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Well, top o’ the mornin’ to ya!  Welcome to the Happy St. Patrick’s Day HFR!  You may think it’s tomorrow, but it’s already Saturday March 17 in much of the world, so why not start celebrating right now like these happy folks in Singapore?

And note, they’re doing it right – with Guinness, not lousy weak beer with green food coloring.  The future King and Queen of England do it right, so should you!

On St. Patrick’s Day, everybody is – or wishes they were – Irish.  You know how The Irish Saved Civilization, right?  Okay, Tom Cahill’s book is over the top hyperbolic, but no one can doubt Ireland’s prodigious gifts to humanity.

At some point, fortified with a Guinness pint or an appropriately made Irish Whiskey (recipe at the end), take a moment to enjoy TTP’s, Beyond The Pale (August 2006).  Then you can regale and astound your friends with your knowledge of Irish history during the festivities.

Before then, however, let’s see what’s been happening this week.  We have all learned by now that a Trump Presidency is never boring, and this week is no exception.


Let’s start with something absolutely cool.  With all the changes this week in Trump’s Cabinet, I’ll bet you don’t know we have a new Secretary of Defense.  Here she is:

She’s Maddie Rooney, the goalkeeper of the US Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team whose incredible performance enabled America to win the Gold Medal in the Winter Olympics last month.  So incredible that as a gag, her teammates edited her Wikipedia page (since re-edited) thus:

And guess who noticed, prompting him to write this personal note to her?  It’s addressed to: “Dear Madam Secretary Maddie”:

She received this on Tuesday (3/13) and was overwhelmed:

Whenever you have doubts about America’s kids amidst all the garbage the Waste Stream Media reports on them, just think of this wonderful young woman.  Her teammates have now given her a new nickname.  They call her… “Mad Dog Maddie.”


We all know what a “hat trick” is, three goals in a hockey game by a single player.  That’s what President Trump performed this week with his Cabinet.

Not to mix up our metaphors, but Larry Kudlow is a ten strike:

With Kudlow running the NEC, Steve Forbes notes that GOP will soon be standing for Growth Opportunity Prosperity.  David Harsanyi agrees that Kudlow is a “Big Upgrade” over globalist Gary Cohn.  Bloomberg is delighted Kudlow will push for more and permanent tax reform, a lot more deregulation, nail China to the wall on trade, and will be a first-rate salesman for all on TV news.

Current CIA Director Mike Pompeo promises to be a big upgrade over Rex Tillerson as SecState.  A must-read on this is the New York Sun’s “The Promise of Pompeo.” T-Rex is a good man, but just too much out of synch with his boss while too much in synch with Foggy Bottom Squishes.

T-Rex balked at Trump’s insistence to bail out of Zero’s “Deal” with Iran.  Pompeo can’t wait to throw it in the ash can.  Note this Foreign Policy article he wrote in Sept. 2016 while still a Congressman:  “Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Business With Iran.”

Key however is the deeply personal relationship Pompeo has with the President.

Langley considers its most important product The Daily Briefing, global intel hand-delivered eyes only for the POTUS early every morning.  The deliverer is usually an aide to the DCI.  Not with this White House.  DCI Pompeo himself is there to go over the DB with Trump – first thing every morning.

It’s a highlight of Trump’s day.  T-Rex never developed anything remotely close with his C-in-C.  And it’s not Mike schmoozing and stroking – Trump sees through that in a New York second, as Bush II never did with George Tenet.  They’ve bonded because they see the world the same way, they share the same goals.

That’s precisely why I wrote Make American Foreign Policy Great Againyesterday (3/15).  That really is what Pompeo wants.

Meanwhile, Tom Rogan explains why Gina Haspel Is a Great Choice for CIA Director.  She’s a consummate pro.  For us, we can gauge how good someone is by how much they twist the Left’s undies.

The Manhattan Marxists at the New York Daily News’ snit over Haspell was headlined: Trump’s nominee to lead CIA previously ran a secret prison that tortured terror suspects.  Well, okay, she gets my vote!  Gets yours?

Note however that all the allegations against her are based on a 2017 report by the Leftie dirt-diggers at ProPublica.  But, oops, guess what?  With the public exposure of their claims, yesterday (3/15) they had to say they were wrong: ProPublica issues major correction to report about Gina Haspel’s role in torture program.


So, POTUS gets his Cabinet hat trick – but wait!  There’s more!  And to make it Schadenfreudelicious, Lefties have their hair on fire all over DC.  Try this Chicken Little headline on one Lefty site:

Warnings of ‘Civilization-Threatening Disaster’ as John Bolton Tops List of McMaster Replacements

The story begins with a condemnatory quote of California Commicrat Barbara Lee, with the editors so stupid that they have this photo of John right under the headline as if it’s his fully appropriate reaction to their ridiculous story:

My friend of many years John Bolton would be a dream come true as National Security Advisor to President Trump.  They don’t get better or smarter.  Pompeo-Kudlow-Bolton, we’re talking MAGA Dream Team here.  Once they’re in place, the look on your face will be just like Uncle John’s above.


So it will be with our next topic:  Laughing at Libtards Losing Their Minds.

*The PIAPS  got laughed at a lot this week.  First it was not being able to walk down some steps in India:

Then she gave a speech there that was so awful WaPo condemned it along with a lot of Dems: Democrats Distance Themselves from Hillary Clinton.  So awful that USA Today warned: Dump Hillary Before It’s Too Late, Democrats!

As an encore, she falls in a hotel bathtub and breaks her wrist.  The Daily Mail makes fun of her for hiding her injury being wrapped up in a shawl and a “kurta” Indian dress.   Not a good week.

*Arnold went full wacko this week: Schwarzenegger says he wants to sue global oil companies for first-degree murder.  All those massive steroids you’ve been pumping into your muscles with have destroyed your brain, buddy.  Oh, yes – no one cares about you any more.

*Remember that hulking tough guy senior advisor to President Zero, a Black Communist named Van Jones, once lauded by TIME as one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” (2009)?

On CNN Sunday night (3/12), he cried about what a real man has done to him:  Snowflake Jones Begs Mommy Oprah to Protect Him from Getting Bullied by Trump.  Ah, Van – no one care about you either.

*Yes, please!  We’re begging you, please!  Fox headline (3/12): ICE removal key goal of Democrats in 2020 election.  A key campaign promise that is sure to defeat Trump in 2020:  Abolish ICE, have complete Open Borders, campaign on Illegal Aliens being more important than American Citizens.  What could go wrong?  How masochistic can you get?

*A beautiful sight, watching Fauxcahontas kissing 2020 goodbye.  New York Post (3/11): Elizabeth Warren refuses DNA test to prove Native American heritage.

*Hell freezes over at Scientific American.  The prestigious journal that chose to disgrace itself by fanatically espousing Global Warming for years sees a twinkle of a glimmer of reason and fact:  Should We Chill Out About Global Warming?

At last – doubt, the great enemy of total faith in nonsense.  Warmists everywhere are so scared they risk catatonia.

*Our last item is one of exquisite irony.  TTP’s Holy Toledo! last year (June 2017) had a photo I took of the Madrid City Hall:

As the Madrid-based El Pais newspaper helpfully explained:

“The council, run by leftist bloc Ahora Madrid, made the move (to hang the banner) to express its solidarity with the increasing numbers of asylum seekers from countries such as Syria who are desperately trying to enter Western Europe.”

This evening (3/16), Madrid is on fire.  All those welcomed asylum seekers, particularly from Africa, are violently rioting and trying to burn the city down:  Spain in CHAOS: Streets of Spanish capital Madrid in FLAMES as SHOCKING riots break out.

Shocking?  Only to Libtards…..


What’s not a laughing matter is the lunacy of the never-ending Mueller Witch Hunt.  Thankfully, a number of key Senators have lost their patience and are demanding that Mueller be investigated himself – particularly for his corrupt refusal to prosecute the real criminals involved:  Grassley, Graham, Cornyn, Tillis Request Second Special Counsel to Examine DOJ and FBI Actions on Trump-Russia Probe.

That was yesterday (3/15).  A few hours later, we get this: IG could soon release explosive report on FBI’s Clinton probe, as Sessions weighs firing McCabe.  Oh, that Jeff Sessions is such a tease.  Waiting for him to rein in Mueller and order the arrest of Comey and the whole Obama Gang is like waiting for Godot.

Incidentally, Sessions has to fire McCabe before midnight tonight.  It’s after 6pm as this is written – nothing yet…


A note on three women this week, one stupid, one ridiculous, one the epitome of class.

The dumbest woman on the planet right now has got to be Vanessa Trump, who filed for divorce from her husband of 12 years and father of her five children, Donald Trump, Jr.  To trash her life and family for what?  “Irreconcilable differences” almost never really are.  Rhymes-with-witch is the term that comes to mind.  How dumb can you get?

The most ridiculous woman on the plant right now is Stephanie Clifford.  I’m not even going to link to her, too easy to look up, for she’s a porn star under the name of “Stormy Daniels” being used to the Waste Stream Media to trash the President of the United States.

She’s milking this for all she’s got, doesn’t mind being used by the WSM – of course not, she’s a porn star, what morals do you expect her to have?  What assuredly she does not have the brains to grasp is that we don’t care about herShe is a nobody, a brainless bleached blonde with marvelously pneumatic bobambas.

She either claims or denies she had a romp with Trump over ten years ago.  So what?  We don’t care, Stormy, go away and take your media clown show with you.

The only person on the planet whose business this is, whose emotions matter, is Melania.  If she doesn’t care – not because of a dalliance of years ago, but because she has healed him of his proclivities, he is a genuinely better man because of her – then neither should anyone else.

Today at the White House, the President and First Lady welcomed Prime Minister of Ireland Leo Varadkar…

Yes, the Irish elected an Indian guy who has no wife because he’s gay, and he’s by himself as his “partner” was not invited, but let’s not go there… the point here is that during the ceremony, the President and First Lady were caught looking at each other like this:

Those are looks of deep love and happiness with each other.  That’s all that matters.  We should be happy for them.  So should anyone of any decency.


Before we close, I need to make an appeal.  A friend of mine – a dear friend of mine for over 50 years – needs your help.

You know how much the Dems are laser targeting Republicans to take the House in November.  California Republicans are an endangered species and one in particular is in the Dem gunsights more than any other for his resolute unwavering support of President Trump.

I am talking about Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.  Here is in on Fox in October 2016 championing candidate Trump against the “gutless Republican Establishment”:

Dana’s having a fundraiser with Erik Prince at Erik’s home near DC this Sunday the 18th.  If you could participate, it would be a worthwhile investment in America.  Plus you’ll have a fabulous time.

If you can’t, please consider helping Dana to whatever extent you can.  Dana is being challenged in the primary by a Soros-financed phony.  He needs our help. Just click on Dana fundraiser with Erik Prince to do so.  Thanks…


That’s a wrap.  We end as promised, with how to make The World’s Greatest Irish Coffee.

First you need good coffee.  Not espresso as you need 4 to 6 ounces of it, just good fresh ground strong filter coffee.  You need powdered sugar, powdered so it dissolves easily, about a tablespoon.  You need whipping cream, whipped not too thick to pour.  You need good Irish whiskey – the best is Bushmills as it’s single malt, not Jameson’s which is blended.

In a 10-12 oz. Irish coffee glass,  pour 4-6 oz of really hot fresh brewed coffee and stir in about a tbsp. of powdered sugar.  Then, not before, add the Bushmills, at least two oz.  The lightly whipped cream needs to be very cold.  Pour it gently over the back of a spoon into the coffee so it forms a layer on top.  Sprinkle grated nutmeg on the cream.

Adjust the ratios to your taste.  But always remember Mark Twain’s sage advice:  “Too much of anything is bad, but too much whiskey is just enough.”

Have a wonderfully happy St. Patrick’s Day.  God Bless the Irish.