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Ugg. I went to a super spreader event and caught the virus along with several family members.

We decided to each approach treatment differently and to share information as conditions progressed. None of us had the jab.

Being a TTP member, I chose Hydroxychloroquine-Zinc-Azithroyacin-and Vitamin D. To my relief, symptoms lasted 48 hours, and I never really had respiratory issues. I had a dry cough and easily controlled it with OTC cough medicine. I did, however, have some GI issues from the Hydroxychloroquine.

Another used Ivermectin-Zinc-Azithromycin-and Vitamin D. It was the hoarse paste form of the drug, dosed for a 250-lb male. Covid symptoms cleared in 72 hours, but GI issues were far worse than with Hydroxychloroquine and required Immodium and Culturel probiotics to restore balance. If you take Ivermectin, arm yourself for GI issues.

Quercitin-Zinc-Azithromyacin-EGCG- and Vitamin D cleared viral symptoms in five days.

Azithromycin and Vitamin D kept the lungs clear but extreme fatigue set in, lasting seven days. This combination alone might or might not have been worth the effort. Hard to say.

Two grams of BHT per day effectively suppressed viral symptoms for about five hours per dose, but symptoms soon returned. After three days,  NAC-cysteine-Vitamin C-Vitamine D was added, and the response was excellent. NAC appears to keep the lungs open effectively. The public underappreciates the NAC protocol.

Vitamin D alone was a ticket to the emergency room for pulmonary edema. The hospital insisted on dispensing Remdisivir, which causes renal failure in 31% of patients. The official local infection rate was 1,550 new cases per day per 100,000 people, and the Federalies were limiting access to monoclonal antibodies. We opted to have the patient sign out of the emergency room and immediately go on Hydroxychlorioquin-Zinc-Azithromyacin-Vitamin D. Her symptoms began to clear after four hours.



The Deplorables

Perhaps two million replacement voters flooded over the southern border since Joe Biden’s occupancy of the White House began. Many millions more are in the queue, with a surge expected during October 2021.

Illegal migrant demographics are consistent. All are welcome as long as they are not from a majority Protestant country. Catholics, Jews, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Haitian Voodoo cultists, or none of the above, are hustled in, loaded in vans, and deposited into red states just as fast as our government can secure vehicle drivers.

We are experiencing the replacement and dilution of Protestant America by order of the Federal Government.

Our very own FBI is now deeply implicated in anti-Protestant sting operations. These are active measures type propaganda campaigns designed to turn half the nation against the other half. The so-called January 6 insurrection was an FBI active-measures campaign. So was the alleged attempt to kidnap Michigan’s Governor Whitmer, the She-Wolf from Saginaw.

The president of the United States ordered the impoundment, redistribution, and destruction of covid antibody treatments destined for Texas and Florida rather than allow citizens of those states to make a personal choice of the direction of their health. At the same time, government agencies broadcast different messages of vaccine safety to diverse populations. If one lives in a blue state, all the media is pro-vaccine. But if one lives in a red state, the propaganda is designed to limit vaccinations to liberal subgroups. The government promotes a propaganda campaign intended to maximize illness among conservative red states and deny the health resources necessary for the very sick to survive. Media aggressively discredits therapeutics, and government agents are working overtime to seize imported doses of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

For most of the last decade, the director of the CIA was a self-identified communist and follower of Shia Islam. The IRS used its vast resources to target and destroy Protestant organizations, and the Department of Defense initiated a purge of Protestant soldiers, sailors, and Marines. The DOD promotes replacing the combat buddy system with forced intimate contact with armed homosexuals to make military service as distasteful as possible for conservatives. The goal is obvious; the cultivation of a sufficient number of homosexual soldiers bearing deep hatred towards traditional America is necessary for the eventual disarming of Americans.

Washington DC overflows with armed troops ordered to prevent Protestants from pleading their case to the government, public parks, or churches. The Supreme Court does not have a single Protestant justice. A Protestant holds no significant leadership position in the House or Senate. The Executive Branch is deploying federalies to identify Protestant refuseniks for state-sponsored discrimination. The nation’s one-size-fits-all CRT school curriculum is manifestly anti-Protestant.



