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France’s equivalent to our Fourth of July is Bastille Day, which launched their Revolution on July 14, 1789.  As we celebrate with fireworks, so do they – with the biggest in Paris at the Eiffel Tower.

Here’s what they looked like last night (7/14) – and most extraordinarily, the French shared their moment with another nation, lighting up The Eiffel with the blue and yellow colors of the flag of Ukraine.

Honoring Ukraine’s struggle for freedom from tyranny took on a special poignancy, given Russia’s horrific terrorist attack the day before (7/13), with three cruise missiles bombing the civilian city center of Vinnytsia in central Ukraine, far from any military front.  BBC:

The London Times: Children ‘Torn To Pieces’ By Russian Missile Attack On Ukrainian City Of Vinnytsia.


“Video posted online from Vinnytsia, southwest of Kyiv, showed burning vehicles and buildings engulfed in smoke. The body of a child, tangled with her pushchair and her mother’s severed leg, could be seen protruding from a bloodied white sheet. Her mother survived. ‘The child is in pieces,’ a tearful Ukrainian soldier said.”


Here’s a photo of that little girl when she was alive.  Her name was Lisa, with her mother Iryna, who at this moment is in a hospital fighting for her life.




Murdering civilians in acts of war-crime barbarism is Putin’s revenge for Ukraine blowing up dozens of ammunition depots and Russian officer command posts with our HIMARS precision artillery which is causing him to lose his war.

Here’s one of so many, at Nova Kakhovka:


What’s happening is being termed Russia’s Explosive Unilateral Disarmament.  Da Svidanya, Pooty.



Let’s stay in Europe for the moment.  You read Tom Lifson’s The Global Revolt Against Green Tyranny Begins  on Tuesday (7/12).  While Tom starts in Sri Lanka, his main focus is the farmers’ rebellion in Holland that’s spreading across Europe.


What the Dutch government is doing to its farmers is depraved and deranged.  This story yesterday (7/14) is a typical example: Dutch Dairy Farmer Faces Having to Cull 95 Percent of His Cows.

Cull means kill – for what?  Because cow waste releases nitrogen (of which our atmosphere is 79%), a small part of which converts to nitrous oxide which is a greenhouse gas which causes… you guessed it.

Oh, and because the cow waste produces ammonia which increases soil fertility in nearby areas, growing plants better.  Sounds good – except that while most butterflies thrive thereby, some don’t, thus becoming “endangered” – so, kill the cows to save one species of irrelevant butterfly.

Dutch farmers aren’t buying any of this greenie hogwash.  They view converting soil, water, and sunshine into food to feed their fellow human beings with religious devotion and reverence, making them incredibly productive.  Please read this report: Farming For The Future: Why The Netherlands Is The 2nd Largest Food Exporter In The World.

Yes, tiny Holland with 17M people in a country not much bigger than Connecticut, is second in food exporting only to the US itself.  54,000 agricultural businesses produce almost 100 billion euros a year for the Dutch economy.  And the Greenies, in sacrifice to their sacred cow of Warmism, want to destroy it.

This is not going to happen.  The ruling coalition government of Prime Minister Mark Rutte is either going to resign willingly or violently.  Let’s hope Rutte chooses the former.  But one way or the other, he is history and the Dutch farmers will make it by ridding their land of greenie fascism.



So – when do we get to rid our land of greenie fascism?

Well, West Virginia Dem Sen. Joe Manchin could have kickstarted that today (7/15): Chuck Schumer ‘Shellshocked’: Leftists Sob as Joe Manchin Kills Green New Deal Again.


“According to the New York Times, Manchin’s rejection of the [Democrat leadership’s] plan shatters President Biden’s ‘ambitious climate agenda,’ which aimed to be ‘the largest single federal investment in American history toward addressing the toll of climate change’.”


So sad:


You read the tearful sobbing comments of greenies over this and you can so clearly see theirs is a true cult of religious fanaticism.  Thus, this moment calls for a re-reading of my Global Warming and Original Sin from December 2006.


“One of the most ancient and widespread convictions of most cultures known to history and anthropology is that one’s life is made most meaningful through sacrifice and suffering.


The genius of the concept of Original Sin – the core concept of Christianity – is that it lifts the terrible burden of this conviction from people.  The sacrifice and suffering of Christ on the Cross ‘saves’ anyone accepting it from having the burden upon themselves.


The vast majority of global warming fanatics are from Western cultures.  Not a lot of Chinese or Hindus or Moslems are in a tizzy about it. These fanatics are almost all ex-Christians, born and raised in a Christian culture which they grew up to reject.


Yet what they didn’t reject and still retain is a belief in Original Sin, that human beings by their nature are deserving of divine punishment. 


What happens when you believe in Original Sin yet reject Christianity’s salvation from it?  The politically correct option of the moment is to believe in global warming.


You transform Man sinning against God into Man sinning against the Earth.  It’s a primitive form of animism, that the earth itself is alive and a supernatural being, the ‘Gaia’ Earth Goddess. 


But ‘Gaia’ doesn’t forgive, she only punishes.  Which we deserve, for we have sinned.”


