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push-to-ejectBiden’s Handlers are Done with Sleepy Joe

The Crisis in Brazil

It looks like Susan Rice has hit the ejection seat button for Sleepy Joe. Multiple cases of Biden hiding top secret and other classified documents at unsecured dead drops easily accessible to CCP agents hit the news immediately after Kevin McCarthy was installed as Speaker of the House.

chins-puppet-presidentIt’s not that the Republicans or the FBI found these dead drops; it is that White House lawyers and democrat operatives keep shouting, “Hey! Look over here!”

Somebody told these lawyers, and that somebody is likely to represent Biden’s secret handler. Shortly after announcing that he would run in 2024, the wheels began to turn. Biden is being removed while a Special Counsel has been empaneled to ensure that all the details within the documents remain out of the reach of Congress.

Who handles the handlers? How deep does this go? Joe Biden is toast.

One dead drop was at the Penn Biden Center, where the Chinese Communist party bankrolled a $70 Million money laundering scheme. Another is in the garage where Biden keeps his corvette.

UPenn faculty member, former Hungarian State Security agent Kaitalin Kariko, and current vice president of BioNTech, was recruited as an informer for the feared Hungarian State Security Service in 1978 under the threat of blackmail to reveal her father’s role in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. This was during the regime of Janos Kadar. She has been nominated for the Nobel Prize for her work with mRNA technology.

Nothing to see here, folks; no way would a $70 Million nudge, the potential of a Nobel Prize, a senior position in a major pharmaceutical company, and established blackmail influence Kariko to ever make Biden’s classified document dead drop available to Chinese Communists.

Whatever those documents contain, the contents must be valuable to the CCP. So far, the revealed dead drops were made when Biden was VP and therefore lacked declassification authority.

This begs the question, who does Biden visit in Delaware every weekend? Who is pulling his strings? Susan Rice is at the top of the list.

And why did Merrick Garland sic the FBI on Trump for maintaining documents in a secure facility within his home? When a lefty is involved, an unguarded garage is a SCIF.

gas-stove-banInformation censorship is not going so well for the leftists at the moment, which means that the transition from 80 FBI agents and hundreds of contractor fact-checkers to the present iteration of AI censorship at Twitter has failed. Within the intelligence world, there has always been a conflict between human agents on the ground and signals intelligence types.

Although the goals are perverted and anti-freedom, the disclosure of the FBI censors at Twitter and the software’s inability to replace those censors is a checkmark in favor of human sources and methods once again outperforming automation. Per the great American poem by an anonymous author, the steam drill defeated John Henry in the end, but he gave it a mighty fight.

The balance of power is still with human beings and not automation, meaning the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where AI runs all, has not yet arrived. The inability of Biden to stop the train rolling towards his removal through automation, bribery, and coercion alone, now that the FBI insiders no longer control Twitter, has far-reaching consequences.

The failure of AI to censor the document dead drop narrative fast enough feels familiar to me as I write this, as heavy industry is dealing with the same efforts to replace human operators with intelligent and self-learning automation. It’s the same as it was at the start of the First Industrial Revolution. Even with all the technology that the US Government brings to the censorship process, human beings are fighting back. The AI is not up to the task of replacing human cognition.

The Ballad of John Henry: Or Men vs. AI today. Run time 2:48

Unfortunately, the removal of Biden means the elevation of Harris and possibly the appointment of Susan Rice to the VP position. Rice would need to be approved by the House and Senate under the 25th Amendment by a simple majority.

There is no way that the American people will elect Harris in 2024. But Rice might be able to get within the margin of cheating, especially if she becomes a familiar face as Veep.



Narrative Leakage is Now a Flood

j6-footageKevin McCarthy, so far a Speaker, was sticking to his word and said he would release 14,000 hours of J6 footage to the public. Washington, DC, is in an utter panic, as this can smash the J6 narrative and expose the core elements of the Color Revolution used to replace Trump with Biden. It is not just the Biden election, but color revolutions thrown worldwide meant to transfer power from nation-states to super-national entities face exposure.