How We Got Here

Perhaps the most successful Soviet Active Measures influence campaign during the 1970s involved the creation of Christian front organizations such as the Christian Peace Conference and the International Institute of Peace. These were part of the Soviet Peace Offensive designed to remove nuclear weapons from Europe. Active measures included the utter and complete falsification of data “proving” the nuclear winter hoax. The same active measure template now “proves” the global warming hoax.

The Christian Peace Conference distributed vast collections of religious material to every possible church and religious institution in the USA during the 1970s. Pastors jumped on the idea of receiving weekly Sunday school material, pre-written sermons, and lots and lots of pictures, posters, wallet cards, and pamphlets. The material introduced girly-Jesus, the hippie guy without any testosterone that just wanted peace and forgiveness for all.

It also introduced a more subtle and far more dangerous concept. The nation’s 1,500 Protestant denominations were no longer individual organizations differing degrees between Calvin, Wesley, Boehme, Luther, or Whitefield. No, the active measures began to ridicule Protestants that did not identify as generic Christians. Identity dilution has gone so far down the track that most Protestant church members refuse to disclose the theological position of their church if they even have one.

Soviet active measures campaigns of the 1970s changed the pronouns of once-great religious traditions to the generic Christian.

Well, except for one. Pentecostals still proudly call themselves Pentecostal, and they are members of the world’s fastest-growing church, while the generic churches stand nearly empty. The connection between an individualistic church and individual salvation is self-evident.

The bottom line is simple. First led by the USSR and now by the Davos globalists that run the United States, the entire world is putting significant effort towards destroying and replacing American Protestantism. The Protestant reply is weak and defensive, in part to the abandonment of the unique theology of each denomination that once made the entire church into the powerhouse that built the United States.



The Woke

The woke are the millennial children of former Protestants. Most denominations included some combination of faith, hope, and love as core beliefs. However, with the scrubbing of faith, the kids are faced with an unbalanced value system. They apply hope in Marxism and acceptance of any deviancies as love.

I believe, after spending a decade interviewing countless wokesters, that they would not have lost faith at all if their faith was more specific and less generic. These millennials were taught a faith lacking meat and especially lacking the masculine virtues. The replacement of Protestantism with wokism resulted from the 1970s Soviet influence operations that supplied many churches with carefully curated, anti-nuclear, pro-enviro, religious literature.



Why the Globalists Target Protestants First

Protestants desire religious freedom and primarily civic freedom to believe in their faith and live accordingly.

However, globalists – the New World Order of our Davos elite – claim that Protestants are egoists for demanding freedom and focusing on personal salvation. They should be working for global salvation instead and the freedom of all humanity to become globalists.

Further, our elite’ deciare that Protestants are not subjects of the new order because they know privilege. The privilege to look after their affairs rather than to be their brother’s keeper. Why should globalists give up their beliefs if Protestants refuse to surrender their own?

Globalists insist there is no God and therefore reject as whole cloth the privilege that Protestants claim their rights descend from God and not the collective. As long as Protestantism maintains that God exists, the Protestant is irredeemable and an enemy of the global collective.

Globalists believe that the Protestants can only behave towards the collective in a Protestant way by placing Biblical Law and consistency above the needs of the world government to amend laws and rules as needed for the benefit of global governance.

On what grounds should the Protestants be allowed to practice their faith? There are no citizens in the new global order. Only elites and subjects. Do Protestants want religious freedom as human beings? The collective responds that they are no more human than any other warm body and have no special rights to claim.

Our betters have decided that humankind must emancipate itself from want before the collective can consider the unique privilege of individual salvation. As long as just one person somewhere on the globe is in need, the collective cannot tolerate the very concept of Protestantism and its derivative of individualism. The collective must crush individuality by any means necessary.

The United States Constitution, with its Bill of negative Rights, must not only be neutered but eradicated from the collective memory for all time.

How to do this? By abolishing the 1,500 Protestant denominations first, and the remaining world religions according to the degree of freedom and individualism they promote. Using progressively less individualist religions to overwhelm and displace Protestantism is a clever strategy. As each tier in the freedom hierarchy vanishes, the next becomes the enemy of the collective.

