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see-and-speak-no-but-do-evilTime to face the music.  We’re up against an unrelenting demonic moral depravity that has taken over Washington DC, Wall Street, our schools nationwide Kindergarten through college, our media and social media – a sheer pure Evil across the board whose only emotion is Hate and only goal is Destroying America – wiping out our country’s history, culture, and very existence.

It gets worse.  There’s no cavalry with bugles blaring and led by John Wayne riding over the horizon coming to our rescue.  America has been demasculinized – emasculated into pussified submission.  A nation meek enough to be locked down and hiding behind a mask over a flu bug is not going put the 2nd Amendment to its intended purpose.  Hoping for that is Waiting for Godot.

Yes, I’m on an unrestrained rant – and I’m just getting started.  Frankly, there’s only one hope we have.  That the Jo&Ho Admin will continue to accelerate things so catastrophically bad so fast that it will force vast numbers of Normal Americans into flat-out rebellion.



Yesterday, the Pelosi House passed a giant Amnesty Bill giving green cards to millions of illegals.  How is it possible for the Hate America Dems to do this during a giant flood of illegals they caused, and with a miniscule majority of votes?  Why are there only RINOs joining the Dems and no DINOs – never one – who vote GOP?

With five current vacancies, the House totals 430: 219D/211R.  A flip of just four D to R brings it to a 215-215 tie defeat (a bill must win by at least one vote to pass, no tie-breaker vote like in the Senate).  McCarthy is such a wimp he can’t hold his own people together much less get four D defections.  With every single D voting Yes, the vote on HR 6 on Amnesty was 228-197: 14 yellow-bellied RINOs voted with them or didn’t vote at all.

Did McCarthy threaten to strip them of their committee assignments, of RNC donations to their ’22 reelection campaigns, and promise a primary challenger for them next year – like Pelosi does to any possible recalcitrant?  Of course not.  He’s as useless as a pedal-powered wheelchair.

There are several GOP Congressfolk with moxie like Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, or MTG – but they’re in the minority. Which is where the GOP will stay in perpetuity if HR 1 becomes law and SCOTUS upholds it.

So far, 20 Attorneys General Deem H.R. 1 Unconstitutional.  For many reasons, the most important of which is it institutionalizes industrial-scale vote fraud for the Dems.

Word on the Hill or in the Cosmos Club is that a majority of Supremes know upholding HR1 will ruinously delegitimize the Court for years if not permanently – but that Amy Coney Barrett has been shown pictures of her children sleeping in their beds and told what a shame it would be if something were to happen to them if she voted the wrong way.  And that similar threats have been made to Kavanaugh.  Roberts of course was bought off a long time ago.  Thus Gorsuch, Alito and Thomas do not a majority make.

I want that last paragraph sink in very deeply.  We Normals are up against pure fascist evil that will stop at nothing – nothing – to gain total control over our lives.




You saw this as the lead photo for Skye’s Links yesterday for the story:

Brace Yourselves For The Most Dramatic Shift In The Standard Of Living Ever

Now comes the follow up on Zero Hedge this morning (3/19):

“Things Are Out Of Control” – There Is A Shortage Of Everything And Prices Are Soaring: What Happens Next

You see it yourself at the gas pump and every time you buy a bag of groceries to feed your family.  There is simply no way to pour trillions of make-believe dollars into the economy and not end up with those dollars becoming toilet paper.  Why do you think Bitcoin is now above $60,000?

There’s only one way to stop this – and that’s to stop printing money.  Which is the absolute last thing the Dems will do.

What they will do, of course, is to raise taxes – to steal more of your increasingly worthless dollars to “pay” for them.  Not on the rich, of course.  On you.  Are you ready? Xiden and the Dems plan to eliminate tax deductions for contributions to your IRA and 401(k).

If there is one thing guaranteed to spark an anti-government rebellion, it’s when people in the millions can’t afford to feed their children – while more of your money is being stolen by government thieves.



You may have noticed my describing us as Normals.  That because it’s what we are – as opposed to Xidencrats, RINOs, Woketards, Deep State Corruptocrats at the FBI and DOJ, social justice cancel culture fascisti, and all Hate America Leftists who are NotNormals.

They belong to a culture of anger, envy, self-hate, depravity and death (as in pro-abortion).  That is not normal, these people are neurotic, sociopathic, and need clinical psychiatric counseling.

We belong to a culture of live and let live humanity, of Christian love for our fellow human brothers and sisters as we love ourselves, of basic moral decency that most all cultures have held as ideal for thousands of years, of pro-life born or living in the womb.

I propose that we replace the terms “Conservatives” and those on the “Right” with Normals – while “Liberals,” “Progressives” and those on the “Left” with NotNormals.  What do you think?

In any regard, while our brains look, well, normal, here is freedom advocate Simon Black’s depiction of the NotNormal brain, specifically that of the Social Justice Warrior:



The demented face of America’s ruination

The demented face of America’s ruination

You saw this nightmare – but real, it’s a screengrab from one of the Dem debates last year – of this impostor in Roger Kimball’s America’s Gradual Decline Is About To Become Sudden yesterday (3/18).

