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man-or-liberalWith the Fourth of July right around the corner, we have so much to celebrate this week that the question is not, Are you tired of winning yet?.  The question now is, Have you run out of popcorn yet?.  Better buy a lot more.  This show just keep getting better and better.

This is the week, to take a prime example, that exposed The Brittleness of the Left (6/28).  Tossing modesty aside, it’s the Must-Read of the Week (and it’s Free, you can send it to everyone you know) – in which we learned that it’s not just college kids, it’s that all Lefties are snowflakes.

A key character trait of all Liberal-Lefties is avoidance of personal responsibility, acceptance of which is a necessary condition for being an adult.  Thus a physically grown male Lefty remains a man-child, while a female Lefty remains a woman-child – for the above meme applies to both genders.

Another necessary condition of being a real adult, man or woman, is one’s capacity for reason to override one’s emotions.  Lacking this capacity is what makes children crybabies ruled by their feelings – which is exactly what Lefties are.

Leftie crybabies have been on bright klieg lights display this week like never before.  Here’s a trio of examples you’ll revel in:

*Hollywood Implodes – “This Is How You Lose A Country” – which is correct, Lefties have lost their control of our country.

*Total Liberal Meltdown – a delicious sampling of tweeting Libtards drowning in misery.

*Late Night Host Stephen Colbert: “We Are Supremely Screwed!” – yes, Stephen, you and your ilk are, but we are not.

In neurological terms, children’s thoughts are dominated by their emotions centered in the brain’s amygdala because it develops far faster than their prefrontal cortex where learning and reasoning take place.

TTPer Skye has a fascinating theory that the liberal-left system of unconditional reward education in our schools turns off the learning circuits in a child’s medial prefrontal cortex – and that this is responsible for the drop in average IQ by 5 points since 1975.  I invite him to write this up for TTP!

Whatever the cause, conservatives think and liberals feel.  That will ultimately lead to the latter’s self-destruction, and that ultimate came out in the sunshine open for all voters to see this week.


The big however is that most people have the capacity to come to their senses – and the big news is that more and more people are abandoning Democrat Leftie Lunacy by the day, as evidenced by the #WALKAWAY movement exploding in popularity.

Read the tweets of people who have walked away from the Democrat Party and why, check out the WalkAway Facebook page, then watch this video of actor Brandon Straka, who founded WalkAway as a grassroots movement helping people who were once liberals and Trump-haters like himself to abandon the dementia of Democrats today.

Note that WalkAway is particularly gaining steam with Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and gays – not just with straight whites.

What’s really funny about this – both funny peculiar and funny haha – is that the fate of the Democrat Party is unfolding just like a Greek Tragedy, where the protagonists’ fatal flaw draws them ineluctably towards their doom.  They can’t escape their doom because they can’t overcome their fatal flaw.

Instead, they – every face and leader of the Democrats from Krazy Kamala, Mad Maxine, Chuckie Schumer, and now this Commie woman-child from Queens (Ocasio-Cortez, already nicknamed “She Guevara”) – are drawn like a moth to flame to more hate, more anger, more violence towards voters they need for their blue wave fantasy.

On Tuesday (6/26), a 28 year-old Communist named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat incumbent and chairman of the House Democrat Caucus Joe Crowley in New York’s 14th Congressional District Dem Primary.  Instantly, the entire Enemedia swooned.  Here’s who Vogue Magazine is saying is now “The Future of the Democrat Party” —

After graduating from Boston University in 2011, her only job has been a bartender-cocktail waitress.  She volunteered for a Hispanic non-profit, then for Bernie Sanders’ campaign in 2016.  That’s it for She Guevara.  Let’s hope she is the future of the Dem Party – which means the Dem Party has no future at all.


Oh, FYI Alexandria – I’m sure you and all your other Open Borders Abolish ICE Loontards will be thrilled to learn that the latest Harvard-Harris poll released Wednesday (6/27) shows that President Trump’s approval rating among Hispanics has risen 10 points since last month.

This, when on the previous Sunday (6/24) POTUS announced:

You might want to factor in to your Open Borders-Abolish ICE advocacy that Democrat pollster Mark Penn revealed yesterday (6/28) that 84% of all Americans favor turning illegal aliens over to ICE.  Still think you’re the future, Alexandria?


Incidentally, the policy of sending them back across our border with no judges or courts is easily implemented.  Just tell anyone claiming “asylum” they must apply to any of these consulates in Mexico, and back they go.  Note 7 are at or near the border.


For as long as I can remember (which is embarrassing long), Dems have used libtard judges to wage “lawfare” against the Constitution, plain judicial common sense, and normal moral decency.  This week saw a reversal of that.

On Tuesday (6/26), the Supreme Court by 5-4 vote, upheld Trump’s travel ban on countries deemed national security threats.

