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dprk-getting-a-mcdonaldsThanks to the flow of foreign information into the Hermit Kingdom, North Korea is changing from the inside out — and Kim Jong Un is running to catch up. The growing split between the North Korean people and the state is proving difficult for the Kim regime to reverse.

The influx of foreign media and knowledge has been growing for years, and like the red pill from The Matrix, it has the power to transform North Koreans’ understanding of the world. It permeates all levels of North Korean life, and civilians are becoming increasingly self-aware.

Foreign media infiltrating the North — South Korean dramas, in particular — have done the most to reshape the way North Koreans view their southern neighbors and, in turn, their own realities. From fashion to an awareness of human rights, foreign ideas now increasingly color the lives of ordinary North Koreans.



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acheive-mediocrityThe unlikely 2016 election of Donald Trump—the first president without either prior political or military office—was a repudiation of the American “aristocracy.”

By “rule of the best” ( the Greek aristokratia), I mean the ancien régime was no longer understood to suggest wealth and birth (alone), but instead envisioned itself as a supposed national meritocracy of those with proper degrees, and long service in the top hierarchies of government, media, blue-chip law firms, Wall Street, high tech, and academia.

The 2016 election and refutation of the ruling class did not signal that those without such educations and qualifications were de facto better suited to direct the country. Instead, the lesson was that the past record of governance and the current stature of our assumed best and brightest certainly did not justify their reputations or authority, much less their outsized self-regard.

In short, instead of being a meritocracy, they amount to a mediocracy, neither great nor awful, but mostly mediocre.  Let us count the ways they are and how Donald Trump is their repudiation.



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the-curseHow as Americans do we explain the intransigence of the Left when it comes to national security?  'Tis a mystery.

These people, these Democrats in Congress, are among the most privileged persons on the planet.  They have enjoyed, more than most, the blessings bequeathed by the Founders, the authors of the Constitution.  Yet they are determined, like Obama, to transform us into something this nation was never meant to be: a land without borders.

While all of them are on record supporting a border wall in the past, now that Donald Trump is president, they all oppose it with every fiber of their being.  They know that it will work, and they cannot abide Trump having a win.  These people – Schumer, Pelosi, Gutiérrez, etc. – are truly venal.

It should be obvious to every American by now that our “progressive” regressive Left does not have the best interest of Americans at heart.  Quite the opposite.  They have become a Curse blighting our beloved country.



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govt-shutdownUntil funding for food stamps runs out in about three weeks or so, and Dem voters start sending death threats en masse to Upchuck Schumer saying they’re going to die without them so better him to die instead.

You thought 2018 was crazy?  2019 will be an Al Jolson year because you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  So we bid a non-fond adieu to a frying pan year as we step into the fire of the next.

The Fascist Dems and Media will continue their War on Trump not just unabated but on steroids.  The real question is, can POTUS hold his base?  How many Trumpers will fight to the knife for him, how many will just give up and retreat, how many will go over to the Dark Side?

On that, America’s fate depends.

If we want to save our country from the Dem Fascisti, we must give Trump what he needs most:  tough love, not blind support.  So welcome to the Tough Love HFR at the end of 2018.



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spygateStunning Spygate revelations will drop before the end of the year, the rapidly accelerating amount of seemingly unrelated stuff being made public now inclines me to believe.

Here’s what I conclude from Jeff Carlson’s masterful exposé in the Epoch Times (11/28): Spygate: The True Story of Collusion. How America’s most powerful agencies were weaponized against President Donald Trump.

And from Dan Bongino’s bestseller:  Spygate, The Attempted Sabotage of Donald Trump  As well as my own sources..

So – this is what I think we’ll learn by year’s end:



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tax-liberty-income-chart Zurich, Switzerland.  What do the Paris riots, Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the dusky gopher frog, and Peter Wallison’s new book “Judicial Fortitude” all have in common?

They are all signs that the peasants have had it with the bureaucratic state and the smug elitists who have been ruling the globe. Despite never-ending attempts to quash it, the basic human desire for liberty keeps re-emerging.

Kings and assorted tyrants have attempted to rule their fellow man from the beginning of time. Democracy was created as a way of allowing the people to express their grievances and obtain change without violence. Constitutional republics, such as the United States and Switzerland, were created as a way of restraining government’s ability to diminish the liberties of the people.

The forces of control retaliated by empowering bureaucracies to ignore the will of the people.  Yet they seem impossible to stop smothering our freedom, much less get rid of them.  How do we do this?  There is a way.



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hollywood-deadYesterday (12/10), I received an email from the Motion Picture Academy informing me that if I didn't pay my dues, I wouldn't be able to vote in the Oscar nominations in a couple of weeks.

I debated for a few minutes.  Dues have inflated since I joined in the eighties and are now a hefty $450 per annum.  Nevertheless, spendthrift that I am, I bit the proverbial bullet and went for it. Call it the inability to break a bad habit. Or an addiction to the non-stop influx of screeners that arrive at my door every December, not that I watch many of them. (I suspect I'm not alone in that.)

But it wasn't just the money that had made me hesitate.  On one level, I wouldn't have re-upped up for $4.50, let alone $450.  I mean -- what was the point of this? Does anybody care who wins the Oscar anymore?  I certainly don't -- and I'm a voter.

Here’s why this year the Oscars will continue on their downward spiral toward life support.



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bitter-investigationAs a White House Advisor to President Clinton during his entire impeachment proceedings, I’m experiencing 1998 déjà vu.

That’s as prosecutors once again work overtime to turn extramarital affairs and the efforts to keep them secret into impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors.

Except it’s worse.  Unable to get the witnesses to compose the stories they want, today’s prosecutors are discovering they can simply compose the crimes by manipulating the pleas of men desperate to protect their families. That never happened in 1998.

The Michael Cohen Sentencing Memo of November 30 took aim directly at both Cohen and President Donald Trump. It was used, unethically, to cast the president as directing a criminal conspiracy to make “secret and illegal” payments.  Then again, when has Mueller and his gang done something ethically?



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frackers-gift What might this be?  As it’s right close to the Tex-Mex border, you might think it’s something to do with illegals invading across it – proposed ICE Catch & Detain areas, maybe.  But no.

It’s a Christmas Present to America from the entrepreneurial heroes of America’s fracking industry and the US Geological Survey (USGS).

A lot going on this week.  Here we go…