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fjb-editionFlorida Gets Blasted, and it’s Go Time!

We are going to sort the leaders from the phonies down in Florida.

Jack has been in Central Asia for the past two weeks and is in Bukhara today, the oldest city on the ancient Silk Road. Most of the population speaks Tajik, a Persian dialect, while Uzbek is spoken as a second language.

Hurricane Ian

hurricane-ian-devastatesHurricane Ian smashed into Fort Myers, Florida, yesterday with just two mph shy of a Category 5 storm. Fort Myers is pretty much destroyed, with nine deaths reported. The hurricane hit Orlando as a Cat 2, and Orlando withstood the winds and rain rather well. Today, the storm is in South Carolina, and a short phone call to the steel mill in Georgetown found the city flooding but not severely damaged.

Tampa was spared as the water was drawn out of the bay by the storm’s rotation. Family members living on the bay report minimal damage in Tampa, but the cleanest and clearest post-storm bay water in a century.

Things are bad all over Lee County, and a tremendous mobilization is needed to deal with the devastation.

storm-ian-desantisThis is Florida. Not California, and Governor DeSantis is coordinating state-level relief. Immediately before the storm, Biden snubbed DeSantis and did not allow FEMA to enjoin Florida’s state of emergency for two days last week. FEMA’s response will be a referendum on Biden, not DeSantis, as DeSantis is the more decisive leader and way out in front with disaster relief.

The Democrats will play politics with this because the greatest enemy of the socialist mind is the self-made man, the self-driven, the competent, the creative, and the cheerful. Ron DeSantis is philosophically certain, and it shows.

It should be expected that the federal government will attempt to tie up relief from as many angles as possible and generate legislation designed to humiliate the victims and disempower parents and families. You know this is what comes next, as it is always the way leftists treat a crisis. They use it to take property rights and erase culture.

DeSantis is tough, determined, and austere. The people of South Florida are blessed with a governor who will stand up for the citizens in a way that will dramatically demonstrate the difference between the states and the fed. Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and their slithering ilk hate men like DeSantis with a flaming intensity. He demonstrates their incompetence through his achievements.

The differences between the big three states of California, Texas, and Florida are suddenly visible to everyone. Tampa did not lose electricity yesterday, and neither did Orlando. However, California did, yet they did not have a Cat 4+ storm.

We will see which government officials and agencies have integrity; whether they practice what they preach. The media already recognizes the significance of this storm to the future leadership of Florida, the nation, and the continued decentralization of power to the states. The media is eager to move along to any other story they can spin up, so damaging is the truth to their agenda.

myorkasHomeland Security Head Myorkas appears to be salivating over the potential to rebuild South Central Florida as a colony of Mexico. There are many fine Hispanics in Florida, but the cities are not under cartel control. Homeland Security effectively transferred the southern US border control to the drug cartels on January 22, 2021. You can bet that they see an opportunity to federalize Florida to eliminate its status as a swing state, moving conservative.

Myorkas is a panderer. As head of FEMA, he attempts to move the organization to suit the political winds. His values might be noble but as the head of such a critical and high-profile department? He runs squishy. This is not the man to stand up to the politicians that want to secure their power and wealth more than address the emergency needs of Floridians. This is not the man.

In the days and weeks ahead, we will see the governor of Florida treat his citizens as human beings with rights and self-agency. We will see our leftist government treat them like dolts and rubes, fully disposable to push their greater agenda.



Getting Out of Dodge

russ-men-flocking-awayOver 200,000 Russian men fled from their homeland to anyplace that is not Russia, or ANR, as they try to avoid Putin’s recent military mobilization. These Russians are well aware that the first mobilization is the first, with more to come.

Getting out of Dodge is not cheap. There are bribes, tickets to buy, food, sustenance, and other travel costs. This means Russia is experiencing a massive brain drain as the 200,000 already left represent the most productive tier of young men in the Russian economy.

Young men are flooding into Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Finland, and the rest of the ANR world. They are driving prices up as the Russians are willing to pay dearly to buy and rent housing. Not to mention their sudden demand for new shirts.

putin-peace-streakerRussian security forces are reacting by issuing summonses at the border to appear in Russian courts. Still, these are being burned and thrown away, burning the legal bridge to ever return to Russia.

The ‘Stans have a blend of Mongol and Persian culture, with Turkic flavors reaching back to Genghiz Khan; The influence of Genghis Khan is why Napoleon said, “Scratch a Russian, find a Tartar (Mongol).

russ-emperorAstute TTPers will remember Jack’s article,  A Short History of Russia, which explains the emergence of Russian morality as the Mongol’s legacy. All people in Russia are equal in their obligation to kneel before the emperor. Russia is a land of submission to authority, a yoke that has yet to be removed from its shoulders.

Kneeling before authority has been going on for so long and is so deeply embedded into the Russian culture that they cannot innovate, and their economy shows this.






Energy Foolishness

euro-grid-collapseEurope needs natural gas, and Putin thought he had the upper hand in controlling natural resources. But this is not how economics work. Only two resources are in short supply, human intellect and time. Europe is finding ways around Russian natural gas.

