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The World Has Changed Greatly Since 9/11

911-lights-memorialJack Wheeler continues to bring the treasures of Ireland to his most distinguished and brilliant guests this week.

Twenty-one years ago this Sunday, September 11, 2001, an organized group of terrorists hijacked four airliners and flew them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and an empty field in Pennsylvania.

I was at Fort Benning, Georgia, when it went down. The Army Base shifted from a routine and sunny early fall morning at 9 AM into an explosive rush of activity by 9:15. So much happened so fast and in so many directions as soldiers rushed to assemble that it was impossible to grasp the enormity of a vast military base swinging into action.

By 9:30, a flight of C-17 transport aircraft was on the ground with columns of soldiers marching up the cargo ramps. They were airborne and gone in a blink of an eye because they were Airborne. Paratroops.

Nobody seemed to know who was behind the attack, only that the United States was under attack and casualties were being taken. Everyone knew it was go-time. No questions.

c-17-transport-aircraftAmericans, along with billions across the globe, looked on in horror. No one doubted that the retaliation would be brutal once the government figured out who or what did it. And brutal it was.

George W Bush rose to the occasion, and the combined force of the United States and her allies swung into action. We did not have a military optimized for operations in the mountains of Afghanistan, but we figured it out as we went. We nearly captured Bin Laden in early December 2001 in the Tora Bora caves of eastern Afghanistan but did not.

The most amazing thing was how the American people spontaneously united behind the country. For the first time since December 7, 1941, the citizens of the United States had a common enemy.

The good feelings did not last as the dems quickly realized they would slip into history if George Bush were allowed to fight and win the war against Islamic Terrorism. And so they began actively undermining the United States and the president to deny him a victory.

Joe Biden led that effort. He finally had his way with the surrender of Afghanistan last summer.

The result? Democrats squandered and destroyed a majority of Americans’ trust in government. Self-serving RINOs contributed to the collapse.

A lot of water has flowed over the dam since then. Faith in government continues to collapse, and our institutions turn inward against American citizens. The alleged president of the United States just declared 50% of Americans enemies of the state. Enemies like the 9/11 terrorists.

His speech means one thing. Things won’t end well…for the commies.



Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

queen-elizabeth-photosHer Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away yesterday morning at Balmoral Castle, Scotland.

She was 96 years old and reigned for seven decades. She leaves behind Charles III, the eldest child and now King Charles III. Anne, Princess Royal, Andrew, the Duke of York, Edward, the Earl of Wessex, and eight grandchildren also remain.

Although the United States and England parted ways with the Monarchy in 1776, Queen Elizabeth II earned respect through hard work and perseverance in a dramatically changing world. She ascended to the throne in 1952 at 25 and devoted her life to her duties.

Besides her role as head of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II was head of the Anglican Church as Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

The Balfour Declaration of 1926 established the Commonwealth, which now has 15 member states known as Commonwealth Realms, 36 republics, and 5 with their independent monarchs.

While these states have no legal obligations to each other, the Commonwealth Charter defines their shared values and cultural connections.

She successfully performed her first duty of establishing heirs to the throne for two generations. As Defender of the Faith, she presided over the Anglican Church’s slide towards a general feminization and outright acceptance of homosexuality. Her father, King George VI, would not be pleased with the rise of moral turpitude under his daughters’ watch.

She was most proud of the Commonwealth and the transition from Britain as a colonial power to a globalist state in modern terms. Under her watch, London transitioned from 99.7% white British to its current status as a high-crime metro area with a white minority. So did many other urban areas under the spell of multiculturalism and diversity as a strength.

King Charles III is a strong defender of the New World Order and a central Davos figure. He is a proponent of environmentalism and de-industrialization through his persuasive power with NGOs, the media, and charitable groups. King Charles appears to be the defender of faiths, not the Faith, including environmental earth worship. Perhaps this attempts to unify the Realm by replacing one religion with many.

King Charles is fond of classical architecture and design and can contribute significantly to public aesthetics by rekindling a passion for architectural beauty in place of postmodernism’s garishness.

Queen Elizabeth worked tirelessly and maintained the boundaries of acceptable behavior within the diplomatic world. How did it happen that the Church of England ceased to be relevant and downright licentious during her reign? Was this her fault or her deficiency?



The Changing World

who-to-hatePower is moving from institutions to individuals via modern technology. The Queen could not stop this trend.

When she was born with the rest of the Greatest Generation, institutions provided supervisory control over society. Institutions of government and religion monitored the community for trends, collected data, and placed their people in charge. They taxed, regulated, shamed, and praised to achieve a civil society of more or less law and order.

Individuals were left alone as long as they colored between the lines. Institutions optimized society according to the desires of the leadership caste.

Things changed, enabling individuals and small organizations to assume control over information and calculation that was impossible before the computer. The transition from centralized supervisory control over society to a distributed world of self-optimization is decentralization, and the Monarchy cannot stop it.

The Queen’s world was once much like television. She could adjust her brightness, volume, the channels she spoke on, or whether she switched on or off. Through these levers, she asserted influence as a constitutional monarch.

