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Countdown to launch – 53 days to go until November 6.  First thing to do is watch and read then-candidate Trump’s historical battle cry in late October 2016, posted on TTP this morning: We Are At The Crossroads of History Again.

His election was a great battlefield victory in the war against the Hate America Left – but that war is far from won.  The next great do-or-die battle looms before us on November 6.

Also posted this morning on TTP is Michael Walsh’s soaringly eloquent, Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Dream.  The founding literature of Western Civilization is Homer’s Iliad, composed from centuries-old oral traditions around 700 BC.  It indeed starts with Homer’s immortal lines…

Which Walsh compares to the self-destructive rage of the Democrats today.  But note how Walsh glosses over that the Greeks (called Achaeans by Homer) won the Trojan War in the end, not through Achillean rage but the trickery of Odysseus (called Ulysses by the Romans).

The Trojan Horse of the Democrats is massive electoral fraud – most massively in California with illegal aliens voting in the millions.

On Wednesday (9/12), the President signed an EO on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.  Unfortunately, it’s reactive instead of pro-active – sanctions are applied after the elections, and offers no methods to prevent such interference in the first place.

Further, the real and mortal threat is not foreign but domestic election interference.  I have urged the White House to utilize the designation (originally by Obama) of election systems as “critical infrastructure” for US national security by:

* Declaring social media monopolies Facebook/Twitter/Google/YouTube public utilities with no right to politically ban customers just like phone or electricity companies.

*Prevent Voter Fraud declaring gov’t issued Voter ID necessary to vote in all federal elections just like required by airlines and TSA.

We cannot allow the Democrats and Left to burn the American Troy down with voter trickery.  It’s almost too late as it is.  As Jim Hoft at GP notes (9/12), Illegal Aliens Give California Up to Five Extra Congressional Seats, with other high illegal alien states similar.

And as we learned this week (9/12), during the baneful Zero years, 2012-2016, illegal aliens stole upwards of 39 million Social Security numbers.  Woke now?



The biggest social media monopoly of all, Google, really took it in the shorts this week.  In the last 48 hours starting Wednesday (9/12):

*Leaked video shows Google leadership’s bias and conspiracy against Trump.  It’s an hour long (the link is to the video on YouTube), taken just after the 2016 election, with co-founder Sergey Brin saying he’s “deeply offended” by Trump’s election and calls those who voted for him “fascists”, and CFO Ruth Porat in tears over Hillary losing.

The confidential video was leaked to Breitbart, stunned the media, and proves Google is a front for the Democrat Party.

*Mozilla Co-Founder Sues Google in EU.  Brendan Eich is the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla/Firefox.  He has now started a search engine competitor to Google and other “adtech” companies named Brave — and he’s now suing them for violating EU rules regarding selling people’s data.

Eich is a legendary Silicon Valley guru, knows what he’s doing, and has Google in his gunsights.  Keep an eye on him.  And try out Brave.

*New Mexico AG Sues Google & Twitter for Violating Children Privacy Laws.  The law is the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act passed by Congress in 1998, taking effect as a federal law in 2000.  It’s about time the social media monopolies were sued on it.  Ask your state’s AG to join the suit for the children of his state.

*Senate to Grill Amazon, Apple, Twitter and Google on Data Privacy.  The hearing is set for Sept. 26.  TTP’s Senate staffer sources say they’ll be a lot better prepared than the House was last week (9/05), when the Congresscritters got rolled by Dorsey et al.  Let’s hope so.

*Senior Google Scientist Resigns Over “Forfeiture of Our Values” in China.  The research scientist and former Professor of Mathematics at Stanford, Jack Poulson, resigned when he learned that Google was secretly developing a search app for the Chinese Communist government code-named Dragonfly.

Dragonfly is designed to remove content that the Chicoms are afraid of, such as about political dissidents, free speech, democracy, human rights, and peaceful protest.  Sure makes a joke, a depraved sick joke, of all of Brin & Co’s profession of high moral values in that leaked video, doesn’t it?



Speaking of depraved dishonest companies…

If you Google “Nike slave labor” you’ll get 17,900,000 hits – yes, almost 18 million.  It was steadily reaching a crescendo, like this 2017 story in Fast CompanyEscalating Sweatshop Protests Keep Nike Sweating.

From Honduras to Vietnam, Nike employs vast numbers of children at a few cents an hour to produce shoes the Left hated.  That hate is all over now.  After running its huge ad campaign praising a mediocre athlete for sacrificing nothing and for hating America instead, suddenly Nike is the darling of the Left.

Every Commie pig idiot athlete and celebrity from LeBron James and Serena Williams to Susan Sarandon and Charlie Sheen heaped praise on Nike.  Not a peep from them or any other Leftie on Nike’s vast slave children labor problem.

This is no accident, comrades. Strictly by design. The HFR invites TTPer Mike Ryan, who has posted several extraordinary insights in the Forum on the mendacity of the big PR/Advertising companies, to comment.  The ad agency behind the Nike Kaepernick campaign is Weiden+Kennedy.  Looking forward to seeing you on the Forum soon, Mike!



