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Donald Trump is a man of drama.  As a master dramatist, he knows how to start slow and steadily build up, event by event, to culminate in a climactic crescendo.

The essence of drama is conflict and its resolution.  This week is one of historic drama.  As we await the resolution, let’s take a break from the tension to calm down and listen to the epic example of a crescendo in classical music, Ravel’s Bolero.  André Rieu conducts the Johann Strauss Orchestra under a full moon at Maastricht, Netherlands.


Didn’t that feel good?  It was hard, I’ll bet, not to imagine Trump being the conductor instead of Rieu, wasn’t it?

Note that Rieu is holding a violin.  That’s because he’s a famed violinist.  Trump is too – a virtuoso at playing his enemies like a Stradivarius.  This is the week he played them to climax, triggering them to collapse into full self-destructive dementia.

We’ll call it Trump’s Bolero.

Returning from his triumph at Davos where the world’s global elite treated him like a rock star (see last week’s HFR), on Tuesday (1/20) he delivered a State of the Union speech to a joint session of Congress that ranks as one of the greatest ever given by any president.

Here’s the full video on C-Span (1 hour 43 minutes).  The First Lady enters at 3:58, the Cabinet at 5:50; the President at 10:23; he’s introduced at 14:55, and starts his speech a minute later.  At 16:30 he states the “righteous mission” of the US government should be “to make America great again for all Americans.”  The Republicans stand and applaud.  The Democrats refuse to stand and sit on their hands.

This was the Dems’ theme all through this magnificent address to the American people.  In sum:

When the President said (24:45), “Something I’m very proud of – African American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded,” this was the reaction by Black Democrats:

A number of them, as chronicled by the Daily Mail, were playing video games like “Candy Crush” or answering emails.  Others simply scowled, grimaced, and behaved like they were enduring an enema.  Nancy “Crumbs” Pelosi’s face contortions went viral on social media, while Chris Cuomo on CNN said, “I’ve never seen her face look like that!”

Maybe something’s wrong with her dentures.  When White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about Pelosi’s SOTU reaction, she said there was nothing unusual about it at all:

The epitome of that bitterness came near the end, as Trump soared in admiration to the building he was in – “This Capitol, this living monument – this is the monument to the American people.”  The Pubs erupted to their feet and began chanting, “USA! USA! USA!” – whereupon Dem Louie Gutierrez walked out in protest:

This in fact is a moment to celebrate.  It is this moment of unhinged Louie, coupled with so many other moments on Tuesday night, that the Dems chose to commit political suicide.

All part of Trump’s Bolero.  He’s been irritating them, bugging them, ridiculing them, poking them in the ribs with success after success while every smear of him they come up with never works, month after month after month – until this week the Dems snapped full tilt.

What really torched them was Trump declaring the ultimate Dem heresy:  “Americans are Dreamers too.”

He rubbed salt into that sore last night (2/01) at the GOP retreat in West Virginia, where he warned the Pubs not to call DACA people “Dreamers” – “don’t fall into that trap,” especially because “we have Dreamers in this country too—we can’t forget our own Dreamers”:

The old adage is that pride (actually unwarranted pride or hubris) causes people’s doom, but an even more certain cause is anger and hate.  It really is a tragedy that Democrats have let themselves become the Party of Hate.

And not just hate for Donald Trump.  They’ve allowed their anger and hate to be the Party of Illegal Aliens instead of American citizens.  Their anger and hate is now so demented that Democrats are now the Party of Hate America – as tens of millions saw on vivid display during the SOTU.

Further, unbridled hate causes you to make stupid mistakes – like having Drooling Joe Kennedy give the Dem rebuttal.

It was nothing more than an assemblage of tiresome shopworn libtard clichés, so bad that all anyone could remember was the corner of the kid’s mouth.  As one wag on Twitter summed up the speech (given that Joe is the grandson of Bobby Kennedy, JFK’s brother):

“Ask not what your country can drool for you, ask what you can drool for your country!”

