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Our grandson Theo turned nine months old on Sunday (6/02), and I can’t resist showing this photo of him with our son Jackson and his wife Raya.  They live in Bali, happy among many other things to be so many thousands of miles away from an America that is going so terrifyingly insane.

He’s well aware of the extent of this as he works for one of the world’s premier conservative intellectuals.  Yet because of that, he’s hopeful that the nightmare now endured by the country he loves may be over soon.  Only one impediment now stands in the way, he thinks, the same fear most all of us have:  that Dem thieves will steal our country in the dark of night in November 2024 as they did in November 2020.

Theo, along with everyone’s grandchildren deserve not to have their future stolen from them.  You and I must do everything in our power to ensure that it is not.



But how?  In Skye’s Links yesterday, there was: Fixing cheat by mail: Nevada Officials Asked to Remove Residents Registered to Vote at Commercial Businesses.

This was in the Dem stronghold Clark County/Las Vegas.  The outfit doing the asking is the Public Interest Legal Foundation.  It’s not at all clear that PILF is using the fractal technology of Jay Valentine’s Omega4America.

A year ago in TTP (6/27/23), we ran Jay’s How to Out-Compute the Democrats in 2024, saying “This may be the most consequential article you will ever read.  Jay Valentine has the key to preventing Dem voter fraud from stealing elections, and thus our country’s future, in 2024.”

Unfortunately, it looks like PDJT and his team never read it. Here are two of Jay’s latest: Illegal Aliens Do Not Vote – NGOs Cast Their Ballots For Them (5/20); and Leftists Hire RNC Pollwatchers To Count Fake Ballots (5/17).

Jay asserts that the key tactic to prevent voter fraud is to stop mail-in ballots being sent to ineligible addresses – which is what PILF advocates for Vegas.  Problem is, the mastodon-in-the-room problem, this should have been done months ago across multiple states and it hasn’t.

Consider contacting PILF to ask how you can volunteer in your county to help stop ballots being sent to ineligible address.



We’re only seven days into June, and if you’re like me, you are way past being totally sick and tired of all the mawkish woke drivel of June being “Pride Month.”  So let’s belly up to the best bar in America at the Old State Saloon in Eagle, Idaho, 10 miles northwest of Boise, to celebrate the HFR Hero of the Week, Old State Saloon Owner Mark Fitzpatrick.  Enjoy this interview of him by Boise news channel KTVB:

Probably most nauseating for me so far this month is the Navy Seals going pink woke.  At least they’re suffering a tsunami of mockery and ridicule in return.


woke-navy-sealsBy the way….





That said, I could not encourage you more to read TTP’s Mark Deuce this week: The US Military and the American Right: A Presumed Alliance?

It’s an illuminating, first-rate must-read.  Thanks, Mark!



I can’t even imagine the degree of disgust my grandfather, Lucien C. Wheeler, would have for the FBI today.  After retiring from being the Chief of the Secret Service Presidential Bodyguard for four presidents (TR, Taft, Wilson & Harding), he was instrumental in reforming the nascent FBI with J. Edgar Hoover.  What would he thought of this?



On Tuesday (6/04), the Daily Mail reported on The Non-Stop Debauchery of the President’s Son exposed by his trial.

“When Hunter Biden went out in his father’s black Cadillac one evening in October 2018 and bought a Colt Cobra revolver from a local gun shop, it was perhaps the least disturbing detail of his darkly chaotic life.


He admits he was so addicted to crack cocaine that he was smoking it every 15 minutes and so careless of discovery that he left crack pipes lying around for his estranged wife and children to find. 


He was simultaneously drinking ‘insane amounts of alcohol’, frequently hiring prostitutes and obsessively trawling the internet for pornography.”


And FJB has the chutzpah to say he’s “proud” of his son?  Two questions arise about this depraved debacle.

Is the trial a Nixonian “modified limited hangout” as a distraction garnering massive media attention from the real Biden Crime Family’s crimes of enormous bribery and corruption?

Will the Delaware jury (Biden’s state) find him innocent despite irrefutable evidence of his guilt?  Legal expert Jonathan Turley thinks they might via jury nullification.  This would be total obverse of Trump’s jury finding him guilty despite conclusive evidence of his innocence.  A clue was provided by FJB when asked if he would deny a presidential pardon if Hunter was convicted, and he said “Yes.”  Maybe because he knew he wouldn’t have to as the jury is rigged.

In any regard, the contrast between the two trials is blindingly stark.  There’s no recovery for Hunter, he’ll always be a douchebag crook in the public’s eye, while Trump raised $141 million in May and is the American hero for scores of millions.

So much so that…






She isn’t nearly as pretty and much older than portrayed here, but the artist has captured her energy of evil menace.  Claudia Sheinbaum is suddenly the Witch of Mexico – the country’s first woman, the first Jewish, the first non-Mexican President, elected last Sunday (6/02).

She hasn’t a drop of Mexican blood in her, with her father’s parents Ashkenazim from Lithuania, her mother’s Sephardim from Bulgaria.  She is the creation of AMLO (Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador) to be the puppet continuance of his rule, albeit even more of an America-hating Marxist than him.

She’ll be in office for the next six years, during which the cartels are likely to run her into the ground.  What will be interesting is how Trump as 47 will deal with her, especially when he forces illegal hordes back across the Rio Grande and sends the Delta Force to wipe out cartel fentanyl/meth labs in the Sinaloa Mountains.  Good luck, Claudia.




Here’s a headline Claudia would hate as she’s a fanatic Climate Hoax believer: ‘Stop Green Communism’ — Farmer Protests Shut Down French Border and Storm Brussels Before EU Elections.  The elections are on-going this week, and the farmers want an end to EU climate lunacy.

“A Polish farmer told the Flemish paper: ‘Brussels is the cause of our problems. We want changes to the Green Deal. We want freedom in production. Europe gives us too many restrictions every day, every month.’


The farmer protests, which emerged in earnest in 2019 in The Netherlands in opposition to an EU-led agenda to shut down thousands of farmers to comply with Brussels’ biodiversity and nitrogen emissions targets, have since spread to every corner of the European Union, with tractor protests being staged from Portugal to Poland, with widespread popularity among the European people.


Speaking before the gathering of farmers in Brussels on Tuesday, MEP Tom Vandendriessche of the populist Flemish Vlaams Belang party said that the EU’s Green Deal is a ‘disaster for our farmers and a product of climate hysteria… they are busy with the end of the world, while hard-working Flemish people are busy trying to make it to the end of the month.


This Green Deal  is a Green Scam. We bring a clear message, a message of hope. We’ve had enough. The elections will cause a change. We want our countries back, our freedom back. Use your power!”


Sound familiar?




Good news from Ukraine.  The current issue of The Economist reports: In Crimea, Ukraine Is Beating Russia – The Peninsula Is Becoming A Death Trap For Kremlin Forces.

Once Putin has to retreat from Crimea – The Kerch Bridge will be blown up soon while the Black Sea Fleet has already retreated – the war  and Putin’s rule will be in a stage of steady collapse.


We’re going to close here.  Click on the caption link above and you’ll be astonished by what you’ll learn.  As the author says: The greatest wonder of Paris isn’t the Notre-Dame or the Eiffel Tower — it’s this small chapel. But it isn’t just radiantly beautiful. It was built to protect something of incalculable value.

Find out by following the thread.  The world is full of great wonders.  This week saw the commemoration of the Normandy Landing 80 years ago.  Europe was laid waste by the war but has been rebuilt and beautiful.  Tragedy occurs and we overcome and triumph over it.  What’s happening to America now can be overcome, we can triumph and flourish yet again.  And so we will.