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keep-the-torch-burningWe should not bemoan Rush’s passing – although we sure could use his Golden Mike insights right now – but rather celebrate that we were gifted his “Talent on loan from God” for so many years.  Indeed, that we were gifted with him at all.

If you read his Wikipedia bio, you see his early years consisted of one failure after another, getting repeatedly fired by radio stations.  How easily he could have been sidetracked with his life taking an entirely different direction, over 16 years of failure (from age 20 in 1971) to age 36 in 1987.  But he wasn’t, so he was ready when President Reagan got rid of the libtard Fairness Doctrine.

For a full third of a century, from 1988 to 2020, he led the charge for America’s conservative principles of liberty, decency, and patriotism like no other.  Time to reflect on how all those years might never have been.  Then take a moment to read a young college girl’s Ode to Rush for a personal story on what a profoundly good human being he was.

Thanks for being such an extraordinary inspiration to so many millions of us for so long, Rush.  We’ll always live in gratitude for you.




The photo above is Rush receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, adorned around his neck by First Lady Melania Trump, awarded by President Trump at his State of the Union Address to Congress last February, 2020.

What about the SOTU this February, 2021?  The first question is not when but if – will there be one at all?  The Associated Press announcement states that FPX is “expected” to deliver it next Tuesday, Feb. 23, but notes, “date is yet to be confirmed.”

Say what?  This hugely important speech is four quick days from now and still to be confirmed?? Maybe the senile pedophile is not up to reading a speech from a teleprompter anymore.  That his brain is fading fast became clear three days ago (2/16) in the staged CNN “Townhall.”

He was briefed in advance on every question that would be asked and practiced how to answer it – yet he was still Mr. Gaffe Guy.  Breitbart lists 7 Cringeworthy Moments at Wisconsin Townhall.

Reminding everyone he’s a pedo, he actually said, “Everybody knows I like kids better than people.”

Can you imagine any GOP politician publicly saying this and not being condemned as unforgivably racist: “People in the Hispanic and African-American community  don’t know how to use, know how to get online.”

When asked about the Covid vaccine, he actually responded, “the vaccine, which we didn’t have when we came into office.” That would be January 20.  He got his first Pfizer BioNTech shot on December 27, the second two weeks later on January 11.

The worst was on human rights in China.  However incoherently, he excused any and all atrocities committed by the Chicoms, against the Uyghurs in particular, saying China needs “unity” instead and that it has different “cultural norms” than we do.

Yep, he’s China Joe, in Xi’s pocket, bought and paid for with Chicom blackmail (all of his and Hunter’s deals in Beijing are on Chicom video.


Problem is, his cognitive disorder is now so bad he can’t handle a spontaneous conversation and getting worse.  But Xi wants Xiden to stay in office as long as possible to keep doing things like excusing Chicom atrocities or protecting the Chicom spies embedded in their Confucius Institutes on US college campuses.

At some point, however – too soon now to tell when – the 25th Amendment will have to be invoked, with Heels Up Harris placed in the Oval Office.


Her problem is she’s less likable and much (much) dumber than the PIAPS.  Thus the 2020 campaign slogan:


She’ll be a laughingstock, but here’s a question not being asked:  Who will she choose to be her Vice-President?

It will have to be someone the Deep State and most likely the Chicoms have blackmailable dirt on, thus someone they can control.  Submit your best guess in the Forum.  I’ll send a bottle of Tito’s vodka – best in the world and made in Texas! – to the winner to be announced in next week’s HFR.



FYI – the New York Post ran this story this morning (2/19): President [X]iden takes another snow day — get your milk cartons ready.  He’s hiding in the White House basement all day.  As the Post notes: “Snow days are for children – not the leader of the Free World,” – which, of course, he is most decidedly not.



Ah, but it’s the Post’s cover story this morning that’s really cool:


“After a slew of controversies, Mark Zuckerberg-owned Facebook has suffered a major jolt as it said the social media platform will stop publishers and people in Australia from sharing or viewing Australian and international news content in response to Australias proposed new Media Bargaining law.


This development led to furor on Twitter as people around the world out of anger lashed on Facebook by making it trend with #DeleteFacebook, #FacebookWeNeedToTalk and #BoycottZuckerberg.


Many of the users are urging people to delete Facebook for good and they are posting on the platform to reach out to their mutual connections and asking them to get rid of the platform.”

The story quotes Democrat Congressman David Cicilline (RI):

“If it is not already clear, Facebook is not compatible with democracy. Threatening to bring an entire country to its knees to agree to Facebook’s terms is the ultimate admission of monopoly power.”

When even Dems demand the breakup of FB – similar to the breakup of AT&T in 1982 – when it was a major contributor to the Nov 3 Great Election Theft, you know the War Against Big Tech has begun.  Next will come Twitter.  Google was smart enough to make a deal with Australia – but Zuck and Dorsey are too big for their britches now, a threat to everyone.  They have to – and will be – taken down.



What’s happened to so much of the US with record freezing from Canada to Mexico has been tragic for many, especially in Texas where the windmills froze and the solar panels iced over.  It’s reasonable to ask: Can Xiden’s “Climate Change Crisis” please die now?

