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Should this hit song from 1961 by the Shirelles be our theme song this week?

Ereyesterday (2/28), the WashTimes headline: Trump vs. California Feud Escalates to All-Out Warfare.

Ridiculously hyperbolic, for Trump has been far more patient with the Sanctuary State’s lawlessness than you or I would be.  Yet he is as sick and tired of the Land of Illegals as all of us.

TTPers are not interested in problems, however, but in solutions to them.  Since it would take up way too much space here to provide that, consider this a separate adjunct to the HFR today:  Should America Secede from California?

Time to put an end to this catastrophic nonsense – for we have no time to lose.  FYI, it’s Free Access, so you can forward it to anyone and everyone you want.


Then we have this gobsmacking headline from the New York Times on Wednesday (2/28): Trump Stuns Lawmakers With Seeming Embrace of Comprehensive Gun Control.

At the White House, “the president veered wildly from the NRA playbook in front of giddy Democrats and stone-faced Republicans,” the Times reported giddily.  In advocating police seizing guns from the mentally ill, the Times quoted him: “I like taking the guns early. Take the guns first, go through due process second.”

Whoa, Nellie.  Tucker Carlson on Fox exploded, accusing Trump of “betrayal” on a core promise of his campaign.  My friends at Gun Owners of America are saying the President “has become the gun grabber-in-chief.”  Most depressing to many was Trump’s rejection of Steve Scalise’s plea for national reciprocity for concealed carry.

So, has our Fearless Leader gone over to the Dark Side, or is this his standard shtick of playing the Left and Waste Stream Media like a fiddle?  The answer is, let’s hope it’s the latter.

Note that he told Scalise he wanted reciprocity but as a “separate bill,” for a package gun-control bill including it “would never get passed.”   That’s because of the Senate Dem filibuster – which would block the separate bill also as anyone knows.  Sorry, POTUS’ argument makes no sense.

Nonetheless, we have a precedent for the outrage of conservative punditry with calls of “Betrayal!!” only to find out later The Don was gaming the Dems all along – that was on DACA.  His exposure of Dem total hypocrisy on DACA was genius.  We need to cross our fingers and wait to see if he’ll do the same to the Dems on guns.

Meanwhile, last night both POTUS and VP Pence met with leaders of the NRA in the Oval Office.  The response:



On Wednesday (2/28), our unchained POTUS cut loose with another Trumper Tantrum Tweet:

Once again. he’s being roundly condemned for flying wildly off the handle, lashing out in irrational anger against his own Attorney General.  Why, Obama never did that!  It’s Trump who’s disgraceful not Sessions!

Hmmmm… could it be that’s exactly the reaction Trump wanted with his trigger tweet?  Trust DOJ Obama-holdover lawyers rather than the one guy who’s methodically getting the goods on Obama-Clinton-Comey-Clapper-Brennan-Russia corruption, IG Horowitz?  Right.

In fact, POTUS almost gives the game away when he calls Horowitz “an Obama guy.”  Everyone in town, including most assuredly El Donaldo, knows that’s the last thing Horowitz is.

And sure enough, CNN got instantly triggered, knee-jerking within hours: Donald Trump’s Public Shaming of Jeff Sessions Is Shameful.

Yep, Sessions and Horowitz have the full sympathy of the Fake Newsers attacked so unfairly by the Demented Donald – so when they come out nailing the Obama Gang to the wall, no way can they be accused of a conspiracy between them and their nemesis Trump.

It’s really truly, cosmically, funny when you see what’s really going on.  Trump is Lucy with the football, the Fake News is Charley Brown.  Every time.


You might think the Fake Newsers would get the message with this morning’s Brietbart headline (3/02): Inspector General Michael Horowitz Will Accuse FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe of Leaking, Misleading Investigators.

Hello, anybody home?  It’s McCabe who’s the Obama guy, deep in cahoots with the whole Obama-Clinton Gang.  This is so much fun.


