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“We have to take care of the cure.  That will make the problem worse no matter what.”  Yes, Dementia Joe actually said that on national television – ABC’s The View on Tuesday (3/24).

You know the ancient proverb’s warning: “Be careful what you ask for – because you might get it.”

The Dems and Libtard Enemedia, after trying every scam they could think of up to a Shampeachment against Orange Man Bad decided on one last desperate Hail Mary pass – generate a tsunami of Fear Porn over a flu virus from China that would wash away Trump’s economy, blame him for it, and watch his reelection go down in flames.

They got their Hail Mary fully launched into the air, receivers racing downfield for a game-winning TD – when all of a sudden linebacker Trump intercepts the ball and is running full tilt towards the Dem end zone with no one in the way.

It’s not just Biden and his supposed in-the-bag nomination that’s a train wreck – see Jay Cost in yesterday’s (3/26) NYPost: Coronavirus Is Killing the Biden Campaign and Making Him Look Like a Fool – it’s the entire Dem Party, the entire Enemedia, and their entire Commie-Fascist political agenda that’s crashing and burning.

Let’s count the ways this is happening, and let’s start with guns.

Trashing the 2nd Amendment with “gun-control” is one of the Left’s major-major goals, and there’s not one of us who doesn’t know why.

Republican governors know as well, so it’s understandable that those among them who have issued stay-at-home orders and the closure of “non-essential” businesses – such as Arizona’s Doug Ducey, Indiana’s Eric Holcomb, or Ohio’s Mike DeWine – have specified gun stores as “essential” businesses that are to remain open.

In fact, there is only one Pub governor who has ordered gun store closures as non-essential, hyper-RINO Charley Baker of Massachusetts.

What’s astounding is how many Dem governors who’ve put their states in lockdown have consciously specified gun stores as essential – such as Illinois’ J.B. Pritzker, Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolfe, Delaware’s John Carney, and Connecticut’s Ned Lamont.  Even Oregon’s Kate Brown and Minnesota’s Tim Walz.

They understand the necessity of a well-armed citizenry to protect society from those who prey on it in times of stress.  Yet in so doing, collectively they have torpedoed the issue of gun control for any Dem politician to run on.

“How can you argue for increased gun control,” a Fox reporter could ask Joe Biden, “when the Democrat governor of your own state specified sales of guns you oppose are necessary for public safety?”



Another major-major Dem-Left goal they can forget about is Open Borders.  Get a kick out of this from my old friend John Fund regarding the state of Rhode Island:

Next to go will be Dem Sanctuary Cities kicking infectious illegals outta here.  Borders and Walls are back.  And that Asylum-Seeker Scam?  Fuhgeddaboudit: Coronavirus: Trump to Suspend Migrant Entry at Southern, Northern Borders.

In Europe, the formerly reviled Viktor Orban is now an EU hero for preventing a “migrant” invasion into Hungary.  Portugal has shut its border with infected Spain.  Even within the most “progressive” country in Europe: Finland Sealing Off Infected Helsinki, Capital Region from Rest of Country.

That is exactly what the rest of the US wants to do to New York.  Gov. Cuomo to replace Dementia Joe in a rigged Dem convention?  Not bloody likely.



On the other hand, only a Democrat governor would do something so heinously evil as to outlaw one of the safest medicines in the world in their state that would save the lives of so many.

Tuesday (3/24): Nevada’s Democrat Governor Sisolak Outlaws Antimalarial Drugs for Coronavirus Sufferers

Tuesday (3/24): Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer Threatens Licenses of Doctors and Pharmacists Who Prescribe Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Coronavirus.

That same day, Dr. Anthony Fauci publicly announced that “Of course” I would prescribe chloroquine to my coronavirus patients.

And yesterday (3/26) the Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva announced it would be donating ten million chloroquine tablets to the US.  Six million have already been delivered and are being distributed to hospitals throughout the country.

Sisolak and Whitmer may be lucky to not be shot on sight as menaces to humanity by relatives of virus victims who were killed by their depraved edicts.



Meanwhile – No One Is Watching Biden’s Wannabe Potus Broadcasts, while Millions of Americans Watching Trump’s Daily White House Briefings with Huge Ratings.



So now a $2 Trillion bill has been signed, and hopefully we have light at the end of this tunnel.  One obvious way that some are beginning to see is Skye’s proposal in last week’s HFR to end all lockdowns, open everything back up, and quarantine only those 65 and older for they are the ones most at risk.

This is what Israel’s Defense Minister proposed on Saturday (3/21): Isolate the Elderly, Protect Them, and No Hugging Grandma.

We won’t know how this $2T will shake out for a while.  In the meantime, please take the time to read Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw’s Surviving Deadly Epidemics, just up now in TTP.  I very much appreciate their permission to republish it – written in 2014, it is extremely relevant to today.

When Durk and I discussed all the positive consequences now occurring that were just outlined above, he had this to say:

“I never anticipated that anything good could emerge from a pandemic, but that is clearly happening, and on a macro scale.  What is going on here?  See Nobel Prize winner in economics Thomas Schelling’s book “Micromotives and Macrobehavior“.


It is another step toward a Hari Seldon-like understanding of a psychohistory of emergent change. [Hari Seldon is a fictional character in Isaac Asimov’s science fiction books who develops “psychohistory,” an algorithmic science that allows him to predict the future in probabilistic terms.]


We are undergoing a rapid emergent reorganization of a complex system, the political-economic organization and worldviews of the Western world.  The consequences of this are likely to be far more important and long lasting than the plague year itself. 


This is not the first time that a pandemic has resulted in vast and long lasting political-economic and worldview changes.  The Black Death pandemics destroyed feudalism by roughly tripling the ratio of land to labor, thereby providing workers with much more economic power relative to the aristocrats than they previously had.  No longer were people legally bound to work a particular aristocrat’s tract of land.  The long term consequences were the start of our modern market world.


I don’t anticipate that huge numbers of people will die in this pandemic (although that may be happening in China), nor will that be necessary to set long term deep changes in motion.  There are a LOT of micromotivation changes going on in a LOT of people. 


The progressives’ fantasy world is breaking up before our eyes.  We just need to look with open eyes to see it all around us.  A LOT of people are opening their eyes.  The progressives’ winter of discontent, disenchantment, and destruction is thawing at last.  I am more optimistic for the years ahead than I have been for a long long time.”

The primary driver of that optimism is one single man:  President Donald Trump.  We are witnessing a historically extraordinary demonstration of presidential leadership. He needs our prayers for his health and success.