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kav-confirms-hearingRemember the theme of the HFR last weekA Masoquismo Continuo!  The motto of the Democrat Party-Libtard Media Complex: The Masochism Continues!

That went into hyper-drive this week.  As we know, self-styled liberal-leftie “progressives” are actually regressives advocating Venezuela as their future for America.

Okay, they’re politically regressive, but now we see before our eyes how they’ve become neurologically regressive.  They are actually turning their adult brains into those of children with no control whatever over their emotions.

Fully-adult Charles Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in charge of Soon-to-be-Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, allowed the hearing to turn into a madhouse circus as it displayed for the world to see Democrats becoming children with spoiled brat temper tantrums.

This is only one of the 212 raging libtards arrested as of yesterday (9/4 through 9/06).  The Daily Caller has a collection of these literal retards as they were arrested by Capitol Police.

But they were just the elevator music in the background.  The real Regressives were on stage, not in the audience.  Grassley and his colleagues like Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham sat in amused fascination watching the demented antics of Kamala Harris and Cory Booker that they actually believe will help impel them to the White House in 2020.

It was fun watching Kavanaugh smoothly swat away dim-bulbs like Dick Turban Durbin, and senility-sufferers like Pat Leahy and Chinese Driver Feinstein.  Then he calmly and eloquently made mincemeat out of Harris (admitted by the LA Times) and Booker (admitted by CNN).

And don’t miss Fox’s report on Crazy Cory’s Comedy of Errors.

So, the histrionical farce is just about over, Kavanaugh will be confirmed easily – especially with Jon Kyl in McCain’s seat and three or so Red State Dems desperately trying to save their seats by voting Yes.

The hearings did provide a moment of true hilarity.  Demonstrating what straw-grasping total toad-brains they are, the media shrieked that a woman sitting behind Kavanaugh was flashing a secret “white power” sign:

The Left has invented a new outrage hoax – the OK sign is the secret hand sign of white supremacists.  You can’t make this up.  It gets better.  The lady is Zina Bash, BA from Harvard, JD from Harvard Law School, MBA from Wharton, law clerk to Brett Kavanaugh, wife of US Attorney John Bash – and she’s Jewish-Mexican.

Her mother is from Monterrey, Mexico; her father is Jewish-American whose parents survived the Holocaust.  Oops.

Oh, but it gets better.  She’s now being celebrated as the Troll Queen of DC with this the day after the white power sign libmania:

No wonder Zina is the sudden heartthrob of so many Trumpers.  Sorry, guys, she’s married and taken.


Lindsey Graham decided to have some fun too, trolling Kamala, Cory, and their followers:


This just in.  Perhaps you’re thinking that libtards cannot get any nuttier.  Well, you’d be wrong.  It turns out that the woman who designed and makes those pink “pussy hats” beloved by libtard protestors is refusing to make any more.  You won’t believe how fully insane (literally, clinically) her reason is.  You’ll think it’s insanely funny.


The ultimate act of masochism is, of course, suicide.  It would be hard to get a better example of this than the death by virtue-signaling appeasement of the Left just performed by Nike.   POTUS asked the question everybody has:

The answer, of course is: They weren’t.  Appeasement to the Fascists of the Left turns smart brains into mush.  The backlash has been instant and growing so fast it may destroy the company.  Twitter feeds are exploding, like #JustDont, #BoycottNike, and  #NikeHatesAmerica.  Here’s the new Nike motto:

The ad is being spoofed everywhere, such as…

Yesterday, Morning Consult, the polling/research firm used by most every major company, reported: Nike’s Favorability Drops Double Digits Following New ‘Just Do It’ Campaign with Colin Kaepernick.  Double digits?  How about falling off a cliff by 34% — dropping in days from 69% favorable to 35% favorable.

In every category and every demographic:

nike-favor-chartLooks like Hara Kiri Nike will suffer the same fate as the NFL for the same reason:

Look for everyone to start buying American-made Trump-supporting New Balance, instead of slave labor-made Nike.  So if you can take your eyes off the world’s most elegant woman for a moment, notice that her based son is wearing NB’s.  Leave Nike in the dust with NB’s on your feet.