By the way, aren’t you seriously sick and tired of this teenage publicity hound bozo, David Hogg?  Yesterday (3/01), Dave Hinds at The Federalist exposes Hogg’s and other Parkland students being professionally astroturfed by the gun-control fascisti.  A very instructive must-read.


Speaking of leftie publicity hounds no one cares about, the last thing a whole lot of people will be doing this Sunday night is watching the Oscars.  It used to be glamorous and exciting with real stars and real movies and real class.

There was a link in Mike Walsh’s article yesterday (3/01), “Why Can’t A Woman Be Less Like A Man?, to Rex Harrison’s winning the Best Actor Oscar in 1965.  It’s worth watching.

Bob Hope is the MC, Audrey Hepburn is the presenter, and Harrison’s (in My Fair Lady) competition is stunning:  Richard Burton in Becket, Peter O’Toole in Becket,  Anthony Quinn in Zorba the Greek, and Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove.  Wow, that’s a lineup.

Compare the pathetic paltriness of today’s nominees – save for Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour.  The glamour and class of years gone by will be replaced by nothing more than virtue-signaling hypocrisy.  So excruciatingly boring that there’s a trending twitter hashtag: #oscarssoirrelvant

Yes, they sure are.  You can’t help but think of Gloria Swanson playing a silent screen star made irrelevant by the talkies in Sunset Boulevard (1950):


You wonder, though, what impact billboards erected by street artist Sabo will have.  Most likely nervously ignored.  This one, 48 feet across and 14 feet high, can be seen at the corner of Wilshire and La Brea in Hollywood:

Kicking the hypocrite hyper-libs of Hollywood right where they should be.


Now for fun news from the latest issue (2/27) of the Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Science.

First up is “Monoterpines Are the Largest Source of Organic Aerosol in the Southeastern United States.”  What could be more fascinating?  Especially when it shows that trees (especially pine trees) and other vegetation are responsible for most of the photochemical smog in the entire SE USA.  Not us people.  Turns out tree huggers are smog huggers.

Next up:  “In and Out of Glacial Extremes by Way of Dust-Climate Feedbacks.”  What a turn-on!  Well, it turns out that airborne dust changes drive the suddenness of temperature changes at the start and end of Ice Ages, which in turn cause CO2 changes.  Goodbye man-made CO2-caused global warming!

Last is the real barnburner:  “Demographically Diverse Crowds Are Typically Not Much Wiser Than Homogeneous Crowds.”  Who knew?  It’s now empirically proven that ethnic/racial diversity does not improve group decisions.  Guess what does – cognitive diversity, people smart enough to think differently.

Looks like SCOTUS will have to kiss goodbye their excuse for allowing racial preferences (in spite of the clear language of the 14th Amendment) in higher education.


Now I’m going to ask you to do something in the name of science – and for Americans getting their brains damaged by Communists.

Two weeks ago (2/15), the New York Times ran this story: Diplomats in Cuba Suffered Brain Injuries. Experts Still Don’t Know Why.

Here is why:

“All reports are consistent with very high peak power with moderate average power UHF or microwave irradiation.  Every bit, including the sounds, the dizziness, the headaches, and the white matter brain damage.


The Russians have developed very high peak power very short pulse radar systems for thwarting geometric stealth.  The transmitter for such a radar would be perfectly suited for these attacks.  No new equipment, R&D, or production needed.  The Russians probably noticed similar non-thermal damage effects on their own carelessly exposed personnel early in the R&D stage of these systems.


The accepted knowledge is that UHF and microwaves can cause thermal damage at sufficiently high average power density (which is indeed the case), but can cause no other damage because the photon energy is vastly below that of the ionizing radiation which causes free radical damage.


What is going on here is dielectric breakdown of the nerves’ myelin insulation, an entirely different type of damage mechanism.


