by Dr. Jack Wheeler | April 26, 2019 11:18 pm

new-christian-crusadeAt the end of this month, April 2019, the lesson is clear:  We need a New Christian Crusade against the enemies of Christendom, Western Civilization, and the self-evident truths of the Declaration of Independence.

Since the start of 2019, countless churches in France have been vandalized, looted, desecrated, and set on fire.  The libtards of Newsweek reported it thus (3/21):  Catholic Churches Are Being Desecrated All Over France – and Officials Don’t Know Why.

Right.  Just like every official in France can’t still explain how Notre Dame’s roof and spire burned down April 15.  The latest from yesterday’s (4/25) New York Times: Notre Dame Fire Investigators Focus on Short-Circuits and Cigarettes.

Right.  Any cockamamie excuse will do in order to ignore the unmentionably obvious – arson set by Moslems.

[Side-bar:  For centuries until the mid-20th century, the term in the West (such as by Voltaire for example) for followers of Mohammed was Mohammedan.  By the 1960s, the term was replaced by intelligentsia with Moslem, the active participle of the verbal noun Islam, Arabic for submission/surrender.

A Moslem is thus “one who submits/surrenders” to Allah and Mohammed.  Since 9/11, the demand has been to re-transliterate Moslem to the now politically correct Muslim.  Supposedly this is to more accurately approximate Arabic pronunciation, i.e., “moose-limb.”

TTP sees no reason to submit/surrender to such political correctness, so has had a preference for Moslem.  However, the time has come to revert to the original reference of Mohammedan and Mohammedanism – which really should be no more objectionable than say, Buddhist and Buddhism.

As to those Mohammedans who find this offensive – it is we, as infidels to them, who find their demand that we must submit and surrender to them equally offensive.]

This week saw the latest Mohammedan horror – the suicide bomb slaughter of hundreds of Christians worshipping in their churches on Easter Sunday (4/21) in Sri Lanka.  The sheer evil is hard to grasp.  An example:

Big mistake, Jihadis.  For it is now in Sri Lanka where the New Christian Crusade may be launched.


When we think of suicide-bombers, we naturally think of Mohammedans.  But they didn’t invent the suicide-vest, multiple coordinated uses of them, nor female suicidists.  The birthplace of all that was in Sri Lanka by the Tamil Tigers – who were not Mohammedans at all.

Tamils are Hindu immigrants from Tamil Nadu in southern India comprising some 10% of Sri Lanka.  The Tigers weren’t religious, however, but suicidally crazed secular Marxists.

The indigenous Sinhalese comprise 75% of the country and most all of them are Buddhists.  They decided if death is what the Tamil Tigers wanted, they should get it.  The ten-year war the Tigers started ended in May 2009 with the last of them and their leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran given no quarter, no surrender, but were exterminated, every one of them.

It’s a good bet this is precisely what will happen to every Jihadi, every terrorist sympathizer among the “Moors”, as Sri Lankan Mohammedans are known, who are about 9% of Sri Lankans.

The Sri Lankan Christian community is very ancient, founded by St. Thomas the Apostle in 72 AD.  Today they make up over 7% of the country, living in peace for almost two millennia – until now.

Today (4/26), Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena announced every single home in the country would be police searched for terrorists, and that “Islamic extremists” would be dealt with as were the Tamil Tigers.

Of course, the NY Times followed this up with a video story on “How Muslims Fear Backlash,” the obligatory libtard trope.

This, even though President Sirisena stated in his announcement, “I request from Sinhala and Tamil people not to look at our country’s Muslim community with suspicion, fear or distrust. You must keep in mind that not all Muslims are terrorists.”

Yes, but all terrorists in Sri Lanka are now Muslims, thus the New Christian Crusade against Mohammedan Terrorism begins.


The Crusades themselves, recall, began at the end of the 11th century as a response to Mohammedan slaughters of Christians in Jerusalem.  For a historical summary of all eight Crusades, be sure and read TTP’s The Real Crusaders (Feb. 2015).

Centuries ago, Christendom had the civilizational confidence to take the offensive to defeat the Religion of the Sword whose highest goal was our enslavement.  The Euroweenies of Western Europe – with the heroic exception of Matteo Salvini’s Italy – have utterly lost that confidence with their abandonment of Christianity.

How in Holy Hell, for example, does a Mohammedan pedophile get to be a member of the British House of Lords?

Last Thursday (4/18), Lord Nazir Ahmed was charged with his fourth child sex offense, plus a “further allegation of buggery against a boy under 11.”

Denmark got exactly what it deserves last week (4/15) for welcoming hordes of Mohammedan “refugees” to sponge off their welfare state.  Its reward?  Violent attacks on police in Copenhagen because someone played catch with a copy of the Koran.  Watch:

Meanwhile, the Islamofascist Global War on Christianity continues and is accelerating.  On Tuesday (4/23), the Christian Open Doors Charity reported that on average now around the world every month:

*345 Christians are murdered for their beliefs.

