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Our prayers are with them

Our prayers are with them

Millions of Americans are in prayer today for our President, our First Lady, and the First Family.  We should be confident they are being heard.

In addition, we can hope that their tests are false positives – and in any regard, they are taking HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) with zinc and D3 daily.  Skye would add azithromycin for protection from bacterial infection since the Chicom virus is an immune system depressant.

This is a sobering moment in the extreme.  One silver lining is it makes us all realize how much we love our President and First Lady, the enormity of how much they mean to us and our country.

Another is how, immediately after the announcement early this morning (10/02):


US stock futures fell off a cliff – a clear demonstration that Wall Street and investors know how much the US economy depends on POTUS winning reelection.

Gone will be public distaste for the “hot mess” of Tuesday’s (9/29) first debate – where POTUS upset many with his torrent of interruptions.  In its place will be public worry and sympathy for POTUS and FLOTUS, with debate memories only of Biden’s torrent of lies and insults.

The debate once again exposed the bald fact that Biden is a pathological liar, telling lies that are so easily disclosed.  When confronted by POTUS with his and his son Hunter’s incredible corruption, he blithely denies all the plain facts and declares he’s “proud” of his crooked worthless son.

But the public has caught on.  Today (10/02), a Rasmussen poll was released showing that a Majority of voters think Biden has used his political career to enrich his family and friends.

No wonder, as they discover more and more of the vast extent to which the Bidens are a family of dirtbags.  As Gregg Garrett of Fox reports: Extortion, Bribery and Sex Trafficking: The Truth about Hunter Biden.

Yesterday (10/01), the London Daily Mail revealed what moral scum Joe’s brother Frank is: ‘It’s no coincidence!’ Joe Biden’s brother Frank finally agrees to pay some of the $1M he owes family of young father killed in a horrific car crash 20 years ago as election draws near – after dodging creditors for decades.

Read the details, it will turn your stomach.



Yet the corruption and moral filth – he well deserves to be called Pedo Joe – are the sideshow.  We’re talking about this ridiculous candidate having a very serious chance of being President of the United States.  So the real question is, as a TTPer friend asks:  Who is Biden’s puppet master, his string-puller masterminding this farce?

Here’s the answer:  The government of Communist China.

Yes, Hunter went with his dad on Air Force Two in 2013 to Beijing and made business deals of over $1 billion that served the strategic interests of the Chinese military – as reported by ‘Clinton Cash’ author Peter Schweizer.  That’s crooked and treasonous.  But that’s not why Joe is Beijing’s puppet.

It’s that every minute of all the crooked deal making in Beijing was recorded by Chicom security cameras.  Xi and Chicom intelligence pegged Joe as their guy back then, eminently blackmailable should the opportunity to do so arise.  Now connect the dots.

The Chicoms were shocked when Trump won, stunned when he stood up to them, and egged their media plants to smear and ruin his presidency in every way – yet nothing worked.  The US economy was firing on all cylinders, Russia-Russia was exposed as the hoax it was, Trump was a certainty to be reelected – a disaster for Beijing.

And suddenly out of nowhere, a completely unexpected Black Swan appears in Wuhan, China, which the Chicoms eagerly spread all over the world to ruin the US economy and Trump’s presidency.  After the lockdowns with millions of jobs lost and businesses destroyed come the riots burning scores of cities down.  The media beat the drum 24/7, “It’s all Trump’s fault.”

And in the midst of this, the Chicoms’ guy, a senile pedophilic idiot who’s never accomplished anything after being a professional politician for a half-century, becomes the presidential candidate of the Democrat Party.

At the same time, the Chicom Virus provides the perfect excuse for unimaginably massive cheat-by-mail, mailing out millions of unrequested ballots because “it’s too dangerous to vote in person.”

It’s so obvious that the Chicoms want Biden to win, so much so Team Trump is running this campaign ad:

So let’s connect the dots on how the Chicoms have engineered the election of their blackmailed puppet.  Joe Biden is owned lock, stock, and corrupt rotten barrel by the Communist Chinese.  How about a campaign ad on that, Team Trump?



Two very interesting items about the first debate, by the way.  First, the immediate reaction by all the Pelosicrats and the entire Fake News Media was a din of demands that there be no more debates. Fox compiled a number of them: Media call for upcoming debates to be ‘canceled,’ urge Biden to back out after first brawl with Trump.