Overthrowing governments and deposing presidents is certainly not new, as history is full of intrigue and power struggles between the executive and the nobility.

For Instance, yesterday, Roger Stone released a tape from the Nixon White House with Nixon threatening to expose the CIA’s role in the JFK assassination due to JFK’s refusal to transfer nuclear weapons to Israel. According to Stone, the Watergate break-in plumbers included four CIA agents running a script to ensure they were discovered. Hence starting Nixon’s removal.

Are these allegations true? I have no idea, but they are another stunning example of the collapse of narrative control now that Twitter is in Elon Musk’s hands. Things are going so badly for the centralized control team that RFK Jr. has launched a class action antitrust suit against the major media and tech companies for collusion.

The left boiled the frog too quickly.


Fifth-Generation Warfare in Brazil

The situation has been going poorly for the patriots in Brazil since the communist Lula was inaugurated. His party and state security apparatus are threatening to arrest everyone involved in recent protests in Brasilia, including everyone, including businesses, that donated food, money, and shelter.

Lula is following the WEF script that Trudeau used against the truckers and Biden used against the J6 protestors. The world first saw the script unfold in Hong Kong in 2019 against the protestors. It was then used in New Zealand and Australia. A simple timeline analysis suggests that the CCP is the author and manager of the script.

This suggests that collusion exists between the CCP and elements in Western governments that deploy the script. Specifically, this implicates Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern, and Scott Morrison of Australia for being very comfortable with the CCP script.

Lula in Brazil has about 1,000 people held captive in a gymnasium with only one operating bathroom. His agents have not collected their cell phones but instead turned off the electricity to power outlets. He appears to be waiting for the cell phone batteries to die before making his next move. At least two people have now died in captivity.

The intent is to charge them with terrorism which includes life in prison. Imagine life in a South American prison for protesting the theft of the 2022 election.

Just as in Hong Kong, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States, leftist false flag operatives from groups like Antifa performed violent acts, arson, and the destruction of government property to frame the protestors. It should be clear that the script will always include agents provocateurs under the supervision of international communists whenever protests occur.

Just as in Washington and Ottawa, cell phone pings connecting to Stingers, or cell phone tower emulators, appear essential to the rounding up and imprisonment of protestors in Brazil. Cell phones might be allowed in the prison camp to enable data harvesting from them while they still function.

Whatever you do in life, never look at your handheld as a communication and entertainment device. It is a tracking device that you can talk on and play games.

It is a shame that patriots keep falling for the false flags, as the script remains the same during each event.

Some Portuguese reports claim Bolsonaro had infiltrated the left and was aware that Lula had agent’s provocateur and a trap set for the patriots. Bolso left Brazil to avoid arrest and charges because he knew that Lula was following the Pelosi-Schiff script from the US House. In any event, Bolso ended up in South Florida and appeared at an Orlando hospital to time stamp his absence from Brazil during the demonstrations.

Lula is calling for the extradition of Bolsonaro. Now, one must ask why? He is not in the country and so is not an immediate threat. The extradition demand implies that the globalists are not confident that Bolso is out of the picture and fear the damage his words might cause.

Just like Merrick Garland and John Brennan are not satisfied that their coup is secured, the global communists behind Lula do not appear confident in their victory. This is important.

The Brazilian military advised people to get out of Brasilia, avoid the demonstrations and went as far as blocking roads and turning patriots back. This, too, is important, as the military seems to have known that the false flag was meant to entrap as many patriots as possible at the government complex and would track their cell phone signals.

A large, but unreported how large, significant explosive device was discovered by the military and defused at the protest location. This, again, follows the J6 script where someone, likely Antifa thugs, attempted to detonate pipe bombs at the US Capital.

The military intervened and saved many from Lula’s entrapment scheme. They also saved the lives of those in the path of the explosive (s). Lula must be as unsure of his military as General Milley is of the National Guard in the United States. Or as uncertain as the FBI is of the NSA and its patriots.

