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It’s 6AM on Friday morning (6/15) and this is still the lead headline on Drudge from yesterday.

Living well and successfully is the best revenge, the adage goes, so just think of how this boils the bile of Punchy DeNiro, Crooked Hillary, Lyin’ Jim Comey, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, Crazy Maxine Waters, Pelosi Galore, the Corrupt Fake Newsers of CNN/New York Times et al, and every Trump Hater in America.

Makes your heart sing, doesn’t it?  To rub it in more, history will record this as one of the great photos of the 21st Century:

I’m up at dawn because I know this HFR is going to take me from sunrise to sunset.  So much has gone on this week it’s overwhelming.  The best way to get at it is to go day by day.

Saturday, June 9.  The G7 Summit in Charevoix, Canada ended today with G7 in Disarray after Trump Rejects Communique.  This meme of the now-viral photo of Trump, Merkel and other leaders sums it up:

One of the best explanations of what’s going on is Peter Sturkiss’ “America’s Europe Problem” in AT (6/12).  He understands what an unrecoverable shock it is for Euroweenies (including Canada’s Cutie Pie) to have an American President acting in his country’s interests and not theirs.  It’s a must-read.

Sunday, June 12.  As discussed by Piers Morgan in yesterday’s (6/14) TTP, has-been psycho actor Robert De Niro went treasonously deranged at the Tony Awards this night, with the audience joining in.

POTUS quickly took him down, ridiculing him as Punchy De Niro, a moniker he’ll forever more be known as.

Feel free to join in the fun at Twitter’s #PunchyDeNiro.  Like this:

But if you want to get serious, you’d get the word out that De Niro is a pedophile.  From the London Independent:

That was some years ago, but once a pervert pedophile, always a pervert pedophile.  Someone should ask him if in addition to little girls he likes little boys too.

Recall that young actor Elijah Wood disclosed: “There’s a Powerful Pedophile Ring Operating in Hollywood.”  No doubt Punchy is part of it.

Monday, June 11. The day began right after midnight with the elimination of Net Neutrality becoming the law of the land via The FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order.  As FCC Chairman Ajit Pai explains, “Our Job Is to Protect a Free and Open Internet.”

What this means to you and me is that the FCC is no longer hamstrung by “net neutrality” from cracking down on Facebook-Twitter-YouTube-Google on their blatantly overt bias against conservative news, blogs, tweets, FB pages, and YT videos.

By mid-morning, Libtards had something else to be outraged at:  Supreme Court Allows Voter Purges for Ohio and Other StatesDemocrats have their hair on fire, of course.

You know the old joke.  “My old friend Charley voted Republican all his life until he died – and ever since he’s voted Democrat.”  All those Dems voting from the grave can now be stricken from the rolls.  One victory preventing voter fraud – but several more are required.  See for how you can help.

Yet the afternoon for Libtards was just as bad:  “Progressives Enraged by AG Sessions’ Reform of Asylum Law.”  Libtard outrage is just so entertaining – since they have no sense of humor, they’ll never get why we laugh so hard at their anger.

Do you think that this might get them to grasp the implications of their Open Borders policy?

Then we gave your address to a whole bunch of illegals.  They’ll be right over – be sure dinner’s ready and there are clean sheets on their beds….

Tuesday, June 12.  A day for the history books.  Trump and Kim spent 2 hours together, just themselves with each a translator – during which POTUS showed Kim a video on a Bright North Korean Future.  Literally bright, with the sat photo of South Korea lit up with lights and North Korea in darkness morphing into the latter lit up too. Genius marketing…

Together, they signed a Joint Statement of Principles, stating that “the U.S.–DPRK summit—the first in history—was an epochal event of great significance in overcoming decades of tensions and hostilities between the two countries and for the opening up of a new future.”

You’d think that for just this once, our libtard media would have the honesty and humanity to hail this as true peace-making history.  Not a chance.  Google Trump Kim Summit and you’ll get noting but endless media criticisms.  John Nolte at Breitbart has a hodgepodge of stupid libtard insanity.