The solution to the lunacy: “Organize a Christian missionary movement to evangelize global warming scientists and advocates.  Bringing them to Christ could heal their souls – and save us from them.”

Meanwhile, we have Joe Manchin for his economic sanity – which will delay passage of Green New Deal II until the mid-terms and the new R majorities can kill it off for good.



Another lunacy that will die after the mid-terms:


On Tuesday (7/12), there was a Senate hearing on the consequences of the SCOTUS repeal of Roe.  One of the people testifying was a law professor at UC Berkeley, Khiara Bridges, who wouldn’t use the term “women” regarding abortion but kept saying, “people with a capacity for pregnancy” instead.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) wanted to know just what she meant by that.  Watch:

Anyone who actually believes that men can get pregnant is clinically nuts.  Anyone who accuses someone of violence if they deny that men can get pregnant is a fascist.

It’s little wonder that one out of five “transgenders” attempt suicide because “transgenderism” is a severe mental illness foisted upon mentally confused people by the criminally insane fascist left.

It’s part of the Left’s War on Masculinity – because the goal of the Left is always fascist control of everyone else’s life by them, and a society of de-masculinized limp-wristed pseudo-men is infinitely easier to control than a society full of real men like John Wayne or Donald Trump.

Which is why, when we see the end of Dem control of Capitol Hill, we will at least start to see the end of trannyphilia – because there won’t be committee hearings with fruitcake fascisti like Khiara Bridges testifying anymore.



You of course have heard about Taco Belle Jill’s now-infamous “breakfast tacos” gaffe on Monday (7/11) – except it wasn’t a gaffe: Jill Biden’s ‘Breakfast Tacos’ Remark Was Not A Gaffe. It Was Intentional And Will Drive Latinos To The GOP.


“Mrs. Biden’s inflammatory and offensive rhetoric about Hispanic diversity in San Antonio, Texas, was not a gaffe. It is another example of the Biden administration’s insensitive, bullying and politically divisive attacks on minorities in America.  It was delivered at the ‘LatinX incluXion luncheon.’ The vast majority of Hispanics reject the term ‘LatinX.’ Decades of pandering to identity politics is permanently pushing Hispanics away from the Democrat Party. Hispanic-Americans will lead the red wave that swamps Democrats in 2022, and the Bidens in 2024.”


Thus, The Hill reports yesterday (7/14): GOP Basks In Growing Latino Outreach Success.

One key reason: The Great Realignment: Woke, White Progressives Are Defining the Democrat Party.

And that’s the Dems’ problem: There aren’t enough of these self-hating critters to keep them in power – not by the longest shot.  White Woke Progtards are a solid minority of voters.

My own term for them is AINOs – American In Name Only, because they hate their own country just like they hate themselves.  Why?  Because they are auto-racists, driven to be so by their fear of being envied.  See what I’ve written so far on No Fear of the Evil Eye.



This morning (7/15), it was reported: House Democrats Moving on ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban: Targets at Least 45 Specific AR-15 Rifles.

The bill may not have much of a future, especially since the AP (Associated Press) won’t be able to report on it.  That is, AP announced as of Wednesday (7/13) on its #APStylebook Twitter page that its journalists are now to: “Avoid assault rifle and assault weapon, which are highly politicized terms that generally refer to AR- or AK-style rifles designed for the civilian market, but convey very little meaning about the actual function of the weapon.”


This is a major change as the AP has been demonizing assault rifles/weapons for a quarter-century.  What will the Dems do now – rename their HR 1808 from “Assault Weapons Ban of 2021-2022” to “Some Arbitrary Semi-Automatic Rifles Ban of 2021-2022”?

Doesn’t have the same panache, does it?  Words have meaning, don’t they – especially emotional meaning.  Lose emotional meaning and you lose the deal.  Sorry, Demtards – and thank you, AP.  And mind you, this change came from someone very high up in the AP power structure.

Another solid sign the media sees we’re moving beyond Peak Woke Insanity and adapting accordingly.



We’ve seen this week on TTP predictions that the Dems will dump Dementia Joe and install the Word Salad Queen as the First Black Woman President before Labor Day, and ramp up another Covid Panic Attempt to justify cheat-by mail by October.

The main concern is the latter – because with inflation, especially with food/gas prices, rising inevitably, vote fraud is the only option the Dems really have.  So here’s one way to block what Dems are going to be frantic about, ballot-harvesting ballot drop boxes.

That would be to have your county or state mandate that every mail-in ballot be registered with a US Post Office Registered Tracking Number.  The ballot could then be followed online as a public record every step of transmission sent out to whom, when, and where, and same on return.

That would quickly put an end to the mass ballot stuffing we saw on 2000 Mules.  Make sure this is being done in your county or state. Unless you live in Wisconsin: Wisconsin Supreme Court Outlaws Election Drop Boxes, Ballot Harvesting.



Last night, we saw this headline: Donald Trump Says He Has Made up His Mind About 2024, ‘Big Decision’ on Announcement Timing Might Come Soon.  What will it be?  This could be a clue:


The Chinese think “interesting times” are a curse.  But Americans think they make life exciting.