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This heartbreaking picture was taken on Wednesday (7/20) and has gone globally viral.  Senselessly slaughtering civilians and children, the way Putin wages war, is colossally stupid. All it accomplishes is to make governments in Europe and the US more determined than ever to sufficiently arm Ukraine to kick the Russians out of their country.

And so much more, as Putin’s War on Ukraine has exposed the colossal disparity between Western, especially American, weaponry and military capability, and that of Russia’s.  “Colossal” is an understatement, for it is far beyond astounding how screwed up Russia’s military is.

As military historian Nadim Brzezinski puts it, it’s not even close to the 21st century: “Russia has a 20th century army with 19th century logistics.”  A must-read this week is his Logistics Collapse (7/18) for a real eye-opener.

Here’s a clear-cut example of how desperate Pooty’s Russkies are now.  Meet:



On Tuesday (7/19), Yahoo News reported: Captain Ukraine? Russia Says It’s Losing to Army of Experimental Mutant Super Soldiers Created in Secret Biolabs.  It’s Tucker Carlson meets Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee in the Kremlin.

Leaders of Russia’s Parliament (the Duma) are actually claiming this publicly.  Sure sign they and Pooty know how badly their genocidal war on Ukraine is failing.



Now this could be a YBD, Yuge Big Deal.  You’re going to love this.

Last week (7/12), Federal District Court Judge Terry Doughty Ordered Discovery Phase In Social Media Collusion to Suppress Freedom of Speech Lawsuit Against Biden Administration.  The Plaintiffs are Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry.

This week (7/20), it was announced that per the federal court order, discovery subpoenas have been served on Anthony Fauci and Mark Zuckerberg, along with numerous Biden admin officials plus officers of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube/Google and Instagram.

Within 30 days of the order of July 12 – i.e., August 11 – Fauci and all the Biden defendants must “Identify all Communications and Meetings with any Social-Media Platform relating to Content Modulation and/or Misinformation” – while the officers of the social media platforms must do the same with government officials.

We all know that Fauci et al colluded with Zuckerberg et al to suppress conservative speech regarding Covid, the mRNA “vaccines,” HCQ (hydroxychloroquine), Ivermectin, lockdowns, masks, on and on.  With Discovery, we’ll get legal proof of how this was done and who by name did it.

Here we come to the Yuge part.

You know the infamous Section 230 that social media hides under to cancel conservative speech, right?  Well, no government official has that immunity. SCOTUS rulings have made it clear that Congress is forbidden to pass a law saying it’s okay for a government official to suppress free speech.

Note the basis of the Schmidt/Landry lawsuit is about just that: government officials like Fauci colluding with social media goons like Zuck to suppress free speech.  They can go to jail for this.

But that’s just half of the lawsuit, which is… when private sector people collude with government officials to violate constitutional rights, it makes them “state actors.”  Thus, on the basis of the state action doctrine, the Supreme Court has held private citizens to be liable as state actors when they conspire with government officials to deprive people of their rights.

A year ago on AT, lawyer Leo Goldstein argued that Big Tech Are State Actors.  They are, and now they can be held criminally liable for it, thanks to Judge Doughty’s Discovery order, with no Section 230 immunity.  We’ll have fun watching this unfold.



Speaking of immunity and Covid.  Of course it’s funny that totally vaxxed-up SloJo just came down with it – but that’s his problem.  At the end of Skye’s Links yesterday (7/21), Skye told us about the FDA approval of Novavax.

He’s concerned about people in the military being required to get vaxxed, and considers Novavax vastly safer than mRNA vaxes like Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson.  All 3 shoot you up with artificial mRNA designed not to be quickly degraded so it stays around to cause heart inflammation and other deadly effects.  Novavax doesn’t.

Skye’s point is that if you, or someone you know like in the military, must get vaxxed, then Novavax not only is far safer but is also guaranteed to give 100% protection from Pfizer etc., because you don’t have to take them – you’re already Novavaxxed!



Okay, time out for a laugh.  This is making the rounds as the greatest typo in the history of Twitter:




Now here’s some real fun.  The Daily Mail today (7/22): Trump Would ‘Fire Tens Of Thousands Of Civil Servants’ And ‘Gut The Government’ If He Runs And Wins In 2024.


“Trump has plans to purge the so-called ‘deep state’ beyond what any president has done before if he runs for and wins the presidency in 2024 and as many as 50,000 government workers could find themselves on the chopping block. 