All is not lost in the United States, even though the active-duty senior leadership of the US military is filled with Obama’s communist sympathizers. The Guard and the NSA appear to remain uncorrupted and filled with true patriots. By their actions, it is clear that the communist sympathizers are nervous and losing confidence.


Why Brazil?

The world now has two economic blocks – The Washington aligned, dollar block, and the BRICS.

The “BRICS” stands for Brazil, Russia, China, India, and South Africa. As reported in the HFR two weeks ago, Saudi Arabia has decided to throw in with the BRICS making the economic alliance the BRICSS. Except for India, which has not yet been subject to the type of election theft that occurred in Brazil, these are command and control economies based on raw materials, labor, and manufacturing.

It is to their benefit to exit the dollar system and build a new economic order where a powerful and isolated elite oversees broad-based poverty. Their system does not allow for or need a middle class.

The eventual conquest of the BRICSS over the dollar countries -North American and European – is the core concept behind the WEF. The entire planet’s people will own nothing (be poor) and be able to trade their labor for subsistence immediately upon working. Savings are to be taxed away as soon as created per MMF or Modern Monetary Theory.

Now that Brazil has fallen, the rest of South America is expected to fall quickly, to be administered under Caracas, Havana, and Brasilia.


The World Reacts

Proctor & Gamble announced that they plan to leave Brazil before currency controls and forced nationalization of industry are in place. From personal conversations with my clients there, every multinational is burning the midnight oil while deciding whether it is best to leave or stay, or pay the bribes that all expect to be demanded.

I was in Venezuela during the Chavez election and its aftermath. Crime exploded to demoralize the middle class, assets were stolen, and savings were confiscated through inflation. Factories, mines, and mills will soon be nationalized in Brazil even though their economic efficiency will suffer. Cronies need jobs, and lower efficiency means the middle class is destroyed.

The Chavistas taught me that the reduced efficiency under communism that capitalists always point out is considered a feature of their system. It prevents wealth accumulation.

Except for India, the BRICSS are now essentially dictatorships with struggling economies. Brazil just fell, Russia is engaged in a costly war, China suffers from Covid policies and reduced exports, and South Africa is approaching a failed state.

Modi in India and MBS in Saudi Arabia are likely aware that they are next to fall to the global communists. It is no doubt why India and Saudi Arabia placed such hopes in Trump and his stand against international communism.



The Great Awakening

injection-abnormalThis year, 2023, could turn into the great awakening by the masses and the exposure of the international, Deep State left. The awakening started when the twenty authentic patriots held the line in the US House, forcing RINO McCarthy to transition the House from a Chinese policy-centric legislative body to an American-centric body.

These 20 are heroes. Their courage changed everything.

The Imperial Speaker is gone, as it now only takes one vote to start the process of removing the Speaker. Trump is reported to have been instrumental in leading the twenty during their negotiation with McCarthy, and he was not voted in until Trump said OK.

It is starting to look like a plan is in place to contest the awakening no matter the cost. The left’s immediate plan is to replace Biden with Harris as quickly as possible and make room for Susan Rice. They cannot allow Biden to begin the 2024 campaign season. Biden must go.

The reason is simple. The MSM went very far to lie about Trump and fabricate, bamboozle, and cheat to put Biden in office. They piled on the classified document story at Mar-a-Lago. The political – MSM machine has lost the trust of the world and cannot hide their bias any longer. They now face a financial decision. Is it more profitable to defend Biden and claw back the narrative or start over with President Kamila Harris? Especially if they see Obama’s return through Rice as their golden ticket.


Corruption Exposed

Government agencies, central banks, investment banks, BlackRock, the MSM, Hollywood, Big Tech, social media, large businesses such as Amazon, the educational system, big science, and Big Pharma form the mosaic of corruption. When looking at corruption’s sheer size and scope, it appears impossible to restore legitimacy.

snoopy-trustFaith in institutions is dead on the right but tenuously remains on the left due to the entitlement culture and propaganda. Until last week, the left was so confident that their Marxist Postmodernism was destined to overwhelm the American middle class that they flexed their drag shows in front of children in libraries and schools.

