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north-face-of-everestThis is the North Face of Mount Everest in Tibet.  I took this picture on October 29, 1987, alongside a small group of friends.  We had just finished crossing the entire Chang Tang Plateau of Northern Tibet.  We stood silently, filled with awe and reverence for the privilege of being here.

An indescribably deep calm swept over us as we witnessed one of the most magnificent sights in all the world – the world’s highest mountain turn pink in the setting sun – and  no one was calmer than Big John Perrott.

For we had been in the Chang Tang – once of the remotest places on our planet – on October 19 when we heard the BBC report on our shortwave radio that the US and global stock markets had collapsed.

It was Black Monday, October 19, 1987, when the Dow suffered the single largest one-day percentage drop in its history:  22.61%, losing 508 points from 2246 to 1738.

Big John collapsed emotionally.  “I’m ruined!  I’ve lost everything – all my life savings have been wiped out!” he exclaimed in anguish.  There was nothing he could do.  There was no way whatever we could communicate with the outside world.  “If I could just have reached my broker in time to sell before the markets crash even lower, I’d at least have something left!” he lamented bitterly.

By the time we had reached Everest ten days later, our little shortwave radio told us that the markets were rebounding.  Black Monday had been a trading event, not a fundamental or economic one.  “Jack,” Big John told me, “I’ll always be grateful that I was in the middle of Tibet when this happened and couldn’t do anything.  My panic would have been my downfall back home.”

Big John today is a TTPer well known on the Forum.  Perhaps he’ll comment on the relief he was feeling as he was looking at that Everest sunset.  TTPer Joel Wade was with me as well – perhaps he’ll reminisce on the Forum too.

(Note:  how a friend of mine at the Reagan White House prevented Black Monday from becoming much worse is a story I tell appended below.  To my knowledge, it’s never been made public before.)


Yes, the theme of this week is Panic.  It is needless, however, regarding the Dow – which fell 4.15% yesterday (2/08), a speed bump compared to Black Monday over 5 times larger.  As the WSJ says this morning (2/09), it doesn’t even rank in the Top 100 deepest one-day Dow percentage plunges.

The Journal goes on to note, “Analysts expect corporate earnings will keep rising and economic growth,” that what’s going on is a needed “healthy correction” for Mr. Market.

So stay calm – and enjoy the real panic going on, as discussed by Jack Kelly yesterday, Dems In A Panic.

In fact, we should label this The PanDEMic.

For in the last 24 hours since Kelly wrote that, The PanDEMic has gotten worse.  For openers, last night (2/08), POTUS posted:

As FISAgate morphs into Obamagate, the most massive political scandal in US history, we are seeing the drip by drip of devastating evidence turning into a Johnstown flood sweeping away any doubt that Comey’s FBI, Lynch’s DOJ, and Brennan’s CIA were working directly with the Democrat National Committee and Hillary’s campaign to contrive the entire “Trump-Russia Collusion” smear.

On Tuesday (2/06), the Daily Mail headline was: House Intelligence Chairman Nunes claims that Hillary Clinton collaborated with Russia to FRAME Trump using the infamous dossier her campaign paid to commission.

Then we learn from a superb analysis of the evidence by “Sundance” at the Conservative Treehouse that Carter Page, the Trump campaign volunteer whom the FBI claimed was a Russian spy to get the FISA Warrant on the Trump Campaign, had been an Under-Cover Employee (UCE) of the FBI investigating Russian corruption for years.  Page is denying it, but the case for it is persuasive.

Now this morning we get this IBD headline: How Did Hillary Clinton Get FBI, FISA To Do Her Political Dirty Work?

“Russia Scandal: Bit by bit, piece by piece, the growing scandal of the FBI’s spying on the Trump campaign is being revealed for what it is: an effort to weaponize the federal intelligence bureaucracy for use by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.”

 And just who could order the weaponization of the FBI, the DOJ, and the CIA to smear an opposition presidential candidate and overturn his election?  That’s a rhetorical question as the answer is obvious:  Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.


And when it rains, it pours.  Headlines yesterday (2/08):

Zero Hedge:  FBI Informant Testifies: Moscow Routed Millions To Clinton Foundation In “Russian Uranium Dominance Strategy”.

Fox: Uranium One informant says Moscow paid millions in bid to influence Clinton.

Daily Mail: FBI informant who spied on Russian firm that bought Uranium One says Moscow paid MILLIONS to influence Hillary Clinton while the deal was under review

William Douglas Campbell provided House Oversight, House Intel, and Senate Judiciary the evidence he gave to the FBI that overwhelmingly showed Russian acts of bribery to American companies and to the Clinton Foundation – yet Obama approved Russia’s purchase of Uranium One in the fall of 2010, giving Russia ownership of 20% of America’s uranium deposits.

