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Dr. Jack Wheeler

Why Bush is Scared in 2004

This is a black day, a day for anyone associated with the Republican Party to be ashamed and embarrassed. Piling a new trillion-dollar Medi-Pander entitlement to appease geezer-beggars on top of all the others that the Republicans should be busy eliminating is way, way beyond scandalous. Why, then, has the Republican Party from President Bush on down become determined to betray its basic principles?



Let’s play fill-in-the-blanks. In general, Americans and Europeans are Christians. Arabs are Moslems. Indians are Hindus. Chinese are _________? If you have trouble filling in the last blank, it’s because the answer is blank. From time immemorial, the Chinese have been the least religious of any of history’s major civilizations. Daoism, Confucianism, Chinese Buddhism are rationalistic quasi-religions lacking any personal relationship with a transcendent deity or deities. The ancestor- and spirit-worship of Chinese folk religion is individualized to families only.


Why Bush Will Win in 2004

A year from now you and I will be celebrating George W. Bush’s re-election. It’s in the bag, and the reason why is deeper than the economy or Iraq. It’s because GW figured out Bill Clinton’s secret while the Dems forgot it.


Good Vibrations – How Dick Cheney Can Find Saddam’s Hidden Weapons

I love the way President Bush mispronounces the Iraqi dictator’s name:  SAH-dum, not sah-DAM.  Whereas the latter pronunciation in Arabic means “One Who Confronts,” the former means “Barefoot Beggar.”  Be assured that when GW says SAH-dum in his speeches broadcast to the Arabic world, he is doing it on purpose.

The Barefoot Beggar has finally agreed to let in UN inspectors because he is confident he can hide his WMD — weapons of mass destruction — from them.  But if GW tells Dick Cheney to give his former colleagues at Halliburton a call about utilizing oil field discovery technology, that


The Anti-American Right

Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it?  It's the Left -- liberals, left-wingers, socialists, commies, pinkos, the Noam Chomskys and Alec Baldwins and Barbra Streisands -- that hates America.  But the Right -- good old flag-waving patriotic God Bless America conservatives?  How could they possibly be anti-American?  It sounds ridiculous.Yet whatever sense or nonsense it makes, Anti-Americanism is seeping into the entire conservative movement and is threatening to splinter it into pieces.


Adolf in Malaysia

It is only with the most extreme caution and reluctance that someone making repulsive and racist statements should be labeled a Nazi.  Hitler's crimes were so monstrous that most comparisons to them cheapen and insult their horror.  Yet there are times when such comparisons are justified and Malaysian leader Mohammed Mahathir's now-infamous speech is one of them.



It was a gorgeous spring day in Washington D.C. when I got a call from Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA). The year was 1995. "Hey, Jack, can you come to my office late this afternoon? The Deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg and his entourage will be here and I'd like you in on the meeting."


The Osama-Saddam Surprise

Al Jazeera released another audio tape this week, recorded by someone speaking in Arabic and claiming to be Osama Bin Laden.  As with such tapes in the past, the CIA reports that it is kinda, almost, and pretty sure that it is OBL's real voice so he must still be alive in a cave somewhere.Well, once again, I'm not buying it.  As I've been saying for almost two years now, I think his remains are pulverized under a mountain of rubble in eastern Afghanistan. 



Ordinarily, I suggest that you forward my articles to any friends whom you think would appreciate them — but this is an exception. I’m going to ask you, as a TTP member, to keep this to yourself.

There is talk in certain, shall we say, “corridors of power” here in Washington about an “Ultimate Solution” to the whole Arab-Israel Gordian Knot that is so breathtaking and mind-blowing that I’d just like to keep it between ourselves for now.

Here’s the background and the outline.

We start with how the countries of the Middle East were created out of the shards


And Now For the Good News

As the libs gloat and revel over the travails of Rush Limbaugh, their books bashing Bush take over the bestseller lists, their media hails Democratic presidential wannabes as saintly saviors of America and subjects us to a daily deluge of disaster in Iraq, it's time for the good news.