However, her ability to maintain supervisory control of the culture began to degrade as information became increasingly available to everyone.

For example, governments worldwide, especially in the Anglosphere, pushed the vaxx very hard. Evidence quickly appeared of problems such as blood clots and sudden death. Most of the data initially came from clusters in red states, suggesting the presence of “hot” vaccine batches, poor quality control during manufacture, or a systemic problem with the core technology. The ability to collect and analyze data in real-time severely threatened government institutions, reacting with force and outrageous propaganda. Many died needlessly as supervisory institutions such as the CDC and FDA proved to be dinosaurs due to distributed access to information and calculations.

The FBI and DoJ went all-in in the USA, trying to preserve the old-school government of unionized clerks and conference room commanders. But nothing in the USA compared with Her Majesty’s Commonwealth, where governments lost their minds in the face of individuals asserting self-control.

We see this megatrend everywhere. The replacement of supervisory institutions and their monopoly over information with decentralized, distributed information collection and analysis competency is changing everything. The institutions are flailing as they try to remain relevant. But they are failing.

King Charles will likely push the enviro agenda hard as the institutions attempt to use fear, uncertainty, and doubt as power tools. He will fail in replacing Christianity with environmentalism as the state religion because the underlying control of information and policy is now in the public domain.



Bias VS. Variability

California is experiencing rolling blackouts as the grid is no longer robust enough to pull the load. Europe will have a cold winter without Russian gas, coal power stations, or sufficient nuclear power plants.

These energy systems are losing their ability to meet demand predictably because unsteady sources like solar and wind increase variability. Add war and regulations to the uncertainty mix, resulting in a loss of system Bias.

Bias, strictly defined, is a system input intended to increase the likelihood that a system will perform to expectations. Generations of touchy-feely academics corrupted the meaning to be something about race, which is a shame.

bias-and-varianceThe more bias applied, the less variable the output. Conversely, the more unstable a system, the less it is biased.

Queen Elizabeth’s role was like a base-loaded nuclear power plant in an increasingly variable grid. She provided stability and predictability. She did this through the skillful use of protocol as a biasing lever.

The California grid is in deep trouble because California culture drove the concept of systemic bias out of the intellectual space. Bias and variability are opposing forces, and the California political mindset created a monstrously inefficient system.

The megatrend toward distributed information will soon overwhelm politicians in Europe and the American West Coast as people figure out that the politicos are lying about renewable energy. The odd thing is that politicos seem to be accelerating the fall of governments by creating energy shortages and starvation riots.

The megatrend and its impact on energy supplies suggest that trust in institutions will continue to decline, just as the decline of British Monarchy demonstrated.

Queen Elizabeth fought the trend with everything she had and delayed the inevitable at best. Likewise, the FBI, CDC, activist courts, taxation authorities, labor unions, and global militaries are fighting the trend for their survival. All will fail.

Russia went to war to stop the megatrend. China tightly censors the internet. But with the Queen’s passing, we will see how many governments go full Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand as they realize that the Commonwealth is becoming like the Californian and German electrical grids. Overwhelmed and unable to perform.




Although California is banning the sale of generators, individuals and households will increasingly need alternative power. Batteries and solar panels are the proposed solution to institutional failure, and these have merit. However, you will increasingly need a fuel-driven generator to make modern life possible.

home-generatorOld-school portable and home generators relied on control bias to maintain voltage and frequency. The machines used mechanical governors in tension with a spring to keep the output parameters in check. If the voltage was low or the frequency was slow, tightening the spring biased the governor.

honda-generatorModern generators such as those sold by Honda work differently. Instead of a biasing force, they eliminate variability by collecting information from the electrical waveform, converting the electricity into snippets of power, and resembling these into perfectly regulated electrical output. No system or control bias is needed at all.

Old school generators cannot do this; they are increasingly not fit for their purpose.

Just like the Monarchy, like major American or Australian or Russian institutions, just like the power grids, just like the control of portable electrical generators, the megatrend is clear. More efficient information-based systems are replacing supervisory system control using bias and force.

California is allegedly installing peaking units on their electrical grid. These fully automatic natural gas fueled turbines (jet engines) connect to large electrical generators. At least, this is what they tell the public. In reality, these new power stations are gas-fired base-load facilities designed to push electricity into the grid continuously. California attempts to solve its variable power problem by installing a system biasing capacity without being honest about it.

I prefer the government lying to save face rather than releasing the goon squads to crack skulls for using too much electricity. Sooner or later, however, institutions based on lies will fall, and the megatrend means many will lie to remain relevant.



Natural Gas

Cheniere Energy is the largest LNG (liquified natural gas) supplier. They issued warnings yesterday of their inability to meet demand. Chinese demand is still slow due to Covid restrictions, but if China resumes full consumption during the winter when Europe is in greatest need, things will go wrong and fast.