Okay, what’s with the NY Times’ latest scam?  On Wednesday (9/05), it ran a front page op-ed written by an anonymous unidentified “senior official in the Trump Administration” entitled, I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration, subtitled, I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.

Instantly, the blue-red siren on Drudge went off with the Fake News screaming headline:

There is no indication whatever that whoever wrote this works at the White House.  There are several thousand “senior officials” scattered throughout the Executive Branch bureaucracy, many of whom are Obamunist holdovers not yet weeded out.

Could be any one of them – if this person really exists.  Far more likely, this is a compilation of complaints from a number of Obamunist holdovers gathered over some period of time by NYT reporters, then written up as if it was authored by a single “anonymous senior official.”  POTUS gets it:

The key to the scam is the timing – published to tee off the release of Bob Woodward’s Fake News book, Fear: Trump in the White House, next week (9/11 – note the release date).

Together, the NYT op-ed and the Woodward book comprise the latest effort by the Democrat-Deep State-Enemedia Complex to overthrow an elected presidency.  The book really should be entitled Fraud.

The title of Fear, however, is accurate in that’s what we all need to feel regarding what this treasonous Democrat-Deep State-Enemedia Complex wants to accomplish.  Not simply Trump’s impeachment and overthrow of this particular president.

No, the goal is to deny the legitimacy of our elections unless they win.  We are experiencing an all-out assault on the fundamental political foundations of our country.  This is fascism to the core.

Which means their efforts must be defeated at whatever the cost.  Unless you want to live as a slave in the Orwellian world of 1984.

Right now, however, the cost need not be high at all.  All that needs to be done right now is keep the House Republican majority – ideally with Jim Jordan as Speaker.  The Dems have almost no hope of taking the Senate, their only chance is the House.  Lose that, and all DemFascist hopes are gone with the wind.

Which means – work your brains out for the Pub in your Congressional District.  8½ weeks to go until Nov 6th.  Now or never.

For once Joe Biden is right: “Everything” he said on Monday (9/03), is at stake in the midterms, “We’re in a fight for the soul of America.”


As a prelude to what’s coming after November 6 – guaranteed if we keep Congress – today (9.07) Fox reported, Former FBI official McCabe under grand jury probe.  He is the first of many who treasonously colluded to overthrow the Trump presidency.

Next to come, it’s being reported, is Rod Rosenstein.  After 11/06 will come Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Yates, and Strzok – with Lisa Page getting off providing state’s evidence.  On that you can rely.  PIAPS and Zero?  We’ll have to wait and see.

And Bobby Mueller?  He’ll be lucky to escape prosecution himself for a fraudulent and corrupt prosecution.


Meanwhile, the good news keeps rolling in.

Today (9/07), the Labor Dept. reported “Economy adds more jobs than expected in August, and wage growth hits post-recession high.”  Wage growth is especially true for construction workers.  How’s that for crumbs, Pelosi Galore?

On Saturday (9/01), the Wall Street Journal reported this “good news in time for Labor Day.”  Frankly, it brought tears to my eyes.

“In contrast to the supposed gloom of the proletariat, a new survey reveals that blue-collar workers may be the most optimistic folks in America. Eighty-five percent say they see their lives heading in the right direction.


Conducted by the Harris Poll and commissioned by Express Employment Professionals, a staffing company, the survey found that three of four blue-collar workers call their jobs “a good career path.” Four of five agree that ‘my job provides a good living to financially support my family.’ Eighty-six percent say they are ‘satisfied’ with their jobs, and 90% are ‘proud’ of the work they do.


It gets better. Seventy percent agree ‘the American Dream is alive for people like me,’ and among those who are parents 88% agree with the statement that ‘my children will have a better future than I will’.”

This is all due to our MAGA POTUS.

Your sides will ache laughing at Zero, who in a speech today (9/07) got his pink undies in a twist at Trump getting credit for our economic boom.  Trump’s response?  “I watched President Obama’s speech, but I feel asleep. I found he’s very good for sleeping.”