Demolition Man

Ten years ago, in 1993, Sylvester Stallone made a movie entitled Demolition Man .  He played a Los Angeles super-cop in the late 90s who is framed and sentenced to being frozen in suspended animation.In 2032, he is revived to solve an unprecedented crime wave.  He knows nothing of what has happened in the intervening 35 years.  Stallone's partner is a lady cop played by Sandra Bullock.  As they are driving down a LA street, Stallone asks where they are going."We are going two more blocks to turn left at the Schwarzenegger Presidential Library, then continue..."Stallone interrupts her.  "What did you just say about a library?" he asks."Well," Bullock explains, "After we passed the 32nd Amendment to the Constitution which allowed a naturalized citizen to become president..."Stallone interrupts her again.  "You mean that guy..."  He shakes his head with weary incredulity, waving off the rest of Bullock's explanation.  "I don't want to hear about it."Where did Stallone get his crystal ball?


Platonic Conservatives

There is an organization of conservatives which has met in private thrice annually since 1981.  As a member for over 20 years, I am obliged not to mention its name or membership.  Suffice it to say that virtually every major conservative figure in America belongs.


GW Dances With Hillary

Let's start with two things we know for sure about Hillary.  First, she wants to be President.  Second, she will do anything to be so.  There is no lie she won't tell, no friend she won't destroy, no pledge she won't break, no slander she won't spread, no political dirty trick she won't employ in order to reside in the White House again, this time as the POTUS.Now let's look at one thing you should know about George W. Bush.  He's smarter than Hillary.



This extraordinary photo is of the two Finance Coordinators of the 2003 meeting of the governing boards for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, held this week in Dubai. Geetha Ezhuvath is on the left. She is not a Moslem. Sara Al Kaabi on the right, most obviously is.


George and Alberto

I recently received a very kind letter from ToThePointer Hagan Hetz, of the famous Fairview Evergreen Nurseries in Pennsylvania ( He wanted to know what I thought of President Bush's September 7 address to the nation on Iraq. OK, Hagan, here it goes. While listening to GW, I was thinking about Alberto Fujimori.


The Toleration of Evil

It is impossible for the ordinary human mind to fully grasp the evil of Joseph Stalin.  He purposefully engineered the starving to death of over ten million people in Ukraine.  In terms of mass murder, Stalin's Ukrainian Holocaust was an even greater crime than Hitler's Jewish Holocaust. Millions more were hauled off to be enslaved and die in the Gulag, or tortured and shot for the slightest suspicion of anything Stalin was suspicious of.  Many of his closest deputies were ordered to put their parents, wives, or children to death to prove their loyalty. Yet this tyranny, this monstrous evil, is not a mystery.  Evil exists, deeply embedded in certain human souls.  That isn't mysterious;  it is a basic fact of  human society.  The true mystery is why and how such is evil is tolerated.  Stalin tyrannized the Soviet Union for thirty years.  In all those years, there is not one single known attempt on his life.  Not one. Which then, is the greater depravity:  Stalin killing people, or no one killing him?  The former, of course.  Evil itself is the greater evil -- but toleration of it is the greater mystery.



Earlier this week I had lunch with one of the most extraordinary human beings gracing our planet -- His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Our gracious hosts were Lalit Mansingh, Indian Ambassador to the US, and his wife Indira at their Residence in Washington. I congratulated Ambassador Mansingh on his country being a sanctuary where Tibetan culture and religion still freely flourishes, such as in the regions of Ladakh and Zanskar.


The 21st Century Einstein

When Albert Einstein wrote and offered his initial papers on the Special Theory of Relativity in 1905, he was an unknown clerk in the Swiss Patent Office with no academic credentials.  Needless to say, for established professional physicists, the overthrow of the principles upon which their lives' work was based by a 26 year-old kid nobody every heard of did not go over too well.So almost 100 years later, here comes another kid, a high school dropout no less, who may impact 21st Century science the way Einstein did the 20th.  Peter Lynds, a 27 year-old broadcasting school tutor from Wellington, New Zealand,  may change the way that we think about time and its relationship to classical and quantum mechanics and cosmology.


Freedom Fighters and the New Republic

Last month, in the August 18/25 issue, The New Republic (TNR) magazine ran a cover story which focused on my role in creating the Reagan Doctrine, which contributed to the downfall of the Soviet Union. While not critical of me directly, the article criticizes the leaders of the anti-Soviet freedom fighter movements the Reagan Doctrine supported.  This is supposed to serve as a warning to the Bush White House regarding putative support for anti-radical movements within the Moslem world.  Here is my response.  We'll see what TNR does with it.


