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The photo you see is captioned “Armoured fighting vehicles abandoned by Russian soldiers who changed into civilian clothing” from the London Telegraph story this morning (9/12): Russian Soldiers ‘Literally Running’ For Their Lives As Chain Of Command Collapses.

Reuters this morning: Ukraine Troops Sweep Ahead After Russian Collapse In Northeast.  In the last six days, Russia has abandoned at least 500 tanks and APCs, countless amounts of ammo and war materiel. The entire Kharkiv Oblast has been retaken to the Russian border.

And now this map is obsolete.  As is this by the Daily Mail last night (9/11):


By this afternoon, those yellow line of Ukrainian forces from Kharkiv have extended over half-way into the red Luhansk Oblast, with very little fighting as Russian forces are either surrendering or fleeing back across the Russian border.

Ukrainian Army commander Petro Kuzyk told the Financial Times that the Russians fled so fast that meals were still laid out on tables when his men arrived.


“We hoped for success but didn’t expect such cowardly behavior. They abandoned their tanks and equipment . . . even grabbed bicycles to escape. That the Russian army is completely degraded made our work easier – they fled like Olympic sprinters.”


In the south, those yellow lines have extended almost to Kherson, where some 20,000 Russian soldiers are being starved with no food or supplies able to get to them across the now bridgeless Dnipro River.  Little wonder they have begun surrendering en masse.  These are working well.


This news may come as a surprise to a lot of TTPers and conservatives in general, as it’s being ignored or briefly mentioned in passing by Fox, Breitbart, Gateway, Zero Hedge or other news sources conservatives use.  The one glaring exception is right here at TTP – where you are most likely getting this news first.

So what happens now?  Well, as TTP has been explaining since the inception of Putin’s invasion on February 24 all the way to 201 days later today, Ukraine will win heroically and Russia will lose horrifically.  The question has always been when.

I remember back in the 80s explaining to groups of conservatives or briefings at the Reagan White House that the Soviet Union was brittle – that when stressed enough with the right pressure in the right way it would remain strong and unyielding until it suddenly shatters into pieces.  And that when this happened, it would be quick, that the speed of its collapse would stun everyone.

That is exactly what happened.  In January 1989, CIA Deputy Director Bobby Gates was telling everyone at the White House how strong Russia was, and 10 months later the Berlin Wall fell – while less than two years later the Soviet Union ceased to exist.

Actually, this happened so fast it surprised even me, the guy who’d been predicting it all along.  So it is now.  I knew that the Russian military would shatter, but even I didn’t think it would do so by early September!

Of course, this war is not over yet. Ukraine is winning but has not yet won, Russia is losing but has not yet lost. Still, the Russian military no longer has a defensive line in Luhansk, and shortly will not in Donetsk.  The coup de grace for this will be the Ukrainian recapture of Mariupol.

Next will come the recapture of Kherson, then Crimea.  Even before that is completed, however, Putin will most likely be overthrown in a palace coup or be suicided.  Russians will very rapidly scapegoat him for their humiliation.

Soon after, whoever is running the Kremlin will be totally occupied in trying to keep Russia in one piece.  First to go will be Chechnya in the North Caucasus.  There’s already a Chechen armed insurgency fighting to overthrow the monstrous tyranny of Putin puppet Ramzan Kadyrov.  Note their treatment of the Russian flag.


The Middle Volga republics of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan will be next, with all their oil and gas reserves.  Then comes the resource-rich Komi Republic with a population of 95% non-Russian.

How fast Chicom China will start feasting on Russia’s carcass is a guess – probably not immediately but not more than a few years, as China has wanted its region of Outer Manchuria stolen by Russia – such as the Amur Annexation in 1860 – back ever since.

Amur Annexation by Russia from China

Amur Annexation by Russia from China

In recompense, the Chicoms may go for all of Eastern Siberia east of Lake Baikal – why not with Russia’s disintegration?

In any regard, I’m really grateful that TTPers have been so well-informed on what is fast becoming a historically tectonic shift in world politics.  Rest assured, we at TTP will do our best to keep you equally well-informed in the eventful future.

A final observation.  The victory of freedom for Ukraine over the terrorist tyranny of Russia is an achievement of which all Western Civilization can be proud.

The courage and willingness of Ukrainians to stand up to the Russian behemoth and fight for their freedom and country no matter what the odds and cost inspired virtually every nation of the West to support them with massive weaponry and costly economic sanctions.

In so doing, it demonstrated the overwhelming superiority of US and Western military technology from weapons to intelligence to logistics to strategy and tactics.  Further, Ukraine has unified Europe, NATO and the West in a common moral struggle over the forces of darkness.  We are witnessing a thrilling moment of history unfold before us.