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most-busted-name-in-newsSchadenfreudelicious.  That’s what this week’s HFR is going to be.  But before we get to the big stuff (per the NY Post above), let’s talk about a woman named Carina Driscoll.

Born in Virginia in 1974, the daughter of Dave and Jane Driscoll, she went to college in Montana, ended up moving to Vermont where she started a woodworking school in 2007.

It struggled until a tiny little college with an enrollment of less than 200 students and an annual budget of $4 million started giving Carina’s Vermont Woodworking School – with nothing written or contractual – hundreds of thousands of dollars starting in 2009.

To understand why, we need to go back to 1981 when her mother Jane started working in the office of the Mayor of Burlington.  She started having an affair with the mayor, divorced her husband, and in 1988 married the mayor.  His name was Bernie Sanders.

Bernie got himself elected to Congress in 1990, and in 2004 got Jane appointed president of Burlington College with a six-figure salary.  We all know now that the FBI is investigating the fraudulent $10 million loan scheme to the college engineered by Jane lying on the bank application forms and Bernie pressuring the bank to grant the loan.

It’s now being called Berniegate.  You can expect, however, for Jane’s using that fraudulent money as a nepotistic subsidy of her daughter will soon be under the FBI microscope.

As detailed by the legendary (in Vermont) researchers at, Jane gave Carina over $500,000 of Burlington College money from 2009 to 2012 – all without any written agreement or contract whatever.

“In 2011 — the same year Burlington College racked up a $553,180 deficit — the institution paid $138,571 to the Vermont Woodworking School for space and materials. In 2012, the college plunged further into debt, ending the year nearly $760,000 in the red. That year, the woodworking school received $182,741 in rental costs alone.”

It’s the impossible hypocrisy of insufferably self-important Bernie that’s infuriating of lot of liberals.  Last January, Jane Sanders delivered the commencement address at her alma mater, Vermont’s Goddard College, entitled “A Commitment to Social Justice and Inclusion.”

This prompted one Vermont liberal to condemn Jane’s farce in Nepotism at Burlington College.  Bye-bye, Bernie.


Just so you know why the knives are suddenly out for Bernie.  It’s the Democrat Party’s replay of the hatred between Nazis and Communists.

Both are variants of criminally insane Leftism.  Both are Marxist calling itself Socialist – as in Hitler’s National Socialism (“Nazi” comes from how the first part of how National is pronounced in German: nat-zee-oh-nahl), and Lenin’s Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or USSR.

The difference is that Communism or international socialism was based on class warfare – “Workers of the world, unite!” – with the good guys being proletariats, and the bad guys exploiters, no matter their race, ethnicity, or nationality.

Hitler hated this, so he created his national socialism based on identity politics – with the good guys being Germans and other Aryan ubermenschen superiors and bad guys being Jews, Slavs, and other untermenschen inferiors.

Bernie Sanders is an old class warfare Commie on the side of “the workers” – which is why he hates the identity politics of the Nazi Left demonizing Whites as the New Jews.

Identity politics runs the Democrat Party show now, which hates Bernie for supporting poor and working class whites.

As Bernie is advocating the actual break-up and destruction of the Democrat Party with him forming his own new party, the Democrat elite has given marching orders to their minions in the FBI – take Bernie down and out.  Start with the easy target of his corrupt wife.

Advice to the Trump White House and the GOP:  Take Napoleon’s adage to heart – “Never interfere with your enemy while he is in the process of destroying himself.”


Of course, that’s part of an overall strategy of defeating an enemy, of destroying his capacity to be a threat to you.  The first step of such a strategy is to determine among your enemies, which one is the most important to defeat and destroy?  President Trump has three principal enemies.  Which one do you think he considers the most important to target?

  1. Democrats in Congress
  1. Rinotards in Congress
  1. The Lying Swine Fake News Media

If you chose Door #3, you’re right.  If you want to add Deep State bureaucrats, they are impotent without leaks to the Lying Swine.

Rush understands that Trump is playing with the media like a red laser pointer and a cat. And as this video clip shows, the laser always wins:

Yesterday (6/29), Trump caused ‘splodey head mayhem among the Lying Swine (and among pussified girly-men Rinotards) by finally rhetorically punching out the two yutzes on MSNBC’s Morning Joke who never stop viciously insulting and lying about him.

So, for your reading pleasure, enjoy Charles Hurt’s The Mad Genius of Trump Drives Schoolmarms of the Political Press Crazy.  Trump’s tweets were:

“Mercilessly inventive. Joyously vicious. Like an entire season of pro wrestling drama, all sewn up into two little Twitter messages… The schoolmarms scolded him that his Twitter missives were beneath the office of the president.  Really, you mean like molesting an intern in the Oval Office? ‘Presidential’ like that?”

For an insightful perspective, there’s Tom Lifson’s President Trump Is Changing the Norms that Empower His Media Antagonists.