Israel Needs Rowdy Yates

You know I'm not Jewish.  And I'm not a supporter of Israel for Millennial Christian reasons (e.g., Jews have to get the Holy Land back before there can be a Second Coming).  I support Israel because I support Western Civilization, of which Israel is a part and because of which she is under attack.  And also because I think proto-hominids who slaughter women and babies on purpose have no right to exist.



As we come to the end of summer, it is time to take our minds off Middle East maelstroms, California circuses, and world craziness in general, and spend time instead on a summer soliloquy.

For some time now, my youngest son Jackson and I have been embarked on a project we call his “Nifty Fifty.”  That is, for him to travel to and learn something really interesting about each of all fifty American states.

Jackson is now 11 years old.  He has been with me twice around the world and to the North Pole three times.  He has been 2,000


Has the Major Media Become Republican?

No, it hasn't.  Yet when both TIME and Newsweek feature George Bush's dream opponent -- Howie "Dizzy" Dean -- on their covers in the same week, when Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings gush over him and the editors of The New York Times do all they can to promote his candidacy, you've got to wonder.



The good news in Iraq is that things are much, much better than the gloomy picture painted daily by the propaganda organ of the Democratic Party, the LME (The Liberal Media Establishment, consisting primarily of Time-Newsweek-New York Times in print, Rather-Brokaw-Jennings-CNN in television, and NPR in radio). Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz are directing the military in continuing a superb performance, Jerry Bremer is following their lead and not his putative bosses at State, oil production will soon hit one million barrels a day, and over 90% of Iraq's population is living under peace and increasing prosperity. The bad news is that State Department and CIA bureaucrats resolutely continue to be in the way of all of this. This is best exemplified by their personal vendetta against the one man who could lead Iraq out of chaos and into a flourishing democracy: Ahmad Chalabi, leader of the Iraqi National Congress.



Reading Ann Coulter’s new book, Treason is a lot of fun. She has to be the ballsiest chick in America. Part of what makes her so cool is that you know she would love that description of her.

Aside from the sheer enjoyment of watching her rhetorically eviscerate liberals, she performs a great public service in rehabilitating Joe McCarthy and exposing the Myth of McCarthyism. “McCarthyism is one of the markers on the left’s Via Dolorossa,” she observes. “It is their slavery, their gulag, their potato famine. Otherwise liberals would just be geeks from Manhattan and Hollywood.”

So let’s go


Getting In On African Oil

A great many conservatives are seriously steamed about George Bush even thinking about sending American soldiers to fight and possibly die in some Liberian Rumble in the Jungle. 

Liberal Democrats only advocate putting American soldiers in harm’s way when they perceive no US national security interest.  Whenever there is such an interest, they are dependably opposed.  Thus they were against the War in Iraq but are now all for Americans getting shot in Liberia by rival gangs of heavily armed thugs stoned on marijuana.

The last place in the world American soldiers should be sent to is some anarchic hell-hole


Traitors to Themselves: The Civil War Inside Mexico’s Soul

I am currently engaged in writing a screen treatment for a motion picture to be made by a Hollywood producer friend of mine. The movie's working title is La Malinche (lah-mah-lin'-chay), and is the true story about one of history's most remarkable and heroic women. Her name was Malinali. She was born a Princess. When her father, the King, died, her mother remarried and had a son. Now a threat to her step-brother's inheriting the throne, her mother sold her into slavery.Beautiful and smart, Malinali became the favorite slave girl of a local chieftain. When powerful strangers came from an unknown land, the chief made a present of the slave girl to their leader. The year was 1519, and the strangers' leader was named Hernando Cortez.


A Carpe Diem Oil Opportunity

My friend Edward Goodliffe called me yesterday from the offices of Pan Southern Petroleum Corp. in Puckett, Mississippi.  He’s on Pan Southern’s board and wanted to tell me about a fascinating oil play he thought ToThePointers should know about.

