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elephant-donkeyLess than a week after Democrats “won” most of the midterm election, something pretty weird is going on in various Democrat power centers, in a curiously counterintuitive pattern of acts and weather balloons.

Joe Biden forced his wokester Customs and Border Protection commissioner, Chris Magus, a man of open borders with no shame, to resign, in a tussle of sorts over whether he was to resign or be fired.

Politico had reported that he had “lost interest” in enforcing the border and dozed off at meetings, which is pretty much the Biden modus operandi, a knock-on act emanating from the fish that stinks from the head down. It couldn’t have been that, given Joe Biden’s style of presidency.

But he nevertheless was asked to resign, and Magnus went with the resignation, which probably came with a benefit package. That was strange stuff, given that Joe Biden has issued incentive after incentive to would-be illegal border crossers to come on over, while his Homeland InSecurity secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, has put a ribbon and bow on it for voters with “the border is under control.”

Suddenly, Biden wants to get rid of his appointee who left the barn door open? Obviously, something is going on there.

Meanwhile, New York’s mayor, Eric Adams, suddenly claimed that Democrats need to start “caring” about voters’ priorities — crime, inflation, the economy. His implication, of course, was that they didn’t, and with Democrat machine pol Kathy Hochul “winning” the governor’s chair in a sudden turn of “luck” at the last minute after some extended counting, it was hard to argue with him.

Adams called for a “new attitude” among Democrats about crime following Hochul’s “victory” after a disastrous debate remark she made to anti-crime GOP rival Lee Zeldin, where in response to his call to prosecute crime and jail criminals, she said: “I don’t know why that’s so important to you.”

Adams’ remark seems to run exactly counter to that sentiment — he says voters say it’s important, and he says it’s important, so Hochul is full of something unpleasant. As for Adams, he did win his office in New York based on being pro-police, but he hasn’t done much of anything among the Democrats and New York’s crime has gotten uglier.

That means his words ring hollow, as far as the prospect of expecting results goes, but it seems significant that he did say it, as if going back to his old campaign mode dating from the time when voters actually believed him.

Then just a couple days ago, Democrat fixture Larry Summers came out and called for increasing energy production, running absolutely counter to the Democrat party line.

Breitbart News reported that Summers spoke to Bloomberg’s Wall Street Week, declaring: “I think there’s a lot we can do to bring down the price of energy by promoting energy production of all kinds, renewable and non-renewable.”

Promoting energy production? As in … drilling? That’s a U-turn, and Summers is reportedly somewhat influential in the Biden White House. Two weeks earlier, he was warning the economic subliterates at the White House that their Jimmy Carter-cribbed plan of raising taxes on Big Oil to “punish” it for high energy prices would “backfire.”

In all three instances, we see Democrats starting to act like Republicans, adopting the Republican line, which is strange stuff, given that they insist they “won” the election in what they claimed was a voter mandate for their current style of governance — despite poll after poll confirming Joe Biden’s unpopularity and voters convinced that America is on the wrong track.

Nope, Democrats “won” which could be read as a vote of confidence in how Democrats are running the country in their all-blue rule. We know that Elizabeth Warren is embracing this. But as far as is known, she may be the only one.

Elsewhere Democrat after Democrat is suddenly moderating their stance, adapting the Republican agenda on enforcing the open border, doing something about crime, and firing up oil production. It’s strange stuff coming from a party that otherwise claims it “won.”

It almost sounds like they’ve got a guilty conscience, knowing very well that they stole the election, the voters are angry, and they want the power to remain in their hands with the voters pacified through lip service to what voters really want?

Either way, it’s not a victory dance, it’s Democrats putting on a Republican skin suit, as if in a capitulation by lip service to keep the protests at bay. Perhaps they are just a little afraid of the voters.

What it highlights is that the current election wasn’t a normal affair. It was a dirty, filthy, rigged affair and the voters know it and they know the voters know it. That might explain the olive branches. There isn’t much else to explain this odd response after their loud celebration claiming a mandate for all they’ve done so far.


Monica Showalter is a journalist whose analyses have appeared in Forbes, the Asia Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, and American Thinker.