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sunrise-on-the-intihuatanaJune 21 Sunrise on the Intihuatana of Machu Picchu

Welcome to the Summer Solstice and the Inversion of Reality HFR!

Today, June 21, is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere – and the shortest, or Winter Solstice, in the Southern.  On June 21st, the ancient Incas of Peru held their most sacred ritual of the year at Machu Picchu’s Intihuatana – Hitching Post of the Sun – where the priests would magically lasso and tie the Sun God Inti to the post to ensure it would not die but be reborn so the days would start getting longer again.


machu-picchuMachu Picchu

First time I was here was in 1960, spending a week by myself exploring it.  Many of you have been here yourself.  Roping in the Sun made sense, I thought, as from time immemorial everyone “knew” the Sun went around the Earth.

But it doesn’t, reality is the other way around.  Denying the reality that the Earth goes around the Sun today would be like, say, a man denying the reality of his not having an XX chromosome and not having ovaries can still get pregnant and have babies because he’s somehow a “woman.”   He’s a “birthing person,” as the Woke Dems insist on calling those who have had children instead of “mothers.”  Like deranged UC Berkeley  Law Professor Khiara Bridges, who calls Senator Josh Hawley “transphobic” for saying men cannot have babies:

In fact, the entire Democrat agenda is based on the overt denial of reality no less wacko than someone in America today asserting that the Sun revolves around the Earth.  FJB is in full command of his senses, “sharper than a tack.”  There is no illegal immigration problem, our southern border is well protected.  Bidenomics is reducing inflation, not increasing it.  The greatest threat to mankind and the greatest national security threat to America is man-made Climate Change.  On and unrelentingly on, a non-stop ubiquitous Inversion of Reality.

Want it to stop?  Do all you can to help Donald Trump be here once again on January 20, 2025:




You saw this ’toon on Skye’s Links yesterday (6/20).  The link to it is an absolutely must-read: How Trump Wins The Debate – And The Election.  It notes that the entire purpose of the FJB-DJT debate in Atlanta next Thursday (6/27) by CNN is for their Trump-hating moderators, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, goad Trump into losing his cool.

Thus it gives examples of just what questions Tapper-Bash will poke him in the ribs with – and what devastatingly calm, cool, and collected answers Trump could egg their faces with.  If you have a GOP Senator and/or Congressman, please consider emailing the article to them so they can urge Trump or his staff to see it.

One thing the author doesn’t go into is what effect Trump being classy and cool with Tapper-Bash, then nailing FJB to the wall on his disastrously destructive policies will have on him.  Remember Biden’s State of the Union speech last March?  He spoke interminably with far more coherence for well over an hour – yet the longer he went on, the more foamingly angry he got.  That’s why there was so much speculation he was high on Adderall that spun him up into an Adderall-fueled rage.

My bet is that PDJT will give calm answers to CNN’s goads, while he goads FJB into blowing his stack.  It’ll be fun to watch!




This is no joke – this is real, albeit that it was for 35 years, 1982 through 2017.  In 1982, the Democrat National Committee won a federal lawsuit against the Republican National for engaging in voter suppression in New Jersey. As a result, the RNC signed a Consent Decree prohibiting it from engaging in any and all voter verification and ballot security measures throughout the country. It kept getting renewed until finally, in December 2018, a federal judge allowed it to expire: RNC Consent Decree Ends After 35 Years.


You well know what Dems have always called any attempt to have Voter ID or Ballot Integrity: Voter Suppression.  E,g., Why The End Of The RNC’s ‘Ballot Security’ Consent Decree Matters: The Republican National Committee was blocked for over three decades from working on voter-suppression campaigns. Now, those restrictions are over.


Yes, the GOP really is the Stupid Party, isn’t it? For 35 years, the Dems have been free to cheat at will because the GOP agreed to be legally prohibited from investigating and exposing it.  It was Trump’s lawyers at the RNC who got rid of it.  But 35 years’ experience at voter fraud was too much for Trump to overcome in 2 short years, 2018-2020.


Now with Lara Trump running the RNC, an effort is being made: RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump Promises To Prosecute Anyone Who Cheats In An Election: ‘We Will Track You Down‘.  The AP complains in typical Orwellian style: The RNC Is Launching A Massive Effort To Monitor Voting. Critics Say It Threatens To Undermine Trust.  Yeah, in Dems’ trust they can cheat.


However, those 35 years’ experience are deeply, deeply embedded.  And now with malice aforethought, are on steroids with the Dems’ imported countless millions of illegals to vote illegally.  The NY Post: How Non-Citizens Are Getting Voter Registration Forms Across The US — And How Republicans Are Trying To Stop It.


Here’s the scope of the problem.  Another absolute must read.  On Wednesday (6/19) from Omega4America: Fractal Poll – Trump Loses BIG In Residences Without Bedrooms: Trump trailing 93%-7% in vacant lots, abandoned strip malls, gas stations and 7-11’s.


“The Fractal team took the time to re-examine the locations, in each of the 15 key counties of the 7 swing states and poll the people who live in addresses without bedrooms. This is a very scientific exercise – and it has never been done before. There has never been a poll of registered voters, who get ballots in 2024, at addresses where nobody can live. Since nobody can live in these addresses, nobody does.


We are sure Trump is going to do well with all the polls we see. Unfortunately those polls do not count the votes – over 500,000 in each swing state – coming from ineligible addresses – without bedrooms. We do count them. 97% for Leftists.


Republicans hired 100,000 poll watchers to make sure all these votes get counted.  All these ineligible mail-in ballots.”


One thing you can count on.  Unless – a big unless – the Dems can’t manage a big enough cheat-by-mail effort to counter a Trump voter tidal wave that’s overwhelming, there’s going to be lawfare on steroids with Dem & GOP suits and counter-suits in state after state.  A chaotic mess with neither Trump nor Biden conceding.  What the remedy will be has to be determined ultimately by SCOTUS – but what?  Anybody’s guess.

Our best hope is that Dems will intimidated by Lara RNC’s threats of jail enough to back off on massive wholesale cheat-by-mail allowing a clear Trump victory.  If not, we’re playing with a deck of wild cards.  Good luck Lara, and good luck America.



Does Former President Zero fashion himself to be America’s Sun King Louis XIV?

You know that for months now I’ve been speculating that the Dems will realize at some point they will lose for sure, that they can’t cheat enough to win, so they’ll have to dump him with their only alternative being… Michelle Obama.  Like last week’s HFR said, there’s no one else.

On Wednesday (6/19), we learned that one of the most famous political strategists in the country agrees: Roger Stone: Democrats Will Replace Joe Biden with Michelle Obama on 2024 Ballot.

“The chances are greater than they have ever been before that Joe Biden will be replaced — that shortly before the convention, he will announce his decision, not to resign, but to not run again. He will throw it open to the convention. And I still believe the convention will draft Michelle Obama.


Now, I haven’t said Michelle Obama is running for president or wants to run for president. But I think the Democrats may persuade her that she could be their last best chance to stop Donald Trump’s return to the White House.”


Everyone of course will think that she will just be a shill for her husband’s third term (fourth actually as he’s pulling Biden’s strings), for he does have an ego equal to Louis Quatorze.  The media of course will go bat guano gaga crazy over her as America’s Savior Angel Queen.  The Dem Cheat-By-Mail Machine will be running on all 16 cylinders.  Be prepared to work harder than ever for Trump.  We’ve all got to:

swing-for-fencesJune 21, 2024



In the end, though, it will be their insufferable hubris thinking they can blind voters to their hatred for America that will do them in.  Sun Tzu would understand.