No surprise that Serena Williams is also a client of W+K.  After her unhinged meltdown at the US Open final on Saturday (9/08), W+K quickly got CNN to run an equally unhinged claim that what caused her breakdown was “fighting for women’s rights” and “against sexism in tennis.”

Hard to do so when you’re playing another woman – and you can’t even play the racist card when the opponent who beat you, Naomi Osaka, has a Japanese mother and Black Haitian father.

So W+K went back to work to whip up international outrage against an obscure cartoonist for a newspaper in Melbourne, Australia, the Herald Sun.  Here’s the toon:

W+K succeeded in creating a cacophony of outrage (is there any other emotion Lefties feel?) in the global libtard media.  What it failed to do was get the cartoonist, Mark Knight, and his employer to apologize. On Tuesday (9/11), the Herald Sun ran this story: Herald Sun Backs Mark Knight’s Cartoon on Serena Williams.

Then it doubled-down.  The next day, Wednesday (9/12), this was the paper’s cover, ridiculing the global media elite’s outrage:

FYI, the US Open’s referee office fined Serena $17,000 for her outburst;  tennis umpires are going to boycott Serena’s matches in the future;  and yesterday (9/13) Naomi Osaka signed a $10 million endorsement deal with Adidas.  Karmic justice.

The Herald Sun, owner Michael Miller, and cartoonist Mark Knight are the HFR Heroes of the Week.



It’s a cartoonist’s stock in trade to exaggerate the features of someone he’s lampooning.  To call it racist is just the Humorless Left mouth-foaming as they can’t stand to be made fun of.  Here’s one of our execrable former president, who in a speech in Illinois last week (9/07), referred to himself 102 times in 64 minutes.

Accurate depiction, wouldn’t you say?  In addition to ridicule, the other thing to get the Left’s goat more than anything is to ignore them.  Like this, gets them every time:



Speaking of Karmic Justice as we did a moment ago.  Last Friday evening (9/07) at the Clayton Valley Charter High School in the Bay Area of California (near Walnut Creek and Concord), a tiny petite cheerleader, Savannah Sprague, was picked on by a huge girl way more than twice her size.

Her sister was there and posted what happened next Saturday morning (9/08).  The New York Post ran the story Monday morning (9/10), and within hours it got 9 million views: Cheerleader Pummels Bully Who Challenged Her to Fight.

This has got to be the coolest story of the week.  Savannah is sitting down, the giant girl looming above her, and says “I don’t want to fight.”  The giant girl punches her in the face.  Instantly, no hesitation, Savannah jumps up in full attack, wails on her, takes the bully down and beats the crap out of her.

This is TTP’s kind of gal, what every man wants his daughter to be.  Watch the video and you’ll cheer.  Savannah, you’re a wonderful role model for Generation Z!



I hope I don’t get in trouble for this, but Savannah’s story reminds me of my wife Rebel.  When she was in the 5th grade (age 10), one of the bigger boys was beating up on her kid brother age 9.  Rebel came to her brother’s rescue and bloodied the bully’s nose.

When she came home after school, there was a loud knock on the door.  Listening intently from upstairs, she heard her father open the door and a man angrily saying, “Mr. Holiday?  My son and I want to have a talk with you about your son Rebel!”

Her father called out, “Rebel, will you come down here, please?”  As she sheepishly came down the stairs, the boy’s father yelled at his son:  “What!  Rebel is a girl??  You let a girl beat you up??”  The boy broke into tears, his father yanked him and stalked away, and when the door closed, Rebel’s Dad laughed so hard he cried and hugged his daughter as hard as he could.

That’s why Rebel is my kind of woman, and Savannah Sprague is TTP’s kind of girl.



Okay, time for Winning!!

*As of this writing, 3pm today EDT, the first 17 POTUS Tweets are warnings and notices regarding FEMA and Hurricane Florence.  Note, one of them is in Spanish.  Plenty of others scattered down the scroll.  POTUS is taking no chances on protecting people from this deadly storm – and on making sure the Lying Swine Media won’t pull a Katrina on him.

*Sessions-bashing is popular among a lot of Trumpers, and it’s understanding their frustration.  Yet TTP’s Jack Kelly calls him “Stealth Jeff” for a reason.

So far, he’s got James Baker, FBI General Counsel during the Comey Trump frame-up, and Lisa Page, Peter Strzok’s lover co-conspirator on Mueller’s team, turning state’s evidence ratting on the whole Comey-McCabe-Mueller-Yates-Lynch-Hillary-Obama treasonous scam.  Plea Bargain City for others as well.  So let’s watch and wait.

Meanwhile, yesterday (9/13) Attorney General Sessions gave a remarkable speech in Kansas City MO.  How remarkable?  Scroll way down the text and you’ll find this.  We quote the section, while the money quotes are underlined:

“Let me take a minute to talk about another subject that’s important to us all. As you well know, we’ve run into what some people politely call the “resistance.”

The obstructionism that this President has faced has little precedent in our history, if any.  Sadly, we’ve even seen activist judges try to stand in the way of the entire Executive Branch of the United States. Judges have been issuing an increasing number of orders that block the entire United States government from enforcing a law or policy.

