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You saw the above-the-fold front page headlines, saw the prime time television news stories late last week about Adam Kidan being arrested by federal agents for wire fraud, right? What’s that? You never heard of Adam Kidan? Of course you haven’t because he’s a nobody.

That’s why the feds politely called his lawyer and asked he show up at their offices in Florida at a convenient time for him. The fellow you read about on the front page and saw getting busted on national TV was Kidan’s business partner – someone the Washington Post and the New York Times have spent years demonizing, the infamous Jack Abramoff.

With Abramoff, the Feds had to be sadists with a purposefully cruel publicity stunt: arresting and handcuffing him without warning on a street in Los Angeles while he was with his 12 year-old daughter. I hope there is a special place in hell for such folks.

I hope it is also a chilling reminder that our beloved government has the ability and the will to be completely fascist whenever and wherever it wants to. Most all of us are allowed to live our lives in peace. But if a prosecutor decides to come after you, on whatever whim he dreams up, you are simply screwed.

Jack Abramoff was frogmarched into Railroad City, nationally humiliated in front of his daughter, and has been the target of a left-wing media vendetta, for one and one reason only: to use him to try and get Tom DeLay.

The Democrats and the their media buddies could care less about Abramoff. That he was close to DeLay is all that matters. So they harped on and ramped up scandals about him – over a dozen front page stories in the WaPo alone – until they had the fascist egos of prosecutors sufficiently lathered up.

So let’s take a close look at the indictment. It alleges “wire fraud” on the basis of a fax which “appeared to confirm a transfer of money” from Kidan’s bank account which at the time had already been closed. The fax was signed by Kidan and a fellow named Ben Waldman.

Jack Abramoff’s signature was not on the fax, it was not sent from his office (it was sent from Kidan’s), and Abramoff has consistently claimed he had no knowledge of it. Yet it was he who was frogmarched while Kidan was allowed to politely surrender to the FBI in private – and Ben Waldman is not part of the indictment at all.

The game is now to threaten total ruination of Kidan’s and Abramoff’s lives, years in jail and massive fines, unless they “plea-bargain” with enough incriminating testimony to indict the single most powerful Republican on Capitol Hill, Tom DeLay.

The WaPo was quite clear about this. Here’s a quote from their story (Washington Post, August 13, 2005, p. A8):

“What (prosecutors) are looking for is how many names can they give — and by names I mean members of Congress or other prominent people — and what kind of message do they want to send,” said Mike Missal, a former government lawyer now practicing white-collar-crime defense in Washington. “If just Abramoff goes down, it is not that big a deal for prosecutors. If he brings down members of Congress, it is a much more noteworthy case. That would be the ultimate target here.”

There is not a peep of protest about this from any Republican on Capitol Hill (with a couple of exceptions), any conservative activist in Washington, nor from any right-wing blogger in the supposedly influential Alternative Media or “blogosphere.”

All of them remain too intimidated by the elite Mainstream Media and by the horrifying capacity of the feds’ fascism to circle the wagons around DeLay, or to support one of their own, even when he’s frogmarched into Railroad City in front of his little girl.

It’s about time they, especially the bloggers and activists, started figuring out the importance of supporting Jack Abramoff, instead of being deer caught in fascist headlights.