As Constitutional and Public Interest Law Professor Jonathan Turley notes:  “The ruling properly returns the courts, and others, to basic principles of legal process.”  About time.

SCOTUS followed that up on Wednesday (6/27) in Janus v. AFSCME that nonunion workers cannot be forced to pay fees to public sector unions.

This is a major big deal.  The laws of 24 states plus DC with 5 million government workers force non-union workers to pay union dues and fees.  Since much of that money – scores of millions – goes to support Democrat politicians and causes, SCOTUS (Alito, Gorsuch, Kennedy, Roberts & Thomas) declared these laws violate the First Amendment free speech rights of those non-union members and are now void.

POTUS summed it up:

Even WaPo had to admit Trump is right:  Supreme Court Deals Big Blow to Unions – and the Electoral Future of the Democrat Party.

Meanwhile, amidst the libtard furor over these two rulings, the 7th Circuit Federal Court just overturned the injunction against Trump’s ban on aid to Sanctuary Cities.

The court did this by restricting the injunction just to Chicago.  That was on Tuesday (6/26).  On Wednesday (6/27), AG Sessions announced the release of funds to cities that are not sanctuaries for illegals, while withholding funds to those that are.

Best news from our courts in quite a while.


Actually, there’s more.  On Tuesday (6/26), a Federal Judge tossed out two major “climate change” lawsuits against the five biggest oil companies.

San Francisco and Oakland have been suing Chevron, Exxon, ConocoPhillips, BP and Shell for knowing their fossil fuels were destroying the environment.  Other cities in California and elsewhere like New York City have filed similar suits.  They’re all gone with the wind now.


But wait – there’s still more!  How about this for a Reuters headline that will rock your boat?

Supreme Court Hands Trump The Power To Fire Thousands Of Judges.

Last week’s HFR (6/22) reported Supreme Court Rules SEC Judges Unconstitutional:

“This is massive.  Federal agencies operate outside the Constitution with what’s called ‘administrative law’ – meaning they get to make their own laws, criminally prosecute anyone they decide is breaking their laws, and be the judge who finds them guilty…


Federal agencies have over 2,000 of these creatures pretending to be real judges in a real court of law (with no jury by the way).   Their jobs as Kangaroo Judges in Kangaroo Courts (with no hope of an actual trial until you’ve bankrupted yourself ‘exhausting your administrative remedies’) may now be in jeopardy.  Good riddance to them all.”

In other words, SCOTUS ruled that “administrative judges” are not legitimate judges at all.  Reuters notes the ruling is that the existence of their office is unconstitutional – thus POTUS or those who run his agencies can fire them at will.

Note also that any ruling of these phony judges in any fed bureaucracy – which can involve enormous fines and other vast punishments – can now be challenged by defendants as void by SCOTUS decision.

The power of the federal bureaucracy over us has suffered a grievous wound.  May it prove lethal.


Time for fun.  The Republican National Committee on Tuesday (6/26) released this campaign ad:  The Left in 2018: UNHINGED

And here’s a counterpart:

Even more fun is the Obituary Notice placed by the Texas Republican Party in the Fort Worth Star Telegram last Saturday (6/23):


Deep State Dirtbag – and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein got hammered in Congressional testimony yesterday (6/28) – by Trey Gowdy – “Finish it the hell up!” – Jim Jordan – “Why are you keeping information from Congress?” – and Louie Gohmert – “You didn’t even read the FISA Warrant used to justify the entire Mueller investigation??”

No wonder demands are mounting that The President Must Fire Rosenstein Immediately.  Sooner the better.

No wonder POTUS is losing his patience.  How he’s kept it so far borders on superhuman.


Overmorrow, Sunday July 1st, the odds are high that Mexico will elect a Hate America Communist as President who will declare war on the United States.  Gilbert’s Scott Adams puts it this way:

A super majority because the Democrat Party has chosen to overtly be on Obrador’s side.  NBC News is reporting “ABOLISH ICE! Is the New Rallying Cry for Democrats.”  Last night, Kirsten Gillibrand became the first Dem Senator to advocate Abolish ICE.  Many more will follow like lemmings off a cliff.

This is the Dems going Full Insane, believing this will cause a Blue Wave in November.  It guarantees a Red Wave.  Here’s why:


Thus we have so much to celebrate this coming Fourth of July next Wednesday.  What a wonderful time right now to be everlastingly grateful to the intellectual and moral giants who founded history’s most profoundly beneficial nation to all mankind.

As the President told a group of young people at the White House on Wednesday:

“There’s never been a better time to be young and to be American.  Never been a better time.  The opportunity now is incredible.”

Please consider reading The President’s Conversation with America’s Future.  They’re inspiring.

That inspiration, that optimism for America’s future, will be the theme of the Trump Presidency.  Exemplifying it is this just-released amazing Trump 2020 campaign ad.  Wow.

Have a deeply enjoyable – and deeply grateful – Fourth of July.