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How cool is this to wake up in the morning to this Drudge headline?  Except if you’re a Democrat fascisti realizing there will be 6 more years of Trump making America even greater than ever.

And how about the Drudge kicker links above the giant headline?

Hispanic Unemployment Lowest Ever…
Best for women since 1953…
Record jobs even for high school dropouts!

Hard to imagine the depth of Dem abysmal gloom over this, compounded by the fright and panic overwhelming them, explained by Kim Strassel today (5/03) in For Fear of William BarrWhich brings me to the Forum.

For the umpteenth time, a prime example appears of how invaluable the TTP Forum is.  In response to The Democrat Party Is Dead on Wednesday (5/01), TTPer Mike Ryan observed:

“AOC unleashed a deluge of socialist energy into the Dems but without adding any new ideas.


Closed system + increased energy = increased entropy. 


The Dems could go Full Robespierre when they eventually attempt to dial back the chaos. We can look south to VZ to see how the Left reacts to expanded entropy. They resort to violence because they cannot expand their philosophical system. They do not generate new ideas.


The Dem’s new center of gravity is Barr Derangement Syndrome, another psychosis from the same cookbook they have used since LBJ.”

There’s a lot to think about here.  How the French Revolution with its Reign of Terror was a pathology of murderous tribal envy, while the American Revolution was founded on the moral principles of individual rights and freedom.

That’s the essence of the difference between the violent totalitarianism of the Left and the permissionless freedom and innovationism of the Right, of the Left’s hatred of America and the Right’s celebration of America.

The Dem’s Barr Derangement Syndrome was on full display in the Senate on Wednesday (5/01). Hawaii’s Crazy Mazie Hirono was so obnoxious to Barr she had to be shut down by Lindsay Graham, saying to her, “You’ve slandered this man from top to bottom.”  It reminds me of how I experienced the Dem psychosis she embodies during the days of LBJ.


LBJ was still President in 1968 when I was a graduate student in philosophy at the University of Hawaii.  This was during the height of Leftist protest insanity sweeping across every college campus in the country – you had to live through it to understand how even more nuts the Left was a half-century ago than today.

I was so disgusted that some friends and I formed an Objectivist student group to oppose the Left.  We called ourselves Students for Laissez Faire (SLF).  All the Leftie-Commie groups demanded to meet with the UH Board of Regents to bash them with stupidly egregious demands.  It was in a big auditorium with the Regents sitting in a row on the stage with this audience horde yelling at them.

During a lull, I stood up to introduce our group to the Regents and to say we opposed the ludicrous demands being made upon them.  I heard a woman’s voice shout behind me.  I turned around to see a Hawaiian-Asian girl a few rows back looking at me and say as loudly as she could, “Is that one ****ING HAOLE??”  (“Haole”, how-lee, is what whites are called in Hawaii).

I responded with a huge wide happy smile.  “It sure is!” I answered joyously.  “And what’s more…” I pointed to the SLF button on my shirt… “I’ve even got a button with a dollar sign, how ‘bout that!?”

Her friends had to restrain her from climbing over the seats to get at me.  I pointed at her with my finger as our eyes locked.  “You are a racist!” I shouted at her.  “You hate me just because of the color of my skin.  You need to think about all the racist hate inside you!”

To this day, I have never ever seen anyone look at me with such homicidally maniacal hate as did that girl.  I’ve never forgotten it, for that’s the look of Nazis for Jews during Hitler, Palestinians for Israelis ever since, Ilhan Omar for Jews and all Whites today.

Crazy Mazie was a student at UH when I was there.  I don’t know if she was at that meeting and have never met her, but I do know she was born in and lived her whole life in the Anti-White racism that pervades Hawaiian/Asian culture (she is ethnic Japanese).  While “haole” is not always a pejorative by itself, locals almost invariably say “dumb f***ing haole.” You hear it ubiquitously.  It’s no wonder Hawaii is a thoroughly Democrat state, and that Crazy Mazie is such a hateful jerk.


The Poster Child of the Week for Anti-White Racism – and Anti-Americanism – is of course the Congresswoman from Somalia, Ilhan Omar.  On Tuesday, she gave a talk of over-the-top demented hate for America to an Only Black Lives Matter rally on Capitol Hill, declaring, “This (America) is not going to be the country of white people.”

Just recall how many times TTP has reminded you how Democrats are the New Nazis and Whites are the New Jews.

Compare this disgusting Anti-Semitic Anti-White Anti-American Anti-Western Civilization Democrat who spits on our Country and President (and who really should be deported back to Somalia for lying on her citizenship app that she wasn’t married to her brother) to a true heroic American welcomed to the White House yesterday (5/02).

On Saturday (4/27), a teen-age gunman entered the Chabad Synogogue in Poway, California, and opened fire on the worshippers, killing one woman and wounding several others.  In a “manifesto” issued beforehand, the terrorist denounced President Trump as a “Zionist, Jew-loving, anti-White, traitorous (expletive).”

On Thursday morning (yesterday, 5/02), the President and First Lady held a National Day of Prayer service at the White House Rose Garden.  Among the invitees was Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, whose fingers were blown off by the Poway gunman as he raised his hands to protect the worshippers.

