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NY Post the same this morning:

Last night (6/27), observed the NY Post, We Just Witnessed the End of Joe Biden’s Presidency.  Here’s just one example of why out of so many.  And note PDJT’s  off-the-cuff ROTFLMAO funny put down responding to FJB’s lunatic claim the Border Patrol endorsed him: “By the way, the Border Patrol endorsed me not you… Brandon, just speak to them…”


It was not, however, just how awful FJB was that has the Dems in panic.  It was how good Trump was, gone was the intemperate shouting firebrand, replaced by presidential demeanor who never lost his cool.  Watch CNN’s John King explain there is a growing chorus of Dem leaders’ demand that Biden step out and let the August DNC Convention select another candidate:

All in all, a massive win for Trump and America last night.




One of the most surprising aspects of the debate was how Tapper/Bash were so even-handed in their questions to both debaters.  We all expected them to be biased to the moon against Trump and softball city towards Biden, and they were neither.  This totally infuriated the woketards.  Typical is “actress” Ellen “Barking Mad” Barkin.  Sorry, Ellen.  So many of your Hollywood confréres are crying into their coffee this morning.

So what do they all do now?  As it sinks in that Joe has sunk his own ship, with whom do they refloat the Dem campaign barge?  And how do they do that with Joe’s boss in the way, ersatz “Dr.” Jill who only cares about retaining her first lady perks and cares not a whit about her disintegrating husband?  Make her a Godfather’s offer she can’t refuse?

The more they think about who to replace Joe with, the more they’ll realize they have only one choice.  They can’t choose another white guy, especially if he’s a sociopath who’s the worst governor in America – Gruesome Newsom – especially at the cost of kicking off the candidacy of Joe’s most obvious replacement who happens to be both black and a woman.  Way to lose the black and the women vote in one fell swoop, right?

Yes, the more they think about it – and the more we think about it too – the Dems will have no choice but the unthinkable.  Not Michelle who’s saying no way, but, yep, the Cackler-in-Chief herself:

Seriously, even though she’s more unpopular than Biden, she’s black and a woman, they can’t kick her off the ticket.  Watch as the entire Dem media propaganda machine goes into overdrive rehabilitating VP Heels Up, morphing her into a Black Joan of Arc as America’s Savior from the Evil Trump. Maybe not, but don’t be at all surprised if this happens.




All of us of a certain age remember Errol Flynn, the handsomest swashbuckling movie star ever of Hollywood’s Golden Age who played heroic characters he never lived up to in real life.  Even his best friend, actor David Niven sadly commented of him, “You could count on Errol to always let you down.”

Which sadly brings us to The Errol Flynn Supreme Court.

For while not always but often enough, you can count on the “conservative majority” of the Supreme Court to let you and America down.  On Wednesday (6/26), thanks to  a 6-3 decision with three “conservatives” – Roberts, Barrett and Kavanaugh joining the 3 libs, Kagan, Ketanji and Sotomayor – it trashed the First Amendment:  Supreme Court Rules Biden Administration Can Continue Censoring Conservative Social Media Posts In Major Free Speech Case.

The 3 actual conservatives – Alito, Gorsuch and Thomas – in their dissent called the ruling “Blatantly Unconstitutional.”  Which of course it was.

“The majority’s decision permits the successful campaign of coercion in this case to stand as an attractive model for future officials who want to control what the people say, hear, and think… It was blatantly unconstitutional, and the country may come to regret the Court’s failure to say so.”


BUT WAIT!!  This morning (6/28): Supreme Court Hands Win To Hundreds Of Jan. 6 Defendants, Weakens DOJ’s Case.

“The Supreme Court on Friday handed around 350 Jan. 6 defendants a potentially huge win, while weakening the DOJ’s case against former President Trump in the process.” 


In other words: Jack Smith’s January 6 Case Against President Trump Torpedoed After Supreme Court Overturns 1512(c)(2) Obstruction Charge.

Ironically, hyperlib Ketanji Jackson joined the 6-3 majority, while Amy Barrett – who wrote the majority opinion trashing the 1stA above – bitterly dissented.

BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE, BIG TIME!  This morning (6/28), SCOTUS played Errol Flynn as the swashbuckling movie hero!  It voted 6-2 to kill the Administrative State: Supreme Court Takes Sledgehammer To Federal Agency Power In Chevron Case.  Please read the link – this is absolutely enormous.

Chevron Deference is the Supremes’ 1984 ruling ordering that courts must “defer” to any government agency’s interpretation of Congressional authority to issue any of their regulations. Today, “Chevron is overruled,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the court’s majority.

“Today’s ruling is a massive blow to the administrative state, the collection of federal agencies that enforce laws involving the environment, food and drug safety, workers’ rights, education, civil liberties, energy policy—the list is nearly endless.

3:27 PM · Jun 28, 2024


It’s hard to overemphasize the enormity of this.  Up until the ruling today, government agencies were fully free to make their own laws (called “regulations”) which only Congress has the authority to do, interpret the meaning of those laws which only judges have the authority to do, and arrest & punish with fines and/or prison those who violate them as only police have the authority to do.  Usurping thereby the constitutional authority of all three branches of government.  SCOTUS just blew up the entire fascist racket of the Deep State.

In fact, it may have blown up the whole racket of administrative “judges” and trials without juries.  Yesterday (6/27): SEC v. Jarkesy: A Win for the Separation of Powers and the Right to Civil Jury Trial.  The 7th Amendment gives defendants a right to a jury trial in criminal cases which the administrative state has ignored for decades.   Finally, all 6 “conservatives” here prove they are: Roberts, Barrett, Alito, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Thomas, 6-3.   Again, a very big deal.

Errol Flynn’s most famous role was Robin Hood – the hero who stole not from “the rich” but from government thieves like Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham, and gave the money back to the people from whom it was stolen.  SCOTUS has done something very similar in the last 48 hours.




However, giving judges permission to ignore what bureaucrats say a regulation means doesn’t necessarily result in a rational decision.  Take this on Tuesday (6/5:

Judge Says Montana Law Defining Sex As ‘Male’ Or ‘Female’ Unconstitutional.


Granted, she’s only a lowly Missoula County District Court Judge, about whom Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte commented, “She apparently needs a dictionary to discern the difference between a noun and a verb.” So may the members of Montana’s state supreme court which has a regrettable history of being libtard.  Greg may have to ask the conservative legislature to amend the law causing the contrived confusion.

In so doing, Montana needs the wisdom of long-time TTPer Robert Armstrong – indeed, all conservatives across the country do.  In response to last week’s HFR, he revealed on the Forum:

“The other day, while having a discussion about the fact that there are only two sexes, male and female, I was told that I was being transphobic.  I promptly replied that the other person was ‘realityphobic.’ 


I recommend we start using that phrase whenever and wherever possible. And, if I get called homophobic for any reason, I will reply that the other person is ‘heterophobic.’ 


I used to point out to those who called me homophobic that I had a number of good friends who were homosexual.  But that did not seem to carry any sway with them.  So, since logic and common sense doesn’t seem to work on those on the left of the political spectrum. I have started turning the tables on them by using words like realityphobic and heterophobic.  I doubt it will change any minds on the left, but it has left a few of them at a loss for words.” 


What great advice, Robert – thanks so much!  TTPers have so much wisdom to share – so please don’t be shy about sharing yours on the Forum!



Speaking of gratitude, let’s all thank Skye for his awesome set of Skye’s Links yesterday, lots to learn and reflect upon.  Don’t be shy about commenting to Skye on the Forum either!



Wow, what a week!  What a last 48 hours.  Let’s close with two stunning Trump videos.  First is on Biden’s Border Bloodbath in June Alone – and then the hilarious ad for the ultimate sleep remedy, Bidenica.



One final note.  I’m writing this in Madeira at the start of our Atlantic Paradises exploration with your fellow TTPers.  This is to wish you a Happy Fourth of July in advance and a Happy Fourth of July long weekend – as I and the TTP Team will be taking a break from next Friday’s HFR so all can enjoy it.  Happy Birthday America!