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african-sunsetThis really isn’t photoshopped – it’s what a sunset actually looks like on the Luangwa River in Zambia. Best way to enjoy it is with a gin-and-tonic Sundowner with good friends on a dream Africa safari. Zambia is an undiscovered gem, the best safari country in all Africa right now.

Fabulous luxury lodges, iconic animals of Africa in amazing profusion, and much less expensive than the well-known safari regions elsewhere.  I told you all about our Africa Dream Safari in January.  It filled up fast – but then you know what happened to us and the whole world.

We’ve rescheduled it with new dates, September 5 to September 15.  We can now take one, possibly two more couple(s) and maybe one single.  Enjoy the description and all the cool photos below, and if you’re serious about joining us, email me at [email protected] for a special discount I may be able to offer you.


Have you ever looked into a leopard’s eyes as she stares right back at you?

Or watch her as she gives her cub a loving tongue bath?


Ever seen a pink hippo?


Or a Saddle-Billed Stork hunting for fish in a waterlily pond?


How about contemplating a contented giraffe as an oxpecker bird cleans the ticks off him?


Do you know what a Slave Palm is?


These mark the encampment of Arab slavers conducting slave raids.  They’d toss the pits of the dates they ate, some of which grew into palm trees.  They are not native to Africa.

What is native to Africa is doing things naturally, like these spotted hyenas are demonstrating.


Did you know in Africa, crocodiles are called flatdogs?  You can see why.


How’s that – you want lions?  Up close?  Will this do?


You soon lose count of all the lions you see.  Elephants? More than you can count?  Up close too?  No problem.


This big boy is flaring his ears at us to show how large he is – as we’re large too in our safari jeep.


Besides, animals here haven’t been hunted in over 50 years and there are not many of us humans around anyway, so they leave us alone as we do them.  Live and let live.

Speaking of living, you want to live in luxury while on safari, right?  Will this do?



The food is fabulous, the bar’s always open, and every sunset is Sundowner Time overlooking a river filled with crocs and hippos with a great gin & tonic in hand.


And the sunsets – there’s nothing like a sunset in the African bush.  Again, this is not photoshopped, this is real.

Where are we?  On our Africa Dream Safari in Zambia, that’s where – the best undiscovered safari land in all Africa.  I’ve been going on safaris all over Africa since 1971, so I know – and Rebel says hands down, this is her favorite no question.

We’ve been able to reschedule it, starting September 5 to September 15. So please log in to Wheeler Expeditions’ Africa Dream Safari to get all the info and details, then let us know if you’ll be with Rebel, me, and your fellow TTPers to see for real what you saw in the photos – and so much more.

As always, we’ll be happy to give you a call, either Rebel or me, to talk it over if you’re seriously interested.

Yes, you’ll look into a leopard’s eyes – and a lion’s too…


But the eyes that will capture your heart are these.


The Africa Dream Safari really is the dream of a lifetime.  Carpe diem.  Life is short.  The time for a great adventure is now.