One key point in all this, beyond the blatant bribery of the PIAPS while she was Secretary of State, is that guess who was the FBI Director when Campbell gave his evidence and the Uranium One sale to Russia was approved in spite of it?  Robert Mueller.

No wonder Dan Sobieski at AT concluded this morning (2/09): Hillary’s Uranium One Reaching Critical Mass.


Clinton-Obama-Russia Collusion may be the largest political scandal ever – but not its most evil.  That happened during the term of Hillary’s husband.

On Wednesday (2/07), Paramount Network aired Episode 3 of its six-week miniseries Waco.  You may have seen it.  You can be sure that at the series’ end, it will not have told the truth of the evil perpetrated there by the US government upon its citizens that matches in microcosm anything done by Nazis in WWII.

This picture is why:

This is Crystal Martinez, a little five year-old girl, her charred body burned beyond recognition and twisted in the ghastly rictus contortion typical of subjection to hydrogen cyanide.  She was one of the 87 men, women, and children poison-gassed to death at Waco by the FBI on orders of Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno.

As explained in America’s Saddam TTP, December 2002), Reno – who held a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from Cornell University – had a chemical warfare agent known as CS (o-chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile) dissolved in methylene chloride, MC, then had the FBI pump hundreds of pounds of CS/MC into the Davidian complex and made sure the complex was set on fire.

When burned, CS produces hydrogen cyanide, the same gas used to execute prisoners on Death Row, while MC decomposes into hydrogen chloride, which has the same effect on any moisture-laden area of the body as sulfur mustard gas used in World War I: excruciating searing pain in the eyes, the mucous lining of the nose, and the lungs.

Look at that picture again.  Imagine (actually you can’t) the horror of what this poison gas did to your fellow Americans portrayed in the Waco series (you can be sure the series will never disclose it).  Realize this was done on purpose.  Then think of how close the man ultimately responsible for this, who lionized Janet Reno afterwards, came – on the coattails of his wife – to inhabiting the White House again.

One more reason to be grateful to Providence for America dodging a bullet to the heart in November 2017.

Note:  Janet Reno died in 2016.  May she rot in Hell.


Let’s get out of here now, for a look overseas.

From Tuesday (2/06) on CNBC:  Russia and China vie to beat the US in the trillion-dollar race to control the Arctic.  Vie?  It’s no contest.

As TTPers have long known – since Chinese Siberia in November 2006 – the Chicoms are going to eat Moscow’s lunch.  Putin can kiss all of Eastern Siberia goodbye within as little as ten years.

From Thursday (2/08) in the Daily Mail: Bermuda becomes the first country to repeal laws allowing same-sex marriage.   Trend or outlier?

From today on Drudge(2/09):  Sinking Pacific Island Country Touted as Warming Victim… Now RISING.  It’s not sinking beneath the waves, it’s growing larger and higher!

TTPers will get a laugh about this – for the island country is Tuvalu, where we learned in Serendipity in the South Pacific (October 2013), Tuvaluans laugh about the gullibility of Western ecotards giving them lots of money to prevent something they know isn’t happening.  Refresh your memory by reading it and enjoy.

Which brings to mind another story about the South Pacific that got personal with me.  Yesterday (2/08), the Daily Mail ran a photo essay on The Black Sheep of the Pacific War.

It was about WWII’s most legendary fighter pilot, Pappy Boyington, and his squadron of Black Sheep pilots who shot down or destroyed 203 enemy aircraft in 84 days.

It’s a marvelous story of true American flamboyant heroism that brought back childhood memories for me.  For in the 1950s, Pappy and my father became close friends.  He came over to our home in Glendale a number of times.

The media portrayed him as a hard-drinking wild man.  But that was never the Pappy I knew.  At our home he was always a quiet-spoken gentleman, always thoughtful enough to include me when he and my Dad were talking.  You knew never to call him a hero for he was far too self-effacing.  Yet he was one of America’s most extraordinary.  I’ll always remember you fondly, Pappy.


Fun Time!  On Wednesday (2/07), the Albuquerque Journal ran a cartoon by syndicated cartoonist Sean Delonas.  It depicted a white middle-class couple being mugged by MS-13 robbers whom the couple calls “Dreamers.”  Oh, the blasphemy, the heresy!  Libtards everywhere were scandalized.

By Thursday morning (2/08), the paper’s editor abjectly apologized.  Poor delicate little libtard snowflakes always in a state of constant outrage.  Do you see anything objectionable about this?


