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[This Forum post by Joe Katzman responding to
The Brittleness of the Left needs to be read by all TTPers. You are encouraged to share your thoughts]

The impulses of the Left you will always have with you. But that doesn’t mean we can’t raze the treasonous infrastructure and personalities that make up its modern variants, and makes them effective:

    • Arrest and jail the leftists who have abused their position with rampant illegality. Time for Justice.
    • RICO against the Antifa/ BLM/ Occupy types, their funders, and those that provided material aid.
    • Break the pedophile and human trafficking networks that stretch from Hollywood and beyond, and publicly hang them around the Left’s neck.
    • Deny funding to colleges past a given ratio of administrators to teaching faculty, to force layoffs of college bureaucrats that drive the leftist agenda.
    • Remove college as an allowable job requirement (barring willingness to litigate with proof of need) to collapse enrollment in indoctrination subjects and make revenue dips force bigger bureaucrat housecleanings.
    • Create new torts with high penalties that are specifically designed to punish HR zampolit behaviors; turn HR into a serious risk to a company’s financials, forcing tight scrutiny/control or even abolition. If possible, turn the penalties into something with a structure that can become an incentive/ organizing opening for private sector unions.
    • Refine tort law in ways that make the SPLC in particular much easier to sue successfully. Destroy it and salt the earth for anyone who would take its place.
    • Enact state labor reform against public sector unions – while leaving private sector unions alone.
    • Place heavy progressive taxes on multi-generational foundations and university endowments for places that accept ANY public money (incl. student loans) as soon as the next economic downturn hits, or sooner. Henry the VIII I am, Henry the VIII I am I am…
    • Break up the silicon valley monopolies.
    • Make it possible for media organizations all the way down to bloggers to sue social media services over a given user base size for restraint of trade if they are systematically deprecated via algorithms. Include algorithm audit as an explicit part of the discovery process.
    • Criminalize denial of service for legal customer activities within the financial and tech sectors.
    • Use the looming pension crises to break public sector pension entitlements and switch them to 401ks.
    • Remove Hollywood-related tax breaks, and pass bills forcing accounting reform in Tinseltown (instant split stars/studios).
    • Deport Fake American illegals, and those that sheltered them.
    • Halt immigration except for Einstein visas. Probably not fully doable until the next downturn, but will become doable then.