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This HFR is dedicated to American Patriot Ashli Babbitt, the First Martyr to a Free America.

Ashli was an unarmed non-violent 100-pound woman peacefully protesting the theft of the Presidency by Congress on Capitol Hill, when without warning or provocation, she was murdered in cold blood by Capitol Hill Police with a point-blank gunshot to her chest.

The policeman who murdered her deserves the death sentence.  But as there is no longer any justice in America, he’ll walk scot-free.  Perhaps, however, once identified, some patriot will serve appropriate justice upon him.

One by one, every major legal, judicial, political, educative, social and cultural institution in our country has become a traitorous madhouse of lawless fascism and hatred for America – from the Department of Justice and the FBI to the Supreme Court, from the Democrat-Rino Uniparty to virtually our entire educational system Kindergarten to college, from Hollywood to Silicon Valley, from every two-digit IQ commie on Twitter to the Vice-President of the United States.



OK – so what do we do about it?

First is to realize it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

What happened yesterday (1/06) was America’s Reichstag Fire, which Hitler used to establish Nazi Germany.  It was perfectly planned to demonize one million Trump supporters at the Stop The Steal! Rally, perfectly timed just as evidence of the Steal was to be presented in Congress with millions watching on TV.

Look at the size of it (just part of it):


A group of Antifa agents-provocateur infiltrated a tiny fraction of this massive aggregate and suckered them into storming the rotunda and chambers of Capitol Hill.


One of them is a freakazoid named Jake Angeli, tattooed, shirtless, with this stupid horned fur hat:


His bearded buddy is a Stalinist Antifa member in Philly.  Note Jake’s boy-lover pedophile tattoo:


Here’s Jake palling around with Michiel Voss – who’s married to Nancy Pelosi’s daughter – just before invading the Capitol.



Jake is a well-known “climate activist” kook in Arizona.  Yet the Fake News propaganda is he’s a major Trump supporter.  Right.

Then there’s this:

The funny thing, though, is that in a real Antifa/BLM riot, they loot, pillage, burn down, deface and destroy.  There was none of that.  Nothing was touched, all the sculptures, paintings, art work left alone and pristine.  No graffiti, no trash.  That’s because the Antifa agents provocateur knew better to get out of line with the real Trump supporters.



This did not stop, of course, our Commie Media from calling them “rioters,” and deluging them with hate.  Here’s a typical Trumper reaction:


Here’s a small collection of Trumper comments from around the Web:

*It’s not going to break my heart if this is the start of Civil War 2!!!!! When your government becomes the enemy, we have a Constitutional right and responsibility to fight back!!! The state and federal legislators, and the Supreme Court justices, all stood by and allowed this election theft to happen because they didn’t have the spines to “stop the steal”.

*We’ll see if this gathers steam. A whole heck of a lot of folks have finally reached the end of their rope, and after watching the BLM and antifa thugs get their way by causing trouble, decided that sitting by and letting the country be Venezuelized, they are going to fight back.

*This is a new day. Stand with us or against us. We are done with your mealy-mouthed platitudes, your ‘let’s stay civil’ defeatism, your hypocritical phony allegiance to the Constitution and your self-righteous entitlement to what is true and what isn’t. You would’ve hated the Boston Tea Party.

*It was 100% peaceful until the Kapitol Kop shot and killed a young white woman for walking in the wrong place in the Kapitol building. No violence at all. NOTHING burned, nobody beaten, no graffiti, NO violence from the protesters. Maybe they should be the Keystone Kapitol Kops. No need to shoot anyone, no need at all.

*The most widespread and destructive riots of the last 50 years literally occurred over the summer. The media called them “mostly peaceful,” politicians catered to their demands, and barely anyone was charged for it. This is the consequence of normalizing political violence.

*Andy Ngo: The disparate responses to those currently breaking inside the Capitol building versus those who tried to burn down the federal courthouse in Portland for months tells you what you need to know.