Wow – it’s come to this for the Dems:  despised, contemptible, anti-American laughingstocks.  And totally delusional, as they think this perception of American voters will sweep them back in power this November.


And so we come to The Memo.  Trump declassified it this morning, House Intel voted on party lines to release it, and the House website crashed with at least a billion people trying to read it. Here is the Full Text of The Memo.  It’s also up in full on Gateway Pundit, and any number of other sites as it’s gone total viral.

You can’t get a better example of Trump’s Bolero than his driving the Dems into madness over “The Memo” – ranting and raving in hairshirts, led by the most obnoxious pencil-necked chinless limp-wrist in Congress, Adam “Full of” Schiff.

If these geniuses had been cool about this whole thing, calmly dismissing it as misleading or whatever, they might have avoided the disaster now.  But no, they had to go all-out berserk-o bananas – which gives The Memo total credibility.

Read the whole thing – it’s really short – and your initial reaction probably will be, “That’s it?  All this sturm-und-drang for a summary of stuff we and everybody else knows already?”

But that’s the point and the power – The Memo verifies what we already know, and sheds the scales off the eyes of many millions who aren’t political junkies and didn’t know before.

Here’s the Daily Mail on what just happened today:

FBI memo reveals James Comey used dodgy ‘golden showers’ dossier to get Trump team surveillance warrant even though top officials KNEW it was paid for by Hillary and British spy who wrote it was desperate to keep him out of office

Read the full memo shaming the FBI – and reveals how top official’s WIFE worked for the D.C. smear firm which Hillary paid to keep Trump out of office

Further, The Memo is not a one-off – it’s the camel’s nose under the edge of the Dems’ tent.  Actually just the nostrils, the tip of, shall we say, the Nose of Nunes.

For we might as well say the obvious at this point – House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is the HFR Hero of the Week.


That’s because Nunes is acting in concert with three other camels who are all going to upend the Dems’ tent and trample it into the sand.

House Intel, chaired by Nunes has funding and subpoena control over the USG’s entire intel apparatus – the CIA, DIA, DCI, DOJ/FBI counterintel and the FISA Courts.

Nunes is working hand in glove with Bob Goodlatte, chairman of House Judiciary which oversees the whole DOJ, and with Chuck Grassley, chairman of Senate Judiciary.

It’s the 4th camel who makes all that’s happening and all that’s coming possible:  the DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who together with his staff of 500 inspectors, have uncovered the gargantuan amount of corruption in Obama’s DOJ and FBI.

Here’s an example of what IG Horowitz is doing.  This was the headline in the WaPo (yes, the WaPo) on Tuesday (1/30): Internal Justice Department probe eyes McCabe’s role in final weeks of 2016 election.

The day before (1/29), FBI Director Chris Wray fired McCabe as FBI Deputy Director.  That’s because of what Horowitz uncovered about him.  McCabe is going to do time.

So – what you saw in The Memo released today is just the merest hint of a glimpse on the horizon of what’s heading the Dems’ way.  What if you were camped out in the desert and saw this coming?  That’s why the Dems are in a state of complete panic right now.


For realize, this Memo release is not the crescendo of Trump’s Bolero.  We’re just where the tempo has increased to the point we know the crescendo is coming.  The Memo names names, Comey, McCabe, Yates, Boente, Ohr, Strkok and Page, all of whom may be headed to Leavenworth.

The crescendo comes with the prosecution of Hillary and Obama for orchestrating the weaponization of the FBI and Justice Department against the opposition party candidate for president and to treasonously attempt a coup against his presidency after victory.  That’s what’s now on the way.

Oh, yes… The Mueller investigation has been knee-capped. Per Congressman Jeff Duncan:


Moving right along, here’s a Hahahahaha of the Week.   In response to Trump’s animadversion to certain countries, Denver has decided to turn an American city into an actual literal bleephole in order to placate illegal aliens from bleephole countries:  To Protect Illegals from Deportation, Denver Decriminalizes Pooping on the Pavement.