POTUS comments:

Meanwhile, as POTUS was making history in Singapore, the Justice Department issued this announcement: More Than 2,300 Suspected Online Child Sex Offenders Arrested During Operation “Broken Heart”.

There are few things more heinous than enslaving children for sexual abuse.  You’d think there would be congratulatory news for saving thousands of children from this fate.  Again, with the Leftmedia, not a chance.  One story on CBS, nothing on CNN, NYT, WaPo, ABC, NBC nor anywhere else save for scattered local broadcasts.

So much for the myth that the Left cares about children – anymore, as Trump showed in Singapore, than the Left cares about peace.

Wednesday, June 13.  As the election results from Tuesday (6/12) came in this morning, we learned that every candidate backed by POTUS won:

Pay particular attention to Corey Stewart.  Here’s how cool he is.  In his first interview after his victory, he warned that if they continue to oppose President Trump, “The GOP Establishment could go the way of the dodo.”

The big electoral news was a Total Trumper, Katie Arrington, defeating incumbent No Trumper Mark Sanford for Congress.  The shock to pundits was compounded by her victory due to one tweet by POTUS the afternoon of election day:

trump-tweet-061218On Wednesday morning he could proudly explain:

trump-tweet_1-061318Keep your eye on Katie.  Start getting to know her on this interview with Lou Dobbs:

Doug Schoen at Fox give us the electoral bottom line: Tuesday’s Primaries Show Attacking Trump Is a Losing Strategy in BOTH parties.

All this was depressing the Fake Newsers, so they got themselves into a full-tilt tizzy over the President of the United States, fresh from returning from a peace meeting with the leader of North Korea, announcing “So funny to watch the Fake News, especially NBC and CNN… Our country’s biggest enemy is the Fake News so easily promulgated by fools!” (See tweet above.)

Natch, the Daily Mail had to go Fake News itself headlining “Trump Calls Media Country’s Biggest Enemy.”  Not just the Fake News, but all US media.

Can’t these guys ever just report the truth?  Evidently not, as that would be admitting they really are our Number One Enemy.  That’s because they don’t want peace and prosperity if that helps Trump.  In so many words, POTUS is calling them the traitors that they are.

One last note for Wednesday.  As you may know, Nobel Prizes are awarded by the Swedish Nobel Committee and presented in Stockholm – with one exception.  The Peace Prize is awarded by the Norwegian Nobel Committee and presented in Oslo.

So it was to the considerable embarrassment to all Libtards in the US and Europe that Two Members of the Norwegian Parliament Formally Nominate President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Get used to it, Libtards.  This winning is not going to stop.

Thursday, June 14.  It’s…

Birthday presents include:

Labor Dept. Announces Unemployment at Lowest Level Since 1973.

The Washington Post in tears over: Scanning immigrants’ old fingerprints, U.S. threatens to strip thousands of citizenship

Advertisers Avoid Samantha Bee Like the Plague for Second Week.

US, Together with Canada and Mexico, Awarded World Cup for 2026.

trump-tweet_2-061318All capped by this putdown of a jerk Fake Newser reported by Fox News:

fox-news-post-061518What a POTUS birthday!

Friday, June 15.  So we come to today.  Which means the IG Report.  The link is to the full text, all 562 pages.  Upon the Report’s release, FBI Director held a press conference in which he had the delusional effrontery to state:

“This report did not find any evidence of political bias or improper considerations actually impacting the investigation under review. Nothing in this report impugns the integrity of our workforce as a whole or the FBI as an institution.”

Right, Chris – how ‘bout this from Fox: FBI employee crudely slams Trump voters as ‘all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS,’ IG report says.

Who knew the Director of the FBI is actually a comedian impersonating Leslie Nielson’s character of Frank Drubbin in The Naked Gun?

We should all be worried now over the Director’s sanity – for the bald and massive evidence of political bias is as plain as day in the words of the Report.  Same with the guy who said this:

“I was real proud of Chris Wray, the new director of the FBI, yesterday for his statements on the IG report.”

 Yes, Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  What Deep Staters like Rosenstein and Wray have on Sessions must be devastating, as they’ve got to be blackmailing him with something.  Or Sessions is in on another game.

