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It’s ironic that the founder and communications director of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, were having breakfast at the Green Eggs Café in Philly Monday morning (8/06) when what happened to them should be a historic turning point for every normal American.

They were beset by the crazed-with-hate fascists of ANTIFA screaming at them exactly like the crazed-with-hate fascist Democrats of the 1950s Segregationist South screaming invective at young blacks going to restaurants or schools.  Here’s the video:

Here’s the ultimate irony:  the ANTIFA fascists chanting “F white supremacy” over and over again are all white themselves.

Over a year ago (June 9, 2017) I wrote: The Nazi Left and the Source of Trump Hatred.  It’s critical for understanding the dementia sweeping through Democrats right now, with the critical difference between the German Nazis under Hitler and the New Nazis of the American today being Auto-Nazism.

Those ANTIFA whites chanting “F white supremacy” are Auto-Nazis. Non-White Nazis like Sarah Jeong are so filled with hate they want to exterminate whites like Hitler did Jews.  White Auto-Nazis –like the white editors of the NY Times who hired her – are so filled with self-hate they want to exterminate themselves.

We need to make every public effort to encourage them to do so.  Start with the most overt examples, then work up to the NYT editors.  An example of overt:


 Go on the offensive.  Encourage any conservative organization you know to do this.  Get internet sleuths to identify the proto-hominid sticking his tongue out at Candace in the pic above, get his phone number/email/street address to harass him with demands to rid the world of one white supremacist – himself.

What happened to Candace and Charlie has to be a wake-up call realizing we are in a real war, a war to the knife.  The Left has no morals – none as we understand them, for theirs are Marxist, any cheating, lying, or violence is moral if it helps achieve the goal of more power over other people’s lives.

We’re in a street fight, no rules.  Act accordingly.  Act to win.  Win or our country dies.


By the way, the misnomer for what Dems engage in is “identity politics.”  The proper term is Nazi politics.  That’s because the entire purpose is to attack and demonize as evil one single ethnic identity, white.  All “non-white” ethnicities, even though many are white like Hispanics, are urged to hate whites as their enemy to be exterminated.

This is true Nazi fascism.  Communist fascism is economic class-based, urging “workers,” the “proletariat” as the “exploited” to hate and kill the bourgeois entrepreneur capitalists as the “exploiters.”  It has nothing to do with race or ethnicity.  Nazi fascism is totally ethnic based.  “Identity politics” of today merely substitutes Non-Whites for Aryans and Whites for Jews.  (Of course the Jews get it again as usual for they’re white!)

So remember, every time you see or hear “identity politics,” insist that it be accurately named “Nazi politics” with Whites as the new Jews.


You may have read Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash  that exposed the astronomical corruption of the Clinton Foundation with incredible detailed research.  The man who conducted that research is Eric Eggers, who on Tuesday (8/07) published his book:  Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election.

I just got it – and there’s no overestimating its importance in the extreme.  Here’s an interview of Eggers about his book yesterday (8/09).

It’s eight bucks on Kindle.  Buy as many as you can for your friends.  Don’t waste your money on lefties religiously opposed to Voter ID – that stance is so far beyond rationality it’s useless.

Let’s be clear: any opponent of Voter ID is an advocate of Voter Fraud.  They should be accused of racism, claiming blacks and other minorities are too stupid to get the same government ID required for any number of functions in society.

But beyond all that, we must urge President Trump to take action.  The Dems have handed him a golden opportunity to do so:  The Russians!

The constant Dem mantra is Russian meddling in our elections.  Just on Wednesday (8/08), Dem Sen. Bill Nelson claimed Russians have penetrated Florida election systems.  Thanks, Bill!

This on top of the revelation that Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States.

Dem Sen. Ron Wyden condemned installing remote-access software and modems on election equipment as “the worst decision for security short of leaving ballot boxes on a Moscow street corner.” Thanks, Ron!

On January 6, 2017, Obama’s DHS officially designated the entire US electoral system as “critical infrastructure.”  This effectively gave federal control, particularly in emergencies, of voting machines and other electoral infrastructure as “critical to US national security,” like e.g., dams, nuclear reactors, wastewater systems and emergency services.

On February 7, 2017, it was announced, Trump administration will uphold election system’s designation as critical infrastructure.

