from now, 2049.  Funny how that coincides with the Chicoms’ “100 Year Marathon” when after 100 years of Commie rule (1949-2049) they expect China to conquer America.

Our core task going forward is to help the Nationalist Right and its allied groups regain control of themselves – both by building our own tech & human infrastructure, and by tearing down the Infrastructure of Oppression that the Left’s Empire of Lies continues to erect in the West. Even as we take advantage of a Left that can no longer pretend to control themselves.

The war continues. Its logic is becoming clearer. And this isn’t the first time we’ve been here.

Game on.


Yasuhiko Genku Kimura:

 When you have only two alternatives to take, always take the third.” —Jewish Proverb.

Donald J. Trump is that third alternative, and in November of 2016, the American people chose it. In fact, the United States of America was originally that third alternative. The Americans of the 18th century chose Liberty over the only known alternatives of tyranny and anarchy at the inception of the United States.

On behalf of the American people and with the patriots around the country, President Trump is fighting a war to restore Liberty over the institutionalized false alternatives of the Democrats and the Republicans. This is a War of Restoration—of the Constitutional Republic of Liberty.

In this War of Restoration, President Trump has already fought numerous battles since he announced his candidacy in 2015. He has decisively won many battles, but he has never decisively lost any battle. Some battles might be temporarily considered draws or even defeats but he always turns them to victories.

Thanks to his massive rallies and tireless campaigning, there is a net gain in the Senate without Corker and Flake, a solid “Trumpian” majority.  He may have prevented a “Blue Wave” in the House.  Nonetheless, the House was lost.

This result proves that Americans as a whole are not yet awake enough. After all, how could anyone intelligent, rational, informed, and conscientious vote for the Democrats who are committed to opposing everything that is working?

Now we know that we need one more election to decisively sway the mind of the average Americans toward Liberty and the Constitution. The revolution (turning-around) in consciousness takes time.

The Democrats’ irrational attempts at Trump or Kavanaugh impeachment or any further Trump-Russia collusion probe will meet with declassification of voluminous documents by President Trump. President tweets:

If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level. Two can play that game!”

If the Democrats are stupid enough (and often they are) to pursue such action, they will disappoint their constituents (“promises made, but not kept”) so much so that they will effectively destroy their chance of future reelection.

Paradoxical though it may seem, the Democrats’ majority in the House will make it easier for President Trump to deal with the House. When President disagrees with the House or when he wants to veto a bill, the optics is not good if the House is a Republican majority, as it happened in 2017.

The Democrats (and the Republicans) in the House will predictably come up with an omnibus spending bill, which will be modified by the Republican-majority Senate. Regardless, President will veto the bill, as he promised that he would. This President keeps his promise.

Then, the battle will be between President Trump and Speaker Pelosi, who is absolutely no match for the President. He will then have the opportunity to address and start to resolve the problem of the government’s unconstrained spending and deficits.

President Trump is a strategic genius, the likes of which we have not seen. His strategic thinking, action, and execution are all master-class lessons in strategy. In 2020, he and the Republican Party will wipe out the Democrats.

By the time he leaves the office in 2024, the whole political landscape of the Washington will have changed, while the Restoration process will continue. President Trump will have set a stage for the evolution of a new America within eight short years.


I can’t thank Mike, Joe, and Yasuhiko enough for their thoughts.  They’ve given us a lot to learn and ponder.

There’s another TTPer whose words have proven prophetic.  We’ll call him Tom, and over the last several months he’s been telling me, “We’re going to lose in November unless someone goes to jail.”  After Kavanaugh with so many Senate Dems becoming vulnerable, he modified it to just losing the House.

Tom was right.  Sessions turned out to be the wimp everyone, except Q with his evidence-free “Trust the Plan,”  thought he was.  None of the Obamunist Cabal – Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Lynch, Strzok, et all – were put on trial, much less found guilty and put in an orange jump suit.  That includes in particular Mueller’s pit bull lead prosecutor Andrew Weissman.

