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Among the Queen of Soul’s many memorable songs, the one most remembered is her massive 1967 hit, Respect.  Take a moment to enjoy:

Tragically, that was the one thing the Franklin family did not give her for her funeral on Friday, August 31.

Yesterday (9/03), the Associated Press ran a story carried around the world: Aretha Franklin’s Family Says Eulogy Was Offensive.

Well, of course, one would think, that must be the “very, very distasteful” eulogy delivered by a sociology professor infamous for being a hate-filled anti-white racist, Michael Eric Dyson.

Believe it or not – for this is at a funeral – this madman took offense at President Trump, who after sending this message on her passing…

…supposedly commented to reporters that Aretha had “worked for him on numerous occasions” – meaning she often contracted to perform at Trump-owned venues such as Trump Castle, the Trump Taj Mahal Casino, and Trump International Hotel and Tower.

For this, Dyson goes on a rant against the President of the United States, saying (video clip in the link above):

“This orange apparition had the nerve to say she worked for him. You lugubrious leech. You doppelganger of deceit and deviance. You lethal liar, you dimwitted dictator, you foolish fascist. She ain’t work for you. She worked above you. She worked beyond you.”

Delivering this completely gratuitous and fully demented insult was not, however, what the Franklin family found “very, very distasteful” – they made no criticism of Dyson at all.

No, the eulogy they denounced was that of Rev. Jasper Williams, Jr. of the Salem Bible Church in Atlanta – who delivered the eulogy of Aretha’s father, famed preacher and civil rights activist C. L. Franklin in 1984.

Williams’ eulogy was magnificent, a soaring sermon to blacks that their children need a home with a mother and father, that black lives will matter when blacks stop killing each other hundreds of times more than a white cop kills them, to be personally responsible for your life and soul before God and Country.

All of this was total anathema to the Masters of the Democrat Plantation, so out came the media PC Smear Machine to which the Franklin family cowardly capitulated.

You may have heard some of this, even perhaps a clip or two of Rev. Williams’ eulogy.  I’d like to suggest you watch and listen to all 48 minutes of it.  I was glad I did – I think you will be too.

A great preacher doesn’t pander to his flock, but tells them what they need to hear.  That takes courage, especially in front of the world.  Thank you, Rev. Williams.  Aretha must be smiling down upon you.