Two things to realize about this Report.  First is that all most everyone has read is the Executive Summary and the Conclusion – not the actual Text of the Report.  And that the Summary/Conclusion was written by different people than the Text.  The Text has all the damning evidence, while the Summary/Conclusion ignores it all.

Second is The Report is redacted.  As Rotten Rod Rosenstein puts it:

That’s why there’s the twitter hashtag trending, #UNREDACTEDIGReport.  Jump in and participate – and be sure to sign The Petition to President Trump to Issue an Executive Order Unclassifying the IG Report with the Full Unredacted Report Made Public.

The Deep State is desperate to protect its own.  The Report has been compromised, yet there is enough in there that’s devastating:

fox-friends-post-061518fox-friends-post_2-061518So there’s lots to be happy about, and a lot not.  Realize that the FBI now is fighting for its very existence.  Its reputation and legitimacy is mortally wounded.  It’s trying to circle the wagons and doesn’t realize that the only way to avoid abolishment is that Comey and his cabal has to go to jail.  Not just tossing Strzok to the wolves as the fall guy – Comey himself.

We have to see how this plays out.  The first move has to be POTUS ordering not just the full IG Report but all documents Rosenstein refuses to give Congress unclassified and made public.

We conclude this amazing week with this:

A Luta Continua!  “The Struggle Continues!” The mantra of Anti-Communist freedom fighters of RENAMO in Mozambique needs to be ours today.

Think of the Christian freedom fighters of Spain who fought the invading Moslems seizing their country in 711 AD for over 500 years to free and reconquer Spain. Five centuries fighting for freedom.

The Liberal Fascists completed their seizure of America with the Obama Presidency.  Our Reconquista began less than two years ago.  We must keep fighting to win until we kick the enemy out of our country for they will never surrender until they are totally defeated.

We finish with this call to arms posted on the Forum by your fellow TTPer Janine Jaro.  It was in response to Piers Morgan labeling Punchy De Niro and his ilk treasonous.  Take her words to heart:

“Mr. Morgan’s definition of sedition is in agreement with that of my Webster’s:  ‘Any action or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state.’  And in fact, DOES fall within the exact definition of treason as well: …the act of attempting to overthrow one’s government  ‘or do harm to its sovereign…’  Mr. DeNiro has done both.

Of course President Trump cannot and will not exercise his authority to charge these traitors as they ought, for he would be labeled an even greater dictator than they already purport him to be.  But I am not bound by such constraints, and will not be cowed into using “politi-speech.”

None of us should be any longer!  We have endured decades of being too polite, too civilized, and frankly too stupid to stand up and say loudly and emphatically, as once was in one of Hollywood’s own: “I AM MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!”

This isn’t some movie, newscast or TV show – this is my COUNTRY these traitors are wanting to take down.  This is my duly elected Commander-in-Chief they are talking about strangling or beheading or poisoning, and they are NOT KIDDING around.

Do not tell me this isn’t sedition or treason and say I must continue to play nice with my words or my actions. This is the United States of America, and all that she stands for is on the line right here and right now.

We have just barely begun to fight to take her back from the precipice of leftist destruction by electing a man who is completely unafraid to be as politically incorrect as can be, as well as fight fearlessly to regain her values, her respect and her stature in the world.  I will follow his lead and will NOT be told what to say, do or believe.

Our words, actions and principles have been redefined and distorted for nigh on sixty years with the gradual, sinister Democrat takeover of our schools, colleges, universities, virtually every branch of the media AND  government. No more…because I AM mad as hell and am NOT going to take it anymore.

I pray you will stand tall and do the same.  In fact, I challenge you.  If you have learned anything from TTP, it is to discern right from wrong, good from evil. It is now time to DO as well – not just in the voting booth, though that in itself was a miraculous victory.

But this battle is only beginning – do not be chastised into accepting the watering down of the truth. These people ARE seditious traitors and the enemies of freedom. We cannot merely resist them but must dare to fearlessly fight alongside this man whom God has graciously seen fit to raise up ‘for just such a time as this.’ That time is right here and it is right now.”