That’s not of course the whole reason so many House Pubs got torched, but it’s a substantial factor.  Bottom line is Q was wrong and good riddance to “Stealth Jeff.”

Sessions submitted his Resignation Letter to POTUS the day after Black Tuesday (11/07) – but note it’s undated.  This was written some time ago.  It’s a shame the letter wasn’t requested some time ago.

Now CBS reports that POTUS is considering Chris Christie to replace him.  Please no, Donald.  Go for someone with real go-for-the-jugular moxie like Rudy Giuliani – who made his bones as US Attorney for New York prosecuting and imprisoning the Godfather Dons of New York’s biggest Mafia families.

POTUS needs to unleash Rudy on the Obamunist Cabal, House Corruptocrats like Mad Maxine, and clean out the Deep Staters in the Justice Department.  If this doesn’t happen, we in a whole heap ‘a trouble heading towards 2020.


In other words, the Fascisticrats have to be brought to heel.  Already, Dirtbag Dems like Nadler have announced plans to impeach Justice Kavanaugh and impeach President Trump, and be total obstructionists blocking funding for anything POTUS wants, such as money to Build the Wall.

The only counter is to expose their corruption.  It’s a target-rich environment.  Take the Imran Awan House IT scandal created by Debbie Washerwoman and involving 44 House Dems.  It’s a gigantic scandal with massive national security breaches and bribes to Pakistani Radical Moslems.  The Enemedia hasn’t touched it and neither did Stealth Jeff.  It’s way beyond time his successor opened up the whole can of maggots.

In other words, POTUS has to demonstrate big time and hard core that he really means it when he says:


Who else needs to be brought to heel are Dem judges issuing political rulings to block any Presidential EO.

Yesterday (11/08), Fox reported: Illegal Border Crossers Now Ineligible for Asylum, White House Says.  The EO formally authorizing this will be issued today, according to Fox.  You can depend on some judge somewhere will try to block this for the entire country.

The counter is to have White House Counsel explain the three branches of government are co-equal under the Constitution.  That no federal judge or court has jurisdiction over the entire country save for the Supreme Court.  Thus a Presidential Directive will remain in effect regardless of a lower court objection until the matter is adjudicated by the Supreme Court, the decision of which will always be adhered to by the White House.

Another reason the President needs an AG who will support this.


By the way, when is Kellyanne going to divorce her jerk of a husband?  Shut up, George.  No one would pay any attention to you at all if not for your famous wife and your boorishness in publicly disagreeing with her.  What a fat putz.


In all this, certainly the most enjoyable news this week is Jim Acosted-her being booted off the White House grounds.  Enjoy his getting a presidential wipe-out:

The libtard media and Hollywood elite was instantly triggered into a total meltdown.  Best laugh of the week.


The most potentially consequential news of the week post-election was 85 year-old Justice Ginsburg breaking three ribs in a fall yesterday (11/08).  This is a very frail, very aged woman in very poor health.  There’s no point to her continuing to sit on the bench, achieving nothing with a majority of Justices opposed to her every opinion.  She will not last long.

So here comes Amy.  That’s Amy Coney Barrett – Professor of Constitutional Law at Notre Dame, Judge on the Seventh Circuit, and constitutional originalist straight out of conservative central casting for SCOTUS.  No way will Dems be allowed to do to her what they did to Kavanaugh.

Count on it – 2019 will bid RBG adieu and Amy seated, giving us a 6-3 majority.  Might as well commit hara-kiri now, libtards, and get it over with.


Okay, I have a Birthday Dinner with my sons to get to!  Remember, I’m eleven hours ahead of the East Coast so Friday is just getting started in the US.  That’s why no news from today.  In any regard, we’ll close with something cool.  American cool.

This is proof American car technology can leave everyone else in the dust – literally.  Welcome to the Chevy Corvette Hennessey Venom GT – all 1,244 horses.  Enjoy…

America.  Faster and better.  Here we go.