by Dr. Jack Wheeler | August 9, 2019 9:28 pm

mass-shootersThis is not going to be a normal HFR.  For this has not been a normal week.  It has been a culmination.  The longer you have been a TTPer, the more you understand what is going on.

And almost no one else does.  Who among the vast multitudes of media pundits, twitterati, Hollywood celebs, academics, or politicians of either party grasps that what we are witnessing is the wages of auto-racism?

Google “auto-racism” and you’ll get Urban Dictionary’s definition of thinking your brand of car is better than other brands, and a Wikipedia entry on “Internalized Racism.”

What’s that?  Anti-white leftist drivel, defining it as “internalization of racial oppression by the racially subordinated,” and

“conscious and unconscious acceptance of a racial hierarchy in which whites are consistently ranked above people of color.”

The definition is by a professor of sociology at UC Riverside named Karen Pyke – and guess what?  No surprise:  she’s white herself.

We are drowning in countless examples of white auto-racism this week.  To pluck out two at random.

On Wednesday (8/07), an actress named Rosanna Arquette, who was famous in the 1980s and hasn’t been since, publicly proclaimed, “I’m sorry I was born white and privileged. It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame.”

On Thursday (8/08), the Daily Mail revealed that “spiritual advisor” and Dem presidential candidate Marianne Williamson wants $500 billion in reparations to pay the debt owed by whites to African-Americans since they are “the descendants of slaves.”

Okay, Williamson’s too easy to lampoon as she’s a California fruitcake.  One of her tweets:

So the meme response to her reparations proposal is obviously:

Yet the events of this week require a far deeper response than ridicule, no matter how effective that may be.  What I predicted two years ago in The Nazi Left and the Source of Trump Hatred (June 2017) – that white auto-racism was morphing into flat-out Auto-Nazism – has come true.

“To call someone a Nazi for real is serious business.  It’s accusing them of wanting to commit racial slaughter of fellow human beings on a massive scale.  It’s accusing them of advocating a politics of criminal insanity, of being irretrievably evil and criminally insane themselves.


Yet that is what the Left in America is becoming before our eyes in broad daylight.  You want to know how Germans, one of the most intelligent, accomplished, and cultured people on the planet became Nazis in the 1930s – look at what is happening to the Left, to the Democrat Party, to the Fake News Media right now.


The circumstances and proximate causes are different.  History does not repeat itself…


So – if the American Left are the New Nazis, who are the New Jews?  What ethnic group does the Nazi Left racially hate and want to rid the earth of?  Whites.  Whites are the New Jews.  Especially White Men.


Yet, while white men are the arch-villains of our society, now it’s all whites – men, women, children, old, young, rich or poor – who have “white privilege.”


The crux – and most bizarre – difference between the German Nazis of Hitler and the New Nazis of the American Left.  Its white members are Auto-Nazis, filled with Nazi racial hatred for themselves.


You know what causes this, as you’ve read it often at TTP.  It’s the fear of being envied.”

There could not be a more current clear cut example of all this in the pathological disparity between the Left’s reaction to the two mass shootings, one on El Paso, the other in Dayton.

Both killers were clearly mentally ill, criminally insane white males in their early 20s.  Yet the one in El Paso, Patrick Crusius, was media frenzied, while the one in Dayton, Connor Betts, was media ignored.  Why?

Because while both were lefties, Crusius could be accused of being “white nationalist anti-immigrant” while Betts could not.  Betts in fact was so deranged with lefty hate the New York Post story on him was, Dayton Shooter Connor Betts May Be Antifa’s First Mass Killer (8/06).

This morning (8/09), the NY Post has this headline: ”Mayor Pete Buttigieg: ‘Systemic Racism Is A White Problem’.”  He made the claim because of the El Paso shooting, ignoring that of Dayton.

Mayor Butt is a prototypical white auto-racist.  He’s in a continual state of apology for his existence.  Over two years ago (March 2017), I wrote The Suicidal Racism of Western Civilization.”  A relevant excerpt:

“The most widespread and deeply damaging form of racism in America today is the racial bias and hatred of whites towards themselves – what I call Auto-Racism.


Auto-Racism is the intractable racial problem in America.  It’s the main cause of our other major racial problem, as it continually eggs on, appeases, and encourages anti-white black racism.


Auto-Racism is the suicidal racism infecting all of Western Civilization, incapacitating Europeans from defending their priceless culture from an onslaught of Islamic invaders.


Now, what could possibly cause masochistic hatred of your own race and your own culture, embodied by white liberal American writer Susan Sontag declaring: ‘The white race is the cancer of human history’?


It is the fear of being envied…


It’s the fear of being envied that makes people liberals in the first place.  Succumbing to the fear of being envied is, in fact, the defining characteristic of liberals – the necessary condition without which they wouldn’t be liberals in the first place.


They have a compulsion to apologize for the achievements, success, and prosperity of Western Civilization, at the pinnacle of which is America.


This is why liberals consistently engage in masochistic behavior and drown in ‘white guilt.’  The more one fears being envied, the more one is driven to masochistic self-humiliation in attempts at envy appeasement.”

