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The Trollmaster encourages the Dem Circular Firing Squad

The Trollmaster encourages the Dem Circular Firing Squad

Secret footage of the Democrat Party’s 2020 convention is available online. (Alert: avoid watching it if you don’t care for blood-soaked gore.)

Actually, I don’t time-travel, so I linked to the Mexican standoff at the end of the movie “Reservoir Dogs,” where three of the characters shoot each other dead.

Quentin Tarantino’s cinematic flourish captures the state of the Democrat Party better than Obama’s talk of a circular firing squad, because Democrats are drawing a bead on other Democrats with malice. aforethought, and mayhem in their hearts.

Being intersectional (enjoy all the Urban Dictionary definitions) means never having to say you’re sorry, and it also means demanding that everyone else say they’re sorry.

Nancy Pelosi is under siege by the left, the Washington Post reports ereyesterday (4/16), because she hasn’t done enough to defend Rep. Ilhan Omar against the consequences of her “some people did something” outrage.

Pelosi only said that Trump’s 9/11 tweet was “beneath the dignity” of his office and demanded extra security for Omar, but she didn’t snap to attention fast enough for the Left.

Meanwhile, Pete Buttigieg faces allegations that racism was the reason for the 2012 firing of South Bend’s black police chief, on the strength of tape-recorded conversations with white police officers.

A judge may or may not release the tapes, The Hill reports, but in any case, “There is roiling anger in South Bend over the allegations of racism. Black leaders in the city say that if there is evidence of racism, it could call into question scores of convictions that stemmed from white police officers investigating black suspects in a city that is 25 percent black.”

And let’s not forget that Joe Biden is a serial groper, whose “long-running no apology tour hits the #MeToo era,” as Matt Viser wrote in an April 4 Washington Post commentary.

“Joe Biden hasn’t offered a full-throated apology for his treatment of Anita Hill in the 1990s,” the screed begins, and you can imagine the rest. And Bernie Sanders is now a rich white man. “Can he still represent the interests of working-class Americans?” asked another WaPo commentary.

Let’s see if I did my intersectional sums correctly:

Feminists like Pelosi are Islamophobes, gays like Buttigieg are racists, blacks are homophobic, and white men like Biden and Sanders are misogynist and classist, as the case may be.  Beto O’Rourke is a misogynist, although his ode to cows may win him the bovine vote.

I suppose the Democrats will have to nominate Cory Booker, who says he isn’t gay but might be, and whose net worth might be as low as $600,000.

No goofier notion ever invaded American political thinking than the idea of a coalition based on entitled victimhood and invented identity. Victimhood is inconsolable and identity is inviolable.

In the weird world of intersectionality, gays have to abase themselves before blacks for racism, and blacks have to abase themselves before gays for homophobia, and everyone has to abase himself for exhaling carbon dioxide.

This isn’t a coalition. It’s a mob of mutually irreconcilable elements as likely to turn on each other as on anyone else.

One can debate whether the American republic is founded upon common principles and a commitment to compromise (a form of social contract) or a common culture (Lincoln’s “mystic chords of memory” and his concept of Americans as an “almost chosen people“).

Intersectionality rejects the concept of a unifying culture in favor of a plethora of identities that are incompatible with each other, as well as the common culture.

African-Americans and Hispanics can be misogynists and homophobes; feminists and LGBTQ’s can be racist, and Moslems can be all of these things. All of them are classist, including newly-minted millionaire Bernie Sanders.

The great debate in antiquity on the character of a republic opposed Cicero to St. Augustine. Cicero argued that a republic was founded on common interest, to which Augustine replied that it depended on a common love.

The Reservoir Democrats are united by hatred of a third party, namely the American republic itself, as well as hatred of each other and often of themselves.

Where do we find worse misogyny than in raps about “bitches” and “Ho’s”?

Where do we find worse homophobia than in Moslem regimes that execute gays?

Where do we find classists more arrogant than the liberal environmentalists who are willing to wipe out the livelihood of working people because of their fanatical belief in computer models?

Long before these hyenas have finished ravaging the American body politic they will turn on each other. They already have.

Which boils down to: A Trump landslide is in the making for 2020.

With the lowest rate of African-American unemployment in history, and wages rising fastest at the low end of the spectrum, a lot of blacks will vote for a president who improved their circumstances.

A lot of legal Hispanic immigrants will vote for a president who wants to protect them from unfair competition from illegal workers, and protect their communities from the social pathologies arising from illegal immigration.

A lot of gays will vote for a president who stands up to Moslem regimes that murder gays, and to apologists for Moslem terrorists who shoot up gay nightclubs.

A lot of Americans will stop believing the liberal media who assured them daily that proof of Trump’s collusion with Russia would appear momentarily.

And a lot of Americans will turn away in revulsion from a Democrat Party that eschews any criticism of the likes of Rep. Ilhan Omar.

The Dumbocrats don’t learn. From the outset, a clear majority of voters has supported Trump’s restrictions on travel from Moslem-majority countries. Rep. Omar is a millstone that Nancy Pelosi has hung around her neck.

Browbeaten by the Looney Left in her own party, Pelosi has no choice but to identify with the odious Omar, claiming to CNN this Wednesday (4/16) that Omar is “not anti-Semitic.”

Omar says that Jews “hypnotized the world” and bribe Congress with “Benjamins” ($100 bills). If that’s not anti-Semitic, I’m the Dalai Lama. We may not be a land of geniuses but we’re not complete idiots, either.

All of this adds up to a Trump landslide and a miasma of liberal misery unlike anything we’ve seen since the great days of the Gipper.


“Spengler” is the well-known nom de plume of economist and writer David P. Goldman.