American gas consumers face cost increases from the present $5/million BTU to at least $30/million BTU this winter. Europeans face $150/million BTU to $300/million BTU at the gas meter.

lng-fuel-tankerWhere coal and oil could once replace gas during supply curtailments, Obama’s EPA and various European authorities mandated removing and destroying coal and oil handling facilities.

Gas curtailments in the United States, Europe, and maybe elsewhere this winter will shut down heavy industry and possible universities and large buildings. Toilet paper supplies might become tight again, and work from home will be a thing again.

As goes Europe, so goes Davos and the New World Order, and the WEF. Davos is a collection of institutionalists. Big government, big business, technology, and the most significant media companies unite to push against decentralization through draconian regulations. Their enemy is the individual with free access to data and the ability to interpret its meaning. Their purpose is to bias the system to maintain institutional power, with their phony enviro crisis as moral justification.

Davos affiliates such as little Justin in Canada united with big tech to maximize censorship during Covid and arrest anyone with the audacity to think critically and speak openly. They failed as far fewer took the vaxx than reported. A freezing winter with spot starvation will make the pushback against the jabs look like child’s play. It’s going to get rough.

These are lousy times for King Charles the Enviro to assume the throne. He is not likable; sponsoring the WEF will dog him and undermine his moral authority.




The CTA, or California Teachers Union, has been doing opposition research on parents opposed to dropping mask restrictions in San Diego schools. The plan was to smear parents as extremists and initiate child-removal and seizure actions with the government Child Protective Services.

Further, the union placed members from other districts in the audience at school board meetings to push the union position loudly and accuse the parents of terrorism. These activities and other union salting came to light accidentally when copied to a school principal.

So what the hell?

The discovery is another example of an institution in a panic over the loss of narrative control to individuals. The union believes they have a greater interest in the life and health of children than the child’s parents.

The consequence? Two million fewer K-12 students enrolled in public schools for this fall than expected. Parents are tired of schools’ use of lies, propaganda, and force to bias students toward large centralized solutions.




coke-death-chart_1The government cared little as 100,000 middle-class Americans died from fentanyl overdoses last year. If anything, the feds turned up the heat by opening the borders and ending Trump’s war on the drug cartels. The politicos have long assumed that the opioids are killing Trump supporters in flyover country, those that oppose tax and spending, and those that oppose the replacement of the native population.

But hold on a minute…The latest data from Harm Reduction USA finds that opioid deaths among blacks and urbanites are about one-third of the total and snowballing.

It seems that fentanyl is often now in cocaine, the leftwinger drug of choice.

What will the government do now that its preferred voting base is dying? Will the FBI, and the DEA, resume Trump’s war on the cartels and close the borders? Will they lie about the data?

It’s all fun and games in Washington until the most reliably leftist voters are too dead to vote.



CDC Admits Lying

blod-clot-bannerThe CDC now admits that post-vaxx myocarditis concerns are legit; they knew it all along and lied about it. They unleashed fake fact-checkers and banned people from social media. They encouraged public violence and perjured themselves before Congress.

This week, a significant narrative shift occurred with the admission that young men have heart inflammation that can spin off clots and cause heart attacks at rates between 3-5 times greater than the unvaxxed.

They KNEW they were lying.

Why did they do it? Because the government is unable to admit that a single individual with access to data and a license to use a statistical analysis software tool like MINITAB can outperform a 50,000-person federal agency.

The feds have lost institutional credibility and are getting worse for them fast. Censorship, violence, intimidation, FBI raids, mass propaganda, and the rest are no longer working.



Greece and Taiwan

The problems with institutional credibility collapse are not limited to Anglosphere.

Greece and Taiwan intend to increase military conscription, but their populations are pushing back hard. Historic abuses and excessive training accidents have convinced their people that the military has a callous disregard for their youth. Draft dodging might end up being a severe problem in these potential flashpoints.

war-medalsThe solution might be the promotion of the military as a way to build work ethic, character, technical skills, financial security, and high adventure.

But the population will see through a lie. Greece and Taiwan need to address morale issues right now.

But then, so does the United States, as military recruitment is collapsing.

Biden’s use of Marines as props during his spawn of satan speech is not helping. General Milley’s woke military has demoralized American youth. Who wants to join a losing team? Who wants to set sail on a destroyer knowing that the institution behind the ship might sacrifice your life for short-term politics?



How This Will End

We might be trending towards global violence as power decentralizes. Big institutions are so far unable to adjust to the world.

However, the individual in ownership of self has more skin in the game than employees of institutions. Practices such as large routine expenditures for media propaganda are losing effectiveness as a means to bias the actions of individuals. Vaxx regrets are everywhere as people are waking up to the process of institutional coercion.

free-thinking-aristotleIn the end, freedom wins. The next phase might look like millions upon millions of individual contractors replacing rank and file employees as the boundaries of rationality are no longer controlled by institutional desires but by access to information and the ever-reducing data analysis cost.

King Charles III is stepping into things at a challenging time. The enviro horse he bet on and the entire Davos cabal are becoming irrelevant as people get cold and hungry.










Mike Ryan is a chemical engineering consultant to the iron and steel, minerals, chemicals, and fibers industry.