Eradication starts in the schools with the belief that individualism and the existence of God is nothing more than a state of mind. No one has a unique soul or identity; we are all simply states of mind and chosen pronouns subject to infinite revision. Once the Protestant children accept this, the rest is easy.

Without religion, there is just political science and its pursuit of emancipation of all the world from religion and obsolete notions of morality and divinity. The only gods are political insiders.

If there is no room for the Protestant at all, it is to be the mere appearance of his former self. The Protestants may retreat behind the doors of their social clubs, complete with coffee bars, comfy couches and chairs, Cool teen centers with basketball courts, and bean bag chairs. Perhaps even a children’s wing will be allowed as long as video games, Sponge Bob, and Elmo remain the center of attention. The adults can continue to watch the JumboTron sized screen in their meeting rooms and listen to their snappy bands projected thru state-of-the-art sound systems.

But whoa be it to the Protestant that seeks something more than clubbish sociability. The collective is prepared to release the full force of government, from the FBI and IRS stings of recent infamy to perhaps a new agency of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Potato Salad. Our elites are determined to eradicate, by whatever means, every church that steps outside its purpose as a social club and treats religion and faith as essential matters of substance.

So long as just one person is in need, the state cannot allow the existence of religion. Especially religions centered on personal salvation instead of collective salvation.

All religion ends when a privileged religion no longer exists; removing the concept of personal salvation – by any means necessary – will eliminate the citizen’s individualism. We will all be subjects of the global collective suddenly by default.

Any government that tolerates personal beliefs is not honest in the globalist view. It is illegitimate. Any military action, such as the war in Afghanistan, which promotes individualism, is contrary to the collective’s goal of eliminating individuality. There are no constitutions, no system of law that cannot change as quickly as a five-year-old’s sexual identity.



What About Property Rights?

Globalists claim to believe in freedom, but their definition of freedom is the freedom of the state to act without restriction. It is not the freedom of the subject to function without the permission of the state. The state is free; the political subject is not.

Private property ownership will no longer be a privilege. The property belongs to the collective as sure as the air. Only the collective has the right to determine how to use property and who is to steward and facilitate its use. Again, our betters maintain that as long as just one person is in need, no one has a right to personal resources. Therefore, the collective’s definition of an elite is someone tasked to manage property and resources for the global good.



What To Do?

It is easy to criticize and lament the fall of the United States and the destruction of the great religious traditions that built the greatest nation in history. The hard part is fixing it.

Catholics are forbidden under Vatican II to evangelize their faith. You don’t see Catholics knocking on doors anywhere in the world. Yet Catholicism is the second-fastest-growing religion behind the Pentecostals. Mormon growth rates collapsed after Mitt Romney became a senator. So too is the LDS church retention rate.

Romney costs the Mormons big time.

The only players on the evangelical field right now are various denominations of Protestant churches in the USA. Protestantism includes Jehovah’s Witnesses and smaller denominations. Or rather, whatever Catholics are, we ain’t that Christian religions.

Here is the key to the future. Here is what must happen:

Fifty-one percent of the illegal immigrants abandon their religion within ten years of entering the United States.

They do not necessarily want to abandon faith. But they have a limited ability to enter the American Christian community.

If surveys are even close to correct, 15-million illegals will join evangelical Protestant churches if asked. That is 15-million additional conservatives with many more on their way north.

Many churches have experience with evangelical activities in South America.

Imagine the repercussions and the utter collapse of globalism that would quickly occur if American churches spent a little less money on those cool youth centers and concentrated on saving souls in California?

Imagine what one headline would do. Latin Immigrants Choose Conservative Christianity. 

The world would change fast.

The pieces are in place, yet evangelicals have yet to realize that there is no competition beyond the government to the conversion of California. Whatcha waiting for, an invitation?

Suppose you are a member of a Christian church, formally known as a Protestant denomination, and you understand the reality that you are being exterminated in the Great Replacement. In that case, I urge you to belly up to the coffee bar and discuss the logistics of sending your missionaries to California. You will change the world.


Mike Ryan is a chemical engineering consultant to the mining, chemicals, metals, and fibers industries.