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first-felonWell, well, well — how the tables have turned.

Hunter Biden’s swift conviction on three felony gun charges, in the Biden family’s home state of Delaware, changes everything. No longer can the Dems, and their enablers in the left-wing media, shout ‘convicted felon’ at Trump without suffering serious blowback.

The party line from President Biden, no doubt, will be that he is not a convicted felon — only his son. Really, Joe’s ‘only living son’, as CNN and MSNBC immediately began repeating moments after the verdict.


Wonder where they got that talking point from?

Also: sad as that may be, how is it legally relevant? Is the White House already attempting to meddle in Hunter’s sentencing, trying to knock down the 25 years in prison he’s facing?

But Hunter did nothing wrong! Just look at First Lady Jill — excuse me, ‘Dr.’ Jill — showing up in court every day! Flying at taxpayer expense, from Paris to Delaware to Paris again, surely not to intimidate the jury but just show support, her gold-plated ‘MAMA’ necklace in full view?

MAMA, MAGA — potato, pot-ah-to.

This, after propping up her unsteady husband at last week’s D-Day ceremonies in Normandy. After leaving Joe alone, on Monday night, at the White House’s Juneteenth celebrations, where he froze for a solid minute, eyes vacant and mouth open, seeming not to know where he was or what was happening.


It’s obvious that Joe Biden is in serious decline. More than 45 insiders, Democrats and Republicans both, told the Wall Street Journal, in a damning exposé published last week, that Biden — who recently claimed to have spoken with dead world leaders — is clearly decompensating.

But sure — Hunter’s trial was a witch hunt to stop the vibrant, strong, and morally superior Biden from getting a second term, Lady Jill Macbeth a stalwart matriarch.

Does anyone in this administration have a sense of optics? Tone? Reality?

Then again, we’re talking about House Biden, perhaps the most dysfunctional family ever to inhabit the White House.

Yet all we’re going to hear from the mainstream media, now until election day, is: Poor Joe. Poor Hunter. Haven’t they suffered enough?

‘This is an addict who’s admitted his addiction in the most painful of ways,’ former Democratic senator Claire McCaskill said on MSNBC.

So what? He’s also admitted it in the most profitable of ways, getting a reported $2 million advance for ‘Beautiful Things’, his flop of a memoir. Parts of the audiobook which, like an idiot, he narrated himself, were played in court.


How did he not see this day coming? How did he not decline to narrate his own addictions and deplorable behaviors, knowing they might be used against him in a trial?

Yet Hunter — ‘the smartest guy I know,’ per Joe — needs America’s pity, sympathy, and constant passes for degenerate and criminal behavior.

How’s that for white privilege?

Hunter Biden is a 54-year-old man who allowed his 30-year-old daughter Naomi to testify — weeping on the stand, revisiting texts from her drug-addled father hitting her up for favors at two in the morning — rather than be a true, caring parent and admit his guilt.

Recovered addicts don’t throw other people under the bus. They don’t continue to evade responsibility. They don’t make excuses and they don’t cause more harm to those they purport to love.

Aside from the gun, there was its illegal disposal by his sister-in-law Hallie Biden, who he began a sexual relationship with after his brother Beau’s death.

Hallie testified that Hunter got her hooked on crack. ‘I’m embarrassed and I’m ashamed, and I regret that part of my life,’ Hallie said.


Hunter was also simultaneously involved with Hallie’s married sister, Elizabeth Secundy, writing to her on Sept. 8, 2016: ‘We should shower together by FT [FaceTime] every morning or night when we’re up at 3… I’ll teach you how to masturbate.’

Shades of Ashley’s Biden’s diary, confirmed by her as authentic in court filings weeks ago: ‘Was I molested. I think so,’ as well as an entry about ‘showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)’.

What is it with this family and showers?

But Joe Biden is, per his liberal media lackeys, the only guy who can beat Trump: a bastion of family unity, decency, and a warrior against corruption.

And hey — if the media must almost entirely ignore every one of this family’s glaring depravities to get him elected, just as they disavowed Hunter’s laptop, so be it.


Here’s the thing with Hunter’s case: All roads lead back to President Biden.

Hunter’s laptop is brimming with evidence of apparent criminal activity by him and his associates including drug trafficking and prostitution. Not that you’d know it from the knee-jerk liberal reaction to the guilty verdict. Here was Chuck Todd on MSNBC, defending our most decent and unbiased president: ‘Joe Biden,’ Todd said, ‘had the power to stop this if he chose to.’

Hey, Chuck — it’s not as though he didn’t try.

It was Biden’s Department of Justice, according to two IRS whistleblowers, that interfered with the investigation into Hunter’s criminality.

It was the Secret Service who were forced to deny that agents attempted to recover Hunter’s incriminating paperwork from the gun store – despite the store owner saying they did.

And, last year, it was Biden’s DOJ that negotiated that ridiculous sweetheart plea deal for Hunter, who was pocketing millions from foreign countries, buying a gun, and failing to pay taxes, all while in the throes of an active drug addiction — and that’s Hunter’s own timeline, per his own memoir, which was also entered into evidence.

That’s the smartest guy Joe knows! God help us all.

Does the smartest guy you know often reference his own father, then the sitting vice president, as the possible recipient of foreign money? All while Biden’s boss, Barack Obama, had two of his own officials warn Joe about Hunter taking money from Ukraine’s Burisma?

Unless Hunter’s main goal here, consciously or not, is to punish his father and torpedo his election chances — well, I wouldn’t call Hunter smart.


In April 2021, while promoting his memoir, Hunter joked with Jimmy Kimmel about still doubting the laptop — containing images of Hunter himself smoking crack, engaging in threesomes, and holding a gun against his naked thigh — was real.

‘I really don’t know,’ Hunter told Kimmel. ‘And the fact of the matter is, it’s a red herring.’

A red herring!!!!

Anyone recall ’10 held by H for the big guy’ on Hunter’s laptop?

Or the WhatsApp message Hunter wrote to a Chinese CEO on July 30, 2017, that read, ‘I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment has not been fulfilled,’ followed by $5.1 million wired into Hunter’s bank account days later?

Or the 51 former US intelligence agents who, in a signed open letter, stated that Hunter Biden’s laptop was part of a ‘Russian disinformation’ plot to sway the 2020 presidential election?

Joe and Hunter Biden never pushed back against that. They allowed the liberal media to parrot this lie promiscuously.


In an interview with Donald Trump just weeks before that election, Lesley Stahl of ’60 Minutes’ repeatedly told Trump that Hunter’s laptop was a fake, and even if it wasn’t — who cared?

Stahl: ‘This is the most important issue in the country right now?’

Trump: ‘It’s a very important issue to find out whether a man’s corrupt who’s running for president, who’s accepted money from China, and Ukraine, and from Russia […] I think it’s one of the biggest scandals I’ve ever seen, and you don’t cover it.’

Stahl: ‘Well, because it can’t be verified. I’m telling you.’

This is exactly what most Americans are sick to death of: The liberal elite telling you.

Just as they’re telling us Biden is completely compos mentis, that, per Rachel Maddow, ‘he rides a bike’, and that slurring, patently demented Joe Biden is America’s best shot at saving democracy.

The Hunter verdict may be more consequential than it seems at first glance. His conviction, and his forthcoming trial on federal tax charges, may be the final blow for Joe. It may be the emotional hit from which he cannot recover.


Maureen Callahan is the American columnist for the London Daily Mail