A similar type of neurological damage is sometimes seen in lightning strike survivors, though this is usually complicated by prominent thermal burn effects.


Lightning bolts are usually measured in milliseconds, whereas these geometric stealth defying Russian radar pulses are a few nanoseconds long, which delivers huge peak electrical and magnetic fields with relatively modest average power,  hence an absence of thermal burns.  If the victim were too close to the transmitter or the pulse repetition rate turned up too high, the average power could be high enough for the victim to feel heat, which indeed has been reported.”

An informed source of TTP who is an aerospace weapons physicist  figured this out.  You need to copy and paste the above into an email sent to your Congressman and Senator right now, urging they tell Mattis and Pompeo to do what needs to be done to terminate the technology in Cuba responsible.


It’s appropriate at this moment to express my gratitude to those TTPers thoughtful enough to send me info helpful for the HFR, and to express their thoughts on the Forum.

The TTP Forum adds such extraordinary value to To The Point.  I can’t count how many times I’m blown away by the wisdom, knowledge, and insightfulness I find in the Forum.  There are marvelous minds you’ll find there, like Mike Ryan, Yasuhiko Kimura, Joe Katzman, Skye, and so many others – not to mention the Forum’s lovable gadfly Julius.

Thanks so much to you all.  And for those hesitant to provide your own insights – please jump right in!  You’re among friends, you are so welcome!  I and we all would love to hear from you.


Okay – time for the HFR Hero of the Week!

It’s tempting to name Orrin Hatch, the erstwhile Senator from Utah.  Yesterday (3/01) speaking at AEI, he told his audience to their glee that “Obamacare supporters are the stupidest, dumbass people I’ve ever met.”  Truth to power!  Thanks, Orrin.

Nonetheless, the clear winner is:  The Georgia Legislature.

Yesterday (3/01), the Georgia legislature voted to cancel a jet-fuel tax exemption worth $50 million to Delta Airlines for its boycott of the NRA.  Gov. Nathan Deal said he would sign the bill into law.

We need a lot more politicians with the courage of those in Georgia.


Time for a personal story.  When I posted the video clip for Sam Rosenberg’s “Wolves, Sheep, and Sheepdogs” yesterday (3/01), you’ll never guess who it reminded me of.  It’s the opening scene of American Sniper showing how Chris Kyle learned he was a sheepdog as a young boy protecting his little brother from a bully.

It reminded me of my wife Rebel.  When she was 8 years old in the 3rd grade, she lit into a bully bigger than her who was pounding on her little brother.  Rebel punched his lights out.  After school, she heard a loud knock on the door as she was doing her homework upstairs.

Her father opened the door, and she heard an angry man’s voice say, “Mr. Holiday?  My son and I are here to have a man-to-man talk with you and your son Rebel!”

Stonefaced, her father called up, “Rebel, will you come down her please?”  She sheepishly came down the stairs – and when the boy’s father saw her, he grabbed him by the shirt collar.  “That’s Rebel??!!” he yelled as the boy began crying and rubbing his black eye.  “A girl??!!  You let a girl beat you up??!!”  And they stalked out.  Rebel’s father looked at her with an ear-to-ear grin.  “That’s my girl!” he said proudly.

Every guy thinks it’s cool to be a sheepdog.  But how cool is it to be married to a lady sheepdog as well?  That’s my Rebel.


We close with the story behind this famous picture:

Taken on September 20, 1932, on a girder 840 feet above New York City, 11 ironworkers are having a lunch break working on the RCA Building in Rockefeller Plaza.  But who are they?  Their story is told in Lunch Atop a Skyscraper by TIME Magazine:

Watching these men work and listening to their story brought tears to my eyes.  These are real men, real unsung and unknown heroes who looked upon themselves as ordinary guys.

If we are to Make America Great Again, it will only be when our culture throws the Left’s “toxic masculinity” garbage in history’s trash can,  and gives our respect, gratitude, and admiration for real men once more.