In foreign policy, we learned (9/01) that the President has appointed a well-known conservative, Kiron Skinner, to carry out an “American First agenda” as the State Department’s Director of Policy Planning.

Described as a “big brain,” this is a ten-strike.  Oh, as an aside, she’s black.  She says:

“To effectively implement President Trump’s America First vision means thinking through the President’s ideas and good instincts with the seriousness that they deserve, and that’s exactly what my team and I will do.”

The very next day, Sunday (9/02), from Fox: “Trump Suspends $300 million in Aid to Pakistan.”  The CTH has a good analysis of this as a prime example of the Trump Doctrine’s dual purpose.

“The Trump Doctrine is easiest to describe as: deploying economic leverage to achieve national security interests.  It is unique and stunningly effectivewith geopolitical decisions having multiple facets which connect like small gears on a much larger machine. Regarding Pakistan, it impacts China, then Russia, and support new alliances with India and the broader Middle East.”

And of course, Afghanistan, for as POTUS knows, Pakistan’s government-within-the government, the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) created and supports the Taliban.  No peace in Afghanistan until the ISI is gone.

Also on Sunday, Breitbart reports, Worldwide Alarm as the U.S. Ends Aid to UNRWA Palestinian Refugee Agency.

This is hysterically funny.  The Palestinian “refugee crisis” is one of the most massive and cruel scams of modern times, with generations of Moslems for 70 years being treated miserably by their fellow Moslem nations refusing to take them in.  Only Trump has the cojones to end America’s financing the scam.

And only Trump has the cojones to squeeze China’s, as Reuters reported Monday (9/03), China Manufacturing in August Down to 14 Month Low, due to US tariffs.  There’s simply no way Xi and his export-dependent economy can withstand this.

But note the observation of brilliant TTPer Yasuhiko Kimura in the Forum:

“President Trump has never once criticized Xi Jinping publically. In fact he goes out of his way to express his respect, calling Xi “my good friend”, “a great leader”, and “a great man”. Nor has he ever criticized the Chinese for their unfair trade practice, blaming instead his predecessors for their stupidity and incompetence.


He understands how important and critical it is to “save face” for the Chinese. He is strategic, tough, logical, and fair, and yet he makes sure that Xi and the Chinese never lose face in front of the world. That will definitely get them to war. The Chinese culture… is a system of appearance (“face”) without real substance, wholeness, and integrity.


My sense is that President Trump will continue to find ways to save, keep, and even enhance face for Xi and the Chinese so as to avoid a military conflict while restoring balanced trade.”

Frankly, we have political genius in the White House that we have never seen before.  Time will tell if the results match or exceed the only comparison, those of Ronald Reagan.


Okay, folks, that’s a wrap.  Overmorrow (Sunday 9/09) is a big day in Sweden, when the country may come to its senses and elect the Sweden Democrats to kick out the horde of Moslem “migrants” terrorizing and raping every Swede they can.

If so, Sweden can join other courageous nations like Poland, Hungary, and Czechia recreating a confident European civilization.

This Sunday night, the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah begins.

In his Rosh Hashanah message, the President said;

“Over the centuries, the Jewish people have suffered unthinkable persecution, yet you have not only endured, you have thrived and flourished as an example of humankind.”

To everybody celebrating Sunday evening, TTP says, “Shana tova!”


Let’s close with a bit of fun.  For some bizarre reason known but to him, Speaker Ryan decided to have a House hearing at the same time as the Senate’s hearing on confirming Judge Kavanaugh, with among others Twitter’s Jack Dorsey lying, ah, testifying on how un-biased his company is.

The hearing was interrupted by a loudmouth protestor (Laura Loomer, proving a self-styled “alt-right” can be obnoxious too).  Billy Long (R-MO) didn’t know who she was, but he decided to put his skill as a professional auctioneer before joining Congress to drown her out.

Then Billy proceeded to dismantle Dorsey’s ludicrous no-bias claim right to his face.  Dorsey had no defense.  So enjoy Congressman Billy Long’s lesson in how to shut up a protestor: