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This is Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov announcing on Russian television yesterday (3/10):


“The purpose of Pentagon-funded biological research in Ukraine was to establish a mechanism for the clandestine distribution of deadly pathogens. The United States is training migratory birds to migrate from Ukraine to Russia and distribute bacteriological weapons.”


This is not a Babylon Bee satire joke.  This is an actual news broadcast by the Russian government to the Russian people – vast numbers of whom are gullible enough to believe it.  What’s tragically amazing is that far too many American conservatives are gullible enough to believe it too.

A good friend of mine is a scientist who has worked in surveillance biolabs.  After laughing our heads off over this latest example of pathetic Russian propaganda, he explained:


“In the San Gabriel mountains above Los Angeles, bubonic plague is endemic among rodents.  Ever so often a camper will get bit by a rat flea with it, and my lab had to be able to quickly recognize it, tell the hospital, then send out the public health service to exterminate the area to prevent an outbreak of the Black Death.


There’s a public health biolab in most counties of the US, over a thousand.  The US funds such labs in countries all over the world, 20 to 30 in Ukraine.  Their purpose is to stop epidemics, not create bioweapons. Of course they have samples of pathogens so they know what to look for and accurately test for when there’s an outbreak of something.”


The Kremlin has a long history of propaganda disinformation campaigns.  In the 1980s, the KGB ran Operation INFEKTION, also codenamed Operation Denver, to plant news stories all over the world that America invented HIV-AIDS as a biological weapon at the US Army’s Fort Detrick, Maryland.

This current campaign of accusing Ukraine having US-sponsored biowar labs is a page straight out of the KGB playbook.



The weirdest aspect of this blatantly obvious SOP Kremlin propaganda campaign is formerly pro-American pundits like Tucker Carlson are falling for it, with so many normally sane conservatives following him into Putin-worship.  An entire and entirely innocent country is being systematically bombed, destroyed, and slaughtered, and Tucker turns himself into an apologist for it.

Having a knee-jerk mistrust in the mainstream/lamestream media after all its constant lying fake news is understandable.  What’s not is rejecting an attempt of CNN to detail the obvious — Russia And Qanon Have The Same False Conspiracy Theory About Ukraine, that Qnon types are rooting for Putin – while preferring to believe explicit agitprop from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Note the other claims in the KGB-sponsored fanatically anti-Semitic pro-Russian Hezbollah website Al-Mayadeen – how Ukrainian soldiers are murdering civilians and blowing up buildings, not Russians.  How Zelensky is bringing Al Qaeda terrorists from Syria, not Putin.

It is bat-guano crazy for any America patriot to believe KGB propaganda rather than US media when the latter is for once on the side of moral decency – albeit they never miss a chance to bash Trump and pump up Biden in the process.

Yet there is Tucker and Steve Bannon and Conservative Tree House and sadly others doing just that.  And here are libs Nicole Wallace of MSNBC and Jon Karl of ABC last night (3/10) denouncing Tucker for “Echoing Putin’s Propaganda.”

Which Tucker is. And which is why Tucker’s pro-Putin monologues are constantly being broadcast on Russian state television.



Here’s what’s most worrisome politically.  Conservatives are on the verge of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in November if this pro-Putin insanity continues.  If Tucker keeps this up, Dems are going to use him as a tar baby in campaign ads.  New young conservative star in Congress Madison Cawthorn just went around the bend, caught on video calling Zelensky a “thug,” and his government “incredibly evil.”

He may have suicided himself politically.  Americans are overwhelmingly pro-Ukraine, think Zelensky is the world’s hero and Putin the world’s thug.  The North Carolina primary is May 17 and Cawthorn has 7 GOP challengers for his 11th District seat who are going to shred him to ribbons for his stupid gaffe.

Right now, Rasmussen reports 57% of voters think Xiden is doing a lousy job defending Ukraine and that Trump would do much better.  While that’s true, you can trust the media and Dem campaign ads to hang being anti-Zelensky and pro-Putin around the GOP’s neck like an albatross – unless GOP candidates start doing that to Tucker instead.

Let’s face it – if the GOP can win substantial majorities in both House and Senate in November, there’s a chance of bringing America back from the brink until Trump or DeSantis can complete the rescue in ’24.

This ludicrously idiotic and morally grotesque support of Putin regarding Ukraine by prominent conservatives will nauseate so many voters our chances this November could go down the tubes.

They better start paying attention to POTUS and follow his lead now – are you listening, Tucker?  Last night (3/10) on Hannity: Trump Calls Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine a “Crime Against Humanity.”



Especially since the odds increased this week that Ukraine will defeat Putin’s monstrous invasion.  There was a bitter cold snap in the country, many degrees below freezing with hordes of Russian soldiers dying of the cold: Russia’s Stranded Troops Face Dying In Tanks That Become ’40-Ton Iron Freezers’ During -20C Cold Snap.

And then comes Rasputitsa – the three to four week period when the ice and snow turns into deep gummy mud marvelous for Russian tanks, APCs, Grads, trucks, fuel trucks et al sinking immovably into.

Meanwhile, this headline today is inspiring: ‘Inept’ Russian tactics baffle military experts: Tank commanders allowed Ukrainians to ambush them by driving straight up a main road as analysts say they’ve lost enough armored vehicles to equip the ENTIRE German army

However, this is not:


Putin has sent several thankfully failed assassination squads to kill Zelensky.  Let’s fervently wish Zelensky successfully returns the favor.

Former Russian Foreign Minister (under Boris Yeltsin) Andrei Kozyrev predicted yesterday (3/10) that people on Putin’s inner circle will do the job themselves: “One day they might come with a weapon and escort him either to the grave or retirement” (8:20).



Yesterday (3/10), Kamala Harris was in Warsaw and of course made a total fool of herself, cackling about a serious question on the lives of Ukrainian refugees.

So much so that Zelensky’s former secretary tweeted:


Albeit that it is a ridiculous tragedy that we have Squatter Joe infesting the Oval Office now.  If the Democrats had any real brains – which they don’t because their Woke and Climate Change ideologies override their brains – they’d figure out how to get the best they have to replace Harris, then shuffle Joe back to his basement.

After all, the White House Staff is already draping an American flag over Joe every time he takes a nap.

This is so the one Dem who could win in ’24 would be running as the incumbent.

And who might that be?  Joe Manchin.

On Tuesday (3/08), he went straight up against Biden in declaring our number one domestic priority is to “increase US oil and gas production on both federal and non-federal land.” Manchin: “We have to go back to the domestic production policies we had before.”

Before what? BB – Before Biden. In other words, BTT – Back To Trump, all of Trump’s energy policies that enabled America to quickly become energy independent and the world’s largest fossil fuel producer.

While paying lip service to the shibboleths of global warming as a head fake, he knows the damage Biden and his fellow Dems have done to our economy with their anti-energy dogmas, and he wans to put an end to it, the whole dog’s breakfast of “climate change.”

He’s the Dems most dangerous enemy, the fox in the global warming henhouse, because he intends to destroy their rationale for power, which is what “climate change” really is.  Yet he’s a Dem himself.  He just about the last rational Dem left.  We’d love to see him switch parties.  But perhaps his goal is to save the Democrat Party from itself.



Manchin also knows that when there’s a parade going where you want, get out and lead it.  Biden nor Harris are getting away with them blaming Putin-Ukraine for high gas prices:

Today (3/11): Americans Hurting Over Gas Prices Call ‘Bull’ On Biden’s Claim He ‘Can’t Do Much,’ Russia Responsible

If Manchin could succeed in reinstating POTUS’ drill-baby-drill energy policies, he’d be a hero to millions of regular Americans and be in the catbird seat for the Dem ’24 nominee – if Dem Wokesters didn’t go bananas opposing him.  And who would be his VP pick?  Krysten Sinema of course…..



And what about the GOP ’24 nominee?

In November 2024, Donald Trump will be as old as I am right now – 78.  He still has dragon energy.  I work out hard with an extensive variety of exercise regimens six days a week – and I couldn’t talk for over an hour straight like he did at CPAC last month.

But it is not his age that give me pause – it’s his capacity to pick disloyal losers to be in positions of power around him.  Mike Pence, Jim Mattis, Jeff Sessions, John Kelly, Bill Barr – and (gasp!) Mark Milley to run the Pentagon. That’s for starters, it’s a very long list.

As it stands now, it looks like our fantasy is not to be – that he’ll run for a Florida district seat in Congress, then become Speaker to block every attempt by Xiden (or should he be named Joe Bidet?) to further ruin America.

There may be a silver lining to this, as his being in Congress from Florida would constitutionally prohibit Gov. DeSantis as his running mate.  And POTUS desperately needs a VP DeSantis’ moxie and savvy as his de facto personnel director and chief of staff to run his White House.

It would be easy for POTUS to switch residences as he has many to choose from in other states.  That way we’d get DeSantis for 12 years, 4 as an influential president-in-waiting, then 8 for real – and in November 2024 he’ll only be 46. (FYI – note that Manchin will be 77 then.)  Easily enough time for America to be fully normal again with the current lunacies in the forgotten past.

Lunacies like – to pluck one for the week that stood out for me:  Thursday (3/10) – Navy Refuses to Deploy Warship While Commander Remains Unvaccinated.  You can’t make that up.



Speaking of Gov. Ron, here’s the headline on him today (3/11): Ron DeSantis Doubles Down: ‘We Are Not Going to Allow Them to Inject Transgenderism into Kindergarten’.

This is about the Woke Left going wacko over the new Florida Parental Rights in Education law, that blocks transgenderism indoctrination from Kindergarten to the 3rd Grade.

Arguably the World’s Ugliest Woman, Jen Psak-i-Schiess, promptly denounced the new law as “hateful.”

Perhaps she was referring to this heartbreaking report: Florida School Kid Sad He Has To Wait Until 4th Grade To Be Indoctrinated By Trans Ideology.  It recounted how sad the little boy was, and concluded:


“Many education experts worry that starting gender indoctrination at age 9 may be too late to confuse young children and encourage promiscuity in order to get them into the Planned Parenthood sales pipeline. ‘What DeSantis has done in Florida is horrific,’ said one school superintendent. ‘Gen Z currently has a 40% LGBTQ rate and we were hoping to get that up to 75% in the next decade. DeSantis is a Nazi party-pooper!’


Republicans in the state have assured special interest groups that kids will qualify for perverse sexual grooming starting in 4th grade, which allows plenty of time for the indoctrination. They then all went out to a fancy dinner and congratulated themselves for their ability to compromise.”



We close on a note of the utmost seriousness.  Mike Ramirez entitled this “There is no limit to Putin’s depravity”.  The evil he is perpetrating upon Ukraine and its people is absolute and irredeemable.  There are no ifs, no buts, no excuses.  It is utter complete  inhuman moral depravity.

As such, it is a moral imperative that we be on the side of those fighting this depravity with their lives.   Here is the question:


We must choose wisely.  We must say My z vamy. Slava Ukraini. We are with you. Glory to Ukraine!