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“In HBO Chernobyl series there is scene where man in charge of fallout turns out to be not scientist, but shoe salesman w/party connections. Given absurd personnel policy, my assumption is this level of absurdity becomes more common every day in US agencies.

— FischerKing (@FischerKing64), January 9, 2022


Most folks who were paying attention during the Obama administration realized he was racializing and weaponizing each and every one of our law enforcement institutions, among others.  The damage done to law enforcement has been catastrophic.

How did he do it?  By appointing people who were loyal to him and not because they were particularly smart or competent.  Like the quote above about the personnel who ran Chernobyl, Obama’s people were chosen or kept for their dedication to the Obama agenda, which they assumed Hillary would continue.

By the time President Trump took office, all of these agencies were geared up to do Clinton’s bidding but instead set out to destroy Trump and his administration with a series of hoaxes, all of which have been debunked.

From Comey to Holder to Brennan, Clapper, and McCabe, all of them were dedicated to one project, one project only: Sabotage Trump.  And sabotage him they did, at every turn, right up to blatantly rigging the election and then falsely accusing him of orchestrating the January 6 event.

In John Moody’s book, Of Course They Knew, of Course They…, a novel that is likely close to the reality of the beginning of the COVID pandemic, we learn that the Communist Party of China does “own” the WHO and controls its messaging.  Moody also shows that, just as during the Obama administration, higher-ups in China are chosen for their fealty and usefulness to the CCP, not their expertise and any given role.

As in Chernobyl, some Chinese scientists were not scientists at all but Communist Party loyalists.  That is how and why bad things happen.  9/11 happened because Clinton’s assistant attorney general, Jamie Gorelick, banned the sharing of information among law enforcement agencies, one of the most misguided rules ever implemented.

Gorelick’s boss, Janet Reno, was responsible for the disastrous events at Waco, Texas in 1993 that led to the fiery deaths of 76 people.  Like Obama’s Cabinet appointees, each of these women had been chosen for their sex, not their skill or competence.

All of this brings us to the hapless Biden administration and its collection of people chosen for their skin color, sexual orientation, or mindless dedication to the destructive policies of radical leftism.

Could Biden’s Cabinet be any more incompetent?  Not likely.  Jake Sullivan, his national security adviser, was part of the Russia hoax for starters and has been hopelessly awful at his job.  He will be forever tainted by the horrendous, ill-conceived withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Then there is Jennifer Granholm as his energy secretary, the failed former governor of Michigan who, when asked about our rising gas prices, could only laugh like a hyena.

How about Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary?  From unpopular mayor of South Bend to transportation czar?  He was chosen because he is openly gay, not for any expertise on our national transportation and all that that entails — supply chain, shipping, interstate highways, etc.  Buttigieg is clueless and barely shows up to work for three months, claiming parental leave.  He cannot even manage a traffic tie-up in the snow that left hundreds of drivers stranded for 24 hours.

And what of Ron Klain, who continues to retweet dumb tweets that reveal his cluelessness about the world outside his swamp bubble?  He too bears responsibility for the betrayal of Afghanistan and for the Americas abandoned there, just as Anthony Blinken does, who is even more pathetic than Klain.

What can one say about Merrick Garland, Biden’s thoroughly corrupt A.G.?  We must thank Mitch McConnell for keeping him off the SCOTUS, for he is a classic partisan swamp-dweller intent upon purging the military and the nation of conservatives who he believes are domestic terrorists.

He supports CRT for it enriches his daughter and son-in-law’s business.  He supports going after parents who show up at school board meetings to participate, ask questions and expose offensive curricula.  His “weak old man” persona is a cover for his Stalinist tendencies.

Check out the rest of them.  The farther left their personal ideology, the better; the more boxes they tick, the better — race, class, sex, sexual orientation. Critical thinking not required.  Allegiance to America and its Constitution definitely not required.  Among this crowd, the more anti-American, the better.


In 2017, author Tom Nichols wrote a book, The Death of Expertise; The Campaign against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters.

In his words, it is about the “erosion of respect for facts, logical analysis, and critical thinking.”  Nothing has proven his thesis more than the COVID “pandemic,” which, had it been treated like any other seasonal flu, created in a lab or not, would never have been used to destroy our economy (small businesses hardest hit), civil society, and public education.

It has effectively ruined the economy, civil society and education, and trust in our medical profession at large.  Far too many doctors have caved to Big Pharma, politics, and the media.  Those doctors are part of the problem.

We must all be eternally grateful for all the brave medical experts who have not caved, will not submit to the “official narrative,” and risk their careers to get the truth to the public, about the need for early treatment, about the effectiveness of ivermectin and HCQ and other repurposed drugs.

The Biden administration has actively suppressed all such information and continues to do so to this day.  For example, the vaccines don’t work, and everyone knows that by now unless she sits on the Supreme Court or works at MSNBC or CNN.

The vaccines are not only ineffective; they are dangerous, but Biden continues to claim that the pandemic is “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”  It most certainly is not.  It turns out that the vaccinated are now more likely to get COVID and omicron.  And it was never necessary to vaccinate children or teens.

The administration’s insistence on vaxxing every American five years old and over but not the migrants pouring over our southern border, welcomed and relocated on the taxpayer dime, is just plain weird.  What’s their plan? It’s not good and very likely has long-term consequences. How else to explain athletes all over the world dropping dead or the increase in myocarditis in young males?

These are perilous times, made infinitely more dangerous by the mendaciously incompetent Biden administration and everyone within it.  In just one year, the U.S. resembles the former Soviet Union more than the country of our Founders.  This slide toward what John Moody calls “socialism with Chinese characteristics” has got to be stopped.

It won’t stop until we elect people who actually know things, can think critically, analyze, and come up with solutions to problems rather than create them to achieve some pie-in-the-sky dream of mass equality.  There will never be equality of outcome, no matter how much social justice warriors try to make it happen.

Equality of opportunity is the best humanity can do, and America did it better than any other nation on the planet until the Biden administration decided to ruin the country, to make it into something it was never meant to be.  I leave the last words to Tom Nichols:


“Of course, there’s also the basic problem that some people just aren’t very bright…Many people simply cannot recognize the gaps in their own knowledge or understand their own inability to construct a logical argument… Dunning-Kruger Effect, in sum, means that the dumber you are, the more confident you are.” 




Patricia McCarthy is a TTPer of many years and writes for RealClearPolitics and American Thinker.  She teaches numerous courses on professional ethics for CPAs, and has won awards for her photography and poetry.