Watch and listen to the Rabbi’s words as he calls President Trump a “mench par excellence,” thanks him for what he has done, and prays for God to bless America.


Let’s now discuss the evidence emerging this week that Robert Mueller really is the Deep State scumbag we’ve all suspected him to be.  The must-read here is a fascinating analysis by the publisher of Human Events and lawyer Will Chamberlain on Wednesday (5/01), Checkmate: How President Trump’s Legal Team Outfoxed Mueller.  The teasers:

“Why did Robert Mueller dedicate 20 pages of his report to a seemingly obscure question of statutory interpretation? Why did Bill Barr write a detailed legal memorandum to Rod Rosenstein about that very same statute?


And how, exactly, did Bill Barr know that that § 1512(c)(2) was central to Mueller’s obstruction theory – in June 2018, when he was still in private practice at Kirkland?


Why was AG Jeff Sessions asked for his resignation the day after the midterms? Why was Bill Barr the only name ever seriously floated for AG? And is it merely a coincidence that six weeks after Barr’s confirmation, the Mueller probe came to an end?”

You really should read the whole thing.  The story unfolds like a movie plot, how Trump’s team finessed Barr’s confirmation, and only afterwards came the realization that “Barr was the assassin Democrats feared” – for sure enough, “within six weeks of his confirmation, the Mueller probe was over.”

The result: the good guys win at the movie’s climax – “No Collusion. No Obstruction. No more Mueller Investigation. Checkmate.”

Okay, read the article when you have time after the HFR.  Right now, revel in this 30 second clip of Barr nuking Stolen Valor Dem, Danang Dick Blumenthal.  You won’t be able to watch it just once!

Is there any question Attorney General Bill Barr is the HFR Hero of the Week?


On a very personal level comes additional evidence of Mueller scumbaggery – from Papa D.

And there’s more to the story.  George Papadopoulos has been getting media attention since the release of his book a month ago, Deep State Target: How I Got Caught in the Crosshairs of the Plot to Bring Down President Trump.

Yesterday (5/02), the New York Times ran: F.B.I. Sent Investigator Posing as Assistant to Meet With Trump Aide in 2016.

But the New York Post’s same day reporting was much juicier: FBI Sent a Blond Bombshell to Meet Trump Aide PapadopoulosIt quotes Papa D’s description of the bombshell spy, a Turkish bottle blonde operating under the pseudonym Azra Turk, from his book:

“Azra Turk is a vision right out of central casting for a spy flick. She’s a sexy bottle blonde in her thirties, and she isn’t shy about showing her curves—as if anyone could miss them. She’s a fantasy’s fantasy.”

Nonetheless, he smelled a sting and walked out on her.  He responded yesterday to the NYT story with this correction:

Internet wags instantly pounced on the haplessly demented John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director.  An example:

The Incredibly Idiotic Brennan sent a TURKISH woman to seduce a GREEK guy working for ISRAEL with THIS Hot Wife! Inexplicably, Papa D Just Said No.

We’ve always known Brennan is hate-filled Commie incompetent Obama toady.  Now we get to add that he really is this ridiculously stupid.  Let’s hope Barr indicts Brennan first.


Internationally, you’re probably dispirited over the collapse of Venezuelans to overthrow the Maduro dictatorship this week.  Maybe you shouldn’t be.  The fellow freed from house arrest by the Venezuelan military and who will be the country’s leader once Maduro is history – Leopoldo Lopez – is vowing the regime will be gone “within weeks.”

That may be just bravado from the Spanish Embassy in Caracas where he has taken asylum – but it’s likely not.  This week was just the latest wave that’s building to a crescendo that will be messy and bloody, and may take military intervention from Brazil, Colombia and the US, but Maduro with the Cubans and Putin’s Wagner Group mercs will be swept away.

Within weeks?  Possibly.  Within a couple of months?  Very likely.


Speaking of Commies.  Wednesday, May 1st, was violently celebrated by Communists and other flavors of Leftie Thugs around the world.  Why is explained in Commie Day from May last year.

The real history of how Communist murderers turned a happy celebration of Spring into “International Workers Day” will turn your stomach.  It’s history that you, your kids and grandkids should know.


And this Sunday is May 5th, the laughably celebrated Cinco de Mayo – really nothing more than an excuse for gringos to eat Tex-Mex food and drink margaritas in a Pancho Villa Cantina.  Have fun.  At least have the tequila be the good stuff like Tres Generaciones ­– John Wayne’s favorite.

But before you wander off into the Sunday evening, take a few moments sometime Sunday to read Cinco de Farza, also from May last year, for the real history of May 5 – and of all Mexico to boot.  It’s revelatory history to teach your kids and grandkids – and regale your friends with during rounds of margaritas and Dos Equis.

That’s a wrap.  Let’s close with this heartwarming story about an 11 year-old boy in Talledega, Alabama, Chris Gaither:  11 Year-Old Shoots Intruder and Mocks Him When He Starts Crying.

Not only is Chris one brave kid, he sure knows his guns and ammo.  America will be in good hands with kids like him.

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