Not a chance.  Global Warming – aka “Climate Change” – is a secular religious cult impervious to facts, evidence, reason, and logic.  It’s the libtard replacement for Christianity – we have sinned against Nature instead of God, and can never be saved because libtards don’t believe in Christian Salvation – and are thus eternally screwed.

So the instant the stories broke about Texas being a lethal ice box, I thought, “In a New York second, there’ll be news stories on how Global Warming causes Global Freezing.”  I didn’t wait long.

Sure enough – like clockwork, out came the dependently leftie Guardian to invent: Heating Arctic may be to blame for snowstorms in Texas, scientists argue. Right.  Every Arctic expedition trying to prove arctic warming in recent years has failed and had to retreat because of freezing ice-bound weather.  All tried to reach the North Pole and failed – which I found seriously amusing as I have been to the North Pole 21 times.



As an aside, Texas Gov. Abbott’s career is on the line in how he conducts the investigation into this freeze disaster.  It wasn’t just the frozen windmills and solar panels.  The natural gas wellheads froze – there are very easy/inexpensive measures to prevent this.  The only way a coal burning plant can stop working is the condenser freezing – it was sheer incompetence that this happened.

The deadly fiasco is entirely due to Texas energy agency ERCOT massively screwing up, for which the people responsible need to be criminally liable.  But of course ERCOT will be in a total CYA coverup turtle shell.  Abbott needs to hire a world-class outsider like TTPer Mike Ryan to conduct an independent investigation of all actions and records of ERCOT to bullseye the perps.



Here’s a must-watch.  Burgess Owens is a famed NFL football star who contributed to the Oakland Raiders winning Super Bowl XV with three interceptions and a touchdown.  Today he’s a just-elected freshman GOP Congressman from Utah.

Here he is with Tucker Carlson on Wednesday evening (1/17) on how FPX’s horrifically Hate-America immigration policy is designed to destroy the Black Middle Class.



Now the pièce de résistance, an absolute work of art.  Watch POTUS impeachment lawyer Michael van der Veen destroy the pathetic CBS News anchor libtard after the POTUS acquittal on Sunday (2/14).  MVDV is The Man – at the end he pulls his mike off his lapel and throws it on the ground in disgust.  This is exactly how to treat the Fake News Media.



One weird question in POTUS’ vindication is: why is Turtle committing political suicide over it?  The day after, Monday (2/15), McConnell published this crazed bitter attack on POTUS in the Wall Street Journal, Acquittal Vindicated the Constitution, Not Trump.

Has TDS destroyed his brain? The only explanation is Dem blackmail over his wife Elaine Chao, POTUS’ Secretary of Transportation.  She and her family – and Turtle through them – have deep business connections with the Chinese Communist business elite.

Whatever, he’s done and dusted.  Kentuckians are already demanding he resign as Senate GOP leader.  Next comes unending protests he resign from the Senate.



Meanwhile, I trust you’re enjoying the demolishment of America’s most obnoxious, pretentious, and murderous governor, Andrew Cuomo of New York.

One beautiful headline – note the “calls’ are from Pubs and Dems: Cuomo Alone – Calls Grow for New York’s Imperious Governor to Be Impeached and Criminally Prosecuted. That means they want him in prison.

So, evidently, does AOC – yep, they’re eating their own, just like the French Revolution: AOC calls for ‘full investigation’ of Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes amid coronavirus pandemic.  Note the sub-headline: The FBI and the US attorney for the Eastern District of New York reportedly both have opened an investigation.

Goodnight, Andrew.  How often do you think your brother Fredo – sorry, Chris – will visit you in the slammer after CNN fires him because of you?



This HFR has been justly upbeat, but be aware the damage continues to mount each day now, with open borders, genuflecting to Iran and more.

So let’s look ahead to an interesting prediction.  The clickbait headline: Steve Bannon Sounds the Alarm, Says President Trump “Will Lead Us In 2024,” May Replace Pelosi and Impeach Biden.

On Saturday (2/13) in Boston, Bannon said: “the former President could be elected to congress and replace Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and may even impeach President Joe Biden.”

Well, not exactly.  First, there’s no way POTUS will run for some lowly House seat, forget it.  Second, he doesn’t have to. There’s no rule whatever requiring the House Speaker has to be an elected Member.  A majority of the Members can elect any one they want.

With the Xiden-Heels Up Admin being catastrophic, the GOP will gain far, far more than the five seats needed for majority.  POTUS can easily make a deal with Kevin McCarthy: “You’re young, Kevin, only 56.  I’ll be Speaker for 2 years, then get reelected, we’ll run Washington together with you in the Speakership for years to come.”

Third, Speaker POTUS will not waste his time on useless peach-mint shows but on accomplishing legislation positioning himself for 2024 reelection to the White House.

So that’s really what may happen, Steve.  Whatever does happen, we all know that our POTUS will make it interesting, entertaining, and hell for America’s domestic enemies.



Final note: Thanks to those of you who answered our 2021 To The Point Survey. Your answers and comments are really helping us a lot to make sure TTP is better than ever in 2021.

For those of you who have not yet been able to, please take a few moments – right now – to take our 2021 To The Point Survey.  I’ll really appreciate it.  And be sure to leave your email address so I can write back to you. Thanks!