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Propaganda and the Shiba Inu


Jack Wheeler is leading a fantastic expedition to Ireland this week.

Last Night, Thursday, September 1, 2022, in Philadelphia, Mr. Biden gave a speech that was a naked plea to the Communist party of China for full-throttle assistance with the upcoming midterms. The full address is linked below.

Biden needs street-level violence as a pretext to arrest conservatives and smash skulls as opportunities permit. The American left was not the intended target; neither was the press or conservatives. No, the target is in Beijing.

The imagery intentionally resembled the Chinese Communist Party or CCP, identity papers issued to trusted insiders. The red background on state-issued IDs instantly identifies party members as deserving special consideration at checkpoints and routine police stops.

Biden used visual imagery reminiscent of Hugo Chavez and rhetoric to warn China that the dreaded Orange Man continues to threaten the globalist agenda.

Multiple accusations of MAGA Republicans stealing the upcoming election and the dire consequence to “democracy” (meaning autocracy) came loaded with the Clear and Present Danger accusation. The Clear and Present Danger test was accepted by the Supreme Court in Hendron vs. Lowry (1937) as justification to limit or curtail the First Amendment.

Joe Biden not only appealed to China to intervene in the upcoming midterms, but he provided legal cover to his operatives within the technology companies, DOJ, and every type of Executive Branch agent to censor communications and crack skulls.

The speech was the grossest breach of public trust and collaboration with a hostile foreign nation in United States history.

No doubt, Merrick Garland cheered it as loudly as Justin Trudeau and Klaus Schwab.

Uncle Joe, however, has a problem:


Propaganda stops working once the target knows that it is propaganda

Let’s Talk about propaganda.

The core concept behind modern propaganda is that information technology, and handheld devices are so widespread that people are forced to believe things that suit the needs of the propagandist, even for a few seconds.

George Soros described the incredible profit-making opportunity by aligning the world to false beliefs that later crashed, in his book Open Society Reforming Global Capitalism. He explains that belief in false narratives is a skewed curve. It rises slowly and abruptly falls. Financial products are sold long on the upswing for typical profits and short on the collapse for gigantic profits.

The global warming hoax aims to pack investors and companies, government funds, and every other buyer into long investments until all the money is on the table. Then abruptly pull the rug with truth bombs. The rush by the herd to get out is where billions, maybe trillions, are made in minutes.

In the case of the high-finance crowd in charge of the Democrat party, the great lie is that average Americans are evil and non-productive. That diversity is our strength, and focused concentration is disastrous. The massive lie propelling the new liberal rules-based order is that the constitutional republic is the greatest danger to the existence of everything.


The formula is straightforward.

It all starts with creating a charismatic group—the cool kids. In the modern world, these social media influencers push the LGBTP agenda.

Men are to be at least effeminate ideally and mutated crossdressers.

Women are to be knuckle-dragging womyn or grossly mutilated and psycho-drugged harpies. Everyone is to be lazy and fat.

Intense media repetition creates the cool kids of the day.

Next, the charismatic group of influencers and cool kids requires cohesion against outsiders. Biden’s speech last night was a classic attempt to herd the cool kids into a mob and mobilize them against conservatives. Once you recognize this, you cant unrecognize it.

The third step is creating a belief system that keeps the charismatic group together. The standardized belief system is essential and is the motive behind the enviro and homosexual/pedophile movements pushed in the schools and human resources departments of organizations large and small.

The political cult becomes a religious movement of sorts through altered consciousness. Methamphetamine is the drug of choice within the LGBTP movement, while social media addiction is as powerful an agent as drugs.

Pay attention to the scarcity of police drug raids during rainbow pride events. We know which side Federal law enforcement is on by the protection given to the meth facilitating the pride movement. Stop the meth, and wokism stops. Boom.

Propaganda drives much of America using the above tools that have existed since Goebbels. Maybe for millennia. Joe Biden demonstrated these last night:

Once the charismatic group exists, four steps follow:

  1. Indoctrination of new members
  2. Social Control monitoring via algorithms
  3. Decision fallback to the collective to prevent ostracism
  4. Boundary control.


When he developed the Reagan Doctrine, Jack Wheeler understood the importance of boundary control. Boundary control is the most challenging aspect of cult maintenance, whether the intent is religious or political.

