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obamagate-swampSorry to have to keep doing this to your rib gage, ladies & gents, but we’re still in OMAS City this week.

We started off the week with Hyperventilation Monday (5/11).

On Tuesday (5/12), we learned John Durham who leads the DOJ criminal investigation of Obama Admin crimes has a new nickname – “Full Throttle – per Fox News: Durham Moving ‘Full-Throttle’ on Russia Probe Review, Top Federal Prosecutors Involved.

On Wednesday (5/13), Chuck Grassley, Chair of Senate Finance, released the full list – declassified by DNI Grenell – of 40 Obama officials ordering the “unmasking” of President-elect Trump’s National Security Advisor-designate LtGen Michael Flynn, between Nov 30, 2016 and Jan 12, 2017.

Included in the list – described by the Wall Street Journal as a “who’s who of senior Obama administration officials across several agencies” – were Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power (7 times), DNI James Clapper (3 times), DCI John Brennan (2 times), FBI Director James Comey, Chief of Staff to President Obama Denis McDonough, and Vice-President Joe Biden.

All the Flynn unmasking requests (save for Power’s first on Nov 30), came after Flynn and Jared Kushner met Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at Trump Tower on Dec 02.  By early January (2017), the leaks to WaPo started, suggesting that Flynn was in some sort of conspiracy on Trump’s behalf with the Russians – and the Russia Collusion Hoax was born, now known as Obamagate.  Those leaks were federal crimes.

POTUS wasted no time after the unmaskers were themselves unmasked:

Dementia Joe quickly gibberished his answers to why he unmasked Flynn:


Or as the New York Post put it yesterday (5/14):




Yesterday (5/14) before his rally in Pennsylvania, POTUS was asked by Salena Zito about Biden announcing earlier in the day that he  named  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders to his Climate Change Task Force.  His response:

First of all, if you asked him who he named, he wouldn’t even know it. Okay. He didn’t put them there. Somebody did and Joe has absolutely no idea what’s happening. AOC is a disaster… (and) she’s got crazy Bernie.  Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez. If you can believe that, he lost Texas. He lost Pennsylvania. He lost North Dakota. And he lost Oklahoma. And he lost every other state where fuel is important — like about most of them.


So, no, it’s a crazy choice. But he doesn’t — he has no idea who he chose. If you asked him right now, ‘Who did he choose?’ And it’s not just for environment, it’s for energy. Tell the people in Texas that you have AOC in charge of energy.”

It really is crazy – literally, no metaphor.  No one in their right mind believes Biden is anything more than a placeholder for Hillary or Michelle or Cuomo or Gretchen Witmer.

Yet the Dem elites who supposedly are setting all this up are people who actually and fervently believe in Global Warming – that mankind’s production of less than 2/10ths of 1 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases is going to burn up the earth causing the end of civilization and billions of deaths.

That’s crazy.

The Dem elites are cheering on Blue state governors to keep their lockdowns and ruin their states’ economies, because they actually believe Dems ruining their own economies can be blamed on Trump so he’ll lose in November.

That’s crazy.

The Dem elites are championing Nancy Pelosi’s ludicrously named HEROES Act to spend $3 Trillion on every boondoggle wacko-fascist expansion of government control of everyone’s lives you could possibly imagine, because they actually believe that’s their ticket to win the White House and Senate, and retain the House in November.

That’s crazy.

However, they have succeeded, with the aid of their media propagandists, in making America and the whole world go crazy with fear over a flu bug the median age of death from which is higher than average life expectancy.

Suddenly thanks to them, we are all living in an Age of Madness.  History is riddled with them.  So we can take nothing for granted whatever.  Especially when the Dems have their November hole card – massive voter fraud.  That’s not crazy because they always get away with it.  What’s crazy is if this time we let them.



Yesterday (5/14), TTP ran Roger Simon’s China Owns Biden – If He Wins China Owns Us.  It’s a must-read, but what’s really scary is how far we are already in achieving the Democrats’ goal of normalizing a Chinese Surveillance State in America.

Twitter, Facebook, and Google YouTube already enact a form of social credit censorship – anything conservative or UnPC is banned.

In many cities now, cops use facial recognition software if they stop you, with facial recognition and license plate reader cameras on streets everywhere.

Anywhere you go, your smartphone can be used to track your movements.

So leave your smartphone at home, turn off location, use an anonymizing VPN like Cryptohippie or Proton.  Wear a mask and sunglasses while walking on any surveilled street or if you’re cop-stopped.  Do the same and take pubic transport in a city – drive only out in the country or small unsurveilled towns.

These are some personal precautions to consider.  What’s really needed is for a POTUS second term to get rid of all this fascist garbage.



The Dems are using panic-porn, the politicization of fear, to infantilize Americans into demanding they be protected and cared for like children.  The must-read on this is my Infantilizomania from September 2005.  So much so I’m appending it below.

Thus we have an increasing abyss in America today between the fascist infantilizers along with those they’ve infantilized, and liberty-demanding adults accepting grown-up self-responsibility.  This abyss has been greatly widened by the Chicom-Democrat-Enemedia Virus (CDE Virus for short) panic hysteria.