This is clear precedent and presidential authority handed to POTUS by Obama.  All President Trump has to do is to declare a National Emergency under this authority requiring Citizenship Voter ID to prevent Russian meddling in the November 2018 federal elections, including absentee and provisional ballots, along with strict measures to ensure no tampering with voting machines.

 How can the Dems complain when they are demanding Trump do something drastic to stop Russian election meddling?

I am going to do everything I can to get this proposal to the President’s desk.  Let’s see what happens.


If you look at the Obama DHS link above, you’ll note the list of “Critical Infrastructure Sectors” includes “Information Technology.”

With the simultaneous and coordinated banning of InfoWars on Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify on Wednesday (8/08), plus the notorious shadowbanning of conservatives by Twitter – see Paul Sperry’s “Twitter Is Run by Democrat Donors and Activists” (8/04), I know a lightbulb just went on above your head.

Especially in light of this incredible Facebook Fascism:  Mark Zuckerberg Wants Access to Your Bank Account.

POTUS can declare the information monopolists of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter with their technology being Critical Infrastructure to be part of the nation’s electoral infrastructure.

This in the sense that they will not be allowed to play political favorites.  If they are found to be banning one party or side of the political spectrum and not the other, they will be shut down for the duration of the electoral season, closed and shuttered until after November 6This can be done by Presidential Executive Order.

Most likely is that this threat is all it would take for FB et all to straighten up and fly right – for they all know this is a POTUS who doesn’t bluff.  Don’t even think about it, Mark.


Voter Fraud is the only chance the Dems have to gain the House & Senate in November.  That and insufferably good-for-nothing Republicans sitting on their hands.

On Tuesday (8/07) there were a number of primaries but only one federal election: in Ohio’s 12th CD to replace Pat Tiberi who resigned last January (kind of silly to replace him seven months later with the seat vacant all this time for little more than two months remaining in his term – yes, whoever wins must run again on Nov 6).

Trump held a huge rally for Pub Troy Balderson and tweeted strongly for him against Dem Danny O’Connor.  The results were a dead heat to be decided by fraud-susceptible absentee ballots.  But here’s the disgusting stat:  Dem turnout was 87%, Pub was only 40%.

If just half of the Pubs who voted in 2016 voted Tuesday, O’Connor would have been blown out of the water.  Instead these Buckeye cowpies did nothing.  If America dies on Nov 6, it will be with this kind of a whimper.  This needs to be shoved in their faces:


Oh, by the way… Eric Eggers, author of Fraud above, has discovered 170 registered voters in Ohio CD12 alleged to be over 116 years old.  Here is the list:  note that all have the same birthday, January 1st – and many are said to have been born in 1800, 218 years ago!

George Soros, Eggers point out, has poured millions into Ohio to block any effort to establish Voter ID.


On Saturday (8/04), the pollsters at Rasmussen announced the death knell of the Democrat Party – given the proviso that POTUS can prevent or at least hamper voter fraud.  That wasn’t the headline, however.  It was simply the report that “Black Approval of Trump Now at 29%.

Jack Kemp was fond of telling politicians, “People don’t care what you know if they don’t know you care.”  What blacks care about is not what you say but what you do – and wow, has this President shown he cares for them like none other, where it counts, in real jobs through the roof.

And finally at last (8/04):  Blacks Turn Against Dem Chicago Mayor Rahmbo.

Now also would be a good time to point out in every venue possible that the Dems’ religious devotion to abortion is responsible for this (8/04): Abortion Accounts for 61% of Black Deaths in America.  Genocide, anyone?

Then there’s this cry-in-your-beer sad sack headline from Trump-Hating CNN on Tuesday (8/07): Trump may not be enough to swing Latino turnout Democrats’ way.

Democrats have hit an unexpected speed bump in their drive to regain control of Congress: unsettling signs that the party may not generate as much turnout or support among Latino voters this fall as it expected… a growing number of Democratic strategists are privately concerned, point(ing) to signs of wavering Hispanic support and engagement in House districts in Texas, Nevada, Florida and California, and in Senate races in Texas, Nevada, Florida and Arizona.”

Yep, voter fraud is the Dems’ only hope now.


Fun time!