The former president, if elected again, would move in with a plan being drawn up now to ‘drain the swamp’ and

clean house of mid-level staffers at the Pentagon, Justice Department, State Department and beyond. Trump is planning to use an executive order called ‘Schedule F,’ which would reclassify tens of thousands of civil servants and strip them of their employment protections.”


Sounds great.  To start making it believable, POTUS needs to own up to his many personnel failures.  The list is long, starting with not demanding Paul Ryan be replaced by an ally supporting his agenda instead of Ryan who blocked everything such as Building the Wall.

Then there was Jeff Sessions, Gen. Kelly, Jim Mattis, Mark Milley, Bill Barr and so many more.  El Donaldo has to explain why he allowed these appointment failures and what he will do to reassure us he won’t allow them again.

He has been good at endorsements – save for the disaster of Mehmet Oz.  One of his most outstanding is Harriet Hageman, who is going to obliterate Liz Cheney in Wyoming’s GOP Primary on August 17.  Here she is… wow:



One of POTUS’s best appointments was Betsy DeVos as his Secretary of Education.  On Saturday (7/16) at the Moms for Liberty summit in Tampa, she made headlines: Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy Devos Says The Federal Department She Once Led Should Be ABOLISHED.

Let’s hope now POTUS will announce that if h runs and wins, he’ll reappoint Betsy to do exactly that.

Realize that the DOE was created by Jimmy Carter and has only existed since 1980.  It has less than 5,000 employees yet has a budget of $68 billion which has allowed the destruction and woke corruption of the entire US education system from Kindergarten to College.  There is no – no – constitutional authority whatever for its existence.

POTUS should have as his goal the abolishment of all such unconstitutional federal agencies for which there is no enumerated power, starting with the DOE.  One easy way to start would be to have Betsy declare the DOE budget will now be entirely dispersed as block grants among all 50 states, eliminating the position and pay of all federal DOE employees save for one who writes the block grant checks.



It’s pretty clear that the ’24 GOP nominee will either be Trump if he runs or DeSantis if he doesn’t.  It’s also clear who the ’24 nominee won’t  be.  It won’t be either Biden nor Hillary.  It also won’t be this guy:


This is not a caricature to make him look obese and repulsive.  This is Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker’s Wikipedia page photo. Google JB Pritzker + obese and you’ll get 461,000 hits.  From


As a multi-billionaire who never earned his money, just inheriting it, he bought the Illinois governorship (for sale like everything else in the nation’s most corrupt state), and now he thinks he can buy the presidency.

His sister Penny bought being Obama’s Treasury Secretary, and is so corrupt the hyper-libs of Daily Kos ran an exposé: Penny Pritzker As an Example of the Criminality of Our Elites.

Super-wealthy heirs like JB and Penny despise those who earned their wealth and this become Hyper-Democrats.  On Saturday (7/16), JB delivered his stump speech to Florida Dems as he did last month to Dems in New Hampshire.

Read Pritzker Honed His Presidential Stump Speech In Florida – With Hatred And Dishonesty to get an understanding of this disgusting woketard corrupt demagogue.  At least, being as wide as he is short, he stands little chance of presidential success. Pun intended.

Yet his pretentious presence demonstrates just how awful the Democrat Party has become.



Thankfully, we don’t have much longer for this madness to continue.  Only 3½ months to Nov 8th.  At least that’s when the madness will start to recede.  Meanwhile, let’s close with this report – and to remember: never, never lose your sense of humor.

biden-unhealthyBiden Vows To Power Through Illness And Continue Ruining Country Over Zoom

“WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Joe Biden released a short video message to the American people in which he vowed to power through his mild Coronavirus symptoms and continue ruining the country over Zoom.


‘My fellow Americans,’ Biden began. You may be worried about me because I’m the oldest president in the world, but do not fear! Look, Jack, COVID ain’t going to keep me from destroying American prospects. I had a yellow set up a computer for me at home so I can personally damage the country over Zoom. Not a joke.’


Both Republicans and Democrats have criticized the president for what they are calling inappropriate comments. Republicans pointed out that Biden’s words were tantamount to dereliction of duty and Democrats were upset that he was making them look bad. Biden shot back by saying, ‘Look, here’s the deal. If you didn’t want the country to burn you shouldn’t have voted for me. Come on, man!’”

Story source:  The Babylon Bee.