Okay, a bit more fun.  This just came out today: Peter Strzok Savages Chelsea Clinton in Newly Released FBI Text Messages.  He and his mistress Lisa Page worship Hillary but they sure don’t think much of her daughter.  Strzok makes fun of her “Billy goat speech tic.”

And yes, she really does sound like a Billy goat:

Then we have this from Dreamtard Central:  DACA Illegal Aliens Promise to Self-Deport If Amnesty Fails.  That’s a threat?  Yes, please, be our guest, make our day!


But here’s a story that’s not fun.  On Wednesday (2/07), I wrote AINOs and the Waste Stream Media – contending that Hate America Democrats should be known as Americans In Name Only or AINOs.

In so doing I missed a story on Monday (2/05) that epitomized my point:  Democrat Senator Tom Carper Says Discard Millions of Americans So Illegals Can Get Jobs.  On MSNBC Monday, Carper actually said:

“Today, when folks want to work in this country, there are still 2 to 3 million jobs unfilled. Unfilled! Nobody is there to do the jobs, they [Americans] don’t have the education, the work skills, the work ethic, they can’t pass a drug test … are we going to send 700-800,00 [illegals] back home to the countries where they were born? They are perfectly capable of doing these jobs, they can pass a drug test, why would we do that? ”

Yep, that’s the Dem formula for a Blue Wave this November – Love Illegals, Hate American Citizens.  What could go wrong?


And what could go wrong with all this fever-pitch hype of the latest Marvel Comic superhero movie premiering next week, Black Panther?  When you get panegyrics in the WSM like TIME’s current cover story…

And the New York Times this morning (2/09) headlining: ‘Black Panther’ Brings Hope, Hype, and Pride,  you’d suspect that this superhero is a leftard dream.  But maybe not.  First, here’s the 90 second official trailer:

Then here is a short (3:54) analysis, based on the Marvel character and what’s known about the movie, asking:  Is Black Panther an Alt-Right Hero?  TTPers who see the movie should let the Forum know what they think.


Quite a week.  A roller coaster, but we’re getting used to that.  You did see that the Dow, after being down 500, closed up 330, right?  Hang on.

Closing Updates:  If you want to see Mount Everest up close and personal, albeit from the more famous Nepal side, along with every other giant of the Himalayas, here’s a heads-up:

My Himalaya Helicopter Expedition V will be operating April 28 to May 5.  Details to follow soon.

And please note:  The Hidden Holy Land is almost sold out!  We have a wonderful group of TTPers coming to experience the one place every TTPer dreams of going to once in their lives.

To be one of them, to join us in this life-memorable experience you’ll treasure for the rest of your life, carpe diem.  Dither in a decision and you’ll miss out.  Click on The Hidden Holy Land, enjoy the photos, be amazed at all we’re going to do, then let us know if you can be with us.  I hope so.  Time is short.  Carpe diem!



*The Untold Story of Black Monday.  As the market collapse unfolded on October 19, 1987, Ronald Reagan’s Chief of Staff, Howard Baker, called an emergency meeting of key White House officials.  As Senior Associate Counsel to the President, Chris Cox attended as his boss, Counsel Art Culvahouse was out of town.

As everyone around the table in the Roosevelt Room was more important than Chris, including several Cabinet members, Chris kept his silence as the emergency was discussed.  The phone rang.  Baker walked over to pick it up, talked for a moment, then came back to say, “That was John Phelan (Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange).  He says they’re going to shut the NYSE down.”

Nobody said a word, everyone just sat there stunned, as was Baker.  Except Chris.  Looking around, as he told me personally, noticing the quiet, he thought, “Might as well give it a shot.”  Looking up at Baker, who was still standing, Chris said:  “Well, you’re not going to let him do it, are you?”

It was a question that changed history.  Baker looked at Chris quizzically, responding, “What?”  Chris answered, “Every other market all over the world is tanking.  They’ll see a NYSE shutdown as a clear sign this is a disaster that will get worse.  Meaning when the NYSE finally opens again, the collapse will continue right off a cliff.”

Everyone else stayed silent as Baker absorbed this, then asked Chris, “Okay, what do you think we should do?”

Chris ran for the roses.  “I’d call Phelan back and tell him the White House thinks he should keep it open.  That closing would be worse, that keeping it open to take the hit shows confidence the market is fundamentally strong and will recover – which by the way, it will.”

And that’s exactly what Howard Baker did – called John Phelan back to tell him what Chris advised.

The Wall Street Journal obituary of John Phelan (August 6, 2012) states: “Mr. Phelan, who was chairman and chief executive of the Big Board, was best-known for keeping the market open following the crash on Oct. 19, 1987.”

When President Reagan heard what Chris had done, he called him into the Oval Office to thank him.  The world owes a debt of gratitude to my friend, Chris Cox.