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Article Archives



As FJB sinks ever more rapidly into full-blown senility, here’s yet another revelation driving Dems into apoplectic panic. Yesterday (6/13): Trump Makes Stunning Inroads with Young Voters, Not Seen in 24 Years.

In 2016, Hillary won the 18-34 vote by 16 points, Biden in 2020 by 24 points over Trump.  Polls released this week shows he’s even or slightly ahead.  It’s the same with other critical demos the Dems can’t win without, Blacks and Hispanics.  The reason for this is simple:



Everything the Dems try to ruin Trump like their orgy of lawfare makes him stronger.  Everything they do to prop Biden up makes him weaker.  Worse, they have no alternative.  It’s not that the Dems have a thin bench of possible presidential candidates – it’s that they have no bench at all.

Kneepads Kamala is a despised joke more than FJB.  Michigan’s Wretched Gretchen, California’s Gruesome Newsom… anyone else?  Nobody viable with any degree of popularity – and critically whom the Deep State can control via blackmail like China Joe.  That’s why Joe Manchin is unacceptable, he’s his own man, the DS has nothing on him.

Moochelle has turned them down.  Would the Dems eventually be so desperate they would make her an offer she couldn’t refuse? Would Obama go along?

Maybe.  Whatever they do is looking more and more likely by the day it’s not enough.  Only one thing is, and perhaps it’s why they’ll stick with FJB all the way to November 5 – albeit keep him in his basement like 2020.  That’s what worked, right, while PDJT had all those massive rallies that didn’t do him any good as Democrat Stalins were counting the votes.

Patriots vs. the Stealers it is.  That’s the game.




Wisconsin’s Democrat Governor Tony Evers is one weird woketard.  In addition to being pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-sanctuary for illegal aliens, the whole woketard agenda, his Executive Order #121 ordered a war on pronouns, that “gender-specific language is imprecise, anachronous and contravenes Wisconsin’s interests,” it is to be replaced by “gender-neutral language” in state documents, or by eliminating pronouns entirely.  Read the link, this not a gag.

We’re focusing on him because in one month the GOP Convention is held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 15-18.  And Evers has little desire to provide it, and especially its nominee, with the necessary security protection such as calling out the National Guard.

He’s in charge of that, not the Republican-controlled legislature (state senate 22R/10D); state assembly (64R/35D).  The RNC is working with the Secret Service for increased protection, but the potential for violence by crazed Pro-Palestinian Nazis remains very high.

Of most critical concern is the protection for Trump personally.  As the Woketards go more and more literally insane with frustration and rage, one of them may make a John Hinkley Jr. attempt, the ultimate nightmare.  Will Evers do whatever is in his power to prevent this?  Unlikely.




“Pride Month” has become an overt display of Woke Fascism.  Try this.  Tuesday (6/11):  Teens in Spokane Washington arrested for scuffing Pride crosswalk with scooters could face 5 years behind bars for “Hate Crime.”  All over the country, city and town crosswalks are being painted as “Pride Walks” sacred and holy to the Cult of Woke.  To deface them is blasphemous, so there must be an auto da fé by the Woke Inquisition to punish the heretics.

So this is what’s happening to them all over the country as an appropriate response by the new BLM movement.  Black Lines Matter!  They really do.





Oh, and by the way… Have you heard there’s a new LGBTQ movement?  It’s something we could all support.





Riley Gaines brings us good news this week:


While this is a good start.  Yesterday (6/13): Federal Judge Blocks Biden Title IX Rule In 4 States.


“A federal judge has blocked President Biden’s expansion of Title IX in four states, calling the mandatory gender identity protections an ‘abuse of power.’


US District Judge Terry Doughty ruled that the changes were inadmissible because the term ‘gender discrimination’ as used in the establishment of Title IX ‘only included discrimination against biological males and females at the time of enactment.’  The ruling blocks implementation of the changes in Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana and Idaho.”


46 more states to go!



