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How's that for salacious titillation?  Do I have your attention now?  Yes, this really is about President George W. Bush and the wife of a friend of mine.  Let me tell you about her.

She and her husband have two children, 12 and 8.  Recently, she announced to my friend that she is divorcing him and moving out of their home because, in her words, "I've got to be me, I've got to be free, I've got to be happy."

So she's left him, and the children.  He's taking care of the kids, and they are living with him now.  My friend is in a state of total shock.  He's never abused her, never cheated on her, always tried to be a good and loving husband.  Yet she's gone, while he's hurt to the bone and totally bewildered by her "I've got to be me, I've got to be free, I've got to be happy" mantra.

To add to the mystery, there isn't another man.  My friend, who knows how to find out things on people, is confident his wife was faithful to him during their marriage.   So my friend has no explanation for her behavior – other than to account for it at least in part by her being "peri-menopausal," when the vast hormonal changes in preparation for menopause can make a woman's brain go crazy.

But if there isn't another man, what's this got to do with President Bush?  Because my friend's wife not only has never had an affair with him, she's never met him in her life.  It's got to do with a word in the previous paragraph:  mystery.

"I refuse to see the mother of my children as a bad person," my friend tells me.  "And she is a good person in many ways.  Because I really don't have an understandable explanation for her behavior, I am choosing to keep it that way:  un-understandable.  I am choosing to view what she has done as mysterious, inexplicable.  That's the way I can escape hating her – for I've got to focus  on what's good in her so we can best work together in raising our children."

I was with my friend to have a beer together and just be there for him.  But when I heard his thoughts, I couldn't help wishing a lot of conservatives felt that way towards President Bush.

I honestly don't know and don't understand why he seems almost perversely unwilling to shut down the flood of illegals poring across our border with Mexico – just in terms of practical politics.

The Democrat Party has been taken over by radical Hate-America Hate Bush moonbat lefties.  The very first thing you'd think Bush would do is use this as a golden opportunity to solidify his base and rev them up to support him and America. 

All Bush had to do to avoid the 2006 electoral disaster was rally conservatives to attack the moonbats like the Irish went after the Brits in Mel Gibson's Braveheart by shutting down the illegal flood – and he refused, he wouldn't do it.  Instead, he defended his fascist prosecutor Johnny Sutton in putting Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean in jail.

It's so impossibly stupid and politically self-destructive it's off the charts.  Yet Bush is not stupid, he is spooky smart as anyone who has really talked to him will tell you.  Nor does he lack cajones.  As Dick Cheney immortally confided to a gaggle of reporters, "He (Bush) has the biggest set of balls of anyone I have ever known."

I am frankly in awe of how he has retained his dignity in the face of the sleaziest campaign of non-stop hate ever directed at an American president.  He is a man of moral goodness and decency, the total antithesis of a Bill Clinton slimeball or nasty Richard Nixon.

And I am in awe of how he continues to pursue victory in Iraq, bust up Al Qaeda, shoo glowarmers away, and has developed a military alliance with India, Japan and Australia to contain China (the Quadrilateral Initiative, discussed last week in Super Chaos in the World's Largest Desert).

With all this and a lot more, plus crazed opposition from Democrats whose pathological hatred for him has driven them to outright treason, he could have built a Fort Knox supply of political capital with conservatives in particular and Republicans (plus many Independents) in general. 

Instead, he's blown the whole wad, tossed all the support and capital right out the window – and for what?  To put two Hispanic-Americans who put their lives on the line defending our border in jail? 

The man is so ridiculously infuriating – and yet… and yet the truth is he's the best we've got right now.  He's done an awful lot that's good, and we could have done an awful lot worse, nightmare worse.

My friend gives his thanks to Providence every day that his wife didn't leave and take his children away, plus every asset he has.  She just left and walked out – how lucky is that?  Anyone who's been through a divorce war knows how lucky he is.

You could say that's like a guy who's fractured his leg in three places and won't walk for weeks, hearing somebody tell him, "Wow, you're lucky you didn't break your spine in that accident and be a quadriplegic."

Lucky is a matter of context.  The bottom line here is that just as my friend is focused on the future of his and his kids' lives, so we must be on our country's.  We have got to get over any negativity over the mystery of George Bush and focus entirely on how best to avoid the Party of Treason from seizing power in 2008.

For if that happens – the PIAPS in the White House and Reid-Pelosi entrenched in Congress with 1970s-size Dem majorities – life in America will be over as we know it and we'll ache with yearning for what we have with Bush right now.

Bitterness is a waste of time, anger a dangerous distraction.  How dangerous was explained to me a few days ago by the Grand Old Man of Washington Conservatives, Paul Weyrich, a friend of decades:

"We all know what the mother's milk of politics is, and the collapse of donations to the Republican Party could be disastrous – if it continues it virtually guarantees Democrat victory in 2008."

If conservatives don't start acting like my friend is towards his wife, Paul's prediction is going to be prophetic.  The future is what counts now, not the past.  Let's hope conservatives get to work on it.