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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  Sitting with friends here, we are stupefied and silent as we watch video news footage such as this of the truly unbelievable destruction of the Japan Tsunami:

Until I break the silence.  Watching the gargantuan mud and debris-filled wave sweep into oblivion everything in its path, I mutter, "That’s just what Barack Obama is doing to America."

One of my friends, who provides security services all over the world, overhears me and gives me a bemused look.  "Only America?" he asks.

The apartment we are in overlooks the Persian Gulf.  He points out across the water. 

"Right over there lies the most enormous threat to world stability, with nothing but a few miles of water between it and the oil fields here and up the coast in Saudi the world economy depends on.  Iran is doing everything it can to cause a tsunami of chaos on this side of the Gulf.  And what is this guy in the White House doing?  Playing golf.  Whose side is he on?  Not America’s, nor any friend of America’s."

No argument from me.  You saw in Arabian Wonderland (February 2010) what an extraordinary place Bahrain was.  Now it’s being torn apart by Iranian agents fomenting a Hutu-like hatred among Bahraini Shias, egging them to look upon Bahraini Sunnis as Tutsis.

The pinkostream enemedia calls these rioters "pro-democracy demonstrators," as if Bahrain were some kind of Mubarak or Gaddafi dictatorship.  But Bahrain is a constitutional monarchy with a freely elected parliament. 

The Shias have their own party, Al Wefaq, which won 18 out of 40 seats in the last election (October, 2010).  Sunni Islamist parties won only 5 seats, while independents won the remaining 17.

The whole phony crisis is bought and paid for by Tehran’s mullahs, Zero is clueless and does nothing – even though the US Navy’s 5th Fleet is based in Bahrain – so the Saudis and Gulf Arabs take matters into their own hands, and send in troops to take care of the problem.

On his radio talk show this week, (3/14), Mark Levin advised Jews in Israel to "tell Obama to go to hell, tell Hillary Clinton to get lost, and be done with them."  Good advice, which Arabs are already following – here in the Gulf, in Saudi, and in Egypt where the leaders of the successful overthrow of Mubarak refused to meet with Hillary Clinton yesterday (3/15).

The contempt that Arabs – sane, moderate ones that despise Al Qaeda and pray for America to destabilize Iran and effect regime change – have for Zero now is bottomless.  Two of the milder words you hear for him are, "pathetic" and "worthless."

When the subject of Libya comes up, their words are more colorful.  "We need your Ronald Reagan back," one Emirati fumed, "not this pile of camel dung."  He was referring to Reagan’s attempt to take out Gaddafi by airstrikes in 1986.

Trying to lighten things up, I asked him, "You know why Reagan missed, what saved Gaddafi, don’t you?"  He shook his head.

"The camel was on top."

Everyone in the room bellylaughed, including the Emiratis, then my security friend observed, "It’s much easier now – a sub-launched cruise missile strike onto Bab al-Azizia (Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli), and ‘no person, no problem.’  But Obama’s way too much of a jabaan (coward) for that."

I rose to the bait.  "Jimmy Carter was a coward, but this guy is far worse.  It’s cowardice combined with incompetence combined with outright malevolence, real hatred for his country, that makes him such an incredible danger to America – and the world."

There was silence as the Emiratis there absorbed this, then one of them asked, "Jack, what do you mean by a tsunami hitting America like what we just saw in Japan?"

"It’s a tsunami of insanity, caused by an earthquake of insanity.  Countries can go crazy just like people.  It was clinically deranged of the American people to elect a man with absolutely no qualifications or experience whatever, and who they knew attended a church for 20 years listening to a preacher praying for God to damn America.

"Yet they did it anyway.  A majority of American voters placed their livelihoods and security in the hands of this man – so now a tsunami of economic and national security destruction is bearing down upon us."

He absorbed this, stroked his beard, then asked, "So… is this Obama’s tsunami or America’s tsunami upon itself?"

I smiled.  "Wow, is that a good question!  Yes, Americans created it, now they are standing there watching it bear down upon them – and instead of running for their lives they angrily pretend it doesn’t exist.  Anyone who warns them or tries to stop it gets riots and death threats like in Wisconsin.  The only rational, sane Americans left are the Tea Party people – and there may not be enough of them to stop this tsunami of insanity."

*  *  *  *  *

It’s late now and I’m back in my hotel room to learn that "hysteria" and "panic-buying" of radiation protection stuff is going on in the US West Coast.  I’m tempted to laugh at such stupidity, but it’s just too tragically ironic.

There is no – as in zippo, nada – chance of anyone in the US suffering radiation poisoning from some non-existent "plume" emanating from Fukushima.  They’ll get more radiation from eating some bananas.  (For an informed discussion by people who know what they are talking about, see the topics of "Nuke Pills" and "Japan" in the General Discussion section of the TTP User Forum.)

Yet while the panic-buyers are freaking out over an imaginary threat, the real one has arrived.  What you’re paying more now at the grocery store or gas pump has only just begun.

We all know the government is lying to us about inflation.  The best on-going explanation of exactly how it lies and how it covers up its lies is that provided by well-known economist John Williams on his website Shadow Government Statistics at  It’s a subscriber site — $179 a year – which I find well worth the price.