*The right-wingers storming the Capitol right now haven’t looted nearly enough Gucci stores to qualify them as a mostly peaceful protest. Riot it is! The Party that supported burning down entire cities over the summer loves law and order now.

*If you didn’t unequivocally condemn the summer’s riots — e.g., in The Bronx, where a black police officer was run over by a “protesting” thug, and his body flew like a rag doll — then you have no business condemning the anarchy on Capitol Hill.

*It’s somehow okay for the Left to topple monuments, burn businesses, create “autonomous zones,” drag people out of restaurants & cars, and cause all kinds of violence and mayhem; yet it’s an “unprecedented assault on democracy” when Trumpsters stage their own protest?

*These great Americans are guilty of what? Walking on their own government grounds? Entering into their own Federal legislative building? Not one single policeman was threatened (look at BLM footage from anytown USA in comparison), nor was any law enforcement officer hurt… BUT the Capitol police felt compelled to shoot a young white girl Trump supporter in the chest for daring to open the door to the House Chamber AFTER all the Congresspukes had scurried out of the building. The girl died tonight because Capitol police, who allow anything from Antifa/BLM protesters, felt threatened by a white unarmed Trump-girl.

*For years traditional Americans have been derided, mocked, harassed, condemned, ignored and betrayed. By the GOP. Now the Left has closed off the last avenue to stand up to the degradation and degeneracy they have instigated and supported for decades by reducing elections to a farce.

The people in DC who stormed that building and rushed those cops are MY people. It isn’t Antifa or BLM – it is traditional, sane Americans at their wits end and left with no options but submit or fight. If there is anything we should have learned from all the race riots over the past decades and from the political riots and violence unleashed in 2020 it is that THEY WORK.

There will undoubtedly be arrests and jail time for what we see today because our rulers, especially in the GOP, hate and despise us and are gleeful at the prospect of shutting us up by any means necessary. I hope we see more of these mostly peaceful protests by traditional Americans at the state and local level in every state. I hope the people involved storm the GOP and take it over and boot out every last worthless progressive cuck in the party. I hope that red states move to nullify federal authority at every opportunity and refuse every unconstitutional and degenerate mandate that comes out of DC.

*I cheered when I heard that the President’s supporters had stormed the Capitol. It is long overdue. I only wish I had been there to help lead the charge!

*This was only the beginning. The tree of liberty is very thirsty. Resist and revolt.



“Resist and revolt” is going to take many forms.  There may be many if not a lot of instances of actual kinetic armed rebellion.  Mostly, however, it’s going to be passive and peaceful civil disobedience all over the place – people simply refusing to obey evermore fascist edicts, like we’re seeing against the lockdowns.

As the Left has moved wildly more Marxist-Fascist, the Right will now move sharply more anti-government Libertarian.  It’s not just Cadaver who will have no legitimacy to his occupation of the White House, nor any moral obligation to obey any of his edicts – it’s the entire federal government along with any Dem-run state government or City Council will no longer be legitimate in the eyes of 100 million or so Americans.



Oh, by the way… I can’t bring myself to write the dirtbag’s name, so I call him Cadaver.  That’s because he looks like one:


But now I’ve got a better name for this crooked, corrupt, treasonous sock puppet of the Communist dictator of China, Xi Jinpeng.  Ready?  From now on, he’s Joe Xiden.  China Joe Xiden. Pedo Joe Xiden. Dementia Joe Xiden. NTP Xiden (as in Not The President).

Makes a wonderful pejorative, as Xi is pronounced “she” – like: “Your full of Xiden,” or “What a pile of Xiden,” or “C’mon, man, that’s horse-Xiden.”  Feel free to use it yourself, all you want – have fun!



Back to the de-legitimization of government across the board.  A lot more attention is going to be paid now to the 10th Amendment giving states a lot of constitutional authority to not comply with unconstitutional federal edicts.