Their drag shows are the cultural equivalent of sailing a destroyer or frigate through disputed waters, a showing of their flag.

From a distance, it sure looks like the left’s March Through the Institutions has won. It looks like the war is over, and the United States is no more.

However, the left’s Hubris is likely to be their undoing. Now that 99.9% of the leftists are vaxxed, with many double and triple vaxxed, it is becoming difficult to hide the lies behind the vaccine. The jabs appear to be either incredibly unsafe by accident or intentional biological warfare agents. Those on the left are freaking out.

Worldwide, vax mandates and passports have silently been withdrawn. Global identification papers and implanted chips supporting a planetary social credit system are no longer discussed.

While conservatives have lost faith in institutions, the left is losing faith in their god.

Elon Musk has released everything he promised, except for the Fauci files. Instead, he mentions them in a drip-drip-drip series of tweets.

The information in his possession might be so damaging to the global left that Musk rightfully fears assassination by government agents. And by this, he is not limiting the idea to the American government.

There will be a global reckoning when he releases how they covered the truth. It will be a moment like 9-11, the Challenger explosion, the JFK assassination, or Pearl Harbor. Everyone will remember where they were when they realize that they gleefully injected a biological warfare agent because the propaganda outlets told them to. Even the US military has ended the mandates intended to increase force readiness.

The god of the left will die with a great shriek and groan. Mammon will depart or at least be forced from the surface world.

Right now, today, with every passing of another Lisa Marie Presley, the left is emerging from denial. They are experiencing cognitive dissonance, which is why Musk is waiting to drive home the spear.

Soon, little by little, celebrities will begin to talk about the deaths. Psychologists say that it will take the loss of seven acquaintances before avid leftists face reality.

Teenagers and young children are dying. The MSM, social media, government, and education pushed genocide through their propaganda. These are the institutions solidly held by the left.

When leftists lose faith in their captive intuitions, their gods in the machine, then global warming will be the next chip to fall.

Putin will likely take advantage through propaganda, which might lead to Ukraine’s loss. It is not that he might win; it is that the West might quit, as the Ukraine narrative is so tightly associated with the Deep State and American leftism.

Conservatives had better be prepared for this. We should be talking about the consequences of freedom when all of America abruptly loses faith and confidence. Like turning off a light switch.


The Consequences

More than a century of progressivism might fall suddenly. As quickly as the USSR collapsed or Rome was sacked.

They covered up Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, C, D, and azithromycin so the jab could be administered.

homeschooling-makes-em-miss-outThey mandated invalid protocols in hospitals that increased the risk of death. They muzzled actual physicians and invented “virtual” physicians out of their imaginations to corrupt medicine. People lost parents, siblings, and children to the narrative.

There will be outrage once the left realizes what the jabs are and how they are killing people.

There will be a dark period, especially if it comes out that Covid was developed in North Carolina, not Wuhan. Whatever the truth is, it will not remain hidden.

Leftists will finally realize they are useful idiots without core values and few virtues. They are simply consumers, the natural parasites upon the earth. The left will be forced to stare into the great abyss that they created. There will be emotional crisis.

When the liberal gods fall, the lefties will likely go after their leaders. Remember what happened to Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife? The Deep State is nervous, which is why they harass Trump and support Lula and Trudeau.

This week, 52 heads of state and hundreds of CEOs meet in Davos to plan their next moves. They are nervous too. The jig might be up soon. All eyes are glued to Musk’s Twitter account.

The void left by the Great Awakening will be filled by something. As I have written before in the HFR, we conservatives had better be ready to evangelize to the lost, or they will find a new Mammon. We each have values and virtues worth sharing, or we would not be TTP members.

The world will need our leadership.


Mike Ryan is a chemical engineering consultant to the Iron and Steel, Minerals, Heavy Chemicals, and Fibers industries.