This week (3/15), ShadowStats issued its latest Hyperinflation Special Report.  Its 66 pages present a comprehensive picture of the size of the "Financial Armageddon" we face.  Here are some key excerpts:

*The U.S. economic and systemic-solvency crises of the last four years only have been precursors to the coming Great Collapse: a hyperinflationary great depression. Such will encompass a complete collapse in the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar; a collapse in the normal stream of U.S. commercial and economic activity; a collapse in the U.S. financial system as we know it; and a likely realignment of the U.S. political environment.

Outside timing on the hyperinflation remains 2014, but there is strong risk of the currency catastrophe beginning to unfold in the months ahead. It may be starting to unfold as we go to press in March 2011, but moving into a full blown hyperinflation could take months to a year…

*The circumstance envisioned ahead is not one of double- or triple- digit annual inflation, but more along the lines of seven- to 10-digit inflation seen in other circumstances during the last century. Under such circumstances, the currency in question becomes worthless, as seen in Germany (Weimar Republic) in the early 1920s, in Hungary after World War II, in the dismembered Yugoslavia of the early 1990s, and most recently in Zimbabwe, where the pace of hyperinflation was the most extreme ever seen.  

Through three devaluations, excess zeros repeatedly were lopped off notes as high as 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars. The cumulative devaluation of the Zimbabwe dollar was such that a stack of 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (26 zeros:  100 septellion) two dollar bills (if they were printed) in the peak hyperinflation would have be needed to equal in value what a single original Zimbabwe two-dollar bill of 1978 had been worth.

Such a pile of bills literally would be light years high, stretching from the Earth to the Andromeda Galaxy.  If the U.S. went through a hyperinflation like that of Zimbabwe‘s, total U.S. federal debt and obligations (roughly $76 trillion with unfunded liabilities) could be paid off for much less than a current penny…

* For those who have foreign-currency denominated bank accounts outside the United States, something along the lines of a debit card against that account-let‘s say a Swiss franc account-could help, in theory. In the U.S., one could buy $100,000 worth of groceries with the debit card, and 50 Swiss francs would be deducted overnight from the account in Zurich, based on the then-current exchange rate. Such presumes, though, the ongoing functioning of a system in the U.S. that could handle the transaction….

* In terms of survival on a day-to-day basis, U.S.-based individuals should be building a store of goods in preparation for a manmade disaster, much as they would for a natural disaster such as an earthquake. Economic activity probably would devolve to a barter system, but such could take months to become fully functional…

That’s the Tsunami of Insanity bearing down upon us – and that’s the rosy scenario.  For William’s analysis is static – that is, he is talking about debt levels with interest on them at low current levels.  This is going to change and soon.  As interest rates rise with inflation, interest on government debt will absorb all government revenue.  Confiscation of all wealth will not make up the shortfall.

Meanwhile, Congress keeps digging the debt hole deeper.  Cutting a tiny fraction — $61 billion or 3% — of a $1.8 trillion deficit is fought tooth and nail by the Dems.  You may have seen the story about the day Congress cut $6 billion this week (3/14), while the federal debt grew by $72 billion – on that single day alone.

Is there any hope?  Yes and no.  The tsunami cannot be stopped – but it might be diverted.  Wherever it is diverted to will be destroyed – so we must make sure that what’s destroyed is the insanity that caused it in the first place.

For the diversion to even have a chance, something first has to happen very soon – and if it doesn’t, then it’s hard to see how the Tsunami of Insanity doesn’t sweep us all away.  That something is for the House to refuse to raise the debt ceiling.

This won’t get rid of the debt that is bankrupting us, but it’s a necessary baby step towards it.  If the House can’t do even this, then it’s time to look for property in rural Nevada (Skye can give you some good advice), or get out of the tsunami’s way altogether by leaving the US.

If the House can draw this line in the sand, then steps towards the full diversion can be made.  The diversion is:  Default.  The US Federal Government has to declare bankruptcy and be put into receivership.  Foreign bondholders take the biggest haircut (it’s euphemized as "debt restructuring").  US citizens and those owed Social Security are paid off, so many cents on the dollar, through the sale or transfer of assets – millions of acres of land, trillions in mineral rights.

Concurrent with this, states must be allowed by Congress to declare bankruptcy so they can default ("restructure") on their liabilities such as public union pensions.

This is the only solution.  There isn’t any other.   If you say this cannot be done, then you’re saying it’s too late, the Tsunami of Insanity has already swept us away.

The scope and depth of damage Obama and the Democrats have perpetrated upon our country in just two years is catastrophic.  It’s clear now what their game plan is.  The hyperinflation scenario described by ShadowStats is what they want – the total destruction of all wealth in America (except for their cronies), enabling them to establish a full-on fascist control of our lives.

The only people who can stop them are the Tea Partyers.  They are the only ones with the fire and principles capable of putting steel in the House’s spine.  America will no longer exist after two more years like these previous two.  It really is now or never.

Go back and take a look at that tsunami video again.  A tsunami of vicious insane fascist horror is racing towards us just like that.  We cannot wait until the end of 2012.  We either start diverting this horror now or what happens in that video happens to us.

(Note:  here’s a longer clip – 15 minutes – that shows the full extent of the tsunami)