The NFL merrily continues its Death Wish.  From Fox yesterday (8/09): NFL preseason sees kneeling, raised fists, during national anthem.  POTUS spanked them:

trump-tweets-081018Millions of fans are now asking, why pay money at all or even watch a bunch of spoiled brat crybabies who hate our country?  This is what these guys have become:

The Pussies of the NFL

The Pussies of the NFL

Add to this, NFL fans subjected to watching gay male dancers cavorting amongst the hot-chick cheerleaders – well, that’ll be the last straw.  Another lesson learned: anything the Left touches is ruined and dies.


Now for absolutely the coolest story of the week.  In the wee hours of darkness Thursday (8/09), a group of anonymous street artists calling themselves “The Faction” placed 50 exact vinyl duplicates of Trump’s Hollywood star in blank squares on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame: Conservative artist places 50 Trump stars on Walk of Fame in protest to the original star being destroyed.

Then they tweeted a warning to the “Resistors” who damaged the one for real:

In a statement issued to the press they said:

Keep it up, ‘Resistors’. We’re going to ride your baby-tantrum tactics all the way to victory in 2020 and beyond. Keep it up, ‘Resistors. And your bathroom will be tiled with Trump Stars by the time he boards Marine One on January 20, 2025.


The idiots pick-axing Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame are the same as the Whining Acostas and High-Pitch Stelters of the fake media. They don’t understand that the Real Trump has infected America with winning fever, and like his star has infected the Walk of Fame — literally massing around and isolating cancerous stars like Blubbering Rob Reiner and Crying Jimmy Kimmel — the fever is spreading.


We are The Faction.”

Note they really did surround Libtard Rob Reiner:

Whoever the folks of The Faction are, they are the HFR Heroes of the Week.  May they inspire many others.


Now this could be really a fun time.  New report Wednesday (8/08): WikiLeaks legal team ‘considering’ offer for Julian Assange to testify before Senate Intelligence Committee.  Note the letter was signed by both Pub Burr and Dem Warner, which is more evidence of how dumb Warner is.

He’s so blinded by the Russian Collusion myth he thinks Assange will spill the beans on it.  Pray he and the Dems don’t figure out Assange will finally reveal who actually leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks:  DNC staffer Seth Rich.  They’ll squash the invite in a femtosecond if they do.  So let’s keep this to ourselves, okay?  All Assange has to testify under oath “It was Seth Rich,” and the entire Dem Party and Fake News Media will commit seppuku.


For your pure enjoyment from The Hill on Wednesday (8/08): Lawsuit exposes fatal flaw in ObamaCare’s individual mandate. It’s dead.

For your further enjoyment – The Trump Doctrine for Exploding Libtard Skulls: Trump’s Welfare Ban for Immigrants Would Be $57.4B Tax Cut for Americans.  It’s called Putting American Citizens First.


Let’s go international.

First, the coolest headline of the week: Women In Saudi Arabia Start A Harley-Davidson Chapter.  Gotta love it.  Awesome, ladies!

What’s also awesome is Trump going after Turkey’s Islamofascist Wannabe Ottoman Sultan Erdogan:

Nor should they be.  Watch for huge anti-Erdogan demos across Turkey now.  May the dictator’s end be near.

The end of the Mullah’s dictatorship may be nigh as well: The Trump Doctrine is working – Revolution Is Coming in Iran, announced the London Daily Mail on Wednesday (8/08).

“Iran is on the brink of revolution as tensions escalate with hundreds of thousands flooding city streets and chanting ‘death to the dictator.’


The demonstrations are not just over economic issues but very quickly turned political due to the regime’s repression of the Iranian people with regard to women’s rights, freedom of speech and other basic freedoms.


The chants are directed at the entirety of the regime and protesters are demanding regime change.  The rial has lost 99 per cent of its value and people know the regime will not have a better situation to offer the people because of the new sanctions from the US.


People are starting to wake up and see that revolution is a real possibility.”

Our POTUS deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for this alone, not just for North Korea.


There’s more but we’re getting late and this is too long as it is.  So just one more short fun read.  It’s from The Hill, read by everyone on Capitol Hill and all the elite made fun of.  Enjoy Trump: “I Became President and It’s Driving the Elite Crazy!”

 He’s pitch perfect, throwing their pretend status in their faces with his real can’t-be-exceeded status, while lending that status to all his supporters.  Very Stable Genius.

Plus what really drives them bat guano nuts is that he loves driving them crazy.  And so of course do we.