That’s because at least 80 to 90% of what the federal government does is not permitted as one of its Enumerated Powers specified in the Constitution.  There is no constitutional authority whatever for a Federal Department of Education, for example.  You could multiply those examples to the moon.

Two things in particular are going to accelerate government delegitmization.

First, the Left has no leader.  No one among them has any popularity or charisma, any capability to unite and lead people off a Leftie lemming cliff.  All the Left has is a bunch of disparate factions will now fight viciously among themselves for government handouts and power.

Second, the economy is going to crash and burn.  More rules, regulations, controls and taxes is a perfect recipe for economic disaster, especially when millions are jobless and millions of businesses destroyed with fascist lockdowns.

Add to that millions of illegals flooding across open borders, and millions of cheap Chinese crapola products flooding our shores with POTUS’ tariffs lifted.

We’ll soon be nostalgic for 2020.  Until we realize what necessary good this will all be doing.



You’re likely familiar with the term in economics of “creative destruction,” popularized by Joseph Schumpeter.  Basically, it’s taking out the trash, cleaning house, or allowing competition and innovation to grow an economy, rather than allow malinvestment and government protection of favored business to stifle and stagnate it.

There must also be political creative destruction, out with the monopolistic old, in with the fresh and new, to keep a country politically vibrant.  This what the leaderless collapse of the US economy is going to bring.

This is not going to be easy.  In fact, it’s going to be miserable.  Just realize there are millions, tens of millions, scores of millions on our side.  All our enemies have is a bunch of goons.  Like in any war, we’re going to take casualties.  Like in any tyranny, some of us will be political prisoners.

Yes, we have a Patton to lead us.  But in the end, it is up to us now to Make America Great Again.

We can do this.  Did you know that besides the gigantic Stop the Steal rally and protest in DC, that Stop the Steal Trump protestors flooded the statehouses of 17 states yesterday?  Count ‘em: Arizona, California, Mississippi, Tennessee, Minnesota, Georgia, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Washington, Ohio, Oregon, Kansas, Hawaii, Wisconsin, and South Carolina.

Realize also that the Dems have a razor-thin majority of a literal handful of seats (222D-213R) and a dead tie of 50-50 in the Senate – which makes it very difficult to pass any radical legislation.

And boy, are the RNC honchos desperate to make amends with Trumpers – they know there’s no chance whatever of regaining House & Senate in 2022 without them.  Trump will be the GOP’s Kingmaker, no doubt. See in the WashTimes this morning: RNC leaders stand by Trump’s effort to remake party: ‘Nobody’s turning on Trump here’.

What with Pence, Cheney, Graham, Barr, they have to cleanse the GOP of a lot of RINO cowards to prove that.

We end this HFR knowing it is indeed only half-full, even less so – but not empty.  There is no sugar-coating.  All of us and our entire nation has suffered an enormous loss to pure cheating, thieving, immoral and remorseless Evil, which we must now endure.

But that does not mean we must bow down to it, capitulate and surrender.  No, it means we are in a noble fight against it, a fight we can and will win.  Not tomorrow, next week, nor in many months to come.  But triumph we will.



A final warning, caveat, and ray of hope rolled into one.  The Greek word for the kind of egomaniacal pride that “goeth before a fall” is – hubris. It’s what the Dem Fascists are exploding with, like a balloon ready to burst.

This is causing them to make two fatal errors – they are pathologically obsessed with destroying POTUS and his family personally, physically, legally and financially; and are similarly obsessed with destroying the 2nd Amendment with outright gun confiscation.

These will be fatal errors if we make them so.  POTUS and his family must be kinetically protected at all costs from government goons.  The same goes for protecting the 2A.

If the Xiden fascisti are hubristic enough to make these errors, and enough of us across the country have the courage to make them fatal, it will catalyze resistance to Xiden illegitimacy into a sharp wildfire conflagration that turns that illegitimacy into ashes and is over quickly.

Frankly, we need those ashes so the American Phoenix may be born anew among them, and soar with wings of freedom for us all.