The quicker this suddenness arrives the better and without warning.  The less warning, the less time Xidencrats have to prepare for and delay it. The more delay, the more the collapse and hyperinflation will be prolonged.  The less delay, the more precipitous the collapse, the more the economic rubble and malinvestment can be removed so recovery can be begin.

There’s a marvelous story this week (3/16) on Zombie Cannibals accelerating the suddenness: The Cannibalization Is Complete: Only Inedible Zombies Remain:


“Setting aside the fictional flood of zombie movies for a moment, we find the real-world horror is the cannibalization of our economy, a cannibalization that is now complete. Every organic source of prosperity and productivity has been captured and consumed, hidden behind the convenient curtains of central bank intervention, ‘market forces,’ financialization and fiscal stimulus.


All that’s left now are zombies feeding off the offal of stimulus. Sadly for the cannibals who’ve feasted so well for decades, zombies are inedible. So now the cannibals are starving. Poor cannibals! Once the stimulus runs out, no more zombies. Poor zombies!”

It’s written in fun, yet it’s true, with P/Es in the hundreds, stocks hilariously overpriced and poised for a swan dive into a black abyss.

So what do you do?  First, adhere to the ancient adage: forewarned is forearmed.  Do not let the suddenness of what will befall America catch you.  Start now to get out of any big city if you live in one.  Sell your home while you can, move to a small town in Red State Normal America.  Make sure you have a stop order on any stock you may have or crypto because they are hyperinflated also.

You’ve got to be far away from the coming chaos.  Form or participate in a local self-defense force if any chaos comes your way, befriending your new Normal neighbors.  Then from such a safe distance, you can watch the NotNormals devour themselves.

If you’ve ever lived on a farm or raised chickens, you know what happens if one of the hens is sick, weak or injured. The flock turns on her and pecks her to death.  Dems, and NotNormals in general are like a flock of chickens.  Look what’s happening to NY Gov. Cuomo – it’s Dems from AOC to Schumer after his blood.

Who will be next?  California’s Gruesome Newsome? Michigan’s Witch Whitmer?  Whomever, it will be a betting sport as they devour each other in fights for power as they have it, we don’t, and power is all they care about.



Once you are safely out of harm’s way, you can also enjoy watching this unfold.  Last week’s HFR (3/12) observed:

“The Feds cannot commandeer states to obey unconstitutional laws.  The result of the Dems’ fascist attempts to do so will spark a nationwide red state movement of state nullification of federal laws via the 10th Amendment:


‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.’


Note that even Wikipedia (in the link above) admits: ‘Since 1992, the Supreme Court has declared laws unconstitutional for violating the Tenth Amendment when the federal government compelled the states to enforce federal statutes.’


And what will drive this irresistibly forward will be mass peaceful disobedience, the simple refusal to obey fed fascisti edicts.  So be prepared to start organizing it in your area when the time comes.”

TTPer Steve Baldwin whom I have known for many years, quickly jumped on this idea and expanded it into a terrific column for AT:  It’s Time for Red States to Start Nullifying Federal Law.

“The left will scream about such nullification efforts, but they have been engaged in nullifying federal laws for years.  For example, all state laws legalizing marijuana are illegal since they’re in conflict with federal narcotic laws, but states have simply refused to enforce these federal laws and so have ‘nullified’ them.  Likewise, states controlled by the left have allowed various cities and counties to become ‘sanctuaries’ in which they refused to abide by federal immigration laws. 


And no, the Marines were not sent in nor did any state or city even suffer the loss of federal funding. It is time our side use this tactic as a way of protecting our constitutional rights. Here are some of the issues that could be affected by the concept of nullification:”

Read it all – it’s a quick must read.  Thanks, Steve!



Sensei Trump in meditation

Sensei Trump in meditation

We close with a news report from China that will make Yasuhiko happy.  He led his Keeping Your Sanity IX on Monday (3/15) with the “Sensei Trump” you see above.

This morning (3/19), ABC ran this story: Chinese artist’s Buddha Trump becomes ‘yuge’ online sensation.

Artist Hong Jinshi from Xiamen on China’s southern coast cast Buddha Trump in ceramic, inspired by one of Trump’s nicknames in China: ‘King of Knowing Everything’. “There are a lot of videos where Trump gives the impression that he understands everything,” explained Hong, “So this image is of him in a state of all knowing, no one else can compete”.

The statues are sold online, along with the description, “Make your company great again!”  They are selling like hotcakes, with many – this is morality-less China after all – fake copies of Hong’s.  Thank you once again for such a profound TTP article, Yasuhiko!

And thank you all for putting up with my rant.  This Sunday is the Spring Equinox.  Enjoy springtime – and know that this dark winter will not last.  We Normals must ride out the economic and social typhoons engulfing us – and after them, the sun will shine on our country again.