Islam kills apostates. Leftists riot in the street and burn minority-owned businesses to prevent challenges to the cult’s central ideology. Federal law enforcement and the DOJ provide cover and protection.

The DOJ’s extreme prejudice against anyone questioning the 2020 presidential election can only mean that a cult-like organization is in charge, and it has a boundary problem.




Mikael Gorbachev died this week. He was the last Soviet Premier. His legacy is the unraveling of the cult of the New Soviet Man, a new creature that was to have no morals, no values, just obedience to the Party. Propaganda and force built the Soviet Union. Death by a million cuts started at the boundaries.



The Presidential Edit.

Within the live feed of Biden’s speech, a man with a bullhorn shouts, “**ck Joe Biden! At least four times. By this morning, editing had removed him and the rest of the protestors. However, the world heard him and realized Biden’s team edited the speech to remove challenges at the boundary.


China will help Biden. For a price.



Russian propaganda is well crafted and deeply financed. Career professionals work in spaces under the direction of highly trained sociologists, anthropologists, and political economists. Propaganda management is a state career with almost unlimited resources.

While Western propaganda is generally under the direction of a few substantial public relations firms that contract production to advertising and media companies, the Russian system forms vertically integrated silo-like operations.

An example is the exceptionally well-produced Russian website, The Vinyard of the Saker.

I urge everyone to follow the link to see well-crafted Russian propaganda in action. The site is registered in Iceland and produced in South Florida. This website targets the Conservative Christian space and has an apocalyptic style that includes frequent references to the Book of Revelation.

The site contains considerable Russian Orthodox Church-related content, although it is not sanctioned or produced by the ROC. The narrative is clear and consistent. The West is going to spiritual Hell in a handbasket, and only the Russian Orthodox Church And Vladimir Putin have the power to return Jesus to His throne.

As laughable as this sounds, many pastors in Western countries read the Saker and convert the religious feel into actual sermons.

The Saker created a cult of cool kids, the first element of strategic propaganda. Keen observers quickly recognize the presenters and talent in video from their day jobs on, Russia’s global video propaganda arm. Keen observers also frequently notice the same green screen projections as background props.

Besides establishing the cool kids, the site uses the “quest” plot. See Seven Basic Plots

While educated Christians are well-capable in recognizing false prophets, the Saker works by telling nine very unvarnished truths per one lie. The lies are whoppers.

For example, the Saker is the primary source of the urban legend that Ukraine shelled civilians for years in Donbas and therefore is guilty of starting the war. The reality is that Ukrainian military forces did respond to provocations from unmarked “green men.” But these provocations, in retrospect, were staged to create propaganda events.

Similar made for media propaganda events occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Washington, DC, during the events of January 6. Both the Russians and Democrats followed similar scripts. Every TTPer should be able to recognize this script in the future.

Biden’s speech called for the same script to roll again as soon as possible.

Western Intelligence services rate the Vinyard of the Saker website as under the direct control of a foreign adversary.

Once again. The reader is strongly urged to review the site and ponder the sophistication of Russian state-supported propaganda operating in the conservative Christian influence space. Show it to friends. Watch the scales fall from their eyes.



The Saker has profound influence among the young and unchurched, the pastors that preach the Apocalypse to keep a dwindling flock, and others because it pushes Orthodoxy as a messaging legitimizer. It’s effective.

Many Americans, especially young men, reject the Big Gay agenda and seek alternatives. The Saker and hundreds of Russian-based social media posters push membership in ROCOR – the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia- as an alternative to wokism.

So many that ROCORs membership in the United States and Canada has been growing by 26% annually since 2006. It is the fastest-growing church in the world.

Contrast this to the Byzantine, Greek, Romanian, Georgian, Serbian, Antioch, Coptic, Alexandrian, Cypriot, Polish, Albanian, and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches, which have a net gain of 1%. Maybe 0%.

Young Canadian and American men are not pursuing Orthodoxy. They are seeking Russian Orthodoxy.

Strategically managed propaganda is behind the movement.

Social media is filled with images of muscular, robust, bearded, and manly-men chopping wood, saving injured horses, and being knighted by Russian Orthodox clergy. The images have a duty-honor-Vladimir Putin theme. These are compelling images for low-confidence men with unmet spiritual needs.