Meanwhile, there’s an alternate celebration for this month of June:






This is important. Remember the role played by Twitter in woke cancellation of anyone unwoke. Musk bought it in part to put an end to this.  Making Likes private makes it much harder for someone to be cancelled.  No one knows what you Liked, only you do, so woketards can’t accuse you of Liking, say, anti-tranny memes.

You get to Like what you want in freedom and privacy, while the more Likes the more a meme gets spread.  Everyone wins except the fascisti cancellation crowd.  Thanks, Elon.




The Putinistas at Breitbart ran this story today (6/14). Click on the home page link and you find this headline instead: Done Deal: Biden Locks in 10-Year U.S. Bilateral ‘Security’ Pact with Ukraine.  Run a word search for “Trump” in the article and you find he’s not mentioned. No discussion of why it “ties” his hands at all. Nothing but a description of the pact itself.  The home page “Tie Trump’s Hands” is nothing but dishonest click-bait.

Let me tell you something I know: the person PDJT has chosen to be his SecDef is very supportive of Ukraine and understands full well the critical importance of Putin’s defeat there.  It’s one of the reasons Trumps is choosing him.



Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports: Putin Is Running Out of Time to Achieve Breakthrough in Ukraine, as The Hill reports: Russia’s advance on Kharkiv is ‘all but over’.

Here’s how screwed Putin is now:


Think of what this means.  He’s wasted the lives of over half a million Russians and can’t get any more for cannon fodder compost in Ukrainian soil.  Now he has to pay Central Africans to die for him who have no military skills whatever beyond firing an AK-47. Desperation City.

This is desperation as well.  Today (6/14): Putin Offers Truce If Ukraine Exits Russian-Claimed Areas And Drops NATO Bid. Kyiv Rejects It.  Russia keeps the Crimea and the Donbas while Ukraine can’t join NATO.  Right.  Pooty is losing and losing fast and everyone knows it.




Russia already has 11% of the world’s total land mass.  With the territory they have, and the wealth of natural resources it contains, if they actually had a competent government – instead of the kleptocratic oligarchs that currently run the place – they’d likely be a proper superpower, rather than a Potemkin Village masquerading as one.

So why do they need small Ukraine?  Because Russia is a Potemkin country that is fragile, so brittle it can easily come apart at its many seams.  Defeat in Ukraine will shatter Russia into pieces.  We just have to make sure whatever’s left doesn’t get to keep any more nukes.



Maduro’s Venezuela is collapsing and quickly.  Peter Zeihan cogently explain why and how.  This is a must-watch: The Impending Collapse of Venezuela.



In the aftermath of all the elections in Europe causing a “right-ward shift” in many countries – with France’s Macron having to call a snap election in a frantic attempt to ward off Marine Le Pen – it’s worth remembering that Italy already has the gutsiest right-thinking leader in the whole EU: Giorgia Meloni.  An example:




Italy was also embarrassingly in the news this week.  Just remember this Italian word: “frociaggine!” Pronounced frot-see-ah-jeen-ee.  Here’s why (6/12): Pope Francis Under Fire For Again Using Homophobic Slur In Closed-Door Meeting.  And that’s the slur.  In English it means “faggotry” or “faggotness,” of which the Pope thinks there’s way too much of in the Vatican.

What a shocker.  What do you expect when you put a whole bunch of men together sworn to celibacy?

Reminds me of the story of a priest and a rabbi who meet at a religious conference.  As they are talking over a cup of coffee, the priest asks, “Can I ask you just between us and God who already knows… have you ever had a ham sandwich?”  The rabbi admits that once he did. Then he asks the priest, “May I then ask you just between us and God who already knows… have you ever had sex with a woman?”  Blushing, the priest admits that yes, once when he was young.  The rabbi gently smiles and responds, “Beats a ham sandwich, doesn’t it?”




Yes, today, June 14, is our 45th and 47th-to-be President’s 78th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Mr. President!






And this Sunday, June 16, a Yuge Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there.  By far one of the greatest blessings of my life is being a father to my two wonderful sons, Brandon and Jackson.  Hope you TTPer Dads have the day of joy you have earned and deserve.