As many have wryly noted, this can only mean one thing:  the Bidenistas think their guy got beat bad by our guy.  There’s certainly no cancel-clamor from our side.  It’s the Dems who want to chicken out.

The C-Span poll may explain why:


Second is that the Latino viewers of the US’ largest Spanish-speaking news broadcast of Telemundo mirrors C-Span’s:


No wonder the Dems want to quit, yelling No Más like Roberto Duran getting humiliated by Sugar Ray Leonard in 1980:



Now let’s look at this.  ABC’s chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz over the past weeks went on a 6,000 mile road-trip criss-crossing America to get the “pulse” of voters.  Before the Tuesday debate, she went on “The View” to talk about it.

She started by noting that regarding the China Virus, “when you cross the country, you wouldn’t really know it’s happening. I was really shocked at how few people were wearing masks in certain areas. It’s like ‘I’m tired of this. I’ll just get back doing what I wanted to do before’.”

Then the real distillation of 6,000 miles across America: “Trump voters basically say Trump walks on water. Nothing will change their mind. I also found there wasn’t a whole lot of enthusiasm for Joe Biden.”

This comes in the first 75 seconds of the clip:

So POTUS is right, massive enthusiasm for him, no one really cares about Sleepy-Pedo-Burisma-Beijing Joe:



That enthusiasm will grow now, while that for Creepy Joe will die on the vine.  Caesar Hernandez can tell you all about that.  He’s made thousands of calls to his fellow Latinos in Wisconsin trying to gin up support for Creepy and he’s giving up.  Reuters quotes Caesar today (10/02), In battleground Wisconsin,  Latinos feel ignored by Biden, “Latinos have seen almost nothing from Biden here. There is very little enthusiasm for him.”

Which all comes down to this.  POTUS’ prediction has to come true, that he will win so decisively on November 3rd, and the mail-in ballots such an uncountable chaotic mess, that his victory will be accepted by the general public – giving him the green light to shut down whatever BLM-Antifa violence arises.

The alternative is in ZeroHedge’s report yesterday (10/01): Increasing Number Of Americans Believe Violence Is Justified If ‘Other Side’ Wins.  Look at the percentages on both sides – 1 out of 3 are okay with violence, 1 out of 5 are eager for it.  This is a lot of people, tipping point percentages that triggered the violent American revolutions of 1776 and 1861.

As the expression goes, when the ballot box stops working, people go to the cartridge box.

So as you pray for POTUS’ health, pray for his clear and decisive victory – for the only way for No Enthusiasm Joe to win is by massive cheating, and that we cannot accept.



Before we close, let’s take a break here for a note on something elsewhere.  Like here:


This is “Tatik-Papik” (Grandmother-Grandfather), a stone monument built in Soviet days as homage to the mountain people of the Transcaucasus Highlands of Armenia and Azerbaijan.  After both became independent with the fall of the USSR, Armenia seized the Azeri part, known as Nagorno Karabagh, as it was mostly – mostly but far from all – populated by ethnic Armenians.

In the last few days (since Sept. 27), war has broken out anew, with Turkey supporting the Azeris and Russia supporting the Armenians.

The dispute could be settled easily with a “land swap.”  There is an exclave of Azerbaijan called Nakhchivan (AZER. in the map) separated by a sparsely inhabited corridor of Armenia called the Meghri Strip running to the border with Iran.


It could be swapped for the Armenian-populated portion of Karabagh.  Result: Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan are united and whole, Armenia and Armenian Karabagh are united and whole.

This is a job for the world’s greatest peacemaker who has now been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize.  The “Trump Doctrine” of common sense win-win deal making that has brought peace agreements between UAE and Bahrain with Israel (and more to come), and between Serbia and Kosovo, is the way to achieve a win-win peace agreement in this current war.

Another clear example of how much more peace in the world will be achieved during a Trump second term.



One more note.  There is today (10/02) on ZeroHedge what I consider a must-read for you to absorb over the weekend.  I think you’ll find this fascinating:  Is The Pussification Of America’s Youth Scientifically Engineered? By Brandon Smith.



We should end with the President’s and First Lady’s excellent prognosis.  They have “mild symptoms,” and are “virtually asymptomatic.”  Both are in good spirits, POTUS is back to work.  Vice-President Pence and the Second Lady, Ivanka, Jared, and Barron are virus-negative.

You may send your prayers – or hopes that POTUS/FLOTUS will be taking HCQ-zinc-D3-azithromycin to

America is so incredibly blessed with them.  May Providence continue the blessing.