Yes, it’s now not against the law to defecate in public on a public street in Denver.  If this isn’t the most perfect example of how Democrats want to turn America into a bleephole country, what could be?  They really hate us and hate our country.  The good news is that the great majority of Americans now know this.


And more of them are coming to know this every day.  One of the more revolutionary achievements of the Trump Presidency promises to be is the rescue and revitalization of America’s blacks.  (Note:  I don’t use “African-American” because Africa has many millions of people who are not black, such as Arabs, Berbers, Indians, and whites.)

In his speech, he spoke directly to them:

“We want every American to know the dignity of a hard day’s work. We want every child to be safe in their home at night. And we want every citizen to be proud of this land that we love.  We can lift our citizens from welfare to work, from dependence to independence, and from poverty to prosperity.”

On the campaign trail in August 2016, he spoke directly to blacks in Detroit:

“What do you have to lose by trying something new, like Trump? What do you have to lose? You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?”

Trump was the only Pub presidential candidate in history that ever talked to blacks like that – and as President he’s showing his word is his bond.  Black unemployment at an all-time low is one proof.

Another is that Black Americans support dramatically reducing immigration levels more than any other demographic group.  They are well aware that Trump knows illegals take jobs away from them.

But the real biggie is Trump’s Infrastructure Plan.  This going to be wildly supported by mayors and communities everywhere, blue or red no difference.  It’s going to give solid real working real paying jobs to Blacks and Hispanics, getting them off the dole, off being victims, and off voting Democrat.

No wonder those Black Caucus Congresscritters hated Trump’s speech – they’re not going to have a job for much longer.


The Feel Happy Story of the Week is: Americans are turning against Trump-hating celebrities and buying into the President’s American dream – THAT’S a nightmare for Democrats.

That’s Piers Morgan’s must-read reaction to the SOTU, and how Americans no longer care what airhead “celebrities” think.  Are you listening, Jim Carrey?


Time for an Ode to Joy!  No, not Beethoven’s 9th, but to actress-singer Joy Villa who was the star of the Red Carpet at the otherwise forgettable Grammy Awards on Sunday (1/28) with her Pro-Life dress:

Here she tells her personal story behind the dress: Why I Choose Life Over Abortion.  Thanks, Joy.  You are a heroic lady.


Okay, folks, that’s a wrap.  Enjoy SB LII.  I’m rooting for Brady to get his 6th ring.  Belichek demands that his players stand at attention for the anthem.  The Eagles are filled with kneelers who say they won’t go to the White House because of Trump.  Go Pats!!

I must announce that our Islands of Mystery and Legend is Sold Out.  And although the response to our Hidden Holy Land has been gratifying, we still have room.

Please consider making your lifetime dream of visiting the Holy Land come true.  It’s so easy to come up with excuses for why it’s “not the right time” – then time slips past and before you know it the time is gone.

You know you owe it to yourself to experience the one place on earth you yearn to see more than any other.  The time is now. The Hidden Holy Land beckons.  Carpe diem.


This is a week to celebrate.  Let’s do so with Chuck Berry and Bruce Springsteen.  Chuck Berry is for me still the greatest rock and roller of them all.  Here he is performing his classic C’est la Vie in 1972 in London.

Berry was the Poet of Rock n’ Roll.  C’est la Vie is the touching story of teenagers getting married and making it, proving “C’est la vie said the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell.”  A marvelous song of American optimism, beautifully played and sung.

In 2013 in Leipzig Germany in front of an entire football stadium of fans, Bruce Springsteen decided to wing it, and have his band play a song they had to learn on the spot:  Chuck Berry’s C’est la Vie.

Here’s The Boss at age 63, and what a rocker this is.  Don’t stand still – crank those speakers up, grab the one you love and rock on.