Yes, a cold and dark winter lies ahead, but a new natural gas pipeline from Norway to Denmark was commissioned just yesterday. Fuel is routed beneath the Mediterranean from Libya, Nigeria, and Israel. LNG tankers, great ships transporting compressed and liquid natural gas, are being mobilized.

Foolishly, Germany is shutting down its nuclear power plant today, a process started by Angela Merkle as she kneeled before the enviros. The plant cannot just be restarted or have its life extended without much, much effort because critical maintenance was deferred in anticipation of complete closure.

Europe is going to pay a steep price to restore energy sanity, and those politicos that embraced the enviro foolishness will pay the fee and the average citizen. But from the very beginning, the enviro movement was about power and control, without concern for reality. Its defining characteristic is its sheer lack of empathy for the marginalized. What are shallow empathy people in search of power over life and death called?

Psychopaths. All over the world, the psychopathic agenda is being derailed as Putin’s government is bogged down in Ukraine. Funny coincidence, isn’t it? Somebody needs to send a memo to Gavin Neustrom.



Nord Stream

baltic-sea-bubblesSomebody blew four holes in both Nord Stream undersea pipelines outside Denmark’s territorial waters. Photographs of the churning Baltic Sea show bubbles up to one km in diameter, boiling the surface. Swedish seismic stations detected one of the blasts as equivalent to about one ton of TNT. The detonations were carried out in the water too deep for a diver. The explosive charges were heavy enough to suggest placement by underwater drones, small submarines, or other stealthy platforms. No reports of torpedoes or high-speed screws have come forth, reinforcing order by drone.

Within moments of the blasts, the usual suspect propaganda houses began blasting stories that the United States ordered the sabotage to prevent Germany from surrendering. The stories were coordinated across media and countries. As is typical with propaganda, they were shouted and repeated verbatim many times. Sharp TTPers recognize the hand of a public relations contractor behind the stories, and the stories were written before the blasts.

Besides energy insanity, another second-hand war victim is propaganda houses’ power and influence as their methods are becoming too clear. Their partners are failing to innovate.

The media arguments were, as typical, based on the logical fallacy of post hoc reasoning. Biden made threats while demanding Nord Stream II remain unused and in its pre-commissioned state before Russia invaded Ukraine. Because of this, as the post hoc fallacy goes, the explosions had to be American. No other counterarguments were allowed, and evidence pointing to Russia was discarded.

If you know somebody that jumped on the USA=Bad, Russia=Good bandwagon once again, you will do them a favor by explaining the post hoc logical fallacy. Here

Russia borrowed the funds to build the pipeline and is on the hook to international banks to pay the $11 Billion debt. They made the pipeline specifically to bypass Ukraine so they could invade without loss of revenue. The very existence of the pipeline is an example of the preparation and long time horizon given to invasion planning.

With the pipeline inactive, Russia could not tolerate the payment imbalance. However, if the pipeline was inoperable due to an act of war, Russia could declare Force Majeure and cease payments. The media’s rush to the Post Hoc fallacy omitted the elephant in the room; Russia’s dwindling foreign exchange reserves.

As the above article explains, Russia has a long history of using energy as a weapon by closing infrastructure. The tactic is well understood in the United States, as is demonstrated by the constant efforts by communists in government to install light rail and other mass transit while making personal vehicles very expensive through ever-tightening regulations. Just like Russia, the American left seeks ways to control society by turning off infrastructure or limiting access. Europeans have been more susceptible to the tactic.



National Character of Russia

unhappyputinLet’s look at Russia and Putin in light of the dimensions of character demonstrated so far during the war in Ukraine.

An emphasis is placed on transportation but not on maneuver. Much like RINOS in our government, Russian politicos are followers, lacking imagination. Second-hand minds. They use the same playbook over and again.

Their battle cry? Fake it till you make it. They coast by using a combination of diplomatic skills and appearance. We see the lack of courage in Russian soldiers and the 200,000 young men stampeding to the exits. The Great Patriotic nature of the Russian citizen is becoming yet another myth.

Putin’s grave error is refusing to acknowledge that he leads a weak and failing nation that abandoned its chance for greatness in 1917. He is like the rest of the fake it till you make it types. Utterly dependent on the Noblesse Oblige of the stronger and the fear of the weaker.

Blowing up the pipelines and crying the victim fits Putin’s character.




german-super-villainJust who are these people? Their weakness and complicity enabled Putin to invade Ukraine, and the process of subjugating citizens to stupid vaccine thuggery and the seizure of freedom enabled energy through outright theft and regulations. The war in Ukraine is on their shoulders; they are the ones that pursued the establishment of a money laundering state to convert foreign aid into personal fortunes for people like the Clintons Pelosi cartel, Bidens and Romneys. They are the ones that squashed the Canadian truckers and disarming Canadian citizens today, right now.

These people are psychopaths. They have no standards for right and wrong other than personal power and gain. They lack empathy and utilize slick propaganda campaigns and secret society members to achieve their ends.