An example in microcosm is the C&C Coffee and Kitchen in Castle Rock, Colorado.  The owners, Jesse and April Arellano, couldn’t stand nor afford the never-ending lockdown extensions, so opened up their restaurant for Mother’s Day last Sunday (5/10).  It was a fabulous success – as this CBS Denver report shows (smart-aleck snark alert as this is CBS):

Dem Gov Jared Polis immediately ordered the Colorado Health Department to revoke their business license “indefinitely.”  There’s a protest against this today (5/15) and the lockdown of other Colorado businesses in the tri-county area around Denver:

On the other hand, the Arellanos report receiving death threats and being called Nazis and racists for their Mother’s Day opening – all anonymous of course.  Jesse thought this amusing as he’s half-Hispanic and half-Korean.  So the fear-and-fascist porn works on some.

But here’s the thing on the abyss between the infantilized and the grown-ups.  You never see a protest for the lockdowns, do you?  There’s a growing and growing and growing majority against them, and a very rapidly shrinking minority for them – except in Blue state houses, Democrat Congressional offices, and among the Enemedia.

You’re going to see more and more small business owners with the courage of Jesse and April Arellano – who are the HFR Heroes of the Week.



We’re seeing more and more signs of rebellion – and of fascist retribution – this week.

In Hawaii from Fox on Wednesday (5/13): Hawaii could face civil unrest, rioting if coronavirus reopening doesn’t happen quicker, top official says.  Can’t come fast enough.

In Illinois: Illinois county defies governor, vows it’s ‘back open for business’ during coronavirus outbreak.

In Pennsylvania, over a dozen counties refuse to obey or enforce Dem Gov Wolf’s lockdowns.  On Monday (5/11) came his fascist retribution: Pennsylvania governor threatens to withhold coronavirus aid to counties that defy lockdown orders.  Today (5/15), he gave a teeny bit more freedom to reopen to 12 counties – but not of course those that defy him.

Although Michigan’s Curse, Wretched Gretchen, continues her maniacal lockdowns, she has been superseded in depraved evil by Washington Dem Gov Jay Inslee: Jay Inslee Declares He Will Confine People Without Food Who Don’t Cooperate With Contact Tracers.

He compounded that on the same day (5/13): Inslee orders restaurants to collect private info of customers, keep logs to open for table service.  Inslee deserves to be tar and feathered for real.

It’s interesting that there is some recognition of this within Enemedia ranks.  Look at this from the lefties at Politico last night (5/14): Florida Man Beats Covid, For Now.  The Florida Man is none other than Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

First, let’s just come out and say it: DeSantis looks more right than those who criticized the Sunshine State’s coronavirus response. According to the latest Florida figures, fewer than 2,000 have died, and around 43,000 have been infected. That’s a fraction of the dire predictions made for Florida when spring breakers swarmed the beaches, and those numbers are dwarfed by similarly sized New York, which has seen 12 times more deaths and nearly eight times more infections. More people reportedly died in New York nursing homes than in all of Florida.”

And yes, Politico specifically blames “media bias” for Cuomo’s far greater popularity than DeSantis: “Maybe things would be different if DeSantis had a brother who worked in cable news and interviewed him for a “sweet moment” in primetime.” Ouch.

And yesterday (5/14), the New York Times itself ran an op-ed by surgeon and professor of health policy at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Marty Makary, MD: How To Reopen America Safely.

Way too cautious in many ways (such as wanting universal masking), but nonetheless he argues for lifting lockdowns and indirectly for opening schools:

“Throughout April, several studies using antibody testing found that asymptomatic infections are 10 to 20 times more common than previously observed, lowering the true case fatality rate. The data also taught us that young, healthy Americans have a fatality rate similar to that of the seasonal flu. Deaths among those young and healthy are rare.”

 All in all, focus on taking care of those in nursing homes and others at risk, while leaving the rest of us pretty much alone, is what he says or implies.  From the New York Times.

Could this be a trend or an anomaly?  We’ll check in on this in next week’s HFR. Meanwhile, here is POTUS’ opinion:




Maybe Politico and the NYT are reading the tea leaves in Wisconsin and California.

Yesterday (5/14): Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down state’s stay-at-home order.  It pained WaPo to report: Wisconsin bars packed with patrons almost immediately after court strikes down stay-at-home order.  POTUS celebrated:


And in California on Tuesday (5/12), the special election in CD25 (mostly northern LA county) was a Democrat disaster, with Navy carrier fighter pilot Mike Garcia winning by over 55%.




Funniest US story of the week, and DJTJr’s response:


It’s only appropriate timing that we see this reported in the NY Post today: The sun has entered a ‘lockdown’ period, which could cause freezing weather, famine.

Our sun has gone into lockdown, which could cause freezing weather, earthquakes and famine, scientists say.

The sun is currently in a period of “solar minimum,” meaning activity on its surface has fallen dramatically.

Experts believe we are about to enter the deepest period of sunshine “recession” ever recorded as sunspots have virtually disappeared.”

The relationship between sunspots and warming/cooling was explained as due to the sun’s magnetic activity in Solar Warming (TTP, Sept 2005).  It’s worth consulting now.