“President Trump understands that the current informal-but-very-real rules of the game have allowed Mika and Joe (and the rest of the media-political world as well) free rein to savage him and his family, while he is supposed to be a gentleman and just take it while they get support for attacking him.
That’s what President George W. Bush did, and it cost him dearly, unto this day.  Trump understands that the culture governing D.C. and the media has to change because it systematically favors his opponents.   So President Trump, who is a doer, is actively working to change that culture by violating its norms.”

Then there’s Ace of Spades: Trump Is Aging People with His Tweets.  Responding to Trump’s tweets giving Johnny McCain, Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham, and Charles Krauthammer the vapors:

“Based on the impotent shrieking of the Never Trump bedwetters, he’s turning middle-aged men into elderly women.  How can the flailing old women of the Nominal Right huff themselves up so much to pretend outrage that a guy being attacked by the media everyday decides to occasionally attack them back?
Why do the sob sisters and pearl-clutchers of the Pretend Right insist on pretending the media’s behavior is normal and that it’s only Trump who’s guilty of ‘norm-breaking’?”

Guess Trump is playing with Rinotard cats too with his laser pointer.


By the way, yesterday (6/29) as the media was in meltdown, the President and First Lady hosted South Korea President Moon Jae-in and his wife for a White House State Dinner.  Here they are as their guests arrived.  Do they look very concerned about media outrage?


POTUS is smiling because he is really enjoying himself – one reason being is that this week CNN began going straight down the tubes.

The NYPost cover above is about James O’Keefe’s spy video of a CNN Producer admitting that Trump is “probably right” about its Russia Collusion narrative being a “witch hunt.”  This is part of James’ American Pravda project exposing CNN.

Released on Tuesday (6/27), here is American Pravda Part I – CNN Says Russia Narrative All About Ratings.

Released on Wednesday (6/28), here is American Pravda Part II – Van Jones admitting CNN’s Russia Collusion narrative is a “Nothingburger.”

Released this morning (6/30), here is American Pravda Part III – CNN Producer Says American Voters Are Stupid as S**t.

There’s more to come, says James.  But already, American Pravda videos have caused, as a Drudge headline says, CNN’s rating to crash and burn.

The exposure of CNN’s Fake News about Russia Collusion has caused three CNN employees to resign.

It turns out that half of CNN’s Twitter followers are fake – 17 million.

Speaking of Twitter, this story came out Wednesday (6/28):  Twitter Has Had Enough of CNN’s Jim Acosta.  Acosta is the obnoxious grandstanding Senior White House Correspondent for the Fake News Network.  Yep, that’s what CNN has become:



The case is closed.  James O’Keefe is the HFR Hero of the Week.


Yet CNN may not be the only Fake News ship to sink.  Sarah Palin has launched a libel suit against the New York Times.  Could she win?  Law Newz says “You betcha!” (6/28).

Also ereyesterday (6/28), NYT editors are on strike: New York Times Editors Decry Humiliating Layoffs.

Maybe the Slimes should start paying attention to the President:


Amidst all of this, there’s been a whole lot of Winning! going on.

*Yesterday (6/29), the House passed Kate’s Law to imprison deported illegal aliens who return. It also voted to Defund Sanctuary Cities.  Now would be an opportune time for McConnell to eliminate the legislative filibuster to prevent Cryin’ Chuck Schumer from blocking a Senate vote.

*On Monday (6/26), the Supreme Court ruled to reinstate with caveats Trump’s travel ban.  By Wednesday (6/28), T-Rex ruled to interpret those caveats narrowly – “close” family or business ties exclude grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, or fiancées.  Business ties require a valid employment contract.

The travel ban began at 8PM last night Eastern Time with minimal disruption.

*Ramadamadingdong – no White House Iftar soup for you!  Breitbart exposed the Fake News about the “tradition” of presidents having an Iftar dinner in the White House at the end of Ramadan.  President Trump had more important things to do this week.

*Winning in China: Saturday (6/24) China, U.S. agree on aim of ‘complete, irreversible’ Korean denuclearization plus

Wednesday (6/28) China’s National Oil Company Suspends Sales to North Korea.

Something the US and China can agree on.  China borders NorkLand while the US is thousands of miles away – meaning Nork nukes are a greater threat to China than to us.  Note that the Norks’ only energy supplier is China.


The biggest win of all this week was Trump declaring the US will not be just energy independent of imports from e.g., Saudi Arabia, but energy dominant in the world – that America will be the world’s major exporter  of energy.  This is absolutely completely world-shaking incredible – in total 180 degrees contrast to President Zero’s every effort to prevent this.

It is the most Schadenfreudelicious screwing of the eco-fascisti.  As a sidebar, they also got it in the shorts this week with Trump’s EPA ending Obama’s Wotus control over 247 million acres of US farmland.