Their greatest fear is to be ridiculed. Laughed at, shamed, and their most significant prestige is to be part of global social circles for which they are not personally qualified.

The WEF is a global manipulator of rhetoric. They produce nothing, nor ever made, yet they have assumed the position of judge and jury over the work of others.

Their voices sparkle when they discuss tragedy falling upon Ukraine or locking the Anzacs in concentration camps. Their joy in watching Western Civilization trampled under a herd of migrants with women raped, cities looted, great art destroyed, and children stripped of dignity and self-worth defines these people.

family-destroying-leftPutin is a fraud. He is a fake until you make it, unable to be respected as the great leader he aspires to become. But Schwab and the WEF? These people are evil. Their only joy is seeing the destruction of the world they cannot build.

So be it if Putin must fall to stop the cash flow to the WEF and the sycophants in the media.

In particular, the WEF and Klaus Schwab have built an army of followers ready to obey his every command. He postures as a humanitarian, but his only message is self-sacrifice and the renunciation of the self. Most of all, he has convinced his followers to abandon their values.

This man is pure evil. He is David Koresh, Jim Jones, and Sun Myung Moon on a global scale.

Covid was not the actual virus that let loose on the world. The WEF is. Why? Because it seeks to establish a collectivist dictatorship over the entire planet.

He demands that we must live as a social collective, each living for the hive and never for the self. As we see with so many of the young, when one gives up their values, he becomes incapable of personal direction. He needs to be directed.

crimefighting-w-dataMany have argued that Putin is the antidote to the global collective. The argument is Putin seeks to make Russia great. But this is a lie. Putin is not capable of inspiring a nation to greatness, as the thundering mass of young men leaving the country demonstrates. Putin is not able to innovate, and this is his great weakness.

Most curious is that the global left cannot create humor, whether Putin, Schwab, Trudeau, Pelosi, or Biden himself. They cannot meme. There is a reason for this, of course. The left represents the managed system, and they can never criticize the system, which is fundamental to an excellent meme. You know a leftist using the peasant, the deplorable, the smaller, and the weaker as an article of humor. This heuristic works well.



Ukraine On the Move

ukraine-bulge-mapUkraine is recovering territory in Donbas from Russia near the logistical hub of Lyman. It appears that Ukraine is innovating and abandoning its Soviet-era static warfare doctrine in favor of Western maneuver warfare. Russians were trapped in a bulge yesterday, and this morning the bulge is surrounded by Ukraine, with Russians surrendering by the squad.

The battle map shows the tactical importance of Lyman as a highway chokepoint. As Ukraine has incorporated more innovative techniques and has mastered the use of American HIMARS long-range rocket artillery, the Russian advantage with their artillery is diminishing.

Putin was firing up to 250,000 pounds per day of artillery shells into Ukraine, but that kind of sustained fire wears out the cannon barrels, the machine components, supply truck tires, and the gun crews.

It’s time for entropy to have its nasty will with the Russian forces. How can they maintain their equipment now that the mechanic’s trucks are broken down and without tires?

Their tactic now is to hold sham elections using rigged voting machines. However, the world seems familiar with sham elections and rigged voting machines. Putin’s claim that Eastern Ukraine is rightfully his because of ~ Reasons ~ is not fooling anybody. Check out these links for up-to-the-minute updates:  Here and Here



pm-giorgia-meloniHFR Hero of the Week

Is there any doubt? Seriously!

The new Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, is just the leader the world needs right now. She stood defiantly against Ursula von der Leyen, the EU’s unelected globalist, WEF-supporting president. Ursula threatened Italians with a Don’t do it; we have ways speech intended to prevent Meloni from winning.

Meloni had two slogans: God, County, Family & Pride, Clarity, and Rules.

The first touched the heart; the second touched the mind. Unlike the left, she treats Italians as rational actors, not peasants.

She is assertive, confident, and relaxed as the new prime minister of Italy. What separates her from the globalist scum is her sense of empathy for the Italian people, her people, and her commitment to right the wrongs inflicted on Italians by the EU and the WEF.

makeitalygreatagainShe is organized and has high expectations of herself and her team. When it comes to her deeply held values, she is stubborn and unyielding, and the social justice warriors hate her for this.

So far, she has been powerfully passionate for Italian families under stress and profoundly rational as a leader; this is the new face of decentralized leadership in Europe.

Her superpower is her radar and ability to understand her adversaries’ motives. Yet she is authentic and just who Italy needs to restore the dignity and hope of Italy.

crying-globalistThe left fears her. Why? Because Meloni is loyal to her people. Loyalty – now that’s a concept the globalists don’t understand. But they hate her viscerally and will use every dirty trick to pull her down.

As long as Meloni stays authentic and mission-oriented, she will triumph, and the migration of power from centralized, unelected careerists and profiteers will be pushed back some more.

She has cultural confidence and defends her position as a skilled lawyer. She pushes her points rather than dispassionately allowing the left to cut her down.

Make Italy GREAT Again, yes indeed.



Mike Ryan is a chemical engineering consultant for the iron, steel, mining, chemical, and fiber industries.