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This TTP Intel Bulletin comes at the personal request of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA).

Dana is asking as many TTPers as are able to call their Congressman immediately and request they vote NO on HR 1249, the "America Invents Act."

The reason for the urgency is that the bill may be voted on tomorrow (6/22).

HR 1249’s ostensible purpose is to "harmonize" US patent law with patent laws in other places in the world – like China.  Yes, that’s crazy.  Who would want American inventors to be ripped off by Chicoms and their phony laws?

Large companies with large investments in China, of course, who don’t want to be troubled by some guy inventing something in his garage that could threaten their business.

Here’s what Dana says:

"If H.R. 1249 is passed into law, we will have weaker protections for our inventors and we can expect American innovation to be easily stolen not only domestically but by foreign entities overseas.  Perhaps the worst aspect of this bill, that hurts the American people the most, is the harmonization of our laws with those internationally in terms of the fundamental way we issue patents.

"The bottom line is this.  In our Constitution, the words make it very clear that the original inventor should be the one who receives the patent, not the global standard of whoever files first. That would be very damaging to American innovators and would change the way we do business."

H.R. 1249 would cause severe damage to American innovation and harm the average inventors ability to secure patents.  It greatly increases costs on start-up inventors seeking patents, making it a cost prohibitive venture in many cases and increasing the likelihood any patents that are granted will be infringed upon and subsequently tied up for years in the bureaucracy under the new procedures.

If you can, please call your Congressman ASAP – remember, the vote is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon – and politely request that he or she vote NO on HR 1249.