Not limited to the case or parties in front of them.  Not limited to their judicial district.  But everywhere… Since President Trump took office less than two years ago, he has been hit with 25 of these nationwide orders…

We have a government to run. The Judiciary, which we respect is a co-equal branch, not a superior branch.

It is not the duty of the courts to manage this government or to pass judgment on or give final approval for every policy action the Executive Branch takes. The Executive Branch manages the government. And the President is the head of the executive branch. Get over it.

And so that’s why today I am announcing that I have issued litigation guidelines to assist our Department attorneys in fighting unconstitutional orders.  We’re going to fight them all the way to the Supreme Court.

I am confident that the law is on our side.  History is on our side.  And I believe that we are going to prevail.”

Gives you a different perspective on Jeff Sessions, doesn’t it?

*Speaking of folks who tick off Trumpers, how about on Tuesday (9/11) the lefties at Politico whining about: Mitch McConnell Screws Democrats with October Session.

With many more Senate Dems vulnerable than Pubs (26D-9R are up), keeping the Senate in session for October is a total two-fer:  it allows for confirming many more of Trump nominations before the election, and it prevents Dems from campaigning for reelection.

Smart guy for a turtle, don’t you think?

*On Wednesday (9/12), Senator “Chinese Driver” DiFi pulled the most asinine dirty trick, asking the FBI to investigate a claim Brett Kavanaugh did something unspecified in high school – you can’t make this up.  It took the FBI less than 24 hours to turn her request down.

*On Monday, Kevin Hassett, Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors, gave the most masterful takedown of Obama’s ludicrous claim that he is responsible for the Trump Economic Boom, not Trump.  In less than nine minutes, with undeniable facts and reason.  Really worth watching:

*Also on Monday, ace reporter and TTP buddy Sara Carter discussed the latest revelation of incredible corruption of Comey’s FBI: New Texts Reveal FBI Leaked Information to the Press to Damage Trump.

As the New York Sun described the whole sordid mess yesterday (9/13), The Dirtiest Trick in US History Comes Into Focus.

*Still more good news on Monday.  Pew Research reports that 44% of Facebook users age 18-29 have deleted the FB app from their phones.  All the stats are devastating for the Facebook Fascisti.  The opportunities for decent competitors are growing.



With all the focus on US politics in this election season, it’s regretful that the HFR has little room for what’s going on in the rest of the world.  There’s one item, however, that can’t be overlooked.

On Wednesday (9/12) at a conference in Malmo, Sweden – which has been taken over by Moslem hordes of criminals and rapists posing as “refugees” – the Dalai Lama declared that “Europe belongs to Europeans.”

“Receive them and help them,” he said of Moslem “migrants” – but only “temporarily.”  “The goal should be that they return and help rebuild their countries.”

That has power, coming from the Dalai Lama himself.  Hope the Euroweenies are listening.



We close with the most bizarre yet most educational example of Trump Derangement Syndrome of the week.

First though is the runner-up.  The best chance the Dems have of getting a Pub Senator to vote against Kavanaugh is rabidly pro-abortion Susan Collins of Maine.  So what have Lefties decided is the best way to vote as they want?  By deluging her female staffers with threats of rape, assault, and murder if their boss votes to confirm.

Textbook case of libtard masochism in action.  But you can’t top this:

University of Nevada Sociology Professor Shoots Himself in College Campus Bathroom to Protest President Trump (9/13).   What’s more, he taped a $100 bill to the bathroom mirror with a note: “For the janitor”.

It’s hard to imagine a better example of deranged libtard masochism than this.  As Las Vegas resident “HJ” remarked in the Daily Mail comments section:

“The masterminds over at the DNC have really done a number on their low IQ voters. The constant fear mongering and demonization of everything and everybody that differs from their Utopian agenda has gotten them so wrapped around the axle some of them are finding themselves in public restrooms taping money to the mirror for the guy that has to mop up their brains after they splatter themselves on the floor. Geez folks. Time to take a walk and smell the roses. You’ve been duped.”

Actually, the crazed action of Professor Mark “Dodo” Bird perfectly exemplifies the TDS masochism that has infected the brains of the entire Democrat Party.

Last week (9/04), Ayanna Pressley defeated ten-term (since 1998) incumbent Congressman Michael Capuano to be the Dem candidate for Massachusetts 7th CD.  She was endorsed by the Boston Globe, former Mass Dem Party Chair John Walsh, current Mass Attorney General Maura Healey, and many other prominent Dems.  Here is what she stands for and expects to be elected for:

Of course, she doesn’t care about the baby’s bodily autonomy a pregnant woman is carrying.  The main point, however, is she wants no US borders, meaning she wants to abolish America as a sovereign nation.  She doesn’t want it to exist.  And more:  this is rapidly becoming the official stance of the Democrat Party.

This is utter complete masochism, people willing to destroy themselves and their country in a paroxysm of hate and rage.  There’s no way such dementia can carry the Dems to a House/Senate majority in November – unless we let them get away with stealing it via massive voter fraud.

If so, we had better be willing to take our country back from the thieves by any means necessary.  Let’s never let it get to that point.  Red Wave November!