What links envy and the fear of it is masochism.  What all mass shooters – exactly like all suicide bombers – have in common is masochistic self-hatred, the willingness to destroy yourself as long as you can destroy others in revenge for your worthlessness.

We now have one of the two major political parties in America – the Democrat Party – succumbing to its worst Fascist Marxist totalitarian tendencies, while at the same time totally capitulating to white auto-racist masochism of self-abasement.

The result of this is the Democrats embracing Auto-Nazism, with the clear prospect of real bloody civil war, as discussed this week by Angelo Codevilla in Igniting Civil War (8/07).

With El Paso while ignoring Dayton, the Dems have gone full dementia, from Heels Up Harris and others of her ilk ranting that the President of the United States is a “racist” who “empowers white supremacists,” to all 23 Dem candidates refusing to condemn the fascist terrorism of Antifa.

This, as Antifa is plastering ”Death Camps for Trump Supporters Now!!” posters on streets in New York.

That’s why the best news of the week may be the imbroglio over a new movie to be released next month, The Hunt.

A lot of conservatives are in a tizzy over a movie depicting rich Trump-hating liberal “elites” hunting and killing Trump-supporting “deplorables” for sport.  But here’s the Synopsis in the movie’s official website linked above:

“In the shadow of a dark internet conspiracy theory, a group of elites gathers for the very first time at a remote Manor House to hunt humans for sport. But the elites’ master plan is about to be derailed because one of the hunted, Crystal (Betty Gilpin, GLOW), knows The Hunters’ game better than they do. She turns the tables on the killers, picking them off, one by one, as she makes her way toward the mysterious woman (two-time Oscar® winner Hilary Swank) at the center of it all.”

So the elitist Trump-haters are the bad guys and the Deplorables are the heroes!  Works for me.

The movie may also send out a not-so-subliminal message to Antifa thugs and the hyperventilating gun control crowd that visiting violence upon conservatives and trying to take their guns away is not a good idea.

That said, it’s wise to take Codevilla’s words to heed, and Skye’s advice on the Forum:  “Please, please, get out of woke Dodge before it is too late!  There are plenty of far safer places in conservative rural America.  Housing here is a lot less expensive, too!”

TTPer Joe Katzman is not being metaphorical nor hyperbolic when he maintains that, as the New Nazis, lefties really want to kill us – for real, like 30s Nazis killed Jews.  Like in the 30s, the Jews that got out in time saved their lives.  Those that didn’t, lost them.

Of course, the first thing Hitler did was gun seizure so the Jews were disarmed.  And that will be the very first thing a Dem president will do if the massive illegal alien voter fraud the Dems’ plan for 2020 succeeds.  Should that happen, the horror of a real civil war is guaranteed.  The huge difference, however, is that the Deplorables have way, way more guns and ammo than the Elitists.


Which brings us to the HFR Hero of the Week.  Recognize him?

He’s Alfred Kelly, Chairman and CEO of Visa.  On Wednesday (8/07), he refused to succumb to the Leftist Mob howling for Visa to ban gun sales.  Instead, he announced that Visa will continue to process gun sales as long as buying guns is a legal activity.  Kelly observed:

“Visa is not in the business of legislating, but of financing. If we start to get in the mode of being legislators it’s a very slippery slope. We shouldn’t be determining what’s right or wrong in terms of people’s purchases.


We shouldn’t tell people they can’t purchase a 32-ounce soda. We shouldn’t tell people they can’t buy reproductive drugs. Visa is not in the business of setting restrictions on the sale of lawful goods and services.”

One of America’s top businessmen with courage, honesty, and principles.  Thank you, Mr. Kelly!


There’s a special election on September 10 for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, pitting Dem Dan McCready against Pub Dan Bishop.

On Monday (8/05), Bishop came out with a TV ad that is so cool you won’t believe it.  Watch and enjoy:

You gotta support this guy!

By the way, about four of those clowns – Occasional-Cortex, Omar, Tlaib, Pressley – who call themselves “The Squad”….


Before we close, there’s no resisting linking to the #1 drop dead funny story of the week.  Ready?  Put that drink down now and hold on.

Louisiana Woman Claims Meth Hidden Inside Her Vagina Is Not Hers.

She told her arresting officers she had no idea where it came from or how it got there.  Oh, also – she managed to stuff $6,233 in cash inside there as well.  Quite a feat.


Okay, folks, that’s a wrap.  I can’t thank Mike Ryan enough for coming to my and the HFR’s rescue as I had to hastily get to Sofia, Bulgaria for Alex Alexiev’s funeral – a very moving experience.

Mike’s HFR was extraordinary – such as the story of his great-grandfather enslaved by Moslem pirates, and escaping to America where he became a successful businessman.

For the rest of August, the HFR helm will be capably held by Jack Kelly.  You’ll be hearing from me at various ports of call.

Ps:  By popular demand, Rebel and I will be conducting another Best of Portugal exploration of our favorite country in Europe.  It’s Sunday October 6 to Monday October 14.  Just click on Best of Portugal for all the details and a lot of great photos.  Hope to see you in Lisbon.

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