*105 Christian churches or places of worship are vandalized or set on fire.

*219 Christians are put on trial or imprisoned for expressing faith in Christian Gospels.

So when do we start fighting back?  For it’s not just “Radical Islam” determined to destroy our culture and civilization, it’s the enemies in our midst – Hollywood, academia, the Democrat-Media Complex – who’ve joined the Islamofascists in their goal.

The only ally we have right now is President Trump.

On Tuesday (4/23) at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney revealed that the one question POTUS always asks any world leader he meets is what they do to protect Christians in their country.

And here is his message to us – to you, to me, to every American.  It is six minutes long, and you won’t last a minute or two before you start crying, with tears of joy and gratitude lasting long after it ends.  I suggest you send this to everyone you know.  Here is our champion, but the struggle for the survival of our country, our culture, our civilization is up to us.


As I watched that video once more – and you can watch it anytime you feel you need a recharge – in the light of Jack Kelly asking today (4/26), “What Loser Will the Dems Put Up in 2020?, I asked myself, what chance does any opponent have against a man, a true mensch, like President Trump?

The answer is, none whatsoever – if, if, if, IF the election is honest, with only American citizens allowed to vote with federally approved Real ID.  The Dems’ only chance is to rig the vote with illegal aliens, felons, kids, the dead, ballot harvesting, sabotaging the Electoral College – anything they can get away with.  Which is why all the Dem candidates are advocating all of the above.

Never forget that Democrat morality is Marxist – their goal of fascist power over us morally justifies whatever means they choose, no matter how dishonest or dishonorable.  They are not like us, the true aliens in America.

This morning (4/26), the big Drudge headline was DEM WAR BREWING, linking to The Hill story, “Dem Race Shows Signs It Could Get Nasty.”

This may be no accident, comrades.  There’s a buzz all over Capitol Hill now that this Dem circular firing squad is being planned.  By whom and for what?  By Mr. and Mrs. Zero.  Kelly talks of a possible brokered convention.   That’s what they want.  Why?  So Michelle can be helicoptered in to be the Black Woman Angel of Salvation for the Democrat Party.

Yep, the Obamas dream of living in the White House again, and have a second chance at destroying the country they hate.


One sure way to kneecap that dream.  As Tom Lifson at AT writes on Wednesday (4/24), The Walls Are Closing In On Obama.

Tom is referring to Judicial Watch’s discovery that FBI Admits Hillary Clinton Emails Found in Obama White House.  The admission is in writing and under oath.

The Obamas’ ultimate dream is to be back in the White House.  Our ultimate dream is to have Obama himself in the Big House.  You really don’t want POTUS to pull the indictment trigger, Mr. Zero.  Better cancel that helicopter charter to Milwaukee.


Oh, by the way, POTUS told Hannity last night (4/25) that he will declassify the FISA docs soon and it will be “devastating.”  For whom?  Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, McCabe, Yates, Strzok et al.  Which one will rat out Hillary and Obama to save their hides?

As everyone in the White House is saying,  “The Tables Have Turned” on colluding Dems.


Fun Break.  Consider sending this to every Libtard you know, admitting they’re right on the importance of diversity:


Want more fun?  Check out Cassandra Fairbanks – love that name – at Gateway explaining (4/21) that Social Justice Warriors Have Run Out of People to Call Racist, So Now Have to Call Dogs White Supremacist. Can’t make it up.


Okay, one more.  Warning – please don’t be drinking anything when you read this.  Yesterday (4/25) in London:  Climate Change Protestor Glues Her Breasts to the Road Outside Goldman Sachs.  Takes Libtardism to a whole new dimension.


Schadenfreudelicious Story of the Week, this morning (4/26): Massachusetts Judge in Tears Being Indicted on Obstruction of Justice for Helping Illegal Alien Evade ICE.  The more Libtard Hate America Judges indicted the better!


Then today (4/26) there’s the record breaking great news of the week:

How can Dems hope to honestly compete with this?


Arizona State Police Sergeant Dave Ernst is America’s Police Officer of the Year.  Recorded Monday (4/22)

You’ll want to watch it over and over for the sheer joy of it.


Let’s wish America’s First Lady a Happy Birthday for she turns 49 today, April 26.  She certainly deserves to be the HFR Hero of the Week.


We’ll close with a public service announcement.  A little while ago, I was interviewed on Mikkel Thorup’s Expat Money Show.  It was pretty freewheeling and we had a great time.  Now it’s up, albeit with an over-the-top description of me, but I thought you’d enjoy the podcast nonetheless.

Here’s the link:  Expat Money Show Interview of Dr. Jack Wheeler.  Let me know what you think on the Forum.

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