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azamoraSince October 7, Hamas has had the choice to return the hostages and end the war. It refused, and now its supporters are horrified that Hamas members, both in uniform and civilians. are paying a price.

In 2005, Israel withdrew from Gaza, leaving the region Judenrein (“Jew free,” as the Nazis liked to say) and without an Israeli military presence. There was no occupation.

Gazans promptly—and overwhelmingly—elected Hamas, a designated terrorist group that Iran funds, to govern them. Hamas’s repeatedly stated goal is to erase the Nation of Israel. Gaza residents continue to love their terrorist government.

For decades, Hamas has killed Israelis whenever possible, making clear that it desires another Holocaust. On October 7, Hamas upped the ante, entering Israel and slaughtering 1,200 people with horrific sadism, especially sexual sadism, as well as kidnapping 252 people, regardless of sex and age.

Israel’s response was war. It has had two goals: to destroy Hamas’s operation effectiveness and to recover the hostages. To date, according to Israel, Hamas has killed 62 hostages and returned 116 alive. There are still 120 people in Gaza, although we don’t know if they’re alive or dead.

The hostages’ families, understandably, are desperate for their return, and keep begging Israel to end the war, even if Hamas remains a viable military force.

Netanyahu, however, understands that unless Hamas is destroyed, there will always be more hostages and more raids. The only way to recover the hostages is through military victories and daring commando raids.

The world learned today of one such raid, which brought home four of the captives who were hidden deep within Gaza among their civilian captors:

Here’s a brief description of the mission on X:

As the post notes, just as Yonatan Netanyahu, the prime minister’s brother, died commanding the daring Entebbe raid to rescue hostages, this raid also resulted in one death.

Also, as with Entebbe, the raid was meticulously planned and perfectly executed:

This contains a more detailed description of the mission on X…


Of the rescued hostages, the one most recognizable to the world is Noa Argamani, who was seen screaming for her life as she was kidnapped. Her boyfriend was also captured and remains in Gaza, although we don’t know if he is alive or dead. Noa’s plight was made more tragic because her mother is dying of Stage 4 cancer and wanted desperately to see her daughter safe:


Other hostages had equally rapturous homecomings:




(Sadly, Meir’s father died a few hours before his son was rescued.)

The hostages’ return was greeted with joy wherever Israelis were gathered, whether inside or outside of Israel:


However, not everyone was celebrating or even seemed aware of what happened. According to CNN, the hostages were “released,” as if Hamas voluntarily let them go:


Meanwhile, the Hamas supporters, both within Gaza and in the West, were absolutely outraged that the civilians they used as prison guards and human shields were killed or injured during the rescue operation. (As always, assume that the claimed numbers of injured and dead are at least double the reality, something the UN recently learned.) I’ll let these tweets speak for themselves:





As evidenced by the fact that non-uniformed Gazans were affected by the raid, we must understand that the people in Gaza, with help from UNRWA, have been brainwashed for decades into hatred for Jews and support for Hamas.

They are the equivalent of Germans from 1933-1945. In a heavily indoctrinated totalitarian world, there is no such thing as a “civilian.”

This is especially true under Islam, which is binary. There are no “protected” categories of people, whether women, children, or the elderly.

The only two categories are those who support Islam and those who don’t. Within those parameters, everyone is a combatant, whether as a target or a fighter.

The only way this ends is for Israel to defeat Hamas as completely as the Allies defeated the Nazis or the Bushido Japanese.

Only then will the people be able to break free from the death cult and have some semblance of normalcy, human decency, and dignity.

Meanwhile, the Hamas lovers are learning the FAFO principle, and they really don’t like it.


Andrea Widburg is the deputy editor of American Thinker.