There’s a small reserve in a remote area of the state called Bentonia Field.  It was drilled in the late 1980s by Coho Resources and has thus far yielded 1,700,000 barrels of oil from multiple pay zones.  Coho, however, has suffered massive mismanagement and has gone in and out of bankruptcy several times.  Bentonia became neglected, with its equipment falling into



In a talk entitled "The Map of the Future" I gave last week in Dallas, I discussed which countries throughout the world were or could become the greatest threats to America's national security. At the top of the list, more dangerous than Iran or North Korea or China, I placed Mexico. The bottomless inferiority complex that Mexico feels towards America is summed up in an old saying known to all Mexicans as "Mexico's Curse," the lament that their country is "So far from God, so close to the United States." The truth, however, is the reverse. Today, Americans lament "America's Curse," that their country is so close to Mexico.


Finding the Supreme Court’s Pony

Ronald Reagan was fond of describing the ultimate optimist:  a young boy digging determinedly through a huge pile of horse manure, shouting "There's got to be a pony in here somewhere!"So here I am, that kid trying to find the pony buried in this pile of, ah ... manure the Supreme Court just dumped on America.


Book Discussion : Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Book Discussion : Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Scholastic: 2003)

Like so many other kids, my son learned how to read by reading Harry Potter. He was five years old, and would sit next to me as I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to him.

He began picking out words as his eyes followed my hand moving down the page as I read. Then phrases, then parts of sentences, and by the end of the book, entire sentences. That was in 1997. When Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets came out the next year,


Stop Health Fascism: Where Is Phil Gramm When We Need Him?

In early 1994, Hillary Clinton was riding high. Her plan for government seizure of the entire health care system of America was being treated by the media as a fait accompli. The Republicans, led by Newt Gingrich in the House and Bob Dole in the Senate, had capitulated. HillaryCare was a done deal.Then one lone Senator stood up in the well of the United States Senate and announced that he was going to single-handedly pull the emergency brake on the runaway train. "This plan to nationalize health care," he announced, "will pass over my cold dead political body." By September, Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell bitterly pronounced HillaryCare legislatively dead due to "Republican obstructionism." But the obstruction wasn't Republican. It was one single Republican Senator. His name was Phil Gramm.


Book Discussion: Adventure Capitalist by Jim Rogers

BOOK DISCUSSION : Adventure Capitalist by Jim Rogers (Random House, 2003)

It’s a great concept: A guy makes a killing on Wall Street, then drives a bright yellow Mercedes 152,000 miles around the world through 116 countries with his girlfriend (later wife), making interesting observations and giving you valuable investment advice all along the way.

Well, it’s a concept. This book is a real rough ride. There’s “take-home value” here that you can use for your portfolio’s benefit, but there are so many chuckholes, so many intellectual flat tires that the journey can be grindingly infuriating.

Rogers is one of


The Betrayal of a Hero

In 1957, a 21 year-old kid named Otto Kuczynski showed up at Ellis Island in New York harbor with his teen-age wife, Hërta, an 8 month-old baby boy, and all the money he had in the world: $27.For centuries, Otto's family lived in the village of Beregomet in a fairly-tale region of primeval forests and ancient castles tucked into a corner of southeastern Europe known to the Romans as Dacia, and millennia later, to the Austrians as Galicia. When the Austro-Hungarian Empire was broken up after WWI, Galicia was made a part of Romania and called Northern Bucovina. The place became a nightmare war-zone during WWII, with Otto spending his pre-teen years trying not be killed by Nazis and Russians.


The Road Map and the Garden Path

To be "led down the garden path" is to be lured by subterfuge into a garden of seduction. The metaphor is of modern origin, with the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) revealing its first use in the 1920s. It denotes being misled, deceived, conned, seduced, hoodwinked. This is why the so-called Road Map for Arab-Israeli Peace should be called the Garden Path instead.George Bush has been led down the Garden Path by the State Department. The entire "Road Map" enterprise is an ego-trip by Foggy Bottom bureaucrats in the obsessively pro-Arab Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (BNEA). Led by Assistant Secretary William Burns, the BNEA guys feel they have been shown-up and humiliated by Rumsfeld's Pentagon. They look upon the military victory in Iraq as their diplomatic failure. They are determined to have the geopolitical spotlight taken off Rummy and shine instead on whom it rightfully belongs: them.