The funniest story anywhere in the world this week: President of Tanzania Didn’t Trust WHO So Sent Samples of Sheep, Goats, Bunny, Trees, Fruit and Car Oil for COVID Testing — The Results Are In, Poor Goat.

It’s worth noting that President Magufuli has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Dar Es Salaam. Enjoy the video of his announcement:



Folks, that’s a wrap.  As promised, here’s my Infantilizomania from 2005.  More relevant today than ever, as Dems desperately try to use their virus panic porn to terrify us into being scared children dependent on Big Brother government and frightened of freedom.


TTP September 23, 2005

Yes, I invented this term. You won’t find it in Webster’s, the OED, or Google. At least not now. Hopefully soon you will, as it becomes the accepted term for the neurosis with which all those on the Left are afflicted.

Just as a pyromaniac is driven by a compulsion to set fires, a kleptomaniac by a compulsion to steal, and – everyone’s favorite example – a nymphomaniac by a compulsion to have sex, an infantilizomaniac is driven by a compulsion to treat adult human beings as children.

The compulsion to infantilize people is the neurotic compulsion of liberals.

Liberals of course do not call it infantilizomania. They call it compassion.

We can see the results of liberal compassion in the wake of Hurricane Katrina: hundreds of thousands of New Orleans inner city blacks helpless to take responsibility for themselves. Liberal compassion is the modern form of the White Man’s Burden, and has destroyed, just obliterated, three to four generations of inner city poor in America.

How many more generations of inner city blacks have to be wiped out until liberals admit their compassion is a fraud of epically tragic proportions?

It is a blatantly phony compassion. Compassion for the plight of others in difficult and desperate circumstances is a noble emotion.

But it becomes fraudulent when you demand that your compassion be paid for with other people’s money. A liberal’s compassion is a Ponzi scheme, robbing Peter through government taxation to pay for his compassion for Paul.

Most of all, however, liberal compassion is rendered demeaning, patronizing, and un-noble by equating compassion with treating adults as if they were children.

There is a fundamental aspect to our human nature that allows the Left to get away with it. It’s called neotony. Neoteny is a biological and neurological process where a species retains juvenile traits into adulthood. Just as a dog is a neotenous wolf, so man is (among other things) a neotenous ape.

Our neotony accounts for many of the most distinctly attractive and lovable features we possess as adult human beings – such as our unbridled curiosity, our sense of humor and playfulness. Young apes, just as the young of many other species, are playful and curious – but not as adults.

The price of maturity, for most all species except man (and those species bred by man to retain them, such as dogs bred to be adult puppies), is that such endearing traits as juvenile playfulness must go out the window.

But for everything there is a price.

For many human beings, the price of neotony is a pronounced need for a parent after their physical childhood is over. Most often this need is fulfilled through either a cosmic or ruler-parent who promises to protect you if you are a good obedient little boy or girl, and threatens to punish you if you are a bad disobedient little boy or girl.

One’s own parents cannot satisfy this need, because they cease being physically larger, dominant, and biologically protective when their children grow up.

Communist dictatorships were well aware of this price of neotony, with the omnipresence of gigantic statues of Lenin, for example (which is especially funny as Lenin was five-foot-three, one inch shorter than Stalin).

The purpose of such huge statues was to reduce adult subjects in a Communist country to the physical size and status of children who will obey their ruler-parents.

The liberals’ path to power is to reduce adults to children through their phony claim of compassion.

As French philosopher Pascal Bruckner points out, in order to look at grown adults as innocent, they must be infantilized. But by transforming real grown people into idealized innocent infants, liberal compassion becomes contempt.

In Bruckner’s book, Tears of the White Man: Compassion as Contempt , he observes how there can be “sadism in pity.” He requests that liberals, those “prophets of guilty conscience,” those “martyrs of malediction,” abandon compassion as contempt, stop looking at inner city blacks as children, and accept them instead as adults capable of being responsible for their own happiness.

In his latest work, The Temptation of Innocence: Living in the Age of Entitlement , Bruckner discusses the devastation wrought upon people whom liberals infantilize. Not only are they encouraged to think and behave as children, as infantilized victims, but to believe that their powerlessness is “a virtue without responsibility.”

Conning people into viewing themselves as children allows liberals to get them hooked on their drug of OPM (yes, pronounced “opium” and standing for Other People’s Money).

OPM welfare subsidies are no less an addictive drug than cocaine or heroin ( so it is no coincidence that most drug addicts are welfare addicts). Once you get on the drug of the dole, you can’t conceive how you could survive without it.

Conservatives need to regard liberals as drug pushers. By building up constituencies hooked on OPM, liberals assure themselves of votes by doling out the drug.

The danger results from non-liberal politicians falling for the fraud of liberal infantilization. They buy into the liberal message, “We have to take care of the helpless children no matter how much it costs!” – no matter if the “children” are full grown adults hooked on OPM.

George W. Bush began his presidency by promising it would usher in a new Age of Responsibility. It was a pipe-dream. Until the liberal neurosis suffers constant exposure and can no longer be used as the liberal path to power, we will continue to live in an Age of Infantilizomania.


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