On Wednesday (6/28), the President held a roundtable in the White House Roosevelt Room with American Indian tribal leaders, plus governors and state energy leaders.  Please read the President’s remarks at the Energy Roundtable.  You’ll see he actually wants to improve the lives of American Indians unlike so many past presidents, certainly including Zero.  I must admit it brought tears to my eyes.

Next, I’m going to ask to read – or watch the video below – of President Trump’s speech at the Energy Department yesterday (6/29).  This is simply breathtaking:

“We’re here today to usher in a new American energy policy — one that unlocks millions and millions of jobs and trillions of dollars in wealth.  Our country is blessed with extraordinary energy abundance, which we didn’t know of, even five years ago and certainly ten years ago.


We have nearly 100 years’ worth of natural gas and more than 250 years’ worth of clean, beautiful coal.  We are a top producer of petroleum and the number-one producer of natural gas.  We have so much more than we ever thought possible.  We are really in the driving seat.  And you know what?  We don’t want to let other countries take away our sovereignty and tell us what to do and how to do it.  That’s not going to happen.  (Applause.)


With these incredible resources, my administration will seek not only American energy independence that we’ve been looking for so long, but American energy dominance.


We’re going to be an exporter — exporter.  (Applause.) We will be dominant.  We will export American energy all over the world, all around the globe.  These energy exports will create countless jobs for our people, and provide true energy security to our friends, partners, and allies all across the globe.”

Please read and/or watch it entire.  This is true Reaganesque Presidential Heroism.


Next week, the President will be in Hamburg, Germany for the G-20 Summit (July 7-8).  But beforehand, he will be in Warsaw, Poland (July 5-6) for the Three Seas Initiative Summit.  This is a cooperative effort of 12 countries  — Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Croatia – between the “three seas” of the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, and Adriatic Sea of the Mediterranean.

This afternoon as I was writing the HFR, I received an urgent message from a major newspaper in Poland asking me what I thought of the President’s coming to Poland.  Here are my answers to their questions:

  1. On the presidential campaign Donald Trump warmly speaks about Poland. Now US President goes to Poland. What do you expect after this visit?

I expect that positive relations between America and Poland will be greatly enhanced.  It is my understanding that President Trump will be announcing visa-free travel to the US for Polish citizens.  I believe President Trump and President Andrzej Duda will bond and develop a personal friendship, a genuine liking of each other.

  1. When visiting Poland can we hear from the American President additional security guarantees for Europe?

The principal guarantee will focus on reducing Russia’s capacity for energy blackmail by enabling Poland to be far less dependent on Russian gas.  Primarily this will be via US exports of LNG to Poland at Świnoujście.

I further expect for Poland to be offered a substantial increase in US military armament and equipment to better defend itself.

  1. Dr. Wheeler, do you think that Poland is a leading country for the US and its foreign policy?

Poland plays a key role in both the Visegrad Group [V4: Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia] and the Three Seas Initiative (TSI).  Both are critical to providing an integrated north-south infrastructure and defensive alliance from the Baltic to the Black Sea and Mediterranean.  President Trump’s attending the Three Seas Summit in Warsaw is a clear indication of the crucial importance of the V4/TSI goals to the United States, and of Poland’s role in achieving them.

  1. After visiting Poland, President Donald Trump is going to Hamburg summit G-20. He is supposed to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. What can you expect from this meeting?

It depends on Mr. Putin.  President Trump will explain to him that he wants friendly relations between Russia and the US, he does not want to be enemies.  But friendship must be based on a win-win relationship, not a win-lose.

That is, if Mr. Putin can overcome his default Marxist win-lose attitude towards the world, and stop fearfully aggressing against, e.g., eastern Ukraine, or threatening, e.g., the Baltics or Poland, or saber-rattling and engaging in cyberwarfare, then the US is in a position to help Russia in substantive ways.

For example, the only way for Russia to overcome the demographic crisis among its ethnic Russian population is to entice ethnic Russians outside its borders – such as the millions who live in Ukraine – to emigrate to Russia.  The US will cooperate in helping Russia to provide the incentives to do so.  One necessary condition for this is for Russia to be seen as a peaceful non-threatening nation.

However, if Mr. Putin cannot overcome his default Marxist win-lose fears, it will be very unwise for him to continue acting on them.  Russia, after all, has an economy smaller than South Korea’s.  It is no position whatever to challenge the US economically or militarily.  Thus playing win-win and not win-lose is clearly in Mr. Putin’s and Russia’s best interests.


Dr. Jack Wheeler
Founder, Freedom Research Foundation
Washington DC


Let’s close with a reminder to please consider joining your fellow TTPers to Hidden Eastern Europe at the end of August.  We are going to have so much fun you won’t believe it.

And – have the Happiest Fourth of July weekend you can possibly have!  Celebrate the extraordinary history occurring before our eyes, that we are seeing America Becoming Great Again.


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