The Russian Orthodox Church is a quasi-state church within Russia and validates Putin as the Anglican Church legitimizes Queen Elizabeth. At least, that is what Putin tells people.

While the Russian Church is well established and maintains an expansive canon with many true believers, the church has a persistent history of working with Russian state security. The Grand Metropolitan and Patriarch of Moscow, Vladimir Kirill, was a KGB associate of Putin.

The message is unambiguous. Evil has overtaken the West, and only Putin can restore Jesus to his Holy Throne. Accept Vladimir Putin as Savior, and thou shalt be saved.

Don’t laugh. Young men throughout Europe and North America are buying the propaganda. Urban 20-somethings grow Orthodox beards and go to axe-throwing parties. Their spirits are hungry. They might not know anything about Scripture, but they dig the idea of the Patriarch and masculinity restored.

What is going on here is clear. There is a difference between Orthodoxy as practiced by the faithful and the propaganda use of church imagery by the Russian state. It is effective.





A Vatnik is an unwitting dupe of Russian propaganda. They are the suckers, the patsy, and a joke on the internet. A Vatnik has the best of intentions; they want to fight the woke agenda. They fear for their country and cannot believe the evil overtaking their grandchildren. So out of desperation, they latch onto the Putin is the Savior of the West thing.

People make fun of Vatniks for being schmuks.

In February, when Russia invaded Ukraine, Western governments let large contracts with public relations firms. A barrage of propaganda emerged overnight. It was uncoordinated, intense, frantic, and rhetorical. The bombardment was effective in that a new type of cool kid appeared overnight with their Ukrainian flags and emojis. Billions of dollars suddenly flooded Ukraine and Putin met international resistance.

The barrage ended as the PR contracts expired. There was corruption.

So much for big government solutions. Perhaps only governments could generate so much propaganda so fast by hiring every available contractor. But the effort was not sustainable and as the contracts closed, so did mass interest in Ukraine.

Remember what Soros promoted in his book? There is great power in the mass movement of opinion. Great power.

A distributed, free market solution soon emerged in the form of NAFO, a global group of volunteers and Sh*t-posters that identify and lampoon Russian propaganda. They are especially brutal to Vatniks. Don’t be a Vatnik.

NAFO weaponized images of Japanese Shiba Inu dogs called Doge (Dōj). Whenever Russian propaganda appears on social media, an army of NAFO warriors descend and recreate the propaganda with humor. The group is playful and highly supportive of each other’s use of the Doge. When graphics are redrawn, part of the joke is to apply almost cartoonish imagery of the little Shiba in place of Russians.

Add Vatnik to your internet lexicon. Use it as shorthand for the well-meaning but gullible consumer of Russian state propaganda.

Remember. Propaganda no longer works once you know it is propaganda.




The Artemis rocket and mission to overfly the moon and return to Earth will try to launch again tomorrow, September 3. It’s a vast and complicated rocket with a space capsule like the Apollo command module as the Jetsons are to the Flintstones.

Popular support is maintained by – propaganda – stressing crew diversity. Newsreaders breathlessly cheer for the possibility of transgender and lesbian astronauts planting rainbow flags on the moon. I suppose that we will see about that.

In the meantime, the rocket itself is a fantastic machine. On Monday, it suffered a pre-launch failure in one of the giant diverging-cone rocket nozzles. Combustion heat is so intense that the nozzles require liquid hydrogen fuel to first circulate through the nozzle before routing to the combustion chamber. This way, the nozzle is super-cooled and avoids nearly instantaneous failure from the intense combustion.

The launch was scrubbed when mission control observed that unequal amounts of liquid hydrogen circulated through the cooling passages on one of the nozzles. They were correct in stopping the launch. Perhaps a valve had failed, water ice was in a passage, or something else.

Regardless of the cause, the takeaway is that NASA moved from a culture of failure to a culture of quality and performance starting in January 2017. Artemis did not explode on the launch pad to meet its director’s career needs.

Just imagine this…MAGA in action.

Imagine if the DOJ and FBI might also adopt a culture of quality and competency; imagine if a field agent might have the power to say STOP! in the way that NASA technicians now have. Imagine.


Mike Ryan is a chemical engineering